The 10 Best Leveling Kit For Tundra – Reviews for 2023!

Using the finest in the market is necessary for apt outcomes. Thus, always pick the best leveling kit for Tundra to get your desired lift and needs to be served correctly.

Today many opt for efficient leveling kits for the Country and rough roads to save their automobile from damage.

Giving it the right lift is necessary for smooth drives and better experiences. So, rely on us to assist you throughout your buying procedure.

Take complete assistance and know all insights to get the ideal kit for your Tundra. Read on and get all information you require for picking a perfect leveling kit.

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What is the best leveling kit for Toyota Tundra?

KSP Performance is the finest kit for your Tundra. Many aspects together make it a reliable choice for your Toyota.

Using an ideal leveling kit is necessary for getting profitable outcomes. You will certainly face failures and excessive damage if you pick the wrong one.

Thus, pick the KSP Performance leveling kits only to make the most of your money. They are fine manufacturers that deliver the best products for you.

Also, they offer many other benefits to get the finest outcomes you want in your ideal lift. So, ensure to consider all its aspects before picking your kit.

Why “KSP Performance” is the best leveling kit for Tundra?

Several aspects make KSP Performance the finest experience for your Tundra. The product has high-quality manufacturing and other features to serve your needs perfectly.

Further, KSP is a renowned name for producing the best leveling kits to date. Thus, picking it will certainly not disappoint one.

Moreover, you won’t have to bother about failure and damages. The kit is also easy to fit and offers various aspects to serve individual needs.

So, for an all-in-one leveling kit, pick the best one only. It promises maximum profits and no negative results for your Toyota Tundra.

The 10 Best Leveling Kit for Tundra Review 2023

toyota tundra leveling kit

1. KSP Performance K8016TN-3-2

Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch front lift
  • 2-inch rear lift
  • Gusset plate with unique lockable design
  • Long U-bolts
  • Aluminum bolts and spacers
  • Extremely durable

KSP Performance leveling kits are highly robust and can easily withstand harsh conditions. Likewise, this kit is known for its durability and excellence.

It is compatible with several Toyota Tundra models and has exceptional quality construction. The KSP leveling kit is also one of the best Tundra leveling kits.

Moreover, using the KSP leveling kit, one can fit wide tires and sustain a high-quality factory ride. The kit lifts in the frontal part of the automobile and levels it perfectly with the rear part.

KSP is known for its quality and experience. It promises the finest kits for users only. Using it will surely give you promising outcomes.

The sturdy aluminum billet does not bend or turn irrespective of the pressure one applies over it.

Also, it offers exceptional quality performance for varied road uses.

Lastly, the striking gusset plate lock design ensures that the off-road experience is as excellent as the on-road.

Moreover, the kit also makes sure users are pleased with its precise fit and execution. Overall, the leveling kit operates perfectly for a decent duration for your Tundra.

The kit is completely durable and lasts for a long without any worry of damage. So you can wholely rely on this kit for elevating your Tundra perfectly.


  • Enabled with cross support
  • Excellent on and off-road performance
  • High-quality built
  • Easy and manageable installation


  • May not precisely life 3-inches
  • Does not fit all vehicles

2. Dynofit FF-K016

Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch frontal lift
  • 2-inch rear lift
  • Shoch absorbents included
  • High-quality construction
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Comprises 4 U-bolts

The Dynofit FF-K016 leveling kit is a striking pick for any individual willing to improve the overall experience of driving their Toyota Tundra.

It is indeed the best tundra leveling kit you can get at its cost.

This leveling kit comes with high-quality spacers constructed using aluminum to ensure the material does not rust.

Further, this also enables better usage and longer life for the leveling kit.

This leveling kit comprises all the necessary tools and accessories you need for perfect fitting.

It consumes minimal time to fix and is very manageable compared to other leveling kits.

Moreover, even if you use it on trucks with high loads and large tires, its aluminum billet stays in place and does not twist or bend.

Thus, you can fit wide tires on your Tundra without a second consideration while using this kit. It delivers high-quality company-like rides and extremely easy performance.

Also, the finest experience and minimum vibrations ensure you align your vehicle well after fixing this kit.

Lastly, the well-aligned rear and front of your Tundra offer individuals premium-quality drives and improve your Tundra’s looks.

So for an overall enhancement in appearance and exceptional driving, pick this reliable leveling kit only.


  • Levels the car perfectly
  • Simple installing
  • High-quality material
  • Compatible with large tires


  • Not suitable for off-roads
  • Might not fit all models

3. ReadyLift 66-5001

Highlighted Features

  • 1-inch Rear Lift Kit
  • Excellent tow upgrade
  • Comes with Bar Drop Brackets
  • OEM cast iron material
  • Compatible with Tundra and Tacoma
  • E-coated U bolts

ReadyLift is a prized manufacturer that produces the finest lift kits on the market.

This leveling kit efficiently improves ground clearance and gives better suspension for your Toyota Tundra.

It is a rear lift kit, so it assists in leveling the vehicles well for smoother drives.

The struts and spacers in this kit have an aluminum construction that ensures a better and premium quality leveling kit.

Further, all its parts ensure that the factory ride quality is sustained well.

Also, if your needs are restricted to lifting the rear of your Tundra, this could be the best pick for your requirements. It suits basic needs the finest and no other rough road necessities.

Moreover, while using its skid plate spacers, you can also alter the plate upwards and downwards as per your requirements.

Picking the ReadyLift leveling kit for your Toyota Tundra can help you install wider and larger tires on your truck easily.

Thus, pick this leveling kit if you want exceptional performance for your Toyota Tundra. It easily enables smoother drives with no large hurdles.

So, if you want the best leveling kit for Toyota Tundra, then this could be your ideal pick.

So for basic needs and random damage protection, you can entirely depend on the ReadyLift leveling kit.


  • Ensures factory-like ride
  • Changeable skid plates
  • High-quality components used
  • Stunning rear leveling


  • Installing is tough
  • Only rear lift

4. ZY Wheel TYR

Highlighted Features

  • 2-inch rear lift
  • Accessible and lengthy U-bolts
  • Instant fitting
  • Compliant with the latest Tundra models
  • Unique powder coating
  • Improves overall look

The ZY Wheel leveling lift kit is also a rear lift kit that will offer a striking appearance.

It lifts your Toyota’s frontal and rear parts to two inches, an ideal height for most individuals. The leveled parts also offer an improved look for your Toyota tundra.

Moreover, the quality powder coating offers a shield and protection against all exterior parts for the leveling kit.

This also enables longer durability and makes the material corrosion-resistant.

ZY Wheels is also known for its promising performance and quality. It is indeed one of the finest leveling kits for your Tundra if you wish for perfect elevation.

Its precisely fitting bolts and ideal lift easily sustain the pressure created by larger tires. So, installing wide and big tires is not an issue with this kit.

Also, you can use your automobile in both on and off-road conditions without any hassle or trouble. The kit is robust and gives you perfect outcomes in all conditions.

Lately, it is 2-inch leveled lift ensures that your automobile’s body is not in collision with the axles. So, this reduces friction and gives you comfortable rides at all times.

Using this leveling kit on your Toyota Tundra, you can also have more safety and a better experience. It surely offers secure turns and better stability for your vehicle.

Moreover, the product offers sturdy results and the finest driving experience one can attain.


  • Sturdy U-bolts
  • Powder coating to prevent corrosion
  • Eat and quickly fixing
  • Excellent experience while driving


  • U-bolts are excessively long
  • Might look cheap

5. ReadyLift 69-5175

Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch frontal lift
  • 2-inch Rear lift
  • Includes spacers
  • Levels vehicle perfectly
  • Compatible with large tires

It may be your ideal choice if you want a kit with a complete solution for your Tundra. It comprises components with powder coating to prevent corrosion or any kind of damage.

The company has also developed its unique SST feature to get better assistance while lifting its automobiles.

Considering compatibility, this leveling kit works well with even the latest Tundra models. So, compatibility is no issue with this leveling kit.

Moreover, its new 1-inch rear block helps protect your vehicle against all damage and always gives you perfect outcomes.

Also, the strut extension and variation drop brackets are built to give your Toyota a precise 3-inch frontal lift with sustaining the OEM rules.

The SST kit will assist in removing all issues when it comes to your automobile. And will help in improving your overall driving experience as well.

Moreover, you do not necessitate additional tools to get your suspension needs in place.

All you should do is take the assistance of the right instructions and give the perfect lift for your Tundra.

Lastly, the only drawback could be its pricing. The kit is slightly costlier than the other tundra leveling kits out there.

So, if you are not on a restricted budget, this kit might help you lift your Toyota well. Thus, pick this leveling kit only to get a reliable and affordable kit.


  • Easy fixing
  • High-quality coating
  • Compatible with large tires
  • Completely secure


  • Costly
  • Not compatible with all vehicles

6. Supreme Suspensions B00IS8LZE

Highlighted Features

  • Built with T6 Aluminum
  • 1-inch rear lift
  • Compatible with large tires
  • Three-inch front lift
  • Suitable on both on and off roads
  • Rigid construction

Supreme Suspension is the finest manufacturer of leveling kits for the Toyota Tundra.

The manufacturer is recognized for its quality leveling kits and only gives you the finest products.

Considering this leveling kit is a classic performer that delivers a quality experience. The lift kit gives a 3″ frontal lift and is built with high-quality T6 aluminum.

Further, its quality finish and sturdy build of aluminum make sure you can fit big tires without any issues. These suspension kits are sturdy, and they last for a long period.

The other great aspect of this leveling kit is that it comes with all vital tools to serve you well.

It is a guide and manual that assists you properly in the installation process and saves time.

Even the bolts and spacers are precisely built to fit and do not easily turn loose or get misplaced.

So however stressful your turn may be, the robust leveling kit will surely not get damaged.

Overall, it is a striking kit for all purposes and serves every need well. It has all components you need and is a whole package that gives apt outcomes.

Purchasing a full kit is always profitable and helps you save precious cash and time.


  • Square bent U-bolts
  • Tested and proven
  • Built with billet Aluminum
  • Comfortable drives


  • Might have missing blocks
  • Bad instructions

7. Supreme Suspension B00UW8XM3M

Highlighted Features

  • Two-inch front lift
  • 5-inch thickness
  • Compatible with Tundra and sequoia
  • Robust construction
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Aluminum built components

Considering this leveling kit might serve you well enough for your Tundra’s needs.

It is specially constructed from high-quality billet Aluminum that ensures better strength for your lift kit without adding any additional tools or accessories.

The 2-inch leveling kit is compatible and easily installed in most models manufactured between 2007 and 2021.

Moreover, it is also compatible with other Toyota models, and you can also install them easily on these cars when needed. It has a multifunctional design to suit all your needs.

The construction is easy to understand, and one can easily fix this leveling kit without expert assistance.

On installing, you will certainly experience different driving performance and ease altogether.

It is a durable kit made with updated technology and perks. The spacers can easily sustain the strength or pressure off at least 35,000 PSI.

Moreover, this enables better durability and gives a stunning performance.

Altogether, this leveling kit will give you a fine custom look and make your Tundra very appealing.

It ensures no compromise on safety and gives you ideal outcomes always. The special powder coating makes the material lasting and corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, it also helps extend the vehicle’s life and prevents issues for an extended period.


  • Excellent drives
  • Improves vehicle life
  • Highly quality construction
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Needs alignment
  • Difficult installation

8. Rough Country B00B2B5XMQ

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with frontal strut extensions
  • Offers performance and protection
  • Effectively improves ground clearance
  • 3-inch lift
  • Suitable for large tires
  • Comprises spaces to maintain angles

The leveling kit is surely the best leveling kit for Toyota Tundra available. Rough Country is a great manufacturer and produces the finest in the market for their clients.

Considering this product, it easily installs all 2007-2020 tundra models.

Its exceptional quality makes it suitable for all road drives and purposes. It offers excellent performance and levels both parts properly to get accurate outcomes.

Moreover, driving your Toyota on rough and damaged roads, ensures you get a smooth drive with no issues.

Also, you can easily take difficult turns and ensure complete safety while driving.

Also, the additional turners and other components give you desired outcomes. The parts are firmly installed into your Toyota and boost their overall performance.

Further parts like skid plates and varied spacers sustain smoothness and comfort while driving.

Overall, all the perks make the leveling kit work perfectly for your Tundra and give you a striking look to make your truck look attractive.

Thus, get exceptional quality, elevation, and performance by adding this kit to your Toyota


  • Compatible with most models
  • Comprises quality shocks
  • Maintain OEM rise quality
  • Levels vehicle well


  • Lengthy installation
  • Quality issues


Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch frontal lift
  • 8-inch thickness
  • Black powder coating for durability
  • Easy fitting
  • Improves suspension and clearance
  • Compatible with multiple models

BDFHYK is another reputed company known for its leveling kits. They manufacture the finest products and offer exceptional durability and performance.

You can rely on them for exceptional ground clearance and premium suspension.

It is compatible with multiple tundra models and offers maximum security. It covers all requirements well and leaves no space for issues.

So, if you wish for a highly durable and robust lift kit, this is your ideal pick. Getting the finest is a must for the best outcomes.

The kit comprises bolts, spacers, and other vital parts you need to fix prices. Installing is simple, yet you may need some expert assistance for fine fitting.

Lastly, this is the most reliable choice for the best leveling kit Tundra on a budget. It offers strength, performance, and outcomes while delivering the smooth drives you want.


  • Stunning performer
  • Highly durable
  • Affordable
  • Quality construction


  • Does not fit all tundra models
  • Tricky installation

10. Supreme Suspension B00UW8WWPG

Highlighted Features

  • 5-inch front lift
  • Compatible with Tundra and Sequoia
  • T6 Aluminum built
  • Simple Fitting
  • Improved appearance
  • Robust material

The final pick you can opt for for your Toyota Tundra is this Supreme Suspension kit. They build strong and sturdy products that last for an extended time.

It works fine with both 2WD and 4WD drives. So, if you wish to shield your automobile from hurdles and damage, it is an ideal pick.

Its T6 aluminum built is a top-notch feature. Also, it improves overall looks and offers a classic bold look.

The leveling kit is also compatible with Tundra and sequoia to give you extended perks. Moreover, it improves clearance and permits the installation of larger tires.

The installation is very easy and can be completed by any person. Also, it does not need extra tools and other components to get a precise fit.

Picking the right product is a must for accurate outcomes. So, buying this leveling kit will reduce your hurdles and give you exceptional drives with lasting results.


  • Looks great
  • Offers excellent lift
  • Offers excellent driving experience
  • Compatible with multiple models


  • Does not fit well
  • Tough installation

Buying Consideration for the Best Leveling Kit for Tundra

toyota leveling kit tundra

Certain aspects one must consider before any purchase. So while you are buying a leveling kit, it is vital to check on a few factors to make a valuable purchase.

Here we have certain aspects to consider while best leveling kit for Tundra.

These aspects help save valuable cash and give you promising outcomes by eliminating errors. So, check on each of them to get accurate outcomes for your Toyota.

Read on and know more about these factors.


The first factor you must try to consider is compatibility. You must pick a leveling kit that fits well in your car to remove hurdles or disappointments.

By compatibility, we mean the kit parts must perfectly align with the Tundra for a better experience.

Lift kits that do not fit well easily loosen up from your truck and give faulty outcomes. FY further, this can also cause irreplaceable damage.

On the contrary, extremely tight kits can also negatively affect your Tundra. So, picking a perfect kit is very vital.

Loose and faulty kits may not be able to install well on your Tundra. Also, it will end up offering errors and waste your cash and time.


The region you want to use your Toyota Tundra also decides the type of leveling kit you need.

Certain lift kits are not suitable for both on and off-road usage. So, when you check for a kit, pick a leveling kit compatible with both on and off usage.

Consider all specs closely to get precise outcomes and no disappointments.

Also, not getting such kits will risk your protection and damage the automobile even further. So, to reduce safety and get high-quality outcomes pick the finest.

Full kit

Experts suggest always picking a kit with all the necessary tools and parts.

Picking such kits will eliminate the extra efforts of purchasing tools and give you more beneficial outcomes. So, waste no hours and pick smartly.

Certain kits do not have all vital tools in their kit; however, they still work well once installed.

So, carry out precise research and check on aspects to get perfect outcomes for your Toyota.


Another vital aspect of the lift kit is its material. It is crucial to buy a kit constructed from premium quality materials like T6 aluminum.

High-quality built leveling kits make sure that your vehicle’s performance is not compromised in any way.

These leveling kits sustain for longer and give you desired outcomes easily.

Another suitable material for your kit could be cast iron. It is also a great alternative if you do not want aluminum.

A great quality build endures less stress and pressure while taking difficult turns. They eliminate all chances of distortion and damage.

Random cheap materials and most suitable and can bend or wear out easily. They can loosen and easily fall apart from your Tundra.

So, to reduce damage and extend the life of your truck, pick a reliable material.

Height of the Kit

Varied leveling kits have varied constructs and heights. Certain leveling kits can elevate your truck by two inches, while others can give an exceptional three-inch lift.

So, if you are confused about which height is the finest for your truck, then reading it might assist you.

Two aspects will help you decide the height of your Tundra. The first size of tired and next need.

Relying on the dimension of your tires, you can fit your kit and elevate it accordingly. If you want large tires, then you may need more elevation.

So at least consider a 2.5-inch raise in this case. If tires are not your demand, then installing even a one-inch lift kit can suit your needs well.

The other aspect that decides your lift kit height is your need. Certain people opt for leveling kits to give their automobiles a bold appearance.

So, if this is the case, you can freely pick a kit without any hurdles or thoughts. Yet, also research perfect outcomes.

Certain lift kits lift only the frontal part, whereas the others lift the rear. So, depending on your height needs, you must select an ideal kit for your Tundra.

Ease of Fitting

Lastly, installation is a crucial factor for your Tundra. If you do not want to spend on expert fits, then pick a simple kit to install.

Difficult or tricky leveling kits require a lot of time and additional assistance if something is incorrectly fit.

Thus, referring to a manual can be very beneficial. The manual will aid you in perfect installation and maximum ease.


1. How to pick the finest Leveling Kit?

A leveling kit is hard to choose when there are tons of different alternatives in the market. But a person should always analyze properly before making any decision.
In addition, regarding this, a person can ask the brand of their choice to buy from, which could help them.
In most cases, the leveling kit is mentioned in most brands that would be best for each model, so it will not be an extremely hard job to find the best leveling kit Tundra.

2. Which tire size is ideal for my Tundra with a lift kit?

It all depends on what generation your truck is and how much you are lifting your vehicle with the help of a leveling kit.
On the latest Tundra, an individual can go up to seventeen-inch rims with a larger broadness than the original wheels if a three-inch leveling kit is used.
On a second-gen Tundra, a person will have an alternative to attach 20-inch rims with a much greater size if a 3-inch kit is used.

3. What is the goal of fitting a lift kit?

Many people do not see what a leveling kit can do to a Toyota Tundra.  A leveling kit helps in elevating the track to a definite level.
It also helps level the back and front end, which provides a finer aspect to the Toyota Tundra.
Furthermore, a leveling kit amplifies the ground clearance and helps bigger tires rub when the truck takes turns.
Briefly saying, a leveling kit can amplify the experience of a Toyota Tundra when driving and helps in providing a secure and effortless journey.

4. Do Lift Kits need expert installations to fit well?

Yes, professional help is recommended when a leveling kit is installed. An expert assists you well in fixing the kit.
A leveling kit can be installed without an expert but may necessitate additional time. It is profitable to get proper assistance if you do not have adequate experience with this process.
It is because a professional mechanic will have the ability to strengthen all the components more securely.

5. Can a Leveling Kit affect the quality of the ride?

Many people often get puzzled if the ride quality will worsen if a leveling kit is installed in the Toyota Tundra. Although, that is a mistake.
In reality, a leveling kit helps improve the quality of the ride.
If a person installs a leveling kit in a proper condition and can choose a leveling kit that works best for their truck, they will not be settling on the quality of the ride.
Most of the premium leveling kits keep up the factory-quality rides by using various parts of the leveling kit.

6. How is the handling affected by a Leveling Kit?

There are a few misjudgments that leveling kits alter the working of a Toyota Tundra. However, this is false.
The on and off-road handling gets better with installing a leveling kit. The risks of damage lessen, and the truck’s performance boosts when a turn is taken.
So, one may not have to stress about the smooth operation of a Toyota Tundra after fixing a leveling kit.

7. What are the Profits and drawbacks of a Leveling Kit?

All fine things have downsides of their own. Likewise, similar aspects affect the functioning of a leveling kit. It has multiple pros, but there are a few cons that one should study.

The profits of a leveling kit for your Tundra comprise of:
– Bigger wheels can be used without any rubbing issues.
– The brake pressure is reduced in a well-balanced truck and can be immediately stopped in case of any emergencies.
– The truck has a better balance because of the balanced front and back end.

The drawbacks of a leveling kit for your Tundra comprise of:
– Certain kits may lead to tearing up the suspension faster for your Tundra.
– The fuel bills may increase due to some leveling kits.
– They may cause inaccurate HUD readings.
– Nevertheless, these drawbacks are less probable to take place in every kit.


Deciding on the best leveling kit for Tundra is not very tough. All you necessitate is correct guidance and perfect assistance for ideal results.

Also, do not pick the wrong products as mentioned. They will give you additional problems and give you poor outcomes. Thus, pick the finest lift kit from this guide.

We have listed the most premium products in the market only. All of them are suitable choices trusted by several across the globe.

One can entirely rely on them for excellent drives and superb performance. Freely pick considering your needs and give your Toyota the desired lift today.