Top 10 Best Mobility Scooter Carrier in 2023 with Reviews!

If you are disabled, aged, or ill, consider buying the best mobility scooter carrier.

In addition to making you a more independent person, the scooter carrier will help you travel with your mobility equipment.

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A suitable scooter carrier should support the weight of your mobility vehicle. Moreover, you should handle it with minimal assistance from other people.

Also, the best carrier should suit the type of car you own. As it can be hard to make the right purchase, we have created a detailed guide.

Our product review guide consists of our top 10 mobility scooter carriers. We have investigated and reviewed each of these individually.

In addition, we have shared some tips you should follow when buying a scooter carrier. Without further ado, we will begin our product review.

What is the best wheelchair carrier?

Our best wheelchair carrier for your car is Titan Ramps MC500 Wheelchair Rack. In our opinion, it suits a disabled person best. Regardless, you can select any other product.

For instance, you can pick our second-best option: the ECOTRIC RACK-A33S-Z1.

Why Titan Ramps MC500 is the best mobility wheelchair carrier?

We chose Titan Ramps MC500 Wheelchair Carrier as our number one because it can handle 500 pounds.

Finding a scooter carrier that works efficiently despite carrying too much weight is hard. We also fell for its high level of compatibility.

So many people drive a vehicle with a two-inch hitch. As a result, we think that the Titan Ramp MC500 carrier is more compatible, convenient, and versatile.

Furthermore, its steel construction shows that it can last longer.

Titan Ramps Wheelchair Carrier is easy to attach to the hitch receiver on your car. A thorough installation can prevent the rack from shaking when driving your vehicle.

Titan Ramp’s rack has a folding ramp that simplifies storage. Being so compact, the Titan Ramp rack will not strain your vehicle with excess weight.

Top 10 Best Mobility Scooter Carrier Review In 2022

01. Titan Ramps MC500- Best Wheelchair Carrier

Highlighted Features

  • Supports 500lbs
  • 2-inch trailer hitches
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Power scooters
  • Steel construction
  • Hitch-mounted
  • Easy to use

Electric wheelchairs and scooters are heavy equipment. But the Titan Ramps MC500 mobility ramp rack can withstand up to 500pounds of weight.

We feel that the Titan Ramps rack is sturdy enough to transport electric wheelchairs and electric scooters.

All you must do is load your equipment onto the Titan Ramps mobility rack ramp and drive away.

While the rack is easy to use, it works only for 2-inch class III and class IV trailer hitches. If your hitch is 11/4-inch, do not purchase this mobility medical ramp rack.

As the construction material is hard-wearing steel, the mobile rack can bear weight and last longer. Steel does not rust easily, bend, or curl.

Thus, your carrier will serve you for several years. When not loaded with your wheelchair or scooter, the ramp rack will fold flat against the back of your car.

And when you need to unfold it and use it, its quick-action spring pull pin will make this convenient.

Are you wondering whether your wheelchair or power scooter will fit on the tray?

As the rack has a length of 46.5 inches, a width of 28 inches, and a depth of 41/4 wheelchairs, it can host most mobility vehicles.



  • Stabilizer bolts do not fit the suggested wrench
  • Too bulky for an older, sickly person.


Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 500lbs
  • Scooters and wheelchairs
  • Basket style
  • Hitch-mounted
  • Steel construction
  • Black powder finish

One look at the ECOTRIC RACK-A33S-Z1 ramp rack and cargo carrier is enough to fall for it. Unlike other similar items, it has a basket design.

When you load your equipment, it will safely sit on the bottom of the basket. As a result, you can transport your appliance without fearing that it could fall.

Secondly, this basket ramp rack boasts steel construction. Furthermore, it has a black powder coat that can resist corrosion.

Including pull locks, the heavy-duty ramp rack is ideal for a 2-inch hitch receiver. Hence, most class III and IV vehicles can use it.

Besides your electric wheelchair and power scooter, this rack can transport a lawnmower or a snowblower.

As it is 31-3/4inches Wide by 44-3/4inches long by 6 inches deep, it can host any of these appliances.

Due to the basket design, the rack has an open flat position and an open L-shape position. We find it very sturdy because it weighs only 73lbs and can withstand up to 500lbs.

When empty, the tall side will collapse onto the flat side. Then, it will lock in place via spring-loaded pins.

Quickly unfold and fold it using the handle on the ramp. As for installation, you have eleven tie-down points to ensure a sturdy fit.


  • A unique basket style cargo carrier
  • Can support bulky equipment
  • Durable construction
  • Folds and unfolds fast.


  • Lacks a universal hitch stabilizer
  • Instructions for assembling are unreliable.

03. Goplus AT4339- Heavy-Duty

Highlighted Features

  • High quality and new
  • Steel craftsmanship
  • Spring-loaded pull locks
  • Black powder coating
  • Three-position carrier
  • 2-inch hitch receiver

Unlike the other two products reviewed above, Goplus AT4339 weighs less and does not fold down.

If you have a Class III or IV hitch, the Goplus mobility ramp rack might suit you.

Like our first two choices, the Goplus product boasts steel craftsmanship. We expect the sturdy steel metal and its black powder finish to last longer.

If your electric wheelchair or power scooter weighs 500pounds, this item might capture your interest.

Weighing only 70 pounds, it can bear bulky items during your journey. Including four safety rails, the ramp rack keeps the wheelchair or scooter from sliding as you drive.

According to Goplus, you should drive at a speed of 40MPH or less after installing this equipment.

For extra security, the item offers seven tie-down holes on the sides of the ramp. Hook tie-down straps onto these holes to ensure a tight fit.

Note that you will get your own straps because the manufacturer does not offer them. We liked this product for providing two reflective red alarm panels for night use.

While the equipment it can carry is a wheelchair or a power scooter, this ramp rack can carry other cargo.


  • Easy to attach
  • Weighs less but withstands bulky items
  • Comes with three carry positions
  • Has the best hitch stabilizer


  • Wheelchair rubber wheels spin due to a lack of grip
  • Not a foldable design.

04. KUAFU BL480 Folding Wheelchair Scooter Carrier

Highlighted Features

  • Folding design
  • Medical lift rack
  • Steel construction
  • High-mounted
  • Black powder coated
  • 2-inch receiver
  • 400lbs

Most of our handpicked mobility racks suit Class III and IV vehicles with a 2-inch hitch receiver.

Even the KUAFU BL480 carrier works the same way. Its heavy-duty steel construction together with the black powder coat guarantees longevity.

Do you need a multi-purpose rack? KUAFU creates has adequate room for you as well. When your car is so full, you can use this as a cargo carrier.

As a three-position carrier and ramp rack, KUAFU BL480 can close flat or open into an L-shape or a flat tray.

The foldable ramp locks flat when not functioning. Use the handle on the ramp to fold or unfold.

A security detail we like is the tie-down holes on the sides of the ramp. So, grab your tie-down straps and hook them onto these holes.

Although it weighs 75lbs, it can only handle an item weighing 400lbs or less.

Also, you need a hitch tightener to stop the rack from shaking. As an anti-wobble plate is unavailable, you need to get a tightener yourself.


  • Easy to assemble for the first time
  • Expert craftsmanship and durable
  • Works as a ramp and cargo carrier
  • Convenient and reliable.


  • Some items you need are not in the delivery box
  • Too bulky for a senior user.

05. ECOTRIC Mobility Hitch Mounted Carrier For Wheelchair

Highlighted Features

  • Steel material
  • 3-position rack
  • Easy to lift
  • 2-inch hitch receiver
  • Folding ramp rack
  • Black powder coating

Introduced about two years ago, ECOTRIC Wheelchair Rack is perfect equipment for the disabled. If looking for a reliable 3-position carrier, pay attention to this one.

Offering open L-shape, open flat, and closed flat positions, ECOTRIC Wheelchair Rack is a versatile device. When not in use, lock it flat using the handle on the ramp.

Like other devices above, this one has ramp holes where you should insert your straps.

Thus, clasps straps onto these holes to increase security. We have other items on this list that withstand 400 pounds.

ECOTRIC weighs 71 pounds and can withstand up to 400 pounds. Also, it offers a 3-inch safety rail and a 2-inch receiver.

As a result, the best users of this item are owners of Class III and IV cars.

We are sure that this carrier is sturdy and durable because of the steel construction material and the black powder coating.

After locking the gate, the spring-loaded pull locks will keep it from wobbling.

Some ramp racks are too heavy for an old and ailing person to lift. According to the manufacturer, this carrier is lightweight.


  • Sturdy welding and craftsmanship
  • Affordable product
  • Simple assembly process
  • Excellent customer care service.


  • ECOTRIC ramp lays down only on the passenger side
  • Wobbling is likely even after using hitch tighteners.

06. ECOTRIC 400 lbs Capacity Trailer Hitch Folding Carrier

Highlighted Features

  • Easy loading carrier
  • Wheelchair and scooter
  • Hitch-mounted
  • Three-position carrier
  • Tie-down holes and straps
  • 400 pounds
  • Folding design

So far there is no doubt that ECOTRIC makes the best ramp racks and carriers. As you can see, the ECOTRIC ECOSCC has a perfect folding design.

When you want to keep it, use the handle on the ramp to fold it down.

Again, unfold it using the same handle. After loading a wheelchair or scooter on the carrier, secure it with straps.

Insert the straps through the provided ramp holes. Measuring 268 inches long and 46.2 inches Wide, the carrier has adequate room for your wheelchair or a similar item.

Moreover, its total weight is 75lbs and can support 400lbs. All you need is a car with a trailer hitch of two inches.

If you are searching for a long-term use item, the ECOTRIC rack may be the best because it is a steel ramp rack. Also, it comes with a high-quality black powder finish.

Additionally, it provides spring-loaded pull locks for convenience during usage. Unfortunately, this ramp can wobble without an anti-wobble plate.

So, you need to purchase hitch tighteners to reduce shaking.


  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • Includes a folding design
  • Flexible due to three carrier positions
  • Easy to lift and install.


  • Assembly instructions are hard to follow
  • Three holes pairs are slightly out of alignment.

07. Silver Spring SC400-V2 Wheelchair Carrier with Ramp

Highlighted Features

  • Wheelchairs and scooters
  • Folds upright
  • Anti-rattle device
  • Ten tie-down points
  • Powder-coated alloy steel
  • 400lbs

Silver Spring SC400-V2 is an alloy steel folding wheelchair and power scooter carrier. Similar to every other equipment here, it suits a hitch for Class III and IV vehicles.

If you need a versatile ramp rack with a foldable design, explore the SC400-V2. When not using it, the ramp will fold vertically against the carrier.

Another thing we like about this equipment is that it provides up to ten tie-down points for total security.

Moreover, it comes with an anti-rattle device that other similar items lack. Therefore, it makes no noise or wobbling during transit.

A T-handle spring pull pin ensures safe and comfortable handling because it is ergonomic. Also, the product includes a 5/8-inch hitch pin.

Having seventy-one pounds, the carrier’s overall weight capacity is 400 pounds. SC400-V2 is 48 inches long by 27.75 inches wide.

Additionally, the ramp is 42 inches long, and the minimum and maximum hitch heights are 11 inches and 14 inches.

We believe this is a sturdy and durable carrier because it features powder-coated steel.



  • Some users found the ramp too steep
  • Needs another layer of paint to stay outdoors.

08. LEGENDARY-YES Disability Ramp Mobility Hitch Mount Carrier

Highlighted Features

  • Steel Ramp carrier
  • Easy to lift
  • Black powder Coating
  • Folding ramp design
  • Sturdy carrier
  • Weight capacity- 400lbs

Do you have mobility issues and need an easy-to-lift ramp rack? If yes, you could investigate the LEGENDARY-YES product further.

Featuring hardwearing steel construction, this item is sturdy and durable.

We also think it may last longer because it consists of a black powder finish. Thus, you can keep it outdoors without worrying about rust and damage.

Like many of our products, the LEGENDARY-YES carrier comes with a folding ramp. If not in use, it will fold flat and lock in place to avoid wobbling.

Regarding its weight capacity, your item needs not to weigh more than 400 pounds.  Does the heavy-duty folding carrier suit every car?

No, it will only fit the 2-inch trailer hitches common in Class III and IV cars and trucks.

Due to the well-made ramp, you can load and unload your carrier quickly. All you might require are regular hand tools and a few minutes of your time.

While not as effective as other items we have reviewed here, this item might be good enough for some users.


  • Fits typical 2-inch hitch receivers
  • Not a heavy ramp carrier
  • Easy to use


  • After a few uses, it might become unstable
  • Missing items like bolts on delivery.

09. 7BLACKSMITHS BL136 Wheelchair Electric Scooter Rack Hitch

Highlighted Features

  • Black powder coating
  • 2-inches hitch receiver
  • Hitch Class III and IV
  • Up to 500 pounds
  • 3-position carrier
  • Steel construction material

Although nothing is so unique about the 7BLACKSMITHS BL136, it is a pretty good product.

Due to sturdy steel construction and the use of black powder varnish, it is likely to last longer.

Needless to say, it will suit any 2-inch hitch. Hence, do not buy it if you have a 1-1/4-inch receiver.

Moreover, 7BLACKSMITHS product includes a closed flat, an open L-shape, and an open flat position.

Due to this, you can carry a wheelchair, electric scooter, snow blower, or lawnmower of any size. However, make sure it does not exceed the item’s carrying capacity of 500 pounds.

We do not have many ramp racks that carry more than 500lbs, which makes this one a good choice for someone with bulky equipment.

We love its basket design because it makes this item more versatile.

We have not come across another carrier with included installation hardware. As a result, the 7BLACKSMITHS product is easier to install although the instructions are harder to follow.


  • Versatile carrier with three positions
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Comes with hardware
  • Ideal for transporting various items.


  • Some users found it too bulky for a disabled person
  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow.

10. HECASA NN27 Mobility Cargo Electric Scooter Rack Hitch

Highlighted Features

  • Steel carrier
  • Trailer hitch
  • Folding ramp
  • Assembly hardware
  • Up to 500 pounds
  • A user-friendly, long ramp

Do you require a mobility carrier for transporting more than just a wheelchair or a scooter?

According to the manufacturer, HECASA NN27 has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds. As a result, it can ferry your snowblower, generator, lawnmower, etc.

Featuring weather-resistant tubular steel, HECASA NN27 is sturdy and durable.

Besides folding down easily into three positions, the integrated ramp is long enough to enable comfortable loading and unloading.

Regarding its construction material, this transportation rack is made from hardwearing steel.

Moreover, it has sturdy pull locks and carbide black powder varnish that prevents corrosion. Unlike our other items that come with a hitch pin, this one does not.


  • Roomy storage tray
  • Versatile, three-position ramp carrier
  • A multi-use rack you can use to carry other things
  • Durable design and materials


  • An unhelpful installation manual
  • Users must buy the hitch pin separately.

Buying Consideration For The Best Mobility Scooter Carrier

As a disabled person, you require the best mobility scooter carrier. It will help you transport your scooter or wheelchair from point A to B without a hassle.

Although many carriers and racks exist online, they are not all ideal for you. Some are sub-standard, low-quality carriers that will not last long.

Others are too heavy to lift if one is old and ailing. So, what factors should one ponder on when purchasing the best scooter carrier?

Before we reveal these, these are the advantages of using a wheelchair and scooter carrier.

  • Ability to drive yourself – Even if you are handicapped, you can drive yourself when using a wheelchair or scooter carrier. Simply choose a ramp rack that you can comfortably lift.
  • Saves your time – When you have a wheelchair rack, you can attach it once and leave it alone.

That will let you load and unload your equipment without detaching the rack. Hence, the ramp rack or carrier can save time and energy.

What to Reflect On When Choosing A Ramp Carrier

Types of products

Wheelchair and scooter carriers differ in how you lift them and how they fold. One can avoid confusion by knowing the common types. These include the following:

  • Hitch-mounted carriers – All our ten product reviews are about a hitch-mounted carrier. A carrier like this will mostly fit a 2-inch hitch receiver.

So, choose any hitch-mounted carrier we have recommended here if you have a 2-inch receiver. Moreover, you can select between manual and automatic hitch-mounted carriers.

  • Car-top carrier – What if you do not have the required hitch receiver size? A better choice can be the automatic car-top carrier.

So it stays on the roof of your car. To lift the heavy wheelchair, the car-top carrier uses an electric motor. A simple switch controls how the mechanism works.

  • Bumper-mounted carrier – Unlike the hitch-mounted carrier that stays in the rear of the car, the bumper-mounted rack stays in the front area.

Most people do not like this kind because it is hard to install for the first time. A suitable bumper will not be the molded kind without holes.

  • Pickup truck carrier – If you own a pick-up, this type of carrier can be a good choice. Again, an electric motor lifts the wheelchair or scooter on the disabled person’s behalf.

A mobility carrier lies on the bed of the truck. But you have to fold the wheelchair before placing it on the rack. Most disabled, old, and sick people do not have the strength to do that.

Weight Capacity

As you search for the best wheelchair or scooter carrier, consider the weight capacity factor. Our exclusive choices can handle 400 pounds to 500 pounds.

Choosing a carrier with a higher weight capacity than you need is perfect because you can transport other small items.

Hitch Type and Hauling Capacity

We have emphasized the importance of checking the hitch size of your car before buying.

Again, choose a carrier with a 2-inch hitch if you need the hitch-mounted type. Smaller hitch sizes than class III and IV are harder to find.

Focus also on the weight that your car can haul. Consider that some items may be too bulky for your small car to keep on hauling daily.

If they damage a component, you will pay the repair price.

Automated Controls

As you can imagine, automated controls allow the disabled person to use as little energy as possible. They enable the carrier to operate without manual help.

Thus, consider these controls as you choose your carrier because they will make your life easier.

If you have a short range of motion, you need the carrier to work independently so you can drive.

Ramp Length

Making this consideration is important because the ramp style and length can affect how the carrier works.

Our top 10 products feature a ramp that easily converts to three positions and locks down tightly when not in use.

A ramp with an ergonomic handle also helps you fold and unfold your rack.

Best Mobility Scooter Carrier: Installation & Uses

Most Important FAQs

Is the mobility scooter carrier the same as a wheelchair carrier?

Vendors use distinct terms when selling a mobility carrier. When you come across a mobility scooter or a wheelchair carrier or rack, they all mean the same thing.

All the ten products we have reviewed here can transport your mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Some carriers can even carry cargo or similar machines. As you search for a carrier for your scooter or wheelchair, you may find one product for both items.

Is a mobility carrier worth it?

Yes, you should buy a mobility carrier if you are a disabled person and can drive a car.

An automated carrier will not need your energy when lifting the wheelchair or scooter. However, some carriers are hard to install alone if you are ill, old, or handicapped.

Once you get this item, it will help you become a more self-reliant person and can go see your doctor alone.

Also, you can travel to the market or any other place without inconveniencing others.

What is the most heavy-duty mobility scooter carrier?

We have discussed ten of the most hardwearing scooter carriers around. Steel construction and black powder paint make these racks more durable.

Even if you store them outdoors, the paint will endure the harsh conditions for a long time.

However, some good-quality scooter carriers tend to have low-quality paint.

Due to this, you might have to spray another layer of paint to keep them outside safely. Paying attention to this when shopping is crucial.

Who can help you operate the scooter and wheelchair carrier?

Some of the carriers are harder to install and operate alone if you are disabled, old, or sick.

Because they are heavy, you need another person to assist you to install and run them for the first time.

Some are so heavy and hard to operate that you have to travel with a person or ask a stranger to help you.

Always consider who can assist you operate a ramped carrier because it requires manual effort. Alternatively, select an electric scooter carrier.

Is a hitch-mounted scooter carrier a better choice?

Yes, if you have a trailer hitch with a length of two inches. Also, a hitch-mounted carrier stays in the rear area of your car and is easier to assemble.

Even if it is a good choice, make sure your hitch-mounted carrier functions well. Where does it point after folding it?

Do the dimensions of my mobility device matter?

Yes, consider the length, width, and height of your mobility device. A carrier will have varying dimensions when open and closed.

So, make sure you compare the dimensions and the weight of the two correctly before buying.

Comparison will be easier if you know the length, width, and depth of your mobility car.

Is a folding mobility device ramp carrier better than a non-folding kind?

We would consider the folding carrier more convenient to use than the non-folding kind.

When you are not traveling, a carrier that will simply collapse and lie flat is better than the one that will not.

Also, a foldable ramp may produce three storage positions that most of you will find convenient.

Is an electric carrier better than a ramped carrier?

We could say that an electric carrier is better than a cramped carrier when you have no physical strength to handle it manually.

An electric carrier has a motor that will generate the energy for lifting your scooter or wheelchair onto the rack.

Alternatively, choose a ramped carrier if you cannot afford the electric wheelchair rack.

But you will use it manually, which will be a problem if you are disabled or sick. An electric and a ramped carrier can fold and save up when empty and the car is in the parking lot.


Our review of the best mobility scooter carrier and wheelchair rack is comprehensive and helpful.

We have analyzed our top ten mobility carriers for your wheelchairs and scooters.

Some offer a larger tray for accommodating other items, including a lawnmower, snow blower, or generator.

When searching for a carrier, always consider your item’s weight. Many of our handpicked scooter carriers can handle 400lbs to 500lbs.

Make sure you do not carry an item that is too bulky for your scooter carrier. Next, consider your vehicle hitch.

All our top ten products are only suitable if you have a 2-inch hitch receiver. Consider an item’s durability by checking the construction material and topcoat.

We picked these products because they all feature steel, the sturdiest metal you can find.

Some items also feature the carbide black powder finish that can last for several years.