6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Problems – Get The Solution & Solve It Now!

6.7 Cummins DPF delete problems refer to the complications that occurred in the DPF delete program of the Cummins system. Diesel particulate filter is the abbreviation for ‘DPF’.

After the launch of the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine, the 6.7 Cummins diesel engine was launched in the year 2007.

The launch of the upgraded version was done to regulate the reduction of emissions.

After the launch of the new 6.7 Cummins diesel engine, the system has been upgraded many times, but it was never renamed. The previous engines, due to lack of DPF, are highly hazardous.

Dodge 6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Problems: Top 4 Problems with Solutions

6.7 cummins dpf delete

The newly invented system is unique and valuable in the market, but it faces problems while using it. This is an innovation in the market.

Therefore it is highly recommended by the technicians. However, the imperfections of the diesel particulate filter can not be forgotten.

The main problem of the DPF system is ‘clogging’. Due to filtering the excessively emitted particles, the filtrate fills up too severely.

The DPF delete means the removal of the diesel particulate filter from the engine. Although it solves the problem of clogging, other issues arise from this.

Whenever the DPF is deleted, it is beneficial for the range and potential hike.

But on the other hand, it reduces the auction value of the engine, invalidates the factory’s assurance, escalates pollution, needs a tuner, and deteriorates surveillance.

The detail of these problems is discussed below.

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1. Reduction of resale value

Whenever a fabricated thing is spoiled, it falls far below its original value. Deterioration of the DPF system of Cummins diesel engine does the same.

When the removal of the DPF system is done, its market value decreases. So when the resale of the engine is needed, the new buyer will not pay you as much as you should.

Ultimately, it is a loss for the seller. The diesel engine market demands the system with pre-installed DPF systems.

Deleting the actual operation and installing a tuner does not meet the buyer’s demands.

2. Invalidation of manufacturer’s assurance

The manufacturer provides a warranty for the actual product. Whenever a purchase is made, a warranty card is applied to the product but under certain limitations.

Cummins has rules and regulations for the warranty provided to the users of its products. It is involved in case of any collapse of either the engine or its components.

It is also applied to the products already deteriorated from the warehouse. The warranty begins with the purchase of the product from the seller and is limited to two years.

The clause in the warranty card suggests that in these two years of assurance, any exploitation or carelessness by the purchaser, failed accession to the pre-installed systems, or shutting down of any existing system will not be entertained.

So, the user might not get any assurance in such a case.

3. Increases Pollution

The purpose of the installation of diesel particulate filtrate is to absorb the highly harmful particles emitted from the engine.

The particles consist of carcinogens in addition to other toxic materials.

Carcinogens are cancer-causing substances that are highly harmful to human health. In the diesel engine, fuel combustion discharges invisible particles hazardous to the environment.

The particles can stick to your lungs at every inhalation. The DPF acts as filtrate, which filters these particles before they emission into the environment.

The particles then accumulated at the end.

These accumulated particles are also referred to as ‘Diesel Soot’ whenever there is the removal of DPF the diesel soot is released into the environment directly causing the deterioration in the environment and the increase in the temperature of Earth.

4. Requirement of a Tuner

If a user wants to extract the DPF system, the diesel engine needs a tuner to work efficiently. Tuners come in various forms in the markets.

They can be multiple tools, chips, and operating systems. Generally, the phenomenon of tuning is defined as the alteration or readjustment of the diesel engine to enhance its productivity.

The tuner comes in the form of a chip and is usually considered the safest among all. The chip does not allow the excessive black diesel soot to release from the engine.

But there is a need to regulate the temperature of diesel engines constantly.

In many countries, inspections of engines are made to make sure whether they are contributing to the deterioration of the environment or not.

Failure of the test would not allow the vehicle to be driven on the road.

Apart from all the problems, deleting a diesel particulate filter from the Cummins engine is illicit and is not appreciated in the market. The dealers do not recommend such activity.

6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Kit: What & Why?

6.7 cummins dpf delete kit

The complete description of the Cummins DPF delete is illustrated above. The mechanism and how the process is forwarded are described below.

The apparatus needed to complete the process is a DPF delete pack, and DPF deletes accord. The steps by step process are listed below:

  • Pick a proper DPF delete kit.
  • Set new pipes.
  • Bolt the new lines up.
  • Discharge the ECU from the diesel engine with the help of the DPF delete tune.
  • The DPF will be removed eventually.

If someone is not good at handling spanners or is not familiar with the engines, they must not try this DIY method as it can ruin the diesel engine system.

It can then be done by a professional mechanic if he is given too much money under the table as most professionals do not want to involve themselves in such activities.

Also, deleting the DPF also removes the DOC and SCR of the diesel engines. For earlier models, the DOC, SCR, and DPF are interconnected.

Removal of any of the systems ultimately removes the other two as well. The efficiency of the system is reduced by doing so.

Solutions for the 6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Problems

No problem in the world has arisen without its solution. To avoid all of the issues discussed earlier, the following instructions can be followed.

  • Get a DPF delete duct.
  • Purchase a drain clamp (specifically 4in drain clamp)
  • Alleviate sensors and pyro wedges.
  • Unhook the hardlines from the patron side.
  • Detach the clamps on the right side after the nox filter and detach them properly.
  • Detach the tranny cross member to liberate the inner bolts.
  • With the help of the hinge, try to shed the cross member.

All these instructions will help safely remove DPF from the diesel engine. Apart from these, the usage of a quality tuner also helps get rid of such problems.

If you are concerned with the resale price issue, try to find a buyer who is not interested in the previously installed DPF system or someone who wants to remove the DPF system.

There is a possibility that those buyers can even pay you more than what you expect. However, there is no solution for the remaining warranty.

Deleting the DPF system violates the legal rules and regulations of the manufacturing company.

6.7 Cummins EGR Delete Kits Benefits

6.7 cummins egr delete kit

Many problems and disadvantages of deleting the Cummins DPF system have been discussed. In the parallel universe, it has some advantages as well. The primary benefits are listed below:

Enhances the performance

Reduces the backpressure in the engine created by the DPF system.

Providing a permanent solution to the problem of clogging

Removal of clogging with DPF installed is much more expensive and is not affordable

Elevate the power of the engine

The engine’s power raises to fifteen to thirty horsepower depending on the quality of the tuner.

Boost the turbo productivity

The removal of DPF can enhance the productivity of the turbo.

The DPF causes a lot of backpressures which causes the reduction of the yield of the tools working inside the diesel engine.

Minimize repair cost

The pre-installed DPF version of the diesel engine requires a lot of maintenance and care. The tuning of such a system is also costly.

Even the removal of clogging requires $250 to $300 each time. The money is saved if the DPF system is removed from the engine.

The overall maintenance cost of the diesel engine is also reduced in such a way.

FAQs on 6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Problems

The user finds himself in a dilemma while deleting the DPF system. So, there are a lot of queries from the user’s perspective. Some of them are discussed here.

1. How can the DPF system delete from the diesel engine?

The DPF system can be deleted by simple uninstallation. The deleting tool kit and the deleting DPF tune are all you need.
Expertise in the diesel engine is also required. Otherwise, you are not able to uninstall the system perfectly.
First, install the deleting kit, then install the drain pipe and carefully remove the DPF kit. It can also be done with the help of a diesel engine mechanic. They demand more money to do so.

2. Is deleting the DPF system worth it?

If you need extreme power goals in your diesel engine, you should delete your DPF system. Otherwise, it does not worth it.
As discussed earlier, the efficiency and power of the engine can be increased in such a way. Mostly the racers do such activities to boost the speed and power of their diesel engine.
While in a good race, it is illegal to do so. If a user is deleting a DPF, it should be done at their own risk.
In case of any inconvenience, the company or the engine expert does not take any responsibility.

3. Does the efficiency of the diesel engine affected by the removal of DPF?

The removal of DPF ensures the elevation of the yield of the diesel engine as the DPF causes backpressure because it prevents the molecules of diesel soot from being released in the environment unfiltered.
So, the backpressure highly affects the productivity of the diesel engine.
The removal of the DPF kit helps in the smooth release of such molecules without bothering the engine’s other components. Which ultimately boosts the productivity of the engine.

4. What is a DPF-capable tuner?

DPF capable tuner is a tool that aids in deleting the PDF system in the diesel engine. Sometimes, it is pre-built into the engines.
It has sensors and digital devices that send signals to the Cummins diesel engine. The tool is necessary for the deletion process.
Without using it, you might not be able to take full advantage of the removal of DPF.
If it is done so, the extreme back pressure created in the engine can twirl the turbo and cause the failure of the whole system.

5. How much the deleted DPF system lasted?

Once the DPF system is deleted, the process can not be reversed. It lasts forever until the new system is installed.
It is to be noted that the new system has an entirely different setup than the previous one and has high distinguished features than the previous one.
The newly installed system is then susceptible and does not ensure the smooth working of the diesel engine.

6. Can I claim the warranty after deleting the DPF system from the diesel engine?

The warranty of the Cummins diesel engine for version 6.7 lasted after two years of its first purchase. The warranty card provided has all the limitations imprinted on it.
It is evident from the warranty card that the removal of DPF eliminates the user from applying for the warranty card.
The company is only responsible for the diesel engine damages, the already broken component of the engine as well as any collapse of the running system.
Any violation of the rules and regulations written on the warranty card automatically discards the user from the assurance provided by the company.

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It is concluded that in recent years deleting a DPF is made easy, and 6.7 Cummins DPF delete problems are no longer considered a problem.

But one should not do so until there is an extreme need for power or an increase in the elevation of the engine’s efficiency because it will not enable your vehicle to pass the inspection test that occurs after a specific time.

Moreover, in exchange for the high deterioration of the environment, raising your vehicle’s efficiency is not a humane act.