Top 9 Best Bike Rack For RAV4 – Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023!

When you need to explore distant bike trails, you should place your bicycle in your Toyota RAV4. For that, selecting the best bike rack for RAV4 makes perfect sense.

Even if a Toyota RAV4 has sufficient cargo space for your bike, there are reasons not to keep it inside the car.

If you are traveling with friends to a cycling venue, keeping your bikes on the rack can create more passenger space.

After your biking contest or trip, you can hang your dirty bicycles on the rack to avoid muddling the interiors of your car.

As there are different types of racks, check your vehicle design first. From trunk-mounted to hitch-mounted, the collection available online is broad.

Some items are for cars with roof cross-bars. We will review nine products from top brands to give you a better chance of buying the right product.

Above all, a bike rack offers maximum security and convenience when transporting any number of bikes.

With the peace of mind it offers, you can focus on your upcoming cycling adventures.

When choosing a bike rack for your RAV4, reflect on the fit, ease of use, weight-bearing capacity, and durability.

After testing several bike racks, we have picked nine exclusive products for RAV4 owners. To find out what these are, read our product reviews below.

What are the best bike racks for Toyota RAV4?

toyota rav4 bike rack

We consider the MaxxHaul 50025 the best bike rack for Toyota RAV4.

Nevertheless, you can explore Allen Sports S-102 as a substitute for our top choice. We also have seven other options to help you select the bicycle rack you deserve.

Why MaxxHaul 50025 is the best bike rack for Toyota RAV4?

MaxxHaul 50025 bike rack comes from a reputable manufacturer with several top products.

Furthermore, the item has excellent features for someone who likes to bring their bike to any place in their Toyota RAV4.

First, MaxxHaul 50025 offers slots for two bikes that weigh 50 lbs each. Finding a two-bicycle rack with such a big weight-bearing capacity is hard.

Secondly, MaxxHaul 50025 is a hitch-mounted bike rack with a sturdy adapter.

For the safety of your bike, it provides straps, a cradle, and a locking knob. Hence, the rack loads fast and does not wobble as you drive.

We like the MaxxHaul 50025 for being compatible with many vehicles using a 1.25 to 2 inches hitch receiver.

Lastly, the padded column protects your bicycle from scratches and protects your vehicle from dents.

Best Bike Rack For RAV4 Review In 2023

bike racks for rav4

1. MaxxHaul 50025 100 lb Capacity Bike Rack

Highlighted Features

  • 1-1/4 to 2-inch receivers
  • Robust hitch adapter
  • Hosts two bikes
  • Fitted locking knob
  • 50lbs bikes
  • Buckle straps and cradles

MaxxHaul 50025 is our favorite bike rack because it is more versatile and reliable. Why do we say so?

MaxxHaul 50025 bike rack is ideal for Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV vehicles with a receiver hitch. Thus, it is best for people who have a Sedan, SUV, hatchback, or van.

MaxxHaul’s 50025 rack is also versatile because it can host two bikes, each with a weight of 50 lbs.

None of these bikes will fall or develop a single scratch along the way. As long as you secure the bikes tightly, you will transport them in one piece.

We love the Swing-Down feature because of the way it works. If you need something from the rear of your vehicle, the rack will tilt forward via the Swing-Down component.

Another delightful feature is the bike cradle as it comes with buckle straps to help you secure two bikes at once. What about bike scratches?

MaxxHaul thought of that when making this item as it added the padded column.

Furthermore, this bike rack has a fitted locking knob for increasing stability and preventing shaking.

Lastly, the rack is easy to install because of the steel hitch adapter.


  • Easy to install the bike rack
  • Can handle up to 100lbs at once
  • MaxxHaul rack does not wobble if you secure it tightly
  • Ideal for many hitch receivers


You might have to buy extra accessories for security

2. Allen Sports S-102 2-Black Bike Trunk Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Several hitch receivers
  • Quick installation
  • 12-inch long arms
  • Up to two bikes
  • Extra-large car pads
  • Tie-down cradles

Allen Sports makes heavy-duty bike racks, including the S-102 model.

Like MaxxHaul 50025 bike rack, Allen Sports S-102 is ideal for SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and minivans. Allen Sports website gives more details about this.

Another similarity between the two bike racks is that they can host two bikes simultaneously.

But, the maximum capacity for the Allen Sports S-102 carrier is 70 pounds. Because of the patented single configuration, this rack is the fastest you can install.

Use the tie-down system and the two side straps to secure and stabilize your bikes.

Also included in the pack is the long and narrow 12-inch carry arm that can handle bikes of all sizes and styles.


  • Idiot-proof installation
  • Sturdy and durable bicycle rack
  • Compatible with many hitch receivers
  • Lock rubber straps increase security and stability


  • Bare metal clips need tape not to scratch car paint

3. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Comes Assembled
  • Versatile fit
  • Handles three bikes
  • Soft cradles
  • Quick to install

If you want to transport more than two bikes at once, get a sturdy bike rack that can handle the bulky weight.

In that case, do not go far as the Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S makes a good choice.

One thing we love about this bicycle rack is that it fits many vehicles. Whether you own a Sedan, Hatchback, minivan, or SUV, the Tyger Auto TG’s bike rack might be the best choice.

Do not choose this rack if your vehicle has a rear spoiler because it will not fit.

Another excellent detail about this rack is that it handles up to three bikes concurrently. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S can carry three with a weight of 99 lbs.

Two more features we like are a padded lower frame and soft cradles. Because of the padded lower frame, the rack stays far from the car.

Soft cradles can protect the bike frame and keep the bike secure. Fold-down arms ease storage while the E-coating can prevent corrosion.


  • Pre-assembled for quick installation
  • It cannot rust due to E-coating
  • Sturdy construction for longevity


  • Straps can loosen anytime

4. Leader Accessories 101873 Foldable Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier

Highlighted Features

  • Tilt-down rear access
  • Dual-arm mount
  • Foldable arm
  • Dual tie-down cradle
  • No-wobble bolts
  • Hard-wearing bike carrier

If you need a foldable bicycle rack for your Toyota RV4, you might want to check the Leader Accessories 101873.

A foldable arm design means easier storage when the rack is not in use. If you own a truck, SUV, or minivan with a 2-inch hitch receiver, this bike carrier suits you.

Additionally, the rack tilts down to give you access to the rear of your car. We also like the dual-arm mounting style as it can host bikes of all sizes.

Using the adjustable mounting saddles, you can secure two or more bicycles.

The dual-compound tie-down cradle gives your bike maximum stability and protection during transportation.

If you prefer not to use bolts, choose  5/8-inch diameter pins. Lastly, the carrier leaves enough space for your spare wheel after installation.


  • Easy and quick rear access
  • Can handle two or more bikes
  • A fold-down arms design for easy storage


  • Not so cheap

5. KAC KR-B1PT2K Heavy Weight Capacity Hitch Mounted Rack

Highlighted Features

  • SUV, Truck Passenger car
  • Construction: Alloy Steel
  • 1.25-inch to a 2-inch hitch receiver
  • Tire and hitch mounting
  • Simple to mount

If you need a hitch-mounted carrier with two bike slots simultaneously, examine the KAC KR-B1PT2K.

We specifically noticed it because it does not just carry two bikes but those with fat tires.

While it can only handle 60lbs in total, it can uniquely host fat-tire bicycles. Also including a hitch adapter, the KAC KR-B1PT2K is ideal for vehicles with 1.25 inches to 2 inches hitch receivers.

If you want a Toyota RAV4 bike rack, try the KAC model because it is durable.

Boasting alloy steel construction, this bike rack is robust and durable. KAC KR-B1PT2K has a unique design since it attaches to the hitch and the rear spare wheel.


  • Ideal for fat-tire bikes
  • Fits a range of vehicles
  • Comes with a hitch adapter
  • Works well once you install it correctly


  • Add-on features for sale do not work
  • Has no locking mechanism to avoid thieves

6. YAKIMA 8002465 FullSwing Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Passenger car
  • Mounting style: hitch
  • Four bikes carrier
  • Swing-away design
  • Padded arms
  • Quick installation

If you love to do bicycle rides with friends, or if you sell bikes, the Yakima 8002465 could fit your needs.

None of our previously reviewed items can handle four bicycles at once. Each of the bikes should not weigh more than forty pounds.

Thus, all four bikes should have a maximum weight of 160 pounds. But, if you have some mountain bike models, women’s bikes, or children’s bikes, you need a TubeTop adapter.

Yakima does not send this adapter, so you should buy it separately. Another adorable feature that adds to the convenience of this bike is the swing-away design.

When the rack swings away, it creates access to the rear of your car.

The ZipStrips feature entails the straps that help you tie the bike to the bicycle rack.

We also love the padded arms because they ensure ultimate protection for the bicycles.

When installing, you will do a tool-free assembling with AutoPin or locking SpeedKnob.

And when you park your car, the Same Key System (SKS) will discourage any thief from stealing your bike.

Above all, you only need to fold down the rack when not in use.


  • Contains a hassle-free fold-down arm design
  • Has an anti-theft protector
  • No-tools swift installation
  • Carries four bikes at once


  • Comes with a shot-integrated lock that cannot protect the frames and wheels
  • Some users must buy an adapter separately

7. Saris 804 Hitch Carrier Mount 2-4 Bicycles Car Bike Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Integrated strap management
  • Injection-molded arms
  • No-rust bike rack
  • USA-made
  • Environmental-friendly materials
  • Premium-quality hold-downs

Some bike racks do not fit vehicles with spoilers. So, it helps to find out that the Saris 804 model is versatile enough to fit ninety percent of all autos.

If you need a trunk rack with more compatibility, you have found this one.

Handling two bikes, each weighing 35 lbs, Saris 804 has a typical capacity. But, we love its integrated strap management system that prevents the straps from flapping.

If you support sustainable and green living, you will appreciate this bike rack for its recyclable construction materials.

Injection-molded arms and legs are so sturdy and do not rust. For several years, they will keep the rack in good working condition.

Rack installation will take less time if you can master how to configure the six different straps.

While some people learn the tricky technique faster, others struggle a bit.


  • Does not touch your plastic spoilers
  • Boasts a capacity of two bikes
  • Foldable design simplifies storage
  • No wobbling when driving


  • Can cause dents on your tailgate
  • The rack installation technique is a bit complex

8. Blueshyhall ST-Z034 Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Two to three bicycles
  • Many hitch receivers
  • Pre-assembled 100%
  • Safety straps
  • Red cradle
  • Folds flat design

What attracted us to the Blueshyhall ST-Z034rack is its versatility. First, it can fit hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and minivans.

Therefore, it makes a perfect bike for Toyota RAV4. Despite that, customers need to consider it only if they do not store their spare wheel in the back of the car.

Blueshyhall’s ST-Z034 bike rack is a reliable gear for camping or sporting trips. One can carry two or three bikes without a problem.

Suitable for mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, and other bike models, Blueshyhall is for everyone.

When it comes to installation, it is the easiest to set up. Because they pre-assemble it in the factory, there is not much to do.

Without tools, you only need to put the bike rack mount on the receiver. Next, tighten the screw well to fix the soft cradles well.

Another safety measure is to install the safety strap properly to ensure the stability of your bike.

Also, the manufacturer of this rack recommends driving at a speed of about 40 kilometers per hour or less.

Adjusting the position of the bike carrier is easy because it has an adjustable support arm.

For maximum stability of your bike, the frame has padding that limits movements. As a result, the vehicle does not get dents.


  • A padded arm limits bike movements
  • Compatible with many hitch receivers
  • Reliable carrying capacity


  • Watching a video before installation is a must
  • A wrong installation could lead to dents

9. BENETA – 0005 Foldable Heavy Duty 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Highlighted Features

  • Dual carry arms
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Anti-Sway design
  • Easy to set up
  • Fits many cars

One thing you cannot help but notice is the BENETA 0005 fold-down arm designNot only do the 23.6 inches long folding arms ease storage of the bike rack.

Also, they spin out of the way to let you store things on the rear side of your car.

We also should note here that the tilt-down system is so convenient.

When you want to open the rear door of your car, the swing-down backward system will give access.

BENETA 0005 uses sturdy nylon straps and dual compound cradles to fasten your bike.

As it works with a wide assortment of bike frames, this bike rack is super reliable.

Users get a bonus feature called Anti-rattle Hitch Stabilizer that keeps the rack from wobbling, jerking, and banging as you drive away.


  • Long-lasting nylon straps for stability
  • Tilt-down system allows access to the rear
  • Has a weight capacity of 140lbs
  • Assembling is straightforward


  • Some people got the wrong-sized nuts, which made the installation complex

Best Bike Rack For RAV4: Uses, Price & Installations


1. What types of Bike racks can I buy for my RAV 4?

If you check our reviews above, you will notice that the most appropriate style is the hitch-mount rack.
Most hitch-mount bike racks use a 1.25-inch to 2-inch receiver. Featuring iron or steel construction materials, these bike racks offer usability and durability at once.
Even if we have not described a single roof bike rack in our review section, it is a good option.
Here the bike rack attaches to the roof of the car. A roof bike rack can be harder to install than a hitch-mount rack.
Secondly, you need to be careful when driving into an area with low clearance.
Trunk-mounted racks use straps and hooks mechanism to attach to the car. Unfortunately, they do not lock your car and a thief can take advantage.
Although easy to install, these racks limit your access to the trunk.

2. What should I consider when searching for the best bike rack?

When looking for a bike rack to buy, consider some factors. First, consider how easy or hard the installation process is. We picked nine products that offer hassle-free installation.
Once you decide on the best rack type to buy, make sure it is easy to install. Next, consider the number of bikes it can hold.
Some on our list could handle 3 or 4 bikes but the majority had slots for two bicycles.
Depending on how you want to use your bike rack, you can choose a more spacious or a less spacious product.
Most hitch-mounted bike racks offer more convenience when you need to access the back of your car.
A sway-down design ensures that the rack moves out of the way with the bikes intact.

3. Do bike racks scratch the vehicles they attach to?

Some bike racks can scratch your car because they have a poor design. If you want to avoid this, see the items on our list.
They offer a padded frame that reduces bike movements when you are driving your car. Padding also protects your bike from damage.
Also, pay attention to the fastening mechanisms a bike rack uses. Most bikes use durable nylon straps and cradles.
As long as you secure the whole mechanism well the bikes will not move and develop dents.

4. Can I find a bike rack that fits all car models?

Yes, we have one like this on our list called Saris 804. While bike racks are seldom universal items, Saris 804 can fit at least 90 percent of vehicles with or without spoilers.
Before you purchase a bike rack, read the product description to know the vehicles it fits.
Additionally, choose a rack based on whether you have a roof crossbar or a hitch with a receiver.

5. What weight does a bike rack support?

The weight capacities of many bike racks vary. As you can see in the reviews section above, racks can handle different weights.
Thus, the best bike rack for Toyota RAV4 can hold 30 to 50 lbs of bike weight. Some bike carriers can carry more than one bike, so you need to multiply the weight based on that.
We have bikes on our list that can handle up to 140 lbs.

6. What can keep the thief away if I park my vehicle?

A thief can target both the bike and the bike rack if they get a chance. While a few bike racks come with a locking system that locks them to the car, others do not.
If your area has many thieves, or if you want to travel to a high-crime area, try the YAKIMA 800246.


As we conclude our review on the best bike rack for RAV4, we hope we have helped you in your search. Each of the nine racks shown above has its pros and cons.

So, as you select the best of all for your needs, use these for comparison. How you intend to use your bike rack matters when making your decision.

Also, how often you plan to use the rack influences your purchase decision.

We have reviewed items that can handle more than two bikes and others with only two slots. Also, consider the ease of installation and the security features.

Regarding security, some racks offer straps and cradles. A bike rack with a built-in security system offers more security.

Otherwise buy a padlock. As you select your best bike rack, ensure the frames cannot rust. Most items we reviewed feature steel alloy hardware with a durable coating.