10 Best Tuner For Ram 1500 for 2023

Once you install the best tuner for Ram 1500, it will reprogram your stock computer.

Every modern vehicle has a built-in computer that controls the air-to-fuel ratio, ignition timing, gear shifts, and gauge calibrations.

Stock computer settings accommodate a laidback driver who loves convenience. In reality, though, we have drivers who want their trucks to outperform factory settings.

They desire higher acceleration and performance for daily driving, towing, off-roading, racing, etc.

Sadly, a stock computer has restrictions that make it harder to unlock maximum engine power. If you want to maximize your truck performance, get an aftermarket tuner.

Once you install the best-quality tuner, it will do the rest. We want to help you choose the most appropriate tuner for your 5.7 Hemi Ram 1500.

Hence, we have reviewed ten top-notch programmers from reputable brands. Read these reviews to understand how the products differ.

What is the best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Ram?

Without a doubt, the Pedal Commander PC31-BT is our best programmer overall. If it does not meet your needs, we suggest checking the Bully Dog 40417

Why We Chose Pedal Commander PC31-BT for Ram 1500?

best tuners for ram 1500

If you own a 5.7 Hemi Ram, the best aftermarket tuner can re-adjust its factory programmer. We highly suggest checking the Pedal Commander PC31.

One benefit of choosing this tuner is that it provides four modes, each with nine settings.

If your main goal is to gain speed without consuming more gas, the ECO Mode can assure that.

Would you like to transform your truck into a race car? All you need is to adjust either the Sports Mode or Sports+.

If you want a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle response for daily driving, simply adjust the CITY Mode settings.

We love this tuner’s ability to accelerate speed without altering the existing engine horsepower.

With just an amplified signal, it gives you quick access to this power. Above all, you can purchase it even if you have done massive vehicle upgrades with aftermarket spare parts.

What To Look For Buying Ram 1500 Tuner

If you plan to purchase the best tuner for Ram 1500, we will give you buying tips. Before we begin, we would like you to know that a programmer does not void your truck’s stock warranty.

Nevertheless, tweak the settings carefully to avoid causing problems that the warranty does not cover.

How does a programmer unlock engine power?

After installing a Ram 1500 tuner, it will unlock the power by altering the following:

Air to Fuel ratio

Combustion happens if fuel and oxygen are at equilibrium. After the stock computer signals the fuel injectors to deliver a certain amount of gas to the cylinders, it establishes the best air-to-fuel ratio.

Sadly, the stock computer settings prevent the piston cycle to generate maximum horsepower and torque.

A high-quality tuner alters the air-fuel ratio to absorb maximum power from the cylinders.

Ignition Timing

While the air and fuel mix boosts combustion, the process also relies on ignition timing. Sparking fuel at its best possible time creates a major power boost.

Performance monitors and tuners can alter the ignition timing to exploit combustion. For that reason, they can boost engine power.

Rev limiter

Every truck has a rev limiter that restricts the RPM range of an engine. After reaching a given engine speed, the rev limiter shifts to a higher gear.

With restrictive settings, the rev limiter safeguards your engine from damage. In the process, it reduces the power potential of your engine.

But when you hook up a reliable engine tuner, it can reprogram the rev limiter. After that, you can enjoy the full RPM range.

Speed Limiter

One of the parts that ensure your tire safety is the speed limiter does the same thing as the rev limiter.

By restricting your tires to a certain speed range, the speed limiter undermines your truck’s performance potential.

If you hook up a programmer, it will reprogram the speed limit to stop restricting your racing tires.

New tire or gear changes

Normally, the stock computer does not recognize tire and gear upgrades. Thus, you cannot capitalize on these changes without a tuner.

After hooking it up, the turner will recalibrate the car computer to start noticing these upgrades.

How to purchase the best performance chip for your ram 1500 truck

ram 1500 tuner worth it

Now that you know how a performance chip works to deliver better performance, would you buy it? As you ponder on this, consider these parameters:

  • Vehicle model– Some programmers can fit many models, and others are vehicle-specific. So, choose accordingly.
  • Purpose – What does a given car programmer do? A buyer needs to know the capabilities of a tuner to recognize if it can meet their driving styles.
  • Upgrades– Before you purchase a Ram 1500 programmer, consider the upgrades you have done recently. Have you altered the exhaust manifold, cold air intakes, gears, tires, or another component? Get an advanced programmer with more settings, including the Pedal Commander models. These work well with various aftermarket parts.
  • Fuel economy– Besides reprogramming the stock engine for more horsepower and torque, some turners provide a mode for saving fuel. Some of the top choices on our list can provide over twenty percent savings in fuel consumption.
  • Installation ease– Most of our recommendations are plug-and-play performance chips. Thus, you do not need mounting tools or any special knowledge.
  • Warranty –As we mentioned, the best tuners do not void your warranty. However, you should be careful when tweaking the settings to avoid damaging the truck. If such damage is not in your warranty cover, you will incur the cost personally.
  • Type of tuner– As you search for the best tuner, you will notice that there are several designs.

For instance, the control modules fit beneath the hood and track data from various sensors. After analyzing this data, they make suitable adjustments by relaying commands to the stock computer.

Power programmers attach to the OBD-II port located beneath the dashboard. These allow the user to enter information about their truck and the modifications they are looking for.

Then, the power programmer alters the stock computer via pre-loaded programs. Performance monitors display pressure, transmission temperatures, fluid levels, exhaust gases, and more.

Top 10 Best Tuner For Ram 1500 Review In 2023

best tuner for 5.7 hemi ram 1500

1. Pedal Commander PC31-BT

Highlighted Features

  • Eco Mode
  • Thirty-six adjustable settings
  • Quick acceleration
  • Effortless installation
  • No warranty invalidation

Our best programmer for Ram 1500 is the Pedal Commander PC31-BT. Apart from liking the reputable brand that makes this tuner, we cannot help but notice the 36 adjustable settings.

Each of the four modes provides nine adjustable settings. Modes include ECO, City, Sport, and Sport.

When you select any performance mode, you will get nine ways to alter its settings and achieve optimal results.

We specifically love the Eco Mode as it raises Ram’s MPG, helping you save twenty percent on fuel. Inflation has led to high fuel costs and even shortages in some nations.

Thus, a tuner that can improve fuel consumption is a welcome idea. Regarding performance, the Pedal Commander PC31-BT can eliminate the sluggishness of an electronic gas pedal and promote acceleration.

Computer-controlled cars do not respond fast when you push the gas pedal.

So, if you install the Pedal commander, it will instantaneously increase throttle response and unlock your truck’s power.

Regarding installation, this Pedal Commander model is the easiest to mount.

Once you plug it in, you can use Bluetooth to run the free Pedal Commander iOS and Android app on your smartphone.

As it is compatible with many aftermarket car parts you might have on your truck, this turner can maximize your driving experience.

Once you install it, the turner will supplement your stock programmer.


  • Reachable by phone
  • Quick to install and use
  • Offers many adjustable settings
  • Does not affect your warranty


  • Throttle response shot to unsafe levels for some users

2. Bully Dog 40417

best ram 1500 tuner

Highlighted Features

  • Several models
  • Saves fuel
  • Fifteen settings
  • LCD
  • Ten custom-tune files
  • Code clearing

Our experience with the Bully Dog 40417 was pretty good. As a programmer that can fit Dodge, Ford, GM, and Nissan models, it is highly adaptable.

We advise you to check if your vehicle model is compatible by calling the manufacturer. That is if you drive a gas model.

Another reason we liked the GT Platinum programmer is it carries out four main functions: engine tuning, gauging, monitoring, and diagnosis.

As you alter over fifteen performance settings, the output will appear on an LCD that rests on a pillar, dashboard, or window.

Like the Pedal Programmer, the Bully Dog tuner can lead to fuel economy benefits on city driving mode and long-distant trips.

With its ten custom tune files, this programmer can delete problem codes and boost engine performance.

Someone looking to gain torque, horsepower, better fuel economy, and the best truck utility might consider this Ram tuner.


  • GT Platinum is a versatile tuner
  • Able to multi-task to boost engine performance
  • Ensure fuel economy.


  • Installation is difficult
  • Some users did not get what they anticipated.

3. Pedal Commander PC07

Highlighted Features

  • Quick acceleration
  • Gas savings
  • Thirty-six adjustable settings
  • Gas and Diesel turner
  • Four modes
  • Ram 1500(2019+)

Our next throttle response controller is the Pedal Commander PC07 DODGEBT. If you drive the 5th –generation Ram 1500, 2019, and beyond, here is a tuner that might work for you.

Other than the vehicle models that can use it, the Pedal Commander PC07 and the Pedal Commander PC31-BT are almost similar.

Features are the same, including adding throttle response to boost the speed of your electronic pedal.

Moreover, the item features thirty-six adjustable parameters split between four modes.

First, you get the Eco Mode, which leads to higher MPGs and fuel economy. Next is the City Mode, which ensures a 1:1 throttle-to-pedal ratio and is ideal for daily drivers.

If you are a passionate driver who likes to speed up your truck, the Sport Mode can highly raise the throttle response.

Lastly, you can use the Sport+ Mode if you are looking to turn your truck into a racing vehicle. Use the Sport+ Mode with caution though.

Additionally, the PC07 programmer is a plug-and-play product you can install and use within six minutes.


  • RAM 1500 warranty does not end after installing this turner
  • Reduces the lag
  • Offers the Eco Mode for saving fuel
  • Provides several adjustable settings


  • Some modes can produce unsafe throttle responses

4. ACCEL 49505

Highlighted Features 

  • Gas and diesel tuner
  • AFM control
  • 8-inch color display
  • Vehicle-specific
  • Quick processor
  • More memory and fast updating

Here is another gas and diesel tuner for a Ram 1500 owner. According to ACCEL, the 49505 Supertuner can offer 30HP and 40ft-lbs for gas engines.

As for diesel engines, they can generate 80HP and 150ft-lbs of torque. Offering an HD 2.8-inch color display with an upgraded interface, the handheld ACCEL 49505 is so reliable.

Unlike other items we have reviewed above, this one is not versatile regarding the most compatible models.

As it is vehicle-specific, you should find out if it can fit your truck before buying.

Besides having Active Fuel Management control, this programmer has high memory and a processor that boosts updating speed and tuning.


  • Increases throttle response
  • Provides tunes for different octanes
  • Offers a gas-saver mode
  • Worth every dime.


  • Super tuner cannot program more than one car at once

5. DiabloSport 8300

Highlighted Features

  • Boosts horsepower
  • More throttle response
  • Dyno-tested programs
  • Fits many models
  • More torque
  • Simple installation

If you want to raise the bottom-end horsepower on your truck, the DiabloSports 8300 might be the right turner.

We love this turner because it can fit Ford, Chrysler, GM, and other models.

Once you confirm that it works for your car model and order, the installation will be effortless.

DiabloSports states that you can mount this tuner without any tool. No wonder the only thing in the delivery box is the tuner itself.

From the onset, this is a horsepower improvement gadget. While the maker states that it can boost torque, its focus is on horsepower.

As it has inbuilt dyno-tested performance tunes, yours is just to select what you want. Also, this fits diesel and gas vehicles and weighs 12.8 ounces.

If you have a 5.7 Hemi Ram 1500, this could be the programmer you could be searching for.


  • Getting back to the stock tune is easier
  • Upgrades quickly
  • Boosts horsepower
  • Installs in minutes.


  • Did not upgrade with Wi-Fi for some users

6. Edge Products 85450

Highlighted Features

  • Connect to OBD-II
  • Gas and Diesel vehicles
  • Many power levels
  • Simple installation
  • Boost HP and Torque

One way to increase your Ram 1500 horsepower and torque is to purchase the right turner. As the Edge Products 85450 can do this and more, you might want to check it out.

Once you install the Evolution tuner, it reprograms your truck’s factory computer.

According to Edge Products, you need to connect this tuner to the OBD-II port via a cable. After that, the device will save the files already on your computer.

Then, it will upload its pre-existing tunes and programs to your truck’s computer.

Another thing to note is that this programmer mounts in the cab and stays there. As a result, it monitors engine data in real-time.

As you do not need special skills or knowledge to use this turner, it might be a reliable one for you.

Unfortunately, there is no data on which models can use it. Thus, we can advise you to call the manufacturer to confirm if this tuner fits your truck model.


  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Reads engine data in real-time
  • Gas and diesel trucks can use it
  • Mounting is simple without any tools


  • Some users feel that this gadget’s MPG reading system does not produce accurate data

7. DiabloSport 9300

Highlighted Features

  • Electric-powered
  • Quick read and write times
  • Mileage tuning
  • Towing tuning
  • Daily driving tuning
  • Idiot-proof menu navigation

We are reviewing another product from DiabloSport. Featuring machined exteriors, DiabloSport 9300 T2 is an emissions-compliant performance tuner.

Once you set it up, it will adjust various performance parts for daily driving, towing, mileage, and engine performance.

Once it does its magic, it will display results on a full-color, high-definition 5, touch screen.

Thus, you need only swap the screen as you use your smartphone. With quality gauges and an electric plugging method, this DiabloSport tuner is super reliable.

As it consists of Dyno-certified programs, this gadget can read and write fast.

Even if you have never used a programmer before, you can figure this one out immediately as the menu is easy to navigate.


  • Ideal for Ram 1500, other trucks, and SUVs
  • Consists of many Dyno-approved tunes
  • One of the easiest tuners to install
  • Offers easy navigation and many features


  • Some users received the wrong item for their state
  • Does not have 93 tunes as the brand claims

8. New Superchips SPC-4845

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile tuner
  • Gas and diesel tuning
  • Raises horsepower and torque
  • Eradicates downshifting
  • 8-inch color screen
  • Performance tuning

An amazing thing about the Superchips SPC-4845 tuner is that it fits many vehicles. From Ford F150 to Dodge Ram 1500, this is a very versatile tuner.

Chances are that it can fit your truck as we have not encountered a tuner with such a huge coverage.

A handheld programmer, the Flashpaq is the most reliable tuner for 6.7L Power Stroke, 3.5L Ecoboost, and 5.0L Coyote engines.

We also like it for its wide tuning coverage consisting of fuel economy, daily driving, towing, etc.

Readings appear on a high resolution 2.8-inch colored screen and there is a re-designed graphic interface that improves UI.

Since this programmer has high memory and a fast processor, it tunes quickly and accurately.

Above all, it provides speedometer corrections for alterations in gear ratio and tire size.


  • Wide tuning coverage
  • Offers horsepower and torque gains
  • One can adjust speed and rev limiter
  • Several features for your success.


  • In some trucks, the remote start failed after installation.

9. Southwest DiabloSport DBS-8345

Highlighted Features

  • Handheld tuner
  • Boosts horsepower
  • Easy Tune Mode
  • 5 Volt Data logging
  • PC connectivity

We have reviewed other tuners by DiabloSport, an American brand, and none has the new Easy Tune Mode.

As a result of having this mode, the DiabloSport DBS-8345 is the easiest to install.

If you have a Ram 1500 model, Dodge Charger, or PT Cruiser, this turner might be ideal for you.

As it contains pre-loaded Dyno-tested performance tunes, this programmer is dependable.

Besides providing OBD-II data logging in real-time, it increases horsepower and torque without tools. As it increases throttle response, this tuner maximizes drivability.

Readings appear on a touch screen, and you get Wi-Fi updates. Alternatively, it connects to Linux, Mac, and Windows.


  • One can buy multi-vehicle licenses
  • Compatible with many models
  • A single tuner that achieves so much
  • One can install it quickly.


  • Not a cheap Ram 1500 tuner

10. MechanMagic MM268

Highlighted Features

  • Eliminates delay
  • Fits many models
  • 40 adjustable settings
  • Four modes
  • Gas and Diesel
  • Easy installation

So far, we have not encountered a throttle response controller with up to forty adjustable settings. Pedal Commander comes close with thirty-six settings.

Each of the four modes features ten settings that you can adjust according to your tastes and preferences.

While ECO Mode improves performance when driving on rugged terrains, the City Mode suits daily driving.

With Sports Mode, you do not have to wait for the ECU to react to your pedal push as it will transform your truck into a race car.

Lastly, the Race Mode is for the fearless driver who wants a higher throttle response and acceleration at any rate.

If you want to save gas, MechanMagic could assist because the ECO Mode can also help you save twenty-five percent in fuel consumption.

Installation is super quick. First, turn the truck off for five minutes.

Simultaneously, place the key fob thirty-five feet or more from your car. Next, find the throttle sensor plug and disconnect it.

Now attach the new tuner until it makes a clicking sound. Attach the Velcro adhesive and finish by fixing the pedal controller.


  • Leaves your warranty intact
  • Comes with installation instructions
  • Boosts throttle response
  • Provides savings on fuel


  • People are happy with it so far

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of engine tuning?

Engine tuning is an attempt to change the car computer’s (Engine Control Unit) settings. People tune their ECUs for unique reasons.
Some want to draw more power from the engine and others want to achieve better fuel economy.
Before buying a tuner, one should set some goals to ensure one purchase the best possible item.

2. What are the advantages of tuning my Ram 1500 engine?

As long as you select an appropriate tuner, it will benefit your Ram 1500 truck. Here are the advantages to expect:
– Higher throttle response
– Better fuel economy
– Increased horsepower and torque
– Improved combustion process, which causes minimal carbon footprint.
– Fast acceleration.

3. What other names mean the same thing as a tuner?

Once you begin exploring the market, you will come across different terms and might feel confused.
Other names for the tuner include programmer, performance chip, engine performance tuner, control module, throttle response controller, and gauge tuner.

4. What will my tuner allow me to download?

A reliable tuner will let you download content that affects how different engine components work.
These include air-to-fuel ratio, ignition timing, speed limiter, rev limiter, tire upgrades, gear upgrades, etc.

5. How much cost will I incur when buying a tuner?

As you have seen, we have reviewed tuners from the top brands. As you do your research online, you will come across these brands and others.
Since their tuners are unique, their prices are also different.
Make sure you order an item you can comfortably afford. Prices can also vary based on if you need a diesel or gas tuner.
If you need a programmer with many adjustable settings and good reviews, you will pay more money for it. However, it will be worth every dollar spent on it.

6. Can I get a tuner that works for diesel and gas models?

Yes, we have a couple of these types in our list of best tuners. Nonetheless, ensure that the tuner fits your specific Ram model.
Some models only reprogram gas engines. Thus, call the manufacturer for clarifications about your truck model.

7. Can a tuner reprogram two vehicle models at once?

Honestly speaking, we have not found such an item. Most tuners will only tune one engine model at a time.

8. Where can I find a universal engine programmer?

Some people wonder if there is one tuner that can work for any car make and model out there.
According to our best knowledge, you will either find a vehicle-specific tuner or a programmer that fits a category of models and makes.
Depending on where you buy your tuner from, you can do a vehicle search to guarantee that a given tuner fits your truck.

9. What are the capabilities of a performance monitor?

A performance monitor is a type of tuner you can find online. For sure, this device does everything your vehicle gauges do and more.
From measuring pressure to temperature to exhaust gases, a performance monitor is so reliable.
A certain caliber of monitors can do performance tests on your truck and produce readings about horsepower, torque, MPG, and more.
A performance monitor can let you track your o-60 and 18/mile times. Simply push a button to decide the gauges you want to track and the data you want to read.
If you get the most advanced performance monitor, it will teach you how to control your driving habits to save on fuel. We have reviewed some touch-screen monitors above.

10. Can I find a tuner with a mobile app and the best modes?

Yes, the best tuner overall on our list has a mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity.
If the Pedal Commander PC31 fails to run updates, you can use an iOS and Android-based app to finish the task. Some tuners also have Linux, Mac, and Windows connectivity.
From what we have gathered, the best programmer for your Ram 1500 truck has four performance modes.
Each of these modes has nine or more adjustable settings. At least one of the four modes should support fuel efficiency as times are hard.

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Final Thoughts

We are about to end this comprehensive guide on the best tuner for Ram 1500. We sincerely hope that you have found what you needed or at least have gained some crucial knowledge.

Tuning your engine has many benefits, including fuel efficiency, increased horsepower, and torque, faster acceleration, etc.

Many tuners attempt to provide all these benefits, and others play specific roles.

As you hunt for the best programmer for your truck, first understand your needs and goals. Then, choose a tuner that aligns with those goals.

We have reviewed up to ten performance chips and believe that you can choose a suitable tuner from the list.

Assess all these tuners individually to see the one you can afford and can still meet all your goals.

Once you select a tuner, change its settings carefully to avoid causing engine issues that you currently do not have.