Honda CRV Clicking Noise When Starting – Just Stop the Kinky Noise!

honda crv clicking noise when starting

You recently purchased a remodeled Honda CR-V with a hybrid engine, a robust external design, and a roomy interior with additional storage for gears. Just before the journey, you’ll hear clicking when you’re trying to start the car! Isn’t this frustrating? But why is Honda Crv Clicking Noise When Starting? Basically, when a problem with … Read more

Can I Use 10w30 Instead Of 5w20?

can i use 10w30 instead of 5w20

The motor oil greases the metal parts in the engine so that they don’t rub together and create friction and downgrade. Plus, the lubrication also preserves coolness in the engine. It closes the gaps between the piston and cylinder and also protects and coats the engine parts from acid, sludge water, and other corrosion and … Read more

How Much Brake Fluid Does A Car Need – Reveal the ways!

how much brake fluid does a car need

If you are not sure about the process of refilling your car’s brake fluid, then don’t worry; it’s not rocket science. However, you do need to know how much brake fluid a car needs. The brake fluid of your car is very important to keep the braking system of the car in optimal condition. If … Read more