05 Common 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Problems & Solutions for 2023!

Today, many people must deal with major 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel problems. When it comes to a novice user, these problems can be unfamiliar and a real challenge.

That is why below, we explain each of these problems and provide some of the most suitable solutions. So, this is a great way to enjoy your full potential.

You can also learn about the main specifications and features of the Dodge RAM 3500 diesel.

05 Common 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Problems

While it is possible to find a wide variety of problems with this vehicle, not all are truly common.

That is why here we have found some of the most common problems that users of this vehicle may encounter. We will also mention the solution to these Dodge Ram 3500 diesel problems.

01. Blockages

Among the most frequent problems that the users of this vehicle usually suffer, we must mention in the first place the clogging that usually occurs in the diesel particulate filter.

Some particles easily clog this filter, and these particles are more easily generated in certain situations.

Incorporating the diesel exhaust fluid can generate advantages or disadvantages. This fluid is specially designed to reduce the emissions of this engine.

When this fluid is not used in the Dodge RAM 3500 diesel, the diesel particulate filter can become clogged due to the increased number of missions it has to deal with.

When clogs begin to appear in the diesel particulate filter and other parts of the engine, a high level of back pressure can easily be generated.

So, when the user encounters this problem, he may notice a higher workload for the engine and more heat generation.

02. Turbocharger failures

We can find a common problem with blockages, but failures in a turbocharger are an even more frequent problem.

This inconvenience can happen at any time, which may be due to the type of driving of each user of this vehicle.

During the whole process of this problem, the user will encounter some common symptoms.

So, the user can pay attention if the oil seals leak or the bearings are too worn out. In the latter case, the shaft may show shaft play.

Of course, turbochargers have a specific service life, so sooner or later, this will start to generate other problems.

Many users do not wait too long for the engine to reach the proper oil temperature. Hot turbo facts that get splashed with cold oil are an obvious problem of it all.

03. Cylinder head gasket damage

While this problem is not as common as the previous ones, it is something that users should be aware of nonetheless.

Mainly, these damages or problems appear due to the torque and power that this Dodge RAM model can generate, and the high-level pressures produced by the cylinders are one of the most important reasons.

Some symptoms appear when the cylinder head gasket starts to fail. One of the main problems is that the coolant can mix with the engine oil.

The opposite situation can also occur, which leads to excessive heating due to the mixing of these two liquids that work separately.

To all this can be added the appearance of smoke with a white hue and a curious, sweet smell. Once the head gasket melts, the combustion chamber will receive coolant.

In turn, this problem can be aggravated due to the high temperatures that will begin to be generated.

04. Inadequate fuel dilution

Some characteristics in the operation of the engine of this vehicle can produce a dilution of fuel in the engine oil.

The procedure that allows the diesel particulate filter to trap the particles generated in the combustion inside the engine must be considered.

In this way, the vehicle emits fewer polluting emissions.

According to what many experts have considered, this vehicle produces too much dilution. When this happens, the engine oil can lose some of its effectiveness.

Thus, the engine will have less protection and lubrication. As a result, the different parts of the engine will suffer accelerated wear.

05. Cooler Failures

When this vehicle has too high a mileage, the cooler can fail. The inconvenience of the extra equipment to deal with emissions that trucks have can lead to a few problems.

When this happens, it is also often the case that the EGR valve is also failing.

One of the most critical aspects of this situation is that this equipment cannot be removed.

Some states require drivers or owners of these vehicles to have this equipment about emissions laws.

2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel features & specifications

Many people often use the Dodge RAM 3500 for its features found under the hood.

So, we can find a 6 7 L diesel engine with six cylinders in line and turbocharged with the cylinder head and iron block. We can also highlight the power of 350 horsepower.

This engine also stands out for its torque power of 650 lb-ft with a manual transmission and 800 lb-ft with automatic transmission.

Along with that, we also find four valves per cylinder in the engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. Users can choose the 6-speed automatic transmission as an option.

Additionally, this vehicle provides electrically locking front and rear differentials and a ground clearance that exceeds several of its predecessor models.

So, these features make it an excellent vehicle for rough roads or off-road trails.

Also worth mentioning are the 4.56 axle ratio, Bilstein shock absorbers, and electronically disconnected anti-roll bar.

These features are also conducive to driving in rugged terrain, especially when transporting heavy loads.

On the outside, it is possible to find steel wheels with a 17-inch size as standard or the option of incorporating aluminum wheels of the same size.

Users can also utilize the adjustable towing mirrors along with the vehicle’s top-mounted running lights.

Safety features such as anti-lock brakes, backup camera, and rear parking assist are also included.

This is one of the vehicles that are part of the RAM HD pickups: the RAM 5 7 L V8 gasoline engine.

Some of these models incorporate significant changes, such as a steering wheel with a new design and auxiliary controls.

Finally, we can highlight the black bumpers and a new front grille design. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most reliable and efficient vehicles, especially for the durability and power of the engine.

Solutions for the 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Problems

To save money by avoiding some of the problems mentioned above, we will also mention the most efficient solution in each case.

  • Blockages: one of the most efficient solutions comes with washing diesel particulate filters, although some people decide to eliminate this filter definitively. Cleaning is a solution with a short useful life, but it can avoid fines in some States due to clogging or lack of this type of filter.
  • Turbocharger failures: to avoid this problem, the user needs to wait for the engine oil to reach the proper temperature before accelerating the vehicle too much. It is recommended to replace the turbocharger, as this damaged part can damage other engine parts.
  • Damage to the cylinder head gasket: to avoid replacing this part because it is somewhat costly, it is possible to apply an alternative solution. Fire rings and head studs can be optimized, preventing the head from lifting and starting to fail.
  • Inadequate fuel dilution: there are two ways to avoid this drawback. The first is to allow the engine to reach the proper temperature, and the other way is to avoid too long idling.
  • Cooler Failures: an efficient solution is the cleaning of this valve or the replacement of these parts. Removal of the EGR valve is not recommended, creating legal problems.

FAQs for the 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Problems

Is the 2012 RAM 3500 a suitable vehicle?

Many users and owners of this vehicle agree that it is a versatile and efficient heavy-duty vehicle.

Each of the features that this engine can offer inside is complemented by an efficient level of driving. So, it is a vehicle that can transport people or heavy cargo.

Among the essential features that can be considered for this vehicle are the comfort and style of its interior.

In addition, it is a vehicle that can provide excellent transportation and towing capabilities. Especially the diesel engine is one of the most reliable and efficient engines available today.

What is the best RAM 3500 diesel by year?

As mentioned above, the RAM 3500 vehicle manufactured in 2012 is one of the most reliable vehicles to choose for heavy-duty or cargo transportation.

When we analyzed the best years for different Dodge diesel pickup trucks, 2012 is not the best of them according to the analyzed results.

Many experts agree that the best years were 2010 to 2011, 2006 to 2007, and 1996 to 1998.

This is due to the capability levels of each of these diesel trucks and the low level of customer complaints. Many customers have also provided a specific rating for the reliability of these vehicles.

Is RAM 3500 a reliable vehicle?

It is one of Dodge’s most reliable vehicles because of the rating that many users have given for the reliability of the RAM 3500 pickup truck.

There are several reasons for that, such as the excellent service life and safety this vehicle can provide. It is a feature shared with the RAM 2500.

It should also be considered that the annual repair cost of the RAM 3500 is relatively low compared to other pickup trucks of the same size.

Specifically, this vehicle can be severely damaged on certain occasions, although this type of problem is not very frequent compared to other similar vehicles.

Should I buy a used RAM 3500 diesel?

When it comes time to buy a Dodge RAM 3500, many people decide to save some money and buy a used vehicle.

Of course, it is always better to buy a new vehicle in all cases, although not everyone has the budget to do so.

It is also unnecessary because diesel engines can provide a longer service life than gasoline engines. So today, a 2012 Dodge RAM 3500 diesel can be a genuinely reliable vehicle.

It is necessary to check each vehicle’s condition and mileage to do this.

What is the engine life of a RAM 3500 diesel?

A 6.7 L Cummins engine powers dodge RAM 3500 diesel. So, this means that this is an engine with excellent service life.

In general, this engine can provide a service life that can go up to 350,000 miles before problems start to appear. The average service life of 250,000 miles can also be considered.

As is often the case with other engines, the actual service life of each Cummins 6.7L engine will depend on a variety of factors.

It is essential to consider the type of driving of the vehicle owner and the maintenance implemented.

How often is the oil of RAM 3500 diesel replaced?

Both the oil change and the oil filter change have a frequency that can be checked in the vehicle owner’s manual.

When it comes to a RAM 3500 diesel vehicle, we are talking about a 6.7 L Cummins engine.

In this case, the owner recommends an oil and oil filter change every 12 months or every 15,000 miles. Respecting this period will allow avoid a great variety of mechanical problems.


Once the user knows what the main 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel problems are, he will have the possibility to deal better with each of them.

As we have seen above, these are not a set of problems that are too serious or cause a lot of difficulties for the driver.

Implementing the necessary maintenance at the right time and paying attention to the symptoms of each problem can prevent more severe damage.

Undoubtedly, this is the right thing to do for an excellent driving experience and to save money.