Dodge Ram Blend Door Replacement – 7 Quick & Easy Steps to Replace It!

Are you an owner of a Dodge RAM and facing problems with blend door actuators? Do you need a Dodge Ram blend door replacement?

The Dodge Ram is one of many vehicles plagued by faulty actuators (blend door). When there is a fault, one won’t be able to adjust the temperature in a truck properly.

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A change in the fan speed or turning a corner might modify the temperature of a damaged blend door, making it hot or chilly.

When the motor gears are out of alignment, one might hear some “ clicking ” noise generated from the actuator motor.

These parts are susceptible to breaking because they are composed of plastic.

For those vehicles’ actuator (blend door) isn’t functioning appropriately, they should continue reading this.

The Dodge Ram Blend Door Replacement Process: Easiest Way

All the steps at a glance:

Step 01: The Glove Box or the Lower Dash Panel should be removed first

Step 02: The door actuator needs to be removed

Step 03: Now comes the removal of the actuator

Step 04: Turning off

Step 05: Matching the new actuator

Step 06: Installing the new blend door actuator

Step 07: Reinstallation of the glove box or the cover

An actuator (blend door) contains an electric motor that whirls a gear set made of plastic in one of two directions and is coupled to an air control door pivot at the unit’s final drive.

There are one or two ways in which an actuator can fail.

Firstly, the electric motor can get burned, rendering the unit inoperable such that the temperature and ventilation mode settings have no effect.

Next, the plastic gear set will grow brittle and crack, allowing the unit to operate intermittently with a ticking or clicking sound before stopping.

This is a typical issue with most automobiles’ heater and air conditioning systems.

Dual blend door actuators in some autos allow the driver to control the climate in several time zones.

Modern cars often include a dual blend door actuator, which allows the driver and front and rear passengers to individually regulate the temperature.

The blend door is a plastic box situated on an under-trim panel that distributes cool or warm air within the vehicle to maintain passenger comfort.

One might require warm air while the vehicle is cold or vice versa; when one adjusts the climate control dial, the blend door must release the appropriate air.

Conversely, if cool air is required, the actuator will close to prevent heat from entering the car.

The following is a stepwise guide on replacing the blend door of a Dodge RAM:

Step 01: The Glove Box or the Lower Dash Panel should be removed first

Using a tiny socket and ratchet, remove the under the dashboard plastic cover mounting bolts on the passenger side.

These screws may be in inconspicuous locations, so search around for them.

After locating and removing all attachment screws, grip the cover and pull the thing out from the dashboard’s bottom.

As a result, the heater box and its controls and wires will be exposed.

Step 02: The door actuator needs to be removed

An actuator dangles beneath the box and is among the simplest replaceable units. Using a tiny screwdriver, detach the wired safety clip from the actuator’s harness.

Such clips are delicate and need to be treated with caution at all times. Once disengaged, detach the electrical connector from the blend door actuator by gently pulling it downward.

Examine the connector for corrosion or rust and clean if necessary.

Step 03: Now comes the removal of the actuator

Identify the mounting screws of the actuator and remove them. Two or three screws should be holding the thing.

A small universal may be required to remove screws from difficult locations. When you remove the screws, put them in a small container to keep them from becoming lost.

After removing all attachment screws, the actuator should be loosed up. To remove the actuator, grasp it and pull it from its mount.

Step 04: Turning off

The blend door should be physically turned in both directions before the installation of the new actuator to ensure that it isn’t jammed, which would lead to the failure of the replacement actuator.

The door pivot should pivot freely when grasped and moved back and forth to its full range of motion.

The new actuator might have failed if the blend door can’t be moved because of an impediment.

These impediments include, among others, pens, toothpicks, small toys, and bubble gum.

If the door is jammed, the heater plenum must be removed and the issue remedied before installing the replacement unit.

To test the blend door’s performance and ensure that a user is replacing the correct actuator motor, they should activate the blower motor and operate the door in both directions.

As a result, a user can sense the air’s temperature change or vent level adjustment.

Step 05: Matching the new actuator

Comparing the defective actuator with the new unit is vital to a Dodge Ram blend door replacement.

First, check the wire harness connector terminals to ensure they are identical. After that, it’s now time to put in the replacement part.

Step 06: Installing the new blend door actuator

Place the newly acquired part manually while simultaneously putting in the mounting screws.

Because the mounting screws thread into the plastic casing and can easily strip, avoid cross-threading them (do not over-tighten).

Push the connector (wiring harness) firmly back into the actuator after all screws have been secured. One should hear a click when the connector is installed correctly.

Step 07: Reinstallation of the glove box or the cover

Reinstall the plastic cover after finishing the installation. If one is patient enough, they’ll eventually get the bolt holes lined up.

As soon as the lid is in place, begin installing mounting screws by hand. Once the screws are hand threaded, proceed to install the rest of the screws.

Installing the other screws will be more complicated if the first screw is tightened before the rest.

Next, turn on the engine and move the temperature control knobs from hot and cold to defrost to mid/floor positions to ensure the new blend door actuator is running alright once the cover has been reinstalled.

Blend Door Dodge Ram: What & How Does It Work

Vents in a vehicle’s passenger section are controlled by blend door actuators, also known as HVAC actuators.

Heating or air conditioning may not reach passengers if the blend door actuators are not working properly.

Likewise, hot and cold air will be unavailable if the actuator is broken. The actuators are essentially miniature electric motors responsible for moving the vent doors.

This allows the desired temperature to be achieved by combining hot and cold air.

Two blend door actuators are standard on most cars, one on each side of the driver and the other on the passenger.

Luckily, these can be accessed without having to remove the dashboard. Some experts advise removing the batteries from the vehicle to replace the composite door actuators.

Ensure the engine is off before doing anything to avoid electric shock.

The Blend Door Replacement Cost: Know The Cost Before Install

On average, HVAC blend door actuator replacement costs between $315 and $362. Parts are priced at $133, and labour charges range from $182 to $229.

In addition to not accounting for a particular car or specific geographic region, this range does not include any taxes or fees.

Repairs for other issues could also be required. Replacing a blend door actuator should take no more than an hour because it is so straightforward.

Labour expenses can vary greatly depending on where one lives and what kind of automobile they have.

For most cars, the cost is between $75 and $150; generally, the cost of replacing it in an auto repair shop is between $300 and $500.

  • Dodge Ram 1500 HVAC blend door actuator replacement costs between $457 and $563, depending on the model. Between $400 and $500 is expected to be spent on labour.
  • To replace an HVAC actuator of a blend door (for a Dodge Ram 2500), expect to pay between $150 and $500 on average. Between $400 and $500 is the average cost of labour.
  • The replacement of an HVAC actuator (blend door) for a Dodge Ram 3500 can cost between $450 and $550. Estimates place the price of labour somewhere in the $400-$500 range.

A Few Dodge Ram Blend Door Recalls

Just because a Dodge Ram seems like a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean it’s without its drawbacks.

Blend door actuator defects are among the issues that Dodge Ram owners suffer, and one will need a Dodge ram blend door actuator recall to fix it.

As a new Dodge Ram owner, one should be aware of the signs and symptoms so that they may avoid suffering from excessive loss.

Even if a user is familiar with Dodge Ram, one will need a technical understanding of the problems with Dodge Ram cars to get them fixed immediately.

A Dodge Ram car may be suffering this problem for various causes that aren’t readily apparent.

The blend door actuator essentially conveys the commands of the climate control system and allows the required temperature of air into the automobile cabin to be allowed in. So, before things get out of hand, getting help is best.

Click sounds

Because the fuse connection is so close to the blend door actuator and is connected to it, a slight clicking sound coming from under the dash could signal an issue with the actuator.

The clicking sound frequently occurs after the temperature has been set or changed. Therefore, the sound is only audible for as long as it takes to change the air intake method.

However, an improvement in the frequency of sound incidence could be taken as a sign if it occurs over time.

Defective Air Conditioner

Temperature changes might be evident when the AC system is malfunctioning.

For example, a blend door problem may not always be shown when a user turns the air conditioner to its full blast while an engine is still cold, and even as the engine progressively heats up, no hot air is released.

In this way, technical speculation, in this case, will be clarified.

The temperature reading is wrong 

Blend door actuator problems can cause this issue. It’s a challenging symptom to identify, to say the least!

One should consult a mechanic if one has the same problem in a Dodge Ram vehicle.

A professional Dodge Ram blend door actuator recall states that if only one temperature (hot/cold) is affected by the actuator, the problem is likely caused by the actuator.

The temperature rises to a single value until the system stops responding to inputs or registering them.

Two different temperature levels

The temperature changes when one side of the climate controller stops responding or is disconnected.

Because the climate controller is directly connected to a blend door actuator, this signal suggests a malfunctioning actuator.

As a result of the system’s inability to provide total cooling or heating, passengers in this situation are forced to endure two distinct layers of air.

Most Vital FAQs about Dodge Ram Blend Door Replacement

Why would one need a blend door in their vehicle?

The blend door actuators, also known as HVAC actuators, regulate airflow into the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

Heating or air conditioning may not reach passengers if the blend door actuators aren’t functioning properly.

Does the blend door closed or open to retain the heat?

Blend doors, which are just vacuum-operated flaps inside the ducts, open and close to allow or prevent heat from entering the passenger compartment through the vents.

Where is the blend door actuator’s location?

In the climate control case, the dashboard’s back usually houses the actuators for the blend doors. The blend door actuator position can be found in a vehicle’s repair manual or database.

Can the blend door actuator be unplugged?

Blend door actuators are typically positioned on the back seat of most automobiles and regulate the blend door mechanism.

Remove the electrical connector first, then unhook the device from itself to unplug it.

Mode door vs blend doors: What’s the difference?

The heater core’s airflow is modulated by a door on the blend door, which can be opened or closed to alter the temperature. The door’s mode determines which vents receive airflow.

How long does the Dodge Ram recall fix take?

To fix a problem, it’s usually necessary to find out what’s causing it, find out which part is responsible, and remove it from the system.

Finally, the broken door should be replaced with a functional one. Two to three hours of maximum time is all that is going to take.

What is the estimated cost for a Dodge Ram blend door actuator recall replacement?

Dodge Ram blend door actuator recall minimal repairs cost $130. Maximum quality repair costs $300. The level of damage determines the pricing.

Is a blend door actuator necessary for driving?

Such an environmental issue isn’t a concern for driving, but the passengers will not be happy or comfortable. So, don’t let them go through this.


So, herein we have covered some possible reasons for Dodge Ram blend door replacement and the steps of doing it.

The quality of a vehicle’s interior affects the vehicle’s life expectancy and resale value in a significant way.

Because one can’t control the weather, leaving a vehicle out in the open is unsafe. Even though the blend door actuator is not a necessary repair, it is wise to have it serviced.

Therefore, one should visit their neatest auto shop and get it done soon if needed.