How Do I Reset My Electronic Throttle Control Manually – 4 Simple Ways!

After a while, the throttle does not offer the same performance as before. This is why many people ask “how do I reset my electronic throttle control manually?”

For this purpose, we have prepared the following guide that allows you to know everything about electronic throttle control and its main benefits.

Here you can find the procedure for resetting the electronic throttle control.

We also mentioned the best way to implement correct throttle position sensor adjustment Implementing these procedures gives you better vehicle responsiveness or better fuel economy.

Additionally, you can find out the repair costs of these parts and answer the most frequently asked questions.

So, if you want to implement great maintenance to your vehicle, you just need to keep reading.

How Do I Reset My Electronic Throttle Control Manually: Quick But Easy Steps

how to reset electronic throttle control manually

Resetting the electronic throttle control manually can be somewhat difficult since it is necessary to perform some steps by counting the seconds.

In any case, before starting this procedure, it is advisable to clean the throttle pedal body.

This is because it is a part that usually accumulates dirt, which makes it difficult to open the air valve.

Step 1. Ignition switch

As we mentioned before, counting the seconds when performing this procedure is one of the most important aspects to restart this device correctly.

Hence, it is advisable to have a stopwatch to obtain a higher level of accuracy. Once you have everything you need, you must turn the power switch ON.

Here it is important to wait exactly 3 seconds and at no time should the engine be started.

The user simply needs to press the accelerator pedal to its maximum capacity, and immediately the accelerator should also be released.

This procedure of depressing and releasing this pedal should be done five times in only about five seconds.

When the above is completed, it is essential to wait seven to ten seconds before continuing.

In turn, cleaning the throttle body will allow for a much more efficient result at the end of this procedure.

This happens because the accelerator modifies its operation since the accumulated dirt represents an obstacle.

So, these modifications in throttle operation may be most appropriate when the throttle body hinders valve operation.

When most of the accumulated dirt in the throttle body is removed, the operation obtained by resetting the electronic throttle control will be more efficient.

Step 2. Accelerator pedal

Once all the above steps have been performed, 10 seconds need to step on the accelerator pedal once more for as long as possible.

This is where the check engine warning light should start flashing. The flashing of this light should be rapid, indicating that the diagnostic test mode or self-diagnostic results have begun.

When the diagnostic test mode is initiated, the user should already release and release the throttle.

Once the user releases the throttle, they must wait a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 10 seconds.

For another 10 seconds, the user should again press the accelerator pedal as far as possible.

When this has been done correctly, the check engine warning light stops flashing rapidly and continues to flash more slowly.

When this happens, the vehicle’s system clears the memory inside the ECU. To continue, the user must release the accelerator pedal, and the ignition switch must also be held in the off position.

Step 3. Start the engine

When each of the above steps has been completed, the user must start the engine again. In this case, the check engine warning light is off when the correct time has elapsed.

So here, the electronic throttle controller reset procedure is completed.

Sometimes the check engine light does not flash quickly or slowly as described in the previous steps.

When that does not occur, it indicates the ECU has not completed the corresponding reset procedure. Hence, it is relevant to go through the above steps again.

Most likely, the user has not contemplated the necessary seconds in each step.

Step 4. Alternative method

There are some alternative methods to properly reset the electronic throttle pedal controller.

It is simply a matter of disconnecting the battery, which can be very efficient for resetting this system and many others within a vehicle.

To disconnect the battery, only the negative terminal needs to be disconnected.

It is also necessary to discharge each corresponding capacitor with the ECU. Here the user only needs to pump the brake using the corresponding pedal.

To realize this operation, it is required to consider the control parameters. Each of these data can be checked from the ECU, and the ranges related to this should be at normal levels.

Electronic Throttle Control: How Does It Work?

how do i reset my electronic throttle control

One of the advances in the design of today’s vehicles is electronic throttle control. This is a critical part of the connection between the motor and the throttle pedal.

Unlike older vehicles with purely mechanical parts, this electronic device incorporates many efficient advantages.

Here the user will notice greater consistency and stability in a wide variety of aspects thanks to the precise operation of the software and this electronic part.

The user will always notice improved responsiveness regardless of vehicle load, altitude, or temperature found in the engine.

Also, it is worth mentioning that gear changes are more precise and easier to perform.

This part also allows an excellent integration of different functions, including pre-collision systems, stability control, traction control, and cruise control.

Electronic throttle control even improves fuel economy and lowers exhaust emissions.

How To Adjust Throttle Position Sensor Toyota

The throttle position sensor is an essential part of a Toyota.

It is a part that allows you to balance the revolutions per minute by controlling the throttle and the throttle body inspector, among many other parts.

So, if you want to adjust this part, you should have a needle, a screwdriver, and a voltmeter.

Disconnect the battery

A very simple method to make all kinds of adjustments and resets of electronic devices in a vehicle is to disconnect the battery.

This case is no exception, and it is more than enough to disconnect the cable from the car battery’s negative terminal.

Some users decide to wait for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes before starting the next steps of this procedure. Some people also consider removing the corresponding fuse from the fuse box.

This is the fuse required for the functioning of all motor control modules. The exact location of this fuse can be found in the owner’s manual.

There is a wide variety of fuses, and it is very easy to make a mistake when removing another fuse and causing other problems.

Finding the position sensor

As mentioned above, it may be necessary to remove the battery and the fuse that allows this throttle position sensor to function.

Removing another fuse may mean the loss of one or more key functions of the vehicle. On certain occasions, restoring the throttle position sensor is found with a small adjustment on this sensor.

Finding the throttle position sensor can be simple, as it is a part installed in the throttle body.

This is a part that provides electrical signals from a throttle valve angle. The voltage of this signal can decrease or increase according to the opening level of the throttle itself.

Reprogramming or adjustments

A very efficient method is to have a complete diagnosis to detect one or several error codes of the throttle position sensor.

This same service is also necessary to reprogram this part correctly. A professional must perform each of the adjustments or reprogramming, as this is a complex and electronic part.

Additionally, it can be very useful to check the condition of the parts or cables that work together with this sensor.

A malfunction of the throttle position sensor may be due to damaged wires or incorrect connections.

So, replacing the connection area and the corresponding wires can also allow proper operation if the error is not in the programming.

Electronic Throttle Control Repair Cost


When some damage occurs to the electronic throttle control, parts replacement or appropriate repairs should be considered.

Some users claim that driving a vehicle with some throttle body problems is safe.

In any case, the vehicle may present many judicial symptoms for driving. Here we mention the total and partial costs when replacing the electronic throttle control of different Toyota models.

  • Corolla: labor $92 to $184; parts $974 to $1180, total $1066 to $1364
  • Camry: labor $92 to $184; parts $974 to $1180, total $1066 to $1364

We have included only these 2 Toyota models because the cost of the other cars from this manufacturer is similar. However, it is also important to consider that the labor to perform this task may vary depending on the mechanical service provider.

In addition, the warranty for each of these mechanical service providers’ performances also varies. These are the following labor costs for electronic throttle control replacement.

  • Amazon: $164 to $1050
  • Walmart: $145 to $960
  • NAPA: $174 to $1362
  • Tire: $166 to $1397

FAQs About How Do I Reset My Electronic Throttle Control Manually

1. Can I calibrate the electronic throttle control?

According to what we have considered above, it is important to follow timed steps to correctly calibrate the electronic throttle control.
However, this same procedure may vary considerably depending on the characteristics or specifications of some manufacturers’ vehicles.
To do this, place the ignition key in the ON mode and let it stand for a few moments. Also, it should be turned to the off mode and left for ten seconds.
Then press the accelerator pedal to initiate the diagnostic mode to calibrate this electronic part.

2. Does any electronic throttle control work with a fuse?

Inside the fuse box, it is possible to find a great variety of fuses that allow and control the operation of a great variety of aspects of the car.
The electronic throttle control also needs a fuse to operate among them, which is the same as any other piece of electronic operation and design.
This fuse is responsible for managing the power provided by the throttle. The electronic throttle control is a high-precision part that provides electrical signals.
These electrical signals are the ones that connect the accelerator pedal and all the corresponding parts with the operation of the engine and the power generated.

3. Is it a bad symptom if the ETC light turns on?

The electronic throttle control is a part that has a certain lifespan, just like the rest of the parts of a vehicle.
That is why when there is a malfunction of this electronic part; you can notice a light coming on. When the light illuminates, it denotes a minor or major fault.
When the electronic throttle control system is malfunctions, the emergency mode comes on.
Many manufacturers implement this mode to decrease the likelihood of engine damage and limit speed.
The emergency mode can be triggered by electromagnetic interference from the environment or some type of throttle position sensor failure.

4. Can the throttle body be cleaned and reset?

Cleaning the throttle body is one of the most appropriate procedures for proper operation.
Over time, the throttle body begins to accumulate a layer of dirt, which can be an obstacle to the correct functioning of the valve that allows the air to enter the combustion chamber.
Cleaning the throttle body allows the valves to function more smoothly and properly, and Resetting this part allows the procedure to re-establish the normal operating values.
Nonetheless, it is essential to understand the proper procedure before readjusting the throttle body.

5. Driving with the ETC light on is safe?

When the ETC light turns on, there is a major fault. There may only be a drop in power or inefficient fuel economy in the best cases. In any case, it is not advisable to continue driving the vehicle.

6. Is it safe to drive after disconnecting the position sensor?

The throttle position sensor is a high-precision electronic part without which it is not possible to drive safely. The vehicle’s computer cannot recognize throttle operation.


If you have wondered “how do I reset my electronic throttle control manually”, this article teaches you the correct steps to complete this process.

This electronic part provides a fundamental function for the acceleration of the vehicle. With time, and depending on some factors, the operation of this part could be unbalanced.

So, it is important to know the correct steps to implement a reset and avoid many problems.

Yet, it is also worth bearing in mind that vehicles from different manufacturers may have different designs. This means that the reset procedure may not be the same for each vehicle.

In case of any kind of doubt about this reset procedure, it is recommended to consult a mechanical expert.

This may be the best way to reset the electronic throttle control without causing additional problems for the vehicle.