How Many Miles Can a Saturn Last? Is the Car Still Worth?

Planning to buy an older Saturn car but can’t determine its remaining longevity? In this case, knowing how many miles can a Saturn last can help you decide and make a correct bet.

In general, Saturn cars last around 100,000 to 200,000 miles, or around 20 years, depending on how well they are taken care of and maintained.

Let’s have a brief discussion about the longevity of Saturn, the story of the brand, the strengths that make the car reliable, and some of the risks of buying an older Saturn car.

How Many Miles Can a Saturn Last?

how long do saturn's last

The longevity of a Saturn or any other vehicle on the road depends on how well the owner maintains it with proper care and repairs. In terms of Saturn, most of its models last at least 10 years, and after this period, they start to show their age. The last models Saturn released were VUE and ION in 2007.

It means most of the Saturn vehicles have a few years left. So, if you have an older Saturn that has been around for about 20 years, you should be able to use it for another 3-5 years at most. Likewise, if your Saturn is only 10 to 11 years old, it should serve you another 10 years or more.

If you are wondering about the mileage, Saturn’s can run up to 200,000 miles with the right maintenance at the right time. However, the range varies from model to model. Following a review of various forums and real customer feedback, we have compiled a list of Saturn vehicle models with approximate mileage and are still counting:

Model NameApproximate Mileage
Saturn Vue100,000 miles 
2005 Saturn Ion200,000 miles
2007 Saturn Aura200,000 miles 
Saturn Outlook170,000 miles 
2006 Saturn Ion100000 miles
Saturn Ion 2007103 000 miles
2008 Saturn Vue150,000 miles
2008 Saturn Aura180,000 miles 

Short Story of Saturn Car

how long do saturn vues last

In the 1980s, General Motors established Saturn Car Company with the goal of establishing an American-based company using its unique work and inventive manufacturing structure. Therefore, they run and manage the company individually without combining it with their other brands like Pontiac and Chevrolet.

Though they planned to launch their first model under the existing brand, their higher authority decided to create a new company named Saturn. Though Saturn is a part of General Motors, it always had its own staff and manufacturing plant in Tennessee where it only manufactured Saturn cars. They started production in 1990, and the first model they launched was the red Saturn SL2.

Over the two decades, the models Saturn released are:

  • Saturn S-series 
  • Saturn Ion 
  • Saturn L-series 
  • Saturn Vue 
  • Saturn Aura 
  • Saturn Sky 
  • Saturn Astra 
  • Saturn Outlook 
  • Saturn Relay 
  • Saturn Curve 

Is The Saturn Reliable?

how many miles can a saturn vue last

Surprisingly, it’s been over a decade since Saturn stopped its production, and people are still talking about its reliability. It proves their popularity in the field of model vehicles. When it comes to reliability, Saturn’s car was always a highly reliable and great performer. But why did they stop manufacturing?

If you do a little research on their 20-year journey, you’ll find that Saturn never made a profit. Unfortunately, they couldn’t sell enough vehicles to cover the production costs. The problem wasn’t with the performance of the car. Even the fact that Saturn vehicles are still on the road attests to their dependability.

Below is some key strength of Saturn:


During the production, Saturn was extremely vulnerable. Those vehicles could handle long drives. Whether it is a small or medium-sized vehicle, Saturn could run for longer even compared to larger vehicles.

Well Designed Engine

Saturn included a high-quality engine system that did not bother you as much as its competitors. Their vehicle didn’t cause an oil leak, and the transmission system required considerably less maintenance.

Impressive Warranty

Fortunately, Saturn still covers the warranty in plenty of cases and ensures incredible fuel efficiency, making them comparable with many modern models. However, the Saturn isn’t as efficient as the current electric and hybrid models.

Potential Risks of Buying a Retired Saturn Vehicle

General Motors is still honoring the warranty claims on Saturn’s vehicles. They deliver repair service to the Saturn vehicle at any of their GM franchisees. But purchasing a retired brand product brings some risk that is worth knowing for the customer planning to make a purchase.

The general rules of depreciation don’t apply to retired brands.

You might not purchase the spare parts of discontinued brands. Though many dealers currently offer those replacement parts, they may be difficult or expensive to purchase in the future.

Though GM currently honors warranty claims for Saturn models, they may change their decision in the future, putting the service at risk. However, if they refuse to honor the warranty claim or if it expires, you can seek service from any qualified mechanic. But make sure the mechanic knows the nuances and can handle your Saturn.


1. Are Saturn cars costly to repair?

The repair and maintenance costs of a Saturn car differ depending on plenty of factors, including the model, the amount of driven mileage, and the age of the car. On average, the repair cost of a Saturn car ranges from $95 to $3000.

2. How to increase Saturn’s reliability?

You can increase the reliability of your Saturn car in plenty of ways, including with regular oil changes, and by replacing sensors whenever required. Driving the car smoothly and maintaining a good condition battery can also help extend the longevity of a Saturn car.

3. Why is Saturn’s car so cheap?

The popularity of disconnected brands like Saturn is reducing dramatically since they stop launching a new car that is trumpeting the brand. As a result, the Saturn car becomes cheap.

Final Words

Understanding how many miles can a Saturn last is a smart way to decide while investing in a disconnected brand. This way, you can determine how long the older or secondary car may last if you are planning it for the boy. But it’s not the only way to measure the car’s longevity, as its overall condition also plays a part. And knowing the risks of buying an older Saturn, I hope you can decide wisely.