Learn How To Make Your Exhaust Pop – [3 Simple Steps]

Any vehicle can get flames or flare-ups from an exhaust. In addition, you should know how to make your exhaust pop. This way you can prevent a lot of issues.

For that, it is essential to know the main aspects regarding dangerous situations or major repair costs.

That is why below you can find a list of what to do and what to avoid.

How To Make Your Exhaust Pop: The 03 Steps Process

how to make exhaust pop

To get the correct result, it is first essential to know the requirements of each vehicle.

Older cars before 1990 do not require modifications because they do not have an engine control unit. However, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Start the vehicle

First, it is essential to start the vehicle and accelerate it to a constant rpm level. It is also essential to have an average level of safety control, which includes oil dripping.

This procedure should be done in an outdoor location for safety.

Whether it is a new or old vehicle, it is necessary to consider that this procedure can be harmful.

It is also essential to have a highly durable exhaust system, which will make it much easier to minimize damage to the rest of the vehicle’s bodywork.

Step 2: Prepare for some failures

When the exhaust blows, this means that there are faults that are, in this case, intentional.

So, the engine should be switched off with the foot on the accelerator, and the pressure on the accelerator should be light to avoid a quick and abrupt movement when restarting the engine.

In 1990 and later vehicles, additional input from the engine control unit is recommended.

This may be important to incorporate one or more modifications to the engine control unit from the software.

The most crucial thing is modifying the rates and times fuel is injected into the engine.

Step 3: Complete the process

While the vehicle starts again, the foot must be kept on the accelerator. So once the vehicle is fully started, the user needs to press hard on the accelerator.

This is how the exhaust should backfire.

There is a simple and more suitable way to achieve this procedure when it comes to a modern car.

As we have mentioned, the user needs to modify some aspects of the engine control unit, which may require some knowledge of using the software that modifies the engine control unit.

In this way, the user will know the level of revolutions per minute that needs to be reached. Each vehicle needs a different rpm level to start to fail.

It is also possible to level the revolutions per minute according to the type of backfire burst that each user wants to obtain.

However, this is a procedure that must be done with care. This is because the user is using an additional amount of fuel.

Therefore, it is best to start with a slightly excessive level of revolutions per minute to know the response of each vehicle.

This is what can prevent one or more major engine malfunctions and failures.

The user could destroy a large part of the engine by entering an incorrect number of revolutions per minute.

That is why it is essential to know every aspect of the vehicle’s engine is modified.

Finally, it should also be noted that this procedure is detrimental to fuel economy and fuel efficiency.

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What Is Exhaust Pop?

Some exhaust system failures are generated to highlight a vehicle.

When the exhaust generates popping, this results from accumulated fuel in the exhaust system itself that has not been burned.

That is why the temperature rises considerably when an extra amount of fuel enters the exhaust.

Because the temperature rises, the fuel reacts with it and ignites in the exhaust system instead of the combustion chamber.

Some people are well incorporate a full decatalyst to exaggerate the noise obtained from this procedure.

In addition, many SUVs incorporate faults when shifting to a lower gear as a styling aspect.

How To Make Exhaust Pop When Shifting: The Process

how to make exhaust pop when shifting

Now that the exhaust bursts, the extra fuel accumulated in the exhaust system itself is being burned.

This procedure can be performed with the car in neutral gear or while shifting gears, and the following steps must be committed to achieving a popping exhaust while shifting gears.

Step 1: Proper car and parts

As mentioned above, this procedure may damage one or more parts of the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to have a highly efficient exhaust system.

An adequate exhaust system has the necessary strength and durability to deal with this situation, preventing other body parts from being damaged.

At the same time, this procedure requires an additional unburned amount of fuel in the exhaust system.

So, it is essential to modify the fuel injection rate with the appropriate software.

Of course, it is essential to know the correct operation of the software when modifying the engine control unit.

In this kind of situation, it can be straightforward to produce some errors that seriously damage the engine and other related parts.

Thus, this software and every aspect of the engine must be fully and adequately known.

Step 2: Starting the vehicle

Like the previous procedure we mentioned, it is also essential to start the vehicle here.

This allows the accelerator to be depressed while the user turns off the vehicle’s engine. This is how some faults in the exhaust system begin to set up.

Pressing the accelerator while the engine is shut down injects fuel that is not burned.

So, when the user starts the vehicle again, the exhaust system has an additional amount of unburned fuel.

This procedure can be performed several times and is much easier, incorporating the modifications into the engine control unit.

Step 3: Obtaining the exhaust bursts

To complete this procedure, the user must carefully perform each of the above steps. Finally, the vehicle should be started, and driving should begin.

The vehicle control unit injects more fuel than necessary when shifting each gear.

So, when pressing the clutch, the vehicle should be accelerated while shifting gears, which will allow you to obtain an exhausted pop.

FAQs On How To Make Your Exhaust Pop

1. Why does an exhausted pop?

Additional fuel is necessary for the explosions and pops in an exhaust.
On certain occasions, some unburned fuel may enter the exhaust system, which may be accidental or designed to be so.
Excess unburned fuel in the exhaust system is what causes blowouts.
As the temperature in the exhaust system increases, the additional fuel is burned, which causes the blowouts.
These pops can be combined with some flames shot from the exhaust at certain times.
Combining a certain amount of fuel with a certain number of revolutions per minute is necessary to produce one effect or the other.

2. Is a pop exhaust illegal?

It is not illegal to backfire on a vehicle’s exhaust system in many states.
Whether it is an accident or planned, it is not illegal because it is a small fuel explosion produced in the exhaust system.
However, certain disadvantages are significant to consider.
In some places, it may be illegal to produce too loud sounds, and this is because the police may understand these sounds as public order disturbances.
In addition, the blasts of an exhaust system can become harmful to the different parts of the vehicle itself. So, it must be a vehicle prepared for it.

3. How to shoot flames from an exhaust system?

It is possible to get flames from the exhaust system, and it is necessary to make some modifications to achieve the right effect with high revolutions per minute.
Here the important thing is to allow a continuous fuel injection, even if the throttle is closed. All this can produce an additional amount of fuel.
So, fuel continues to be injected into the engine, which produces some additional fuel into the exhaust system.
Thus, when the user accelerates the vehicle again, it is possible to notice a shot of flames from the exhaust.
It is also essential to have a heavy-duty exhaust system for this situation.

4. What budget does a pop exhaust require?

The parts and adjustments needed for a pop exhaust can start at $250 and go up to $1,500.

5. Can any vehicle have a pop exhaust?

Any car with the correct parts and changes can produce pops or flames from the exhaust.


Knowing exactly how to make your exhaust pop allows anyone to excel at driving their vehicle. However, it is essential to incorporate the parts needed for this process.

As we mentioned earlier, a factory exhaust system can be significantly damaged by popping or backfiring.

Conversely, there are some heavy-duty exhaust systems that you need to invest in.

This is what truly protects the rest of the vehicle’s body and decreases the likelihood of repairs.

It is also necessary to have the proper knowledge before making any changes to the motor control unit.

Improper or erroneous changes can have more than one negative effect on the engine, and some changes can even be dangerous for the driver and passengers.

That’s why expert workmanship can be significant.