How to Open Subaru Outback Trunk From Inside – Easy Steps to Follow!

Dear Subaru automobile owner, you must be enjoying the ride or trip with your family. Suddenly, you hit the button to open the Subaru trunk, but it’s not working! And you’re like – Ugh! What’s wrong with the car? How to Open Subaru Outback Trunk From Inside?

Don’t panic. The incident is widespread. The problem might happen due to dead batteries, faulty or damaged trunk latches, plus key fob troubles. Additionally, if there is a difficulty, you might have to unlock it from inside, your truck might become stuck, or you could be struggling with a lock issue or a power cut.

Usually, the additional volume provided by your Subaru Outback’s trunk is significant when you’re moving trash, helping someone to shift, carrying a baby’s stroller, taking shopping items, or going away for the weekend. Today we will attempt to pinpoint the issues and will surely open the trunk from the inside. Let’s do it!

Can You Open A Subaru Outback Trunk From The Inside?

subaru outback trunk won't open

Of course, you have a lot of options on how to open your car trunk from behind. A Subaru trunk can be unlocked from the inside using an internal handle. Trapped and have no other option to open cars back? Go and take the help of the internal handle to uncover the back of the car. We are collaborating on a common solution to the issue.

  • The Subaru’s back seat should first be folded down.
  • Secondly, you will see in the middle of the tailgate, just behind the truck lock, where the latch or handle for the inside trunk is located. 
  • If you cannot find it, check out the user manual where you will see a plastic panel.
  • In order to access the hatchback handle or lever, detach the panel.
  • Pull up on the gear after removing the panel. Hopefully, now you can open the trunk from the inside.

Why My Subaru Car Trunk Not Opening – Possible Issues

You should check out the underlying problems before trying to open your trunk from the outside. The Subaru Outback hatch is an essential part of your vehicle. If you find it locked, there might be some possible reasons why you struggle to unlock it.

Dead Battery

subaru dead battery

It’s such an awkward situation when the battery dies at any time. If the battery is dead or the power door lock isn’t functional, the door can still be opened by depressing the door latch. However, to run the vehicle, it needs to be jump-started with the dead battery.

In some older models, a lock that allows you to manually insert the key & access the trunk from outside is included. Unfortunately, the most recent versions only feature an automatic locking system and do not support manual locks.

How do you tell whether the battery needs to be charged or replaced? From the driver’s door, manually unlock your vehicle. After that, turn the ignition on with your key. Set the starting position on your key. The deceased will make noise on the radio or lights.

Jammed Particles in the Lock

You might have left your important items like a bag, kid’s stroller, or accessories in the trunk. You have to open it, but it’s not working! Sometimes, it becomes locked by jamming or particles that lock out the trunk from the opening point. It requires proper maintenance!

Liftgate Issues

The power liftgate is a hatch that opens or closes automatically. A switch inside the vehicle or on your key FOB can be pressed to turn it on.

Sometimes a faulty switch or wire will trigger a liftgate difficulty. You could have to use the reset approach to get Subaru’s faulty liftgate to operate normally again.

Damaged Trunk Latch or Lock

This is another common issue with the Subaru trunk button not working. Your car’s back trunk could block over time or internal systems may break, which is quite common. 

The trunk latch or lock will infrequently be damaged or broken. If the trunk locks, your car’s doors are unlocked with a key fob, the engine runs, you are hearing a click, but the back door is not opening! Sorcery! No, it’s not! It’s all about the broken latch.

A damaged lock could be affected by riding on difficult terrain, and opening and shutting your trunk a lot can cause the lock issue. Additionally, you will also notice your car’s release button that doesn’t operate, or there is a non-stop Subaru trunk that won’t open and just beeps when attempting to open the car trunk.

Key FOB is Not Responding

A key FOB can be used to operate a power liftgate or an automated hatch. Remember, if you don’t get any clicking sounds, the trunk is not broken yet.

The Subaru Outback Hatch will not open due to a dead or damaged key FOB battery, although the vehicle can run with the key FOB. Your car will encounter a wiring malfunction mechanically. Furthermore, key FOB necessitates reprogramming or reset.

Subaru Outback How to Open Trunk – Solutions to Try

subaru outback trunk wont open

We have all the effective and workable solutions in hand. You can easily overcome the hatch lock problem. Let’s check out how you can open your trunk.

Need to Charge Battery

Your battery will absolutely expire after being used for a long time, and this is acceptable. An automobile battery usually lasts 4 to 6 years on average.

Charge the battery to unlock your locked back trunk. It’s better to use a jumper cable. After jump-starting your car, drive for a while to allow the battery to charge. Simply by looking at the following, you may determine the battery’s health:

  1. Corrosion could be a problem.
  2. Trying a load test
  3. Check it for corrosive effects.
  4. Hearing a beep or a click.

The battery will be checked to see if it needs to be charged or changed. However, you can accurately troubleshoot your battery issue by hiring an experienced car mechanic.

Reset The Liftgate

Resetting is a crucial part when your liftgate causes Subaru trunk block issues. How Do You Reset A Subaru Hatch? You will be required to perform the reset process to get your Subaru’s broken liftgate to function effectively again. Let’s look at how to unlock the back trunk using the reset procedure.

  1. To unlock the trunk, press the rear gate button. The button may need to be pressed repeatedly or while holding it in.
  2. Pull the back gate open after that.
  3. Pull the back gate down and shut it yourself once it begins to close.
  4. Although you might need to test it to make sure, complete the resetting process.

Install or Fix The New Lock or Latch System

If you find a damaged lock, you should fix it immediately. First of all, ensure the problem by checking the locking mechanism. It is simple to replace a lock that has broken or to install a new lock or latch system.

You will have to take off the little plastic panel in order to access the lock from the inside. The entire interior hatch panel must be taken off. Then, inspect the lock after it has been removed. Fix it or repair it according to the vehicle’s needs.

Key Fob

When activated by your key FOB, a liftgate opens or closes automatically. It sounds like the battery in your remote key fob needs to be changed. When car key fob batteries run out, The key fob’s buttons may also wear out in some circumstances. So, replace your battery, fix the wiring problem, or re-program your FOB if you discover the back is not opening.

Inside Car Button 

The inside button can be placed inside the central console or to the left of the steering wheel. Having a pushbutton to release the back gate latch within the car, perhaps in the cargo area, could pose a safety concern. The body-integrated unit receives the button to release the rear gate. Check the inside button functionality if it needs to be fixed.

How you can open a stuck rear hatch?

The locked rear trunk is simple to release. You can pull up or push into the lock function when pressing inward with the palm of the hand above the handle.

How You Can Open Subaru Outback Hatch With Dead Battery?

The trunk can only be opened from the inside when the Subaru Outback’s battery dies. When the battery is dead, you can open the car’s trunk from the backseat by pushing the trunk release handle. Alternately, charge the battery, then unlock it.


1. How reliable is the Subaru Outback?

Long-term durability is a strong point for the Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester. The Subaru Outback, on the other hand, is a tough and exceptional vehicle with a 3.5/5 reliability rating from RepairPal and a 71/100 rating from J.D. Power.

2. How to manually open the trunk of a Subaru Forester?

You will notice a button on the Subaru Forester’s tailgate just below the car manufacturer’s logo. There is a small plastic cover in the middle of the tailgate on the underside of your trunk hatch. The lock is accessible by taking off the plastic cover.

3. How to unlock a 2005 Subaru Outback?

Simply push the inside lock control rocker forward to unlock the Subaru Outback by using the tool’s point end.

4. How do you reset the rear hatch on Subaru?

The grip you use to mechanically raise the cover is linked to a pushbutton. When the rear liftgate closes, press and hold the button until it beeps four times. To reset the system, simply press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds.

Final Words

However, it’s time to end the idea of opening the backside trunk of the vehicle. So there should be no complication on How to Open Subaru Outback Trunk From Inside. 

You will likely face a dead battery, jamming, liftgate problem, or some other severe issue that blocks your trunk. Just go through our solutions and you can successfully open the Subaru trunk or hatch from the inside of the car. Good Luck!