How To Program Dodge Ram Key Fob – 5 Quick & Easy Steps!

Before knowing how to program Dodge Ram key fob, understanding the importance of key fobs in a vehicle is essential.

Using a key fob, one can operate their car’s doors, trunk, and panic alarm from a distance.

With just one already programmed remote, a user can quickly and easily configure these remotes to work with a Dodge Ram.

No special knowledge or equipment is needed. For example, one can use the remote immediately after programming up to four remotes with this method.

Cars that are under five years old are often equipped with a keyless entry system. Dodge vehicles are, of course, among those included in this list.

Let’s now understand in detail the programming of a key fob for a Dodge Ram:

How To Program Dodge Ram Key Fob: The Steps

dodge ram key fob programming

A quick view of the steps:

  • Step 1: Start the engine
  • Step 2: Press and hold the lock button
  • Step 3: Turning the ignition off
  • Step 4: Repeat the procedure with the remaining key fobs
  • Step 5: The process needs to be repeated

As discussed above, car key fobs, also known as electronic car keys, are essential for managing a vehicle’s doors, alarm, trunk, and remote engine start.

Unfortunately, like other electrical devices, key fobs are susceptible to signal degradation over time.

When this occurs, the key fob can be readily reprogrammed and used without contacting an auto locksmith.

This article describes the processes necessary for programming a remote automobile key.

One should ideally study the user manual or look it up on the internet to learn the precise steps for their car.

This is because different manufacturers have distinct reprogramming procedures for key fobs. There are several procedures required to program an automobile key fob.

So, let’s check them in detail and step-wise and try to comprehend every procedure to know how to program the Dodge ram key fob.

Step 1: Start the engine

how to program key fob dodge ram

One should be seated in the driver’s seat with the ignition key and key fob in their possession and all doors closed.

Then, enter the key into the ignition and turn it to the starting position without letting the engine start.

Step 2: Press and hold the lock button

Press the lock button on the key fob while aiming it towards the transmission receiver at the front of the vehicle, just above the mirror.

Then, after a few seconds of turning on the remote, push the lock button.

Step 3: Turning the ignition off

One must get to the ignition key and turn it off to stop the vehicle. Then, continue going quickly; the car’s system will reset the commands after a few seconds.

A user must ensure that they hit the lock button within a few seconds of twisting the ignition key and then remove the key from the ignition slot before proceeding.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure with the remaining key fobs

Repeat the preceding procedures with care to program additional key fobs.

This is advised since the vast majority of automobile models are likely to erase all other key fobs when one is reconfigured.

This indicates that a user should switch the ignition off, press the lock button on the next key fob being programmed, and then turn the car off again.

There is a risk that the process will fail if a user delays between these steps. There is a possibility that not all key fobs will be programmed correctly, necessitating a restart of the process.

If the programming procedure fails to owe to delays between activities, specific vehicle types need the cycle repeated multiple times before the vehicle will re-enter programming mode.

Therefore, each key should be reprogrammed swiftly and meticulously following the previous one.

Step 5: The process needs to be repeated

Once all remotes have been programmed, restart the process by starting the vehicle without the engine.

Next, press the lock button on the first remote keyless entry device. The sound of the automobile locks turning should indicate that the operation was successful.

Next, repeat for all other key fobs, where hearing the locks chime on each fob signifies a successful operation.

Finally, it is essential to note that the processes for reprogramming a car key fob depend on the kind of vehicle.

The procedure described above is the broadest and most straightforward.

It works with the majority of vehicles; however, it is recommended that a user should consult the user handbook for specific information regarding their vehicle.

What is a Dodge Ram Key Fob?

key fob programming dodge ram

Access to physical items like automobiles and garages can be granted using a small piece of electrical equipment called the key fob.

The word generally refers to tiny trinkets or souvenirs that a person carries with their keys.

For example, a key fob is a little gadget with buttons that open and close the car’s doors. To lock and open doors, keyless entry systems primarily use key fobs.

It is possible to unlock a car by activating a button on the key fob, which sends a unique coded signal to a receiver unit in the vehicle.

Consequently, the doors can be unlocked or locked by doing this. Various key fobs can also be used to open the door or start the engine.

The classic key fob is an accessory to the car key. However, the modern version of it has completely replaced the key.

A keyless fob is what it’s called. The keyless fob can also be used to start the car’s engine in addition to locking and unlocking the doors.s

The Different Types Of Dodge Ram Key Fob Batteries

Button cell batteries are not only used in key fobs but also in other automotive remotes.

In addition, many everyday electronic devices use small, round batteries known as button cells. Coin cell batteries are commonly referred to because of their unique form and size.

The top of a button cell battery has a serial number that can be used to identify the battery.

This three- to four-digit number will tell a user what kind of battery one needs to buy. The CR2032, a button cell, is the most common type found in key fobs.

In addition to the CR2450 and CR2025, other regularly used button cells include the CR1616 and the CR2016.

If one can’t find their old battery’s serial number in a vehicle’s owner’s manual, one can typically figure out what battery their fob needs.

Dodge Key Fob Battery Replacement: The Complete Installation Procedure

dodge ram key fob battery replacement

Batteries power key fobs. The key fob battery isn’t required to start an automobile, but it is required for any remote or keyless entry services a vehicle offers.

Eventually, one will have to get a new battery. Here’s how to replace the battery in a key fob:

Step 1: Opening the key fob

To unlock the key fob, one will need a yellow watch opening tool or a micro screwdriver, as seen in the image below.

The tiny screwdriver can be used for removing any screws on the key fob’s back, or the flat head or the yellow tool can be used to open the remote.

Step 2: Ascertain which battery type one has:

Open the key fob, and look for a number printed on the battery inside; for example, determine whether it is 2016 or 2025, or 2032.

Next, ascertain whether the battery should be installed with the positive side up or down.

Step 3: Replace the Battery

Now, remove the old battery and replace it with the new one. Ensure the battery’s positive side is facing the correct way before installing it.

To find out which side of the battery is positive, look inside the key fob.

Gently reassemble the key fob and test the remote buttons; some remotes have tiny lights that turn red when one pushes a button on them. Likewise, there is a red light if it is plugged in appropriately.

Dodge Ram Key Fob Tricks: The Major Part

dodge ram key fob tricks

Besides starting the engine via a keyless technology, the Dodge Ram key fob can serve different purposes in a user’s car.

Here are a few other uses of a key fob that one should know:

Open the Sunroof and Lower the Windows

To lower the windows, click the key fob unlock button once, then press it again within ten seconds and hold it down until all of the windows have opened.

However, these features of a Dodge Ram key fob vary by manufacturer.

Mirror folding feature

Some automobiles can automatically fold in the side-view mirrors if the vehicle is parked in a tight spot.

Pressing the lock button of a key fob for 10 seconds may work if an automobile doesn’t have this option available.

Set the Memory for Seat Adjustment

Each Dodge Ram key fob has a unique number, so the car knows who’s behind the wheel when one gets in.

While driving, one can set their seat preference and be ready to go each time a user gets into the car.

Memorize the radio station presets

If a car has memory seats and two key fobs, each key fob can save the preset radio stations of the driver using it.

Activating the autonomous vehicle

While the driver stands outside the vehicle, a few key fobs can be used to maneuver the automobile into and out of tight parking places.

Activating “Summon” on the car’s central screen must be done once and only once.

It’s now possible to remotely activate danger lights when the vehicle is in a tight location simply by pressing the center button on its key fob.

Press the button on the front to move the car forward. It can be stopped by pressing the same button a second time.

One must continue pressing the roof button until the hazard lights come on and the car reverses. Then push the button on the rear of the key fob to start the automobile.

Safety at night

Most cars’ key fobs have a “panic” button that activates the vehicle’s emergency alarm systems and aids in locating a car, even in the most congested parking lot.

Turning on this function when the garage is empty can deter would-be robbers by scaring them away.

How To Program Dodge Ram Key Fob [The Practical Way]

Most Important FAQs About How To Program Dodge Ram Key Fob

1. What can a key fob do for a user?

In today’s keyless ignition systems, a low-frequency signal from the key fob is sent to the car’s computer system, allowing one to start the engine with the push of a button.
But, of course, turning off a car’s engine is just as simple. The key fob can also be used to unlock a car.

2. To what the key fob transmits its signal?

It turns out that the keyless remote is a radio. Command and security codes are included in this data stream.
Then, RF signals are received by the car’s remote keyless system receiver and sent to the CPU through a data stream extracted from the RF data stream.
Finally, it is decoded by the CPU and sent to the command module as instructions.

3. Is it possible to unlock a different vehicle with my key fob?

Anti-theft technology, such as transponder chips, is being developed for new vehicles.
For example, even if a different key opens the doors and starts the ignition, it will not work because of the microscopic chips embedded in the keys.

4. Is there GPS in key fobs?

In newer automobiles, the answer is yes, but that does not mean that one will have access to this information if they are searching for the missing keys.

5. How far a key fob can reach?

For most keyless entry fobs, the maximum distance between the fob and the scanner is about five to six meters.

6. On the key fob, what is the round button for?

The remote start feature is available if a key fob has a circular arrow button.
A user may enable this feature by pressing and holding the circular arrow button for two seconds and then activating it. This will allow starting the car from afar.

7. Is deactivating a key fob possible?

The key fob can be erased from the system if it is misplaced. If the key fob is lost or stolen, no one else can use it.
Make sure to follow the procedures carefully, as the method for deleting the key fob varies from one security system to another.


Understanding how to program Dodge Ram key fob will make it easier for a user to do it themselves when they decide to program their key fob next time on their own.

However, it is always recommended to take expert help as it can save one from many hassles.

Also, remember that these parts are not only delicate but also highly expensive. As a result, any blunder from a DIY job can cost a user dearly.

As a result, consult an auto repair shop if you need a key fob to be programmed soon.