How To Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma – 3 Methods to Reset It!

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Knowing how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma is crucial. As the process is simple, you have no reason not to try it.

The Toyota Tacoma maintenance light will always come on when the engine needs an oil change. Once you change the oil, the light should not stop illuminating.

As it does not turn off automatically, make sure you reset it. Toyota Tacoma’s maintenance light helps prevent an engine sludge problem if you respond soon after it comes on.

Sludge forms when the oil becomes dirty and thick. An engine cannot run well when the oil turns into sludge.

Due to inadequate lubrication, friction can damage engine components. Also, without clean oil, the engine can overheat.

Avoiding these issues in Toyota Tacoma is easy because of the maintenance light. After changing the engine oil, reset the light to turn it off until the next time.

How To Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma: 3 Individual Methods For Different Models

Resetting your Toyota Tacoma maintenance light is easy and quick. Before you try the steps shown below, ensure you know the model year of your car.

We will provide steps for different models.

Move straight to your car’s model year instructions below.

Method 1: For 2011 and earlier models

When 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma models need an oil change, owners will notice the MAINT REQD message. The process of resetting the engine maintenance light on these models entails these steps:

Step One: Turn off the ignition system

Turn it to the OFF position without starting the engine.

Step Two: Locate the Trip stem button

On the Instrument panel, search for the Trip stem button. Then, push it down without releasing.

Step Three: Turn on the ignition

Without releasing the Trip stem button or turning on the car, alter the ignition position to ON.

Step Four: Stop pressing on the Trip stem

When the odometer reading shows zero, release the Trip button to finish the resetting process.

Method 2: For 2012-2017 Models

Each time you drive your 2012-2017 Toyota Tacoma for 4,500 miles, its maintenance light will turn on for three seconds.

After that, it will flash for fifteen seconds and turn off. If you drive 5,000 miles after the last reset, it will now turn on continuously.

After an oil change, do these steps:

Step One: Turn on the ignition

Without starting your car, change the ignition position to ON. Press Start, and do not engage the brakes, if your model offers this button.

Step Two: Change the display to Trip A

To alter the display to Trip A, press the display change button or the ODO/Trip button.

Step Three: Turn off the ignition

Now turn off the ignition and then press and hold the Odo/Trip button

Step four: Slowly turn the ignition back to ON

Still pressing down the Odo/Trip button, turn on the ignition.

Step Five- Keep pressing the Odo/Trip knob

Make sure that you do not start the engine.

Step Six: Finish the resetting process

If you see zero on the screen, stop pressing the Trip button. That should help your maintenance light turn off.

Method 3: For 2018-2021 Models

Like the other models above, resetting the oil indicator light on a 2018-2022 Toyota Tacoma is a three-minute task.

Here are the steps:

Step One – Turn the ignition to On

Press the Power button once and then release it. Do not start your engine.

Step Two – Select the Gear icon

Doing so requires the use of the Left and Right arrows.

Step Three – Choose Settings

Ensure that you use the Up and Down arrows to choose Settings and press the little dot button.

Step Four: Select the Maintenance Reset button

You can use the arrows again to select and press the little dot icon.

Step Five: Finish

To finish resetting the oil indicator light select YES. Then, press the little dot icon.

Now you know how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma model. If you want to get this right on the first trial, follow the right steps for your model year.

Also, always change your car oil before resetting the maintenance light.

Toyota Tacoma Maintenance Light: What & How Does It Work!

Another name for the maintenance light is the engine oil indicator light. Depending on your model year, this light will display differently.

For instance, any person with a 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma gets the “MAINT REQD” message when the oil indicator light is on.

Each time your engine requires an oil change, the maintenance light shifts to the ON position.

Always take your car for an oil change in a place you can trust. Doing this can boost lubrication between engine parts and eliminate friction.

Additionally, an oil change can boost fuel economy, reduce engine heat, and increase car performance.

Above all, it can reduce your trips to the mechanic and help save your time and money.

Every 5,000 miles you cover, the maintenance light will illuminate to warn you that the engine is running out of oil. If you fail to change the oil, the light will stay on nonstop.

What does resetting the maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma mean?

One thing to know is that the Toyota Tacoma maintenance light does not turn off by itself. The only way to turn it off is to do the given steps to reset it.

Resetting means switching off the oil indicator light to stop distracting you. Odds are that you share your Toyota Tacoma with other family members.

If they do not know much about the engine oil maintenance light, they might think that the car is faulty.

Resetting allows you to turn the light off until your cover 5,000 more miles. Toyota models’ oil indicator light always turns on nonstop after driving these miles.

Ensure that you change the oil before resetting the light.

We have enumerated the benefits of using sufficient and clean oil always. Next, do the reset process according to the steps above.

Again, follow only the correct steps for your Toyota Tacoma model.

How To Clear Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma

How can you clear or remove the Toyota Tacoma maintenance light? If yours did not turn off after changing the oil, do not worry.

Always clear the light personally after the change of oil. Here are easy steps:

Step One: Switch off the car

Start the clearing process by turning off your car

Step Two: Press down the Odo/Trip button

Locate the Odometer reset button (Odo/Trip) on your dashboard. Press it down and do not release.

Step Three: Turn on the car

Still pressing down the Odo/Trip button, slowly turn on your car ignition

Step Four: Release the Odo/Trip button

When the car turns off, stop pressing the odometer reset button.

Step Five: Turn on the car

Once you turn on your car, the maintenance light will not come on again.

As you can see, it is easy to clear the oil indicator light. Unfortunately, the light may refuse to go away.

If the light stays on still, the odds are high that you have another engine problem. Take the car to a professional mechanic for a thorough check-up.

Although you will pay for the service, the mechanic will identify the root cause.

How To Turn Off Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma

Not only does the Toyota Tacoma maintenance light warns about an oil change. It can stay on throughout if your engine has other issues.

But, how do you even turn it off? Some drivers find it so annoying and distracting even if it plays a crucial role. To turn it off, do these steps:

Step One: Switch off the car

Turning off your car is the first step. Make sure the odometer shows the total mileage on the A display before turning it off.

Step Two: Press down the Odometer reset button

To keep the dashboard light on, turn your ignition to the ON position. Simultaneously, press down the Odo/Trip button.

Step Three: Wait to see Zeros

Continue to press the odometer reset button without turning on the car. Once you notice a zero on the odometer display, stop pressing the button.

Step Four: Turn the ignition key to the OFF position

After turning off the ignition, the maintenance light will also be off. If it does not go away, try the above steps again to turn it off.

Failure to stop illuminating indicates a problem with your car. Take it for a thorough examination and repair.

How To Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma: A to Z Practically

FAQs About How To Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma

How does the Toyota Tacoma maintenance light benefit the driver?

Once you notice MAINT REQD on your dashboard, do not panic. The light plus the message are a warning that your car needs maintenance.

Most importantly, the light indicates that your engine oil level is getting low.

After driving around 4500 miles, the light will come on for three seconds and flash for fifteen seconds before turning off.

When you cover 5,000 miles, the light will not turn off whatsoever. Thus, it helps you discover when oil change and engine maintenance are necessary.

If you obey it, you can avoid dealing with engine sludge and other issues.

Why does my Toyota oil indicator light stay on and I have changed the oil?

Do not assume that the oil indicator light only warns about a low oil level. If it refuses to clear after adding new oil, you probably have a faulty engine component.

Perhaps your coolant, oil pump, or traction controller is not functioning as it should.

If you are sure that you have reset the light correctly and the engine is okay, perhaps you are not safe.

Still, the light can turn on when you forget to wear your seat belt or pull off the hand brake.

So, use the hand brake well, wear your seat belt always, and close the doors well. If the light still stays on, seek professional help.

Is it easy to reset the maintenance light on my Toyota Tacoma?

Yes, it is easy and quick to reset your oil indicator light. Make sure that you have changed the oil first. Then follow the steps we mentioned above.

After about three to five minutes you should finish the process. If the light stays on, repeat the steps just to be sure you did not miss something.

Can my Toyota Tacoma maintenance light fail to work?

Yes, it can encounter some problems that can make it fail to do what it should. For instance, it may refuse to illuminate after covering 5,000 miles.

If it fails, you can delay the oil change and other maintenance roles. As a result, the problem can create more expensive and complex engine issues.

If the LEDs in the maintenance light system have a problem, they may not display full symbols. In such a case, you need to ask your mechanic to check the dashboard.

What can happen if I ignore my Toyota Tacoma’s oil indicator light?

Nothing will happen immediately, as the car will function normally. If you keep ignoring the maintenance light, however, you will deal with expensive car engine issues in the future.

Also, missing the oil change schedule and the maintenance schedule is never a good thing as you can end up with sludge.

Do I need a professional to reset my oil indicator light?

To be honest, you can reset the maintenance light alone. Our steps above are idiot-proof and we have included videos to show you what you need to do.

Watch our videos and do it yourself at home.


We have thoroughly explained how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma. Our detailed guide includes steps for resetting the oil indicator light on different Toyota Tacoma models.

Make sure you use the correct instructions for your model year because they are slightly different.

Once you finish the procedure for the first time, the maintenance light should turn off. If it does not, do the steps again to ensure you did not mistake things the first time.

If the oil indicator light stays on still, seek professional help. Usually, it will turn on again after covering 5,000miles.

That is when you must change the oil and maintain your Toyota Tacoma. After that, reset the oil indicator light and wait for the next turn.

Obeying the oil indicator light is vital because you can maintain the correct engine oil level and prevent damage to the components.