How to turn off Subaru eyesight – Do It in Right Way!

Are you searching to know how to turn off Subaru eyesight system? You may need it when you go for a carwash service. There is a high chance that your vehicle will use its brakes automatically during this process if you do not turn them off.

If that is your case, you have come to the right place. Here, I will explain how you can turn off Subaru’s eyesight. So, keep up your reading to get rid of this issue.


How can you turn eyesight off in a Subaru?

If you want to turn eyesight off in a Subaru, press the Eyesight button on your car’s steering wheel and hold it for five seconds. The eyesight system will be on standby mode. By doing so, you can turn off most of its features at once. However, if you want to disable some of its attributes while enabling others, you can do so. I’ll show you how to disable each feature individually in this section.


How do you turn off your car’s lane departure warning?

To turn off the lane departure warning, you must search the vehicle’s icon moving right with the word “OFF.” You can find this button on the left of your steering wheel, located below your heating vent. Press that button for 2 or 3 seconds, and this feature will be disabled.


How do you turn off your pre-collision braking?

This button locates in the same area you find the lane departure warning button. You can see two cars colliding with each other in its icon. By pressing it for 2 seconds, you can turn off this feature.


How do you turn off your adaptive cruise control?

Sometimes you may want to lower your guard and rely on your sense. You must turn off your Subaru’s adaptive cruise control to do so. To turn off this feature, you need to simply press the “set distance” button and hold it for some time.


How do you disable the lane keep assist?

Though the lane keep assist is helpful, you may want to turn it off and prefer silence. Just press your steering wheel’s right side’s lower right button, and this function will disable.



When should you deactivate your Subaru’s eyesight?

Subaru provides eyesight technology to help prevent accidents and keep you safe on the road. Even then, if you can prefer to turn off your Subaru eyesight for various reasons. For example, your system may fail or cause trouble rather than leveraging you.

However, except when entering a carwash, I do not recommend turning off your Subaru eyesight most of the time. Otherwise, your automatic braking system will not cooperate with the washing process.


What causes Subaru eyesight to turn off?

Is your Subaru’s eyesight not detecting objects correctly, or has a system failed? Most of the time, it causes by dirt that blocks your eyesight cameras. So, if your eyesight is not functioning correctly, don’t panic. Restart the system after thoroughly cleaning its cameras. If there are no major issues, it will begin to work.

As you can see, Subaru employs eyesight technology in their car for your safety. But it may cause trouble sometimes, especially when you go for a carwash service. If you read me this far, you already learn how to turn off Subaru eyesight in your car, what can cause this system to malfunction, and how to fix this issue.