Subaru CarPlay Not Working: 7 Common Reasons & Solutions in 2023!

Don’t stress out if your Subaru CarPlay not working! Get some air, and stay positive as we’re here to help you out with such problems.

We know how much you’re at ease with your CarPlay. You’re not just entertained by this tool but there are many ways it assists with your driving lifestyle.

For instance, it helps you to take calls, go through with your Subaru map navigations, stream your apps, and whatnot while in your car.

Thus, take a moment and just scroll down this valuable write-up to get the problems solved.

Subaru CarPlay Not Working: Most Common & Crucial Reasons

Is your fitted Subaru CarPlay does not working? Are you thinking of the chief reasons behind this hitch? If these questions are resonating in your head, we are here to help.

Many reasons may cause your CarPlay to stop working, and some of them are discussed below:

01. Glitches occurring after an iOS update

The first and foremost problem you face with the CarPlay is none other than not upgrading your iPhone. And here you go with the vitality of updating your iOS.

As a proud owner of an iPhone, it is no longer news that Apple releases updates for its users now and then.

Major updates take place yearly but some incremental ones occur throughout the year. And this is the best part guys, updating your iPhone makes it a lot faster and safe.

Their introduction to novel features, bug fixtures, security patches, and other optimizations give your gadget an instant boost.

Automatic and manual updates are the two options available. By the way, I prefer you go for an automatic one, which your phone handles perfectly.

When you are done with the updating part, if you are still having issues connecting your iPhone with your Subaru CarPlay, it may be another problem.

02. CarPlay suddenly stops working

You already heard something familiar that Carplay is the most steadfast tool than Android Auto.

But, for God’s sake, they are machines and, at some point, they could make a hitch.

We know that sometimes you face a hard way when, for absolutely no reason, your Carplay suddenly stops working.

It may be because of a mysterious bug or due to some other glitches.

03. Disconnecting after it is connected

It is frustrating for most of us when the Carplay, out of nowhere, disconnects after connecting.

We know how awful is when randomly all off your music streaming, navigation, or any other running app shuts down.

It mostly occurs if your smartphone a.k.a., your iPhone cable isn’t certified. This causes a lot more problems which you never know.

But don’t get your head stuck in the sand we’ll find the best possible solution for you.

04. iPhone may not be detected by CarPlay

Here comes the real problem when your iPhone isn’t showing in-reach for your Subaru Carplay. Several issues require your attention if a similar thing happens to you.

First, you need to check if you enable your Carplay on your iPhone. Also, do check that it is enabled while locked?

Such and many other glitches can hinder perfect connection. To find out more about it scroll down to the solutions.

05. CarPlay may freeze and you may see a black screen

This is a very common problem, and it is characterized by freezing and sudden blackout of the screen.

It may be because of the iOS update, or the uncertified USB, or it may be due to your vehicle’s infotainment system. If the latter happens then do check your car out from the vehicle manufacturer.

06. CarPlay sound problem

Your iPhone gets connected with the CarPlay but the sound is too low that you cannot hear anything. If this sounds similar get in touch with our absolute solution.

You’ll find a way.

07. Incompatibility issues

You may face compatibility issues if you don’t follow the requirements. But don’t fret, we’ll give you a thorough outline of must-haves.

As you know that some models are harmonious with the Carplay, hence, you should get it right in this regard.

Subaru CarPlay System: What and Why?

Subaru has ingrained Apple CarPlay since it is a shrewder and more secure method of safely using your iPhone while driving.

It gets your iPhone connected to Subaru’s huge central display. And there you go, relish your journey by it!

Moreover, this Apple CarPlay, software for your car, comes for standard vehicles like Legacy, 2020 Impreza,  Forester, Crosstrek, Ascent, Outback,  WRX, and BRZ.

This by-default CarPlay system in your Subaru is probably the best thing to happen in the 21st century, right?

I mean you can use your iPhone without looking at your phone as CarPlay directs you to that.

Besides, you can make calls to your loved ones, send, or receive messages for an urgent meeting, listen to the list of your adored music while keeping your eyes just on the road.

You can just connect your iPhone and here you go with the roller costal ride of experiencing unique features.

What’s more, you can stream some top-of-the-line apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and much more!

You can follow the navigations with the help of Siri and Carplay’s best-given apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and so on! So, now if you’re lost don’t worry as it’ll cover you up.

Best Solutions for the Subaru CarPlay Problems

After the iOS update if there is a problem occurring with your Carplay, then here are some solutions you can do.

  • Use a reputable USB, and switching the USB cable sometimes can fix the issue.
  • If you’re having trouble with Bluetooth connectivity, then dig to the Bluetooth settings of your car infotainment system and get rid of any connections hanging around.
  • You can look over your iPhone to know you have any other Carplay hooked up. Go to general setting (of CarPlay) -> swipe on the vehicle to get rid of it -> tap forget -> set it up again.
  • Spotify not running on CarPlay. It may be because of Waze and Spotify integration. Therefore, turn off your Spotify integration in the Waze app setting.

Fix this issue if your CarPlay suddenly stops working by this possible solution.

  • Dig into Settings -> General -> CarPlay -> tap the vehicle you’re trying to connect with -> select Forget -> restart your car with your iPhone -> re-establish the connection.

Try this if you are having a hitch in connecting or it is disconnected again and again.

  • Dig into Settings -> General -> CarPlay -> Your Car -> turn on Allow CarPlay While Locked.

If your iPhone isn’t detected by CarPlay, then have a look at this solution.

  • Make sure that your phone isn’t in Aeroplane mode as this mode prevents the phone to build a connection with CarPlay.

If your CarPlay has a blackout screen then you try out this.

  • Try to update CarPlay software.
  • For 20 seconds, tap the power button on the radio. Note: Turn the radio back on instantly when you take the key out of the ignition, the Carplay connection will activate.

Fix the muffled sound of CarPlay with this trick.

  • Turn off your “hey Spotify” on the Spotify app settings found on voice interactions. Click microphone permission in your phone setting. Turn off the microphone on Apple settings.

If you face compatibility issues

The figures are advancing swiftly but as of now, there are almost over 500 CarPlay compatible car models. Isn’t it huge, right?

Enlisted below are some of the CarPlay compatible car models. You can also seek it through the Apple website.

Some receivers are Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Pioneer, and Blaupunkt.

This is not just here!

You can face a compatibility hitch if you don’t have these supported iPhone models.

  • iPhone 12 Series (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max)
  • iPhone 11 Series (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max)
  • iPhone X Series (iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS,  iPhone X, iPhone XR)
  • iPhone 8 Series (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus)
  • iPhone 7 Series (iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7)
  • iPhone 6 Series (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s)
  • iPhone 5 Series (iPhone 5s,  iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5)
  • iPhone SE Series (iPhone SE 2020, iPhone SE)

Remember folks, if you don’t have any of these models, you will face incompatibility issues with your Subaru Carplay.

Apple Carplay Not Working Subaru: How to Fix It?

As we know that Apple Carplay is an app and it can have some hitches. However, you have to be vigilant enough to either do some DIY or try to take advice from an expert.

Below, there is a list of problems people are facing with the Apple Carplay. But don’t worry as long as we have problems, we have solutions as well.

01. Apple Carplay freezes when taking calls and it can’t detect an iPhone. For that, get your iPhone as well as your car restarted. Ensure that you put on Siri.

If your phone isn’t detected by Carplay, then make sure that you enable the Carplay on iPhone. Settings -> screen time -> content and privacy restrictions -> allowed apps -> enable CarPlay.

02. People having iOS 15 and iPhone 13 claims that when they set up their phones with the CarPlay, it causes odd issues, i.e., a bug which crashes the software in no time.

It happens when the iPhone users select a song from the playlist. For that matter, you can reset your iPhone 13, impair the equalizer, and upgrade your iOS 15 with your CarPlay app.

Reboot the Apple CarPlay, or even reboot the car’s infotainment system.

03. Siri isn’t connected with the CarPlay. For that, go to Settings -> Siri & Search -> make sure the following things are enabled: hey Siri, press the side button, and allow Siri when locked.

Important FAQs about Subaru CarPlay Not Working

Why on earth is my apple CarPlay isn’t working well with Subaru?

If you’re facing problems while connecting with your Apple CarPlay, then confiscate the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Subaru.

For that, you have to give your iPhone a reboot and then try to activate the application again.

Visit Settings -> General -> CarPlay.

This will let you know if there is another vehicle connecting to your CarPlay. You need to delete those previously connected vehicles and then see if it fixes the problem or not.

How do I fix my Subaru CarPlay?

You can do the above-mentioned steps if you have any hitch regarding the Spotify app, screen blackout, low sound, connection issues, and much more.

How do I activate CarPlay on my Subaru?

It is almost your right-hand work. You need to check whether your Subaru supports the wireless Apple CarPlay or not.

Then, tap the Voice Control button and keep holding it for some seconds. After that, you need to check your steering wheel to set up Apple CarPlay, and here you go!

You can just pop up on your iPhone general settings and then tap on Carplay. You will see some available cars, and you only need to choose yours.

How can I run CarPlay?

It is absolutely simple! You can forget and re-establish your connection.

Go to Settings -> General -> Carplay -> tap the car you try to connect -> tap forget this car -> restart your vehicle and iPhone -> re-establish the connection.

How can I upgrade my Apple Carplay firmware?

Its firmware gets up-to-date free of cost, and you can get this done on authorized sources.

Which Subaru models have Carplay by default?

There are eight models of cars until now where Apple Carplay is fixed by default. Legacy, 2020 Impreza,  Forester, Crosstrek, Ascent, Outback,  WRX, and BRZ

How much does it cost to put Carplay in your Subaru?

You can add an Apple Carplay in your Subaru for around $700.


If your problem is not solved by the solutions suggested above, then there is every possibility that the infotainment system of your Subaru requires modernization, or the iOS of your iPhone requires an upgrade or both.

Try to update your phone, but if this does not solve your problem, you can engage in the resetting of all its settings. Pop up to general settings and press the reset button.

Thus, don’t strain at all if your apple CarPlay not working Subaru. You need to do everything possible, especially the solutions we have recommended.

We believe that you will be able to find the right solution that will fix your problem.