Why Subaru Driver Side Window Not Working – Get the Real Solution!

Many people may at some point encounter the problem of the Subaru driver side window not working.

This is an inconvenience that can appear from one moment to the next and needs to be solved. Different faults can cause the driver’s side rear window to malfunction.

Here we have investigated the leading causes, and we will provide an answer so that users can solve this problem.

However, this is a straightforward problem to solve with the following information.

Top 05 Reasons behind the Subaru Driver Side Window Not Working

01. Failure of power windows

One of the reasons for the malfunction of the driver’s side window may be these components. These components often fail and get damaged as a warning which should be considered.

While this is not a very common situation that you can use from one moment to the next, the user should consider checking this component to detect the real problem.

It is necessary to consider that the driver’s side window usually presents more problems than the vehicle’s side windows.

Most likely, the reason for that is the increased deterioration and wear of the regulators and window motors. This increased deterioration is simply due to a higher frequency of use.

These regulators and motors are mainly used on the driver’s side, as a driver is always needed to operate a vehicle.

In addition, this inconvenience can also affect the rest of the windows depending on the use of each vehicle driver.

Sometimes sunroofs and electric sunroofs can also deteriorate due to this exact cause.

On certain occasions, some people can access the vehicle when a window is partially or open.

This inconvenience can generate a lack of security when the driver’s side window malfunction is maintained.

That is why it is necessary to check the power windows at the moment of detecting the problem.

02. Malfunctioning engine

Another inconvenience that can happen and impair the operation of a driver’s side window is the deterioration of one of the motors.

In this case, we can also include a window switch or a cable pulley since they are all related components. All these elements deteriorate as well as the other parts of the car.

So a user needs to check these tiny components that wear out as the vehicle driver or passengers use the side windows to open or close them.

There may even be situations where there is a combination of failures among these components and not just one engine that has failed.

Some of these problems may appear depending on usage, although weather conditions may also be a factor.

In certain areas with a lot of ice and snow, these small components can deteriorate a little faster. This is because both snow and ice can penetrate even the smallest spaces in the vehicle.

Too low a temperature can be enough to freeze the driver’s side glass. This forces the window regulating mechanism to exert more force due to the resistance of the ice.

Of course, this situation can lead to too much-accelerated wear of this mechanism, resulting in premature malfunction.

03. Overheated motors

As we have mentioned, when a problem occurs in an engine, it means no or partial operation.

Sometimes overheated motors do not work at all, although it is not a permanent inconvenience. A motor that is too hot can present intermittent problems.

However, this situation can be a bit risky because the high temperatures can deform the components that make up the engine.

When a motor is overheated for a long time, these components can become deformed, resulting in permanent damage.

04. Bad switches or a fuse blown.

One of the reasons why the driver’s side window may not function properly is simply a bad switch.

This means that both the motor and the other components of this mechanism are functioning normally.

The switches may not be generating the necessary connection for the mechanism to function. The corresponding fuse may also have deteriorated, causing the malfunction.

05. Electrical problems

Because this is an electrical component, problems throughout the vehicle’s electrical system could cause this side window to malfunction.

The problem can be found in the battery, although it is more common to find problems in the alternator.

Solutions & DIY Fixing Tips

Failure of power windows: When any driver’s side window components fail to function, a skilled mechanic is needed.

This is because many components may be damaged and may require exchange or repair.

Malfunctioning engine: Like the previous problem, the solution here is also to have expert artistry.

First, it is essential to check the condition of the engine by performing a visual inspection. If the engine appears to have been burned, it is likely to be inoperative.

Overheated motors: Motors can overheat, which also happens with the small motors used in the electrical system of the side windows.

If this is the real problem, these motors need to be returned to operating condition.

Here there is a straightforward solution, and it is just a matter of waiting long enough for the temperature to drop.

Bad switches or a fuse blown: Replacing the switches is one of the cheapest and quickest solutions that can be done.

If it is a blown fuse, replace it and perhaps install a single fuse.

This allows the incorporation of switches that do not deteriorate and can produce the connection in the electrical system to reuse the driver’s side window.

Electrical problems: The solution to electrical problems is to check the operation of the alternator and the life of the vehicle’s battery.

Checking the condition of these two components can rule out a wide variety of problems.

If the problem is not found in these components, a vehicle electrical expert is probably required.

Why Subaru Passenger Window Not Working: Reasons & Solutions

01. Malfunctioning engine

One of the problems with the passenger window not functioning is similar to the problems with the driver’s side windows.

Motors can malfunction, even if it is the passenger window. These components have a specific life span, just as the rest of the vehicle components usually do.

Such a defect may happen most often in the event of the passenger seat next to the driver. This seat is usually the second busiest seat in a vehicle after the driver’s seat.

Checking the passenger window motor operation is the first step in detecting the problem.

02. Electrical problems

Electrical problems in a vehicle can affect the driver’s side window and the passenger’s side window.

There are even many other electrical components that could stop working because of a general problem.

Therefore, it is vital to test the condition of the alternator and the vehicle’s battery.

03. Bad switches

Switches can also deteriorate whether they are on the driver’s or passenger’s side.

Before replacing these components, it is recommended to check the rest of the internal components, such as the engine.

Why Subaru Driver Side Door Controls Are Not Working: Behind the Scene

01. Deteriorated controls

The driver’s side door controls have a specific life span due to the material from which they are made. The controls can deteriorate just like the rest of the vehicle.

For that reason, it is critical to inspect these components and to make good use of these controls.

When these controls deteriorate, they may not make contact with the interior electrical component. Many people even think that it is a failure in the engine since it does not work.

However, the problem may be due to the controls that do not allow to generate of the connection so that the motor can work.

02. Deteriorated electrical connection

The vehicle’s electrical system can have different problems from the battery or alternator. This could affect only the car’s side entrance door controls on the driving edge of the car.

All parts or components of the vehicle that are electrical may malfunction when the problem is general.

03. Dirt or ice

Both ice and dirt could be an apparent interference and hinder the operation of the driver’s side door controls.

Ice can be a much more common problem for drivers in very low-temperature areas.

How to Complete the Subaru Window Reset: Step by Step Guide

The initial position of the window

On specific Subaru models, it is possible to reset an automatic window using the switches for this purpose.

The user needs to use the switch to open and close the window to perform the reset. The basic step is to set the window so that it is partially ajar.

Press the button

Once the window is partially open and positioned halfway, the switch must be pushed up. This will allow the window to close up and close normally.

It is necessary to wait a long time when the vent does not work properly.

Once the window is fully closed, it is necessary to hold the switch up for about 3 seconds. This will allow the system to restart and re-initialize again.

After that happens, the window should resume regular operation.

Battery Method

The battery method can be used to achieve a complete reset of this vehicle’s window and other components.

This involves disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. When this happens, all of the electrical components are successfully rebooted.

For many users, this is a more straightforward and more efficient procedure.

FAQs about Subaru Driver Side Window Not Working

What is the main problem because an automatic side window does not work?

In this case, it is necessary to check the condition of the fuse as this component may have deteriorated or blown.

When the fuse has blown, the device requires exchange, since it is impractical to repair a blown fuse.

Again, the most common problems are the deterioration of the motor or the switches responsible for the operation of the side window.

Another of the most common options is to check the operation of the vehicle’s electrical system. In this situation, it is an easier problem to detect than the previous options.

When the problem is in the vehicle’s electrical system, it is possible to find other electrical components that work irregularly and improperly.

02. What causes the electric windows to malfunction?

As we have mentioned, all components related to power windows wear out as they have a specific life span.

The wear can be much more accelerated in certain parts of the vehicle than in others.

The service life that the driver’s side window mechanism can provide is much shorter than the service life that the rest of the side windows can provide.

In turn, the side windows in the rear seats of vehicles are much longer than the side windows in the front seats.

This is because the front seats are frequently used more than the rear seats. So deterioration is accelerated in this part of the vehicle.

03. What is a great choice to fix the window mechanism?

One of the quickest ways to completely fix the window mechanism is to have a skilled mechanic.

In general, it is recommended to have a mechanic who is an expert in the Subaru electrical system.

This way, you will be able to detect each electrical component that is not working correctly due to various drawbacks.

This is also recommended, as a vehicle electrical expert can detect the condition of the vehicle’s entire electrical system.

On many occasions, some electrical components of the vehicle could be malfunctioning due to a general malfunction.

In this way, it is possible to discover some problems in the alternator or the vehicle’s battery.

04. Where is the fuse dedicated to the power windows installed?

The fuse panel is usually installed in different places, which depends on each vehicle’s design. To quickly find the fuse panel, you need to look in the car’s owner’s manual.

This part of the vehicle is often located under the dashboard in the driver’s area.

05. Is it possible to manually lower a power window?

These windows are designed to operate automatically, and in many cases, it is not possible to lower a window manually.

This requires steps such as disconnecting the motor and separating this component from the window. Thus, it is simpler to repair the electric window.

06. Is there a fuse for each power window?

In most cases, a fuse is usually incorporated for each power window, i.e., for each window motor.

This prevents a single fuse dedicated to all the window motors from failing, damaging all the windows in the vehicle.


Once the user finds the solution to the Subaru driver side window, not working problem, he will get to know his vehicle more accurately.

This type of problem is usually straightforward to fix once you know what the actual cause is.

For all these reasons, it is essential to understand the operation of Subaru’s power window system.

In any case, this is a problem that only appears in vehicles that are several years old.

Even with some knowledge of mechanics, it is possible to avoid spending money on a professional mechanic.