Subaru Navigation Update – A Complete Updated Guideline for 2023!

Are you an owner of the Subaru new model Outback, Forester, BRZ, or Impreza that comes with navigation? It means you need to through the Subaru offers on the Subaru navigation update.

It helps keep maps up to date to assist your drive in the Subaru vehicle and keeps you going on the road. It is a must to keep the maps up to date, and it is available through an online portal.

Updating Subaru navigation showers benefits, such as you save fuel on fuel-efficient routes and saving driving time using the updated roads.

Thereby the wear and tear are saved, besides the CO2 emissions, a result of driving less.

Thus, you get to save around 18% on the road per year with an updated map, and it proves to have it while driving.

Top 7 Simple Steps on Subaru Navigation Update

Starting with the Subaru map update means you need a MAC or PC, a USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive with 16GB size at least, and an email address.

The next step is to note the 17 characters of Subaru VIN on a label that is at the center pillar base on opening the driver’s door. The VIN represents the vehicle identification number.

Step 1-Visit the site

Go and click on

Step 2- Account creation

It is essential to create an account and verify your email id to get this process functioning.

Step 3- Download and install

Download on PC or Mac the Map Downloader app and install. Use the link. Now, open the app and use the newly created login to open the account.

Step 4- Add a vehicle

Press + button appearing on the right bottom and add a vehicle using the VIN number.

Step 5- Click updates

See the updates available for the Subaru. If you notice an available update, you may click on START to start the download.

It will take some time to complete as the update Subaru navigation is a large map file.

Step 6- Plug into USB

Plug into your computer in the USB drive after completing the download and click on START.

Step 7- Installation

The data on the USB is deleted. Remove the USB after completing from your computer and reach your vehicle.

Cautions During the Updating Process

  • Move your vehicle to a location outside so that the engine is started safely and can be idle as the Subaru navigation update process is on.
  • Do not keep the vehicle in an idle position or even if the garage is kept open.
  • Unplug cables, devices, or other USBs from the USB ports in the vehicle.
  • As the vehicle comes to a safe location, ensure the vehicle is in park mode. Ascertain the parking brake is in a fully engaged position.
  • Start the engine of your Subaru and allow it to get slightly warm. Allow to completely start up the audio unit by pressing on the button I Agree as it appears. There will be a waiting of 30 seconds or more at least before proceeding.
  • While plugging the Subaru map update into the USB front port in to your vehicle, follow the prompts on-screen up to the process completion. In case nothing appears, you can try another USB port. If you find no success with the USB and it shows as not recognized, consider repeating the top mentioned 7 steps with a different make or model. You can also check for the user manual on

Installing Subaru Navigation Software Update

The process of creating at an account is the first step. It requires you to verify your email address and enter the VIN of the vehicle.

You can download and install on your desktop computer the Map Downloader app.

On opening the Subaru navigation map update, check for new updates and download that appears on the Mac or PC.

It is crucial to know if the file needs any transferring from the hard drive to a 2.0 or 3.0 USB featuring 16 GB size.

The updated map files in the drive are easy to insert in any of the USB ports of Subaru.

Once the device identifies the vehicle, you get to see prompts display on the infotainment screen.

In fact, these prompts request you to accept the terms of service and finalize the updating process of the navigation.

Eventually, the software is uploaded and authenticated to the internal database of the car.

You can get the most from this navigation system of Subaru by downloading and installing the software periodically.

The Subaru navigation Update is a way of ascertaining your vehicle has all the information required for easy access.

Thus, it helps you to reach your destination point in a timely and safe manner.

Subaru Navigation Map Problems

  • The navigation map update toolbox does not get uninstalled.

An incomplete uninstallation of the toolbox of the Subaru navigation map update results in various other problems.

Thus, Subaru navigation map update toolbox uninstallation results in many problems.

It is a must to uninstall the Subaru navigation map update toolbox completely and remove its files.

  • Downloading the latest map and receiving a mail for new map availability.

After downloading the latest map to a memory stick and while installing in the Subaru, the Subaru maps portal announces the availability of a new map.

It keeps asking to check with a network connection. Such things happen due to overloading of servers as many receive a similar email, no reason to bother.

  • It’s a long time to update.

The Subaru map update takes a long time that no way to check with gas mileage. It literally requires a big drive on the weekend to get the update.

  • The engine is running, but there is a blank screen.

The update is complete, and the display is blank. It is because of pulling the USB in the middle.

It shows a message that the failure of an update is because of the removal of the USB. The best part is to allow updates and no interference. Instead, it is best to:

  • Remove USB sticks
  • Start engine
  • Allow entertainment system to boot up
  • Insert USB
  • Kick off the upgrade process.

Other possible problems on uninstalling the Subaru navigation map update toolbox includes;

  • You lack enough access that you cannot uninstall the Subaru navigation map update toolbox.
  • Not listed in the features and programs is the Subaru navigation map update toolbox.
  • An error has taken place, and so not all the files got uninstalled successfully.
  • One file is a must to get the completion of uninstallation, and the same fails to run.
  • Folders and files are found after the uninstallation of the hard disk.
  • If there is another process going on, it stops the file of the Subaru map navigation update toolbox from getting uninstalled.

Important FAQs for the Subaru Map Update

Q: What is the way to reset the navigation system of Subaru?

The Subaru Starlink system of infotainment is easy to reboot by pressing the power button and holding it for 15 seconds at least.

However, if you consider a complete factory reset, you may reach your settings menu on the display screen and click on the Factory Data Reset.

Q: What is the possibility to connect to my Subaru the Google Maps?

Look for the car display to select Android Auto, and here are the instructions to follow:

  • Ascertain it is in Park, and there is time to set Android Auto.
  • Unlock the screen of your phone and connect using a USB cable to your car.
  • Update or download maps such as Google Maps.

Q: What is the map system that Subaru uses?

TomTom navigation map system.

Subaru Starlink is an in-vehicle technology. It brings everything, Smartphone connectivity, multimedia content, everyday travel convenience, extra safety, and seamless navigation.

The technology on-board is huge making every drive important and entertaining, enjoyable, and confident.

The need for a remote start Starlink is to enjoy advanced features such as vehicle locator, remote start, 24-hour roadside assistance, real-time vehicle notifications on health, remote lock/unlock.

However, it means to have a Starlink subscription or/and an Added security god plus plan.

Q: What is the standard navigation on Subaru Forester?

The Subaru Forester comes equipped with the standard GPS feature.

All the Subaru models feature the navigation system of Starlink on the Subaru vehicles as equipped. It offers access to maps, and one can conveniently plan the trips using the system.

Now, Subaru has made the Starlink navigation available to use on Apple CarPlay or android auto.

No. The design is such that it offers to a business or home fixed internet services.

Q:  What makes Subaru expensive?

Subaru is expensive owing to its plentiful advantages over other SUVs and cars.

Moreover, Subaru has phenomenal safety features, low maintenance costs, an asymmetric AWD system, and flat engines that make the vehicle expensive.

Q: What is the truth, are the Subaru map updates for free?

Subaru navigation update software comes for free, and you can buy it, download it, and install it on your micro-SD card.

However, you need the Subaru navigation map update toolbox that is free software, and without the toolbox.

Therefore, there is no way you can download the navigation micro-SD card update or download the toolbox.

Q: What is the Subaru toolbox?

A Mac and Windows-based program is the Subaru toolbox. It is designed to install and allows organizing map content on the navigation device.

There are free updates available to install and are offered by the device manufacturer.

Q: What is the procedure to update the Subaru sd card in the navigation?

Updating Subaru navigation requires the following simple 3 steps:

  • Remove MicroSD card from the vehicle navigation unit.
  • Now insert the same card into the SD card slot of the computer.
  • Visit the link of Subaru updates and select your link.

Q: What is the facility of the navigation system in Subaru?

The navigation system is of big help to Subaru. It helps in reaching the destinations easily.

The voice-activated controls or the touch-screen allows you to set a location, change course in seconds, or find a suitable point of interest.

The app of Starlinkapp is essential to enjoy the multimedia content in your Subaru from your mobile device.

It allows the vehicle to lock and unlock features, remote vehicle locator, remote lights and horns, and everything is accessible from the mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Q: What is the way to turn the navigation off in Subaru?

On tapping the map screen you can see a lot of icons appearing. You must look on the right side for the speaker.

Tapping the speaker is enough to toggle the audio/video navigation to mute.

Starlink connects to the customer care adviser automatically as a part of the system, if the airbags deploy in the vehicle.

The notification of automatic collision is the topmost safety feature.

The adviser assesses the situation, ascertains your needs, confirms the location, and sends your GPS location to your responders first.

For medical emergencies or accidents, roadside assistance is provided. The kiosk feature in the systems forwards a red SOS button to contact the customer care of Starlink.

A flat tire or even if you run short of gas, there are alerts in the blue button showing the exact GPS location. It will get the assistance required in the needy hour.

The system monitors the overall conditions of the vehicle that you will receive each month an email and reminds you of maintenance.

You can reach any local Subaru dealership and get the maintenance work.


It is simple than DSL lines to set up the Subaru Navigation update. It is quicker and faster than basic cable packages that deliver actually.

The only option to get this navigation update is through Starlink. It is a suitable pair that gets in-vehicle with the systems.

It offers hands-free entertainment, connectivity, and security features to the Subaru umbrella of cars.

However, Starlink Multimedia offers access to easy navigation, current news, latest music, weather, podcasts, and other multimedia content.