Subaru Outback Backup Camera Not Working – Solve it Now!

If you are the owner of a Subaru Outback, you may have experienced the frustration of your backup camera not working. While this can be a frustrating experience, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem. In this article, we will go over some of the potential causes of a backup camera not working in a Subaru Outback, as well as some possible solutions.

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Potential Causes of Subaru Outback Backup Camera Not Working

If you have a backup camera on your Subaru Outback and it is not working, there are a few potential causes.

The most common cause is a dirty camera lens. If your camera lens is dirty, it will prevent the camera from getting a clear image. You can clean your camera lens with a soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution.

Another potential cause is a bad connection. If the connection between your camera and your Subaru’s display screen is loose or damaged, it can prevent the camera from working. You will need to check the connection and make sure it’s secure.

If your Subaru Outback is equipped with an aftermarket backup camera, it is possible that the camera is not compatible with your vehicle. You’ll need to check with the manufacturer to see if there’s a way to make the camera compatible with your Outback.

Finally, it’s possible that there’s a problem with the camera itself. If you’ve tried all of the other potential causes and your backup camera still isn’t working, you’ll need to take it to a mechanic or a Subaru dealership to have it diagnosed and repaired.

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How Can I Fix My Subaru Outback Backup Camera? 

2014 subaru outback backup camera not working

If you’re the proud owner of a Subaru Outback, you know that this vehicle is built for adventure. With its spacious interior and rugged exterior, the Outback is perfect for road trips and weekend getaways. But one feature that makes the Outback even more versatile is its backup camera. This camera allows you to see what’s behind you when you’re backing up, making it easier to avoid obstacles.

There are a few things you can do to fix Subaru’s Outback Backup Camera. First, check the camera lens for dirt or debris. If the lens is dirty, wipe it clean with a soft, dry cloth. After that, check the camera’s field of view. Make sure there are no objects blocking the camera’s view. And finally, check the camera’s settings. If the camera is turned off, turn it on. If the setting is on night mode, switch it to daytime mode.

However, if your backup camera is still not working properly, there may be a more serious issue. If the camera is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, make sure the mounting bracket is secure. If the camera is mounted on the front of the vehicle, check the wiring harness for damage. If you’re still having trouble, contact your local Subaru dealer for assistance.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace a Backup Camera?

Replacing a backup camera can be expensive. The cost will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of camera. If you have a basic camera, you can expect to pay around $100 for a replacement. If you have a more advanced camera, such as one with night vision, you can expect to pay closer to $200.

If you’re not comfortable replacing the camera yourself, you can always take your vehicle to a local dealership or repair shop. Keep in mind, however, that this will likely increase the cost of the repair.

How to Replace a Backup camera at home? 

To replace the camera, you’ll first need to remove the old camera. This is usually done by removing a few screws that hold the camera in place. Once the old camera is removed, you’ll need to install the new camera. This is typically done by screwing the new camera into place.

Once the new camera is installed, you’ll need to reconnect the wiring. This is usually done by plugging the wiring harness into the back of the new camera. Once the wiring is reconnected, you can test the camera to make sure it’s working properly.

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Final Verdict

A backup camera can be a great addition to your vehicle. It can help you avoid obstacles when you’re backing up, and it can also make it easier to park in tight spaces. But what if Subaru Outback Backup Camera Not Working? For that, you have to ensure if the camera is damaged or if there are other problems. If you get that then it will be easier to solve that problem but if not then you may go for a mechanic to fix your Subaru Outback Camera.