6 Common Subaru Outback Headlight Problems with Solutions in 2023!

It is no doubt that clearer vision is a prerequisite for night driving. For that, you need to mend your Subaru outback headlight problems so that you won’t have issues driving at night.

Without headlights, what’s the point of driving? You will not be able to save the pedestrians and yourself.

You might crash your vehicle into someone’s property or even a car.

Driving without headlights isn’t the best possible way, especially if you’re driving in a town or on a bumpy road.

In the city, you can drive with low beams on because there are street lights everywhere at night.

But make sure to fix your problematic headlights while driving on difficult terrains so you won’t strike a huge obstacle.

Thus, equip yourself with proper headlights, hence, you won’t encounter some hazardous incidents like injuries, material vandalization, or even death.

Take note of our how-to tutorial and immediately solve this hitch.

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6 Common Subaru Outback Headlight Problems: with Solutions

subaru outback headlight

Are you dealing with Subaru headlight problems? Are you dealing with distress due to this hassle?

If yes, then find out more about these problems on our list and get to know them.

1. Swift burnout of Headlights

What are the reasons behind this quick bulb loss in Subaru? If you are contemplating the same, hear us out.

One of the factors behind your headlight departure is your frequent use. Another suspect is DRL a.k.a. daytime running lights maybe.

DRL is a system in modern-day cars that uses less power depending on day and night mode. When there is daylight, it reduces its frequency and when there is dark it goes full.

This automatic yet safe feature causes the headlight bulb to work all day long. Probably this is the issue that endorses our first-mentioned factor.

2. Greasy contact while installing the headlights

Perhaps you’re ignoring some must-haves while installing headlights in your Subaru Outback. For that, you must make sure that your fingers are oil- and dirt-free.

It is because the greasiness on your fingers will transmit over to the headlights, which makes their life expectancy short.

3. Bumpy roads

If you repeatedly drive on jerky and rugged terrain, then your headlights may collapse or need a quick repair.

The rough road may affect your car shocks and its increased vibrations can dismantle the fancy wire system of headlights and bulbs.

4. Intense electrical flux

As we already know that Subaru Outback headlights function with a particular voltage. If the voltage surges a bit higher, it could cause its fuse to blow.

On the other hand, it could be the other way around. The electrical element can be turned off due to some safety concerns.

If the gush of electricity starts and flows into the circuit, obviously the fuse blows.

Besides, the fuse blows because there is an intrusion in the circuit so it will eventually terminate the lighting system.

This mechanism will cause to dismiss the perilous flow of electricity. So, if this happens, you need to swap the fuse or reinstate the whole circuit.

5. Bad Relays in your Subaru Outback headlights

Your headlights can be problematic because of an electro-mechanically operated switch i.e., relay. Its probable purpose is to switch your car’s beam from low to high.

A non-operated relay can get trapped in the high beam spot, obstructing your regular headlights from working.

6. Non-functional headlamp bulb switch

Another glitch you can face with the Subaru outback headlight will be its switch. The probable difficulty you face is that the switch didn’t automatically shift from high to low beam.

Subaru outback headlight system: What and Why?

subaru outback headlight upgrade

The Subaru Outback headlight system gives you some premium features.  We enlist them below:

Daytime running lights

This self-propelled lightning function is a tool that is placed in the headlights.

This automotive device is switched on when you pulled the handbrake down or when your Subaru Outback is in gear.

Their purpose is to assist you not to watch your environs but recognize the active automobiles on road.

Low beam without fog lights

Subaru Outback has a special feature as it turns on its low beam headlights without fog lights on.

Low beam with fog lights

You can switch on the low-beam handlamp bulb with your fog lights on. This occurs because in the outback both functions separately.

High beam

These headlights are operated for night purposes. So don’t worry if didn’t able to see the surroundings as Subaru Outback headlights will make you drive safely at night.

Eyesight Driver Assist Technology (EDAT)

Now your 2019 Outback headlights comprise supple Cruise Control, a pre-incident system, and lane assistance.

Best Solutions for the Subaru Outback Headlight Problems

subaru outback headlight replacement
  1. If you’re coping with the quick burnout of headlights, then don’t fret. Just have a look at this DIY solution. Turn your driver-side inward and remove four plastic clips by flathead. After that, peel out your inner fender well. Here you will see a round-shape access door to your headlights, just rotate it counterclockwise. Then from that, you reach for a clip plug, grab it off slightly, and just wiggle it. Thereafter, put off the spring retainer and here you go with the pop-up bulb. Now you can replace your headlight bulb by yourself.
  2. To avoid greasy contact while installing the headlights, make sure you wear heavy-duty gloves. So, when you or your technician replace your fused or burnt bulbs, you must ensure that you don’t transfer oil or grease during the process.
  3. When driving on bumpy roads, you need to be very careful so that you don’t damage the lights. If your shock absorbers are not good, you need to be extra careful.
  4. To solve the problem relating to the intense electrical influx, if you get to know that your headlight bulbs are experiencing a blown fuse, just try out this simple DIY. Check out your headlight fuses by pulling the cover off from the engine bay. Then go for 15-amp fuses and take them away with supplied fuse removal tool. After pulling the fuses, check out the power with a testing light. If it’s not showing current then you need to replace them.
  5. To fix bad relays, and non-functional switches, you need to change them. You can visit your technician for this because the process is a bit complex.

Subaru Outback Headlights Won’t Turn On: How to Fix it?

subaru headlights wont turn on

The headlights become non-functional due to several reasons. For instance, the bad relay may cause the beams not to switch on, and the headlights fuse may be burnt.

Also, it may be a non-operational high beam sensor that is preventing it from turning on.

To fix this, you just need to check out the cabin fuses, relay, and headlight fuses on the engine bay.

If your bulb fuses are burnt, then you need to swap them with new ones. To do this, you need to remove four plastic clips from below the driver’s side.

You can remove them with a flat head. After pulling them outwards, you need to drag the inner fender well of your car in the outward direction.

Once you peel it off, you’ll see a circular access door. Just rotate that in a counterclockwise direction.

There you’ll be able to see a spring retainer clip that you just need to push off with slight pressure.

And here you go with a pop-out-of relay with a headlight bulb in your hand. Initially, you should check out which part of it has a blown fuse.

If it is a relay problem, replace it with a new one and if it is a bulb problem, replace it with a certified one by the manufacturer.

In that process, you just need to make sure that your hands aren’t greasy.

As if there are cloudy spots formed in the headlights, there will be dimness or low life expectancy of the lights.

What’s more, once you swap the defective part, just repeat the whole process. And there you go with your headlights completely on and functional.

Important FAQs about Subaru Outback Headlight Problems

1. Why are my Subaru outback headlights so dim?

If your headlights are dim than normal, then your problem might not be with the bulbs themselves, but it might, most likely, be with the wires connected with the blubs.u003cbru003eOne of the common reasons for this is a corroded ground wire. This wire connects the bulb circuit with your car’s chassis which is acting as the ground itself.u003cbru003eSo, if the wire is corroded or damaged, it will lead to disruption in electric flow, and will eventually produce low output in the blub.u003cbru003eAnother common problem can be the failing alternator. If your light switches with the engine reverse up and down, you can surely contact your technician to check this immediately.

2. Can Subaru headlights be adjusted?

Sure, you can adjust your Subaru outback headlights by making sure that your high beams are in good condition.u003cbru003e1. u003cstrongu003eFirstly,u003c/strongu003e you can test your high-beam headlights by adjusting screws that control the headlights’ angle.u003cbru003e2. u003cstrongu003eSecondly,u003c/strongu003e make sure to check your Subaru headlights after changing the bulbs.u003cbru003e3. u003cstrongu003eThirdly,u003c/strongu003e don’t forget to take measurements from the center of the headlight to the ground in front of any wall. You can use masking tape for more visibility.u003cbru003e4. u003cstrongu003eLastly, u003c/strongu003eremove the cover plugs and make the screws get access through the holes by using adjustment screws.

3. What are Subaru fully automatic headlights?

For sure, the tech-savvy Subaru outback headlight proposes an automatic system known as High Beam Assist.u003cbru003eWhile sensing incoming traffic, it’ll start to dim your high beams and reactivate them until the next car crosses nearby.u003cbru003eWhat this will give you is the visibility of the excellent beam in hilly areas or at night.

4. How do you clean the headlights on a Subaru Outback?

For improved visibility, you first need to clean the inside of the headlight to remove humidity and dirt.u003cbru003eIn addition, you can follow some steps for proper cleaning by first disassembling the ocular elements by using screws.u003cbru003eFurthermore, clean the headlight cover using baking soda with a damp sponge to remove fog and add more clearness to the headlights.u003cbru003eAfter following these steps use the dryer in the end before covering it.

5. What is the steering responsive feature in Subaru outback headlights?

The responsive curve adaptive u003ca href=u0022https://madisonrising.com/how-much-do-led-headlights-cost/u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eLED headlightsu003c/au003e aid the driver to have clear visuals through corners.u003cbru003eUnless, if something unexpected happens, you will be able to handle the situation by using the trims and the corners of the headlight to avoid an accident.

6. Do all Subaru have steering-responsive headlights?

Yes. Subaru started selling the steering responsive headlights in 2017 and 2018 model cars to start with ensuring more safety and satisfaction at the customer’s end.

7. Do Subaru headlights turn off automatically?

Yes. They automatically close off when the key is in the off position.

8. What are the indications of a non-functional relay?

The first fixture is that you are unable to expose its access area. It is because the bad relay will not be able to provide power to the motors which eventually leads to its closing.u003cbru003eIt could be another way around that your relay will be stuck open.u003cbru003eAnother symptom you’ll see is that the relay doors will automatically open and close, making their function faulty.u003cbru003eThese erratic dysfunctional doors are due to the malfunction of headlight motors. Due to this, the headlights may not be able to produce the exact amount of illumination.

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If you’re facing the above problems and fretting yourself for an absolute solution, then don’t be.

Our right solution guide will give you the right pathway and you’ll be able to drive confidently no matter what the terrain is.

Moreover, this isn’t just about bulbs or relays, you need to be careful on bumpy roads.

And for that, you need to go for the best shock absorbers which lessen the vibration all the way upward to your headlights.

Finally, try to solve the Subaru Outback headlights won’t turn on with our genuine yet professional solutions.

Become your car’s maestro using our simple DIY, step-to-step guide. We have a firm belief that you will be able to find a perfect solution that will solve your head-lighting problem.