Subaru Outback Problems – A Complete Solution in 2023!

Many people tend to enjoy various Subaru models. However, it is also quite common to encounter Subaru Outback problems.

Knowing the specific problems of some of the essential Subaru models allows you to alleviate them more efficiently.

Even a great deal of failures or recalls have been detected in some countries after some typical Subaru Outback problems. To learn more about it, read on.

Some of these problems may be more or less difficult to solve depending on the situation.

Subaru Outback Problems: All Generations and Models

common problems subaru outback

1. 2021 Subaru Outback problems

a. Lack of power

Some users of this vehicle have detected a lack of power, specifically from the engine.

However, this may be related to the electrical system since this vehicle does not always present a lack of power.

When driving on certain occasions, it is possible to notice that the vehicle runs out of power. This problem happens whether it is a steep climb or a regular road.

The 2021 model usually has sophisticated safety systems. Even the different devices and accessories of this vehicle tend to become more and more complex and numerous.

So the vehicle’s electrical system is subjected to a higher workload in most situations.

It is also quite common to notice that the overall operation of all these devices can impair the vehicle’s strength.

This means that the vehicle may lose power due to a possible failure of the switchboard. Loss of power could be found in quadratic failures.

It can also be quite common to find cylinders with damaged or failed spark plugs. The injection system of this vehicle may also present some faults that the driver should consider.

Each of these aspects makes it necessary to consult an expert mechanic for the solution.

When the vehicle presents a lack of power when driving, an expert workshop and a diagnostic machine are required.

This type of technical equipment is usually more than enough to find where specifically the fault lies. Not all of 2021. Subaru Outback 2021. usually present this type of fault.

b. Low oil levels

Checking the oil levels of this vehicle is also highly recommended. Some users claim that the oil levels drop too fast when it comes to the 2021 model.

Oil is one of the most critical factors for the engine’s efficiency and avoids different breakdowns.

Engine oil allows lowering of the temperature in the operation of the moving parts. It also reduces friction, thus reducing the general wear of the engine.

In principle, it is advisable to consider the intervals to perform an oil and oil filter change as recommended by Subaru.

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2. 2018 Subaru Outback problems

a. Excessive fuel consumption

Checking a vehicle for a problem in the face of excessive fuel levels is always a great way to find the solution. Newer models of this Subaru usually provide excellent levels of fuel economy.

However, it should be noted that this is a larger vehicle compared to other Subaru models.

Excessive fuel consumption can be due to different factors, such as an improper combination of air and gasoline.

An improper mixture of these two main factors could lead to excessive fuel consumption. This problem needs to be solved as it leads to higher fuel consumption and a higher driver’s budget.

The vehicle’s measurement systems may present some problems. This could also happen when it comes to the air filter.

A clogged air filter would not provide all the air needed for a rich and efficient mixture. When this happens, the vehicle will need more fuel consumption to compensate for the lack of air.

The same can happen when the air is too excessive in quantity. The vehicle will try to compensate for the increased air with a more significant amount of fuel.

Checking the air filter and the parts related to the fuel-air mixture can be efficient in finding the solution.

b. Excessive engine oil consumption

On certain occasions, this vehicle may present exhaust smoke that is too black. In general, this usually happens when the vehicle is consuming the engine oil in charge of lubrication.

This problem is related to low oil levels that also tend to occur with the 2021 Subaru Outback.

It is not only advisable to replace the oil and oil filter with the correct time intervals.

It is also beneficial to incorporate the most appropriate type of oil for this vehicle, depending on the area in which the driver needs to move.

In high-temperature zones, thicker oil is recommended, and in low-temperature zones, a thinner oil is more efficient.

3. 2013 Subaru Outback problems

a. Excessive black smoke from the exhaust

Many users agree that this model of Subaru blows too much black smoke at times. It should be noted that too much black smoke can be a drawback of the fuel-air mixture in the engine.

However, it could also happen that the vehicle is consuming engine oil, as we have seen above.

Problems with the oil or with the mixture and combustion are some of the most common problems.

However, excessive smoke can also result from an electrical failure of the vehicle’s electrical system. The mixture inside the cylinder may be unbalanced.

When engine oil consumption occurs from the crankcase, excessive black smoke should not be significant.

An excessive amount of black smoke can easily cause an engine failure or a problem related to the throttle, lambda sensor, or flow meter.

In these situations, a complete diagnosis of the vehicle and an expert mechanic is recommended.

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b. Constant illumination of the check engine light

The check engine light is specially designed to inform the driver about a problem related to his vehicle. However, this light may come on constantly at certain times.

The faults that can represent a cause for the check engine light to come on are more than abundant.

On certain occasions, the check engine light could work together with a problematic sensor in this Subaru model.

Another cause for the constant lighting of this alert is a fault in the electrical system. The sensor that works in conjunction with the check engine light could receive an unbalanced power flow.

This can cause the engine malfunction light to come on constantly in the face of this power fluctuation.

In this case, it is best to check the vehicle’s electrical system and perform a complete diagnosis.

4. 2011 Subaru Outback problems

a. Pulling while driving

subaru outback issues

When driving this 2011 model, users have detected some jerks as a standard vehicle symptom.

Some drivers may detect a problem related to the electrical system, the injection system, or the fuel system. Any of these three systems can be the cause of vehicle jerks.

To a lesser extent, other problems may also occur in this Subaru model. Power system failures in the electrical system or ECU require a complete diagnosis.

Some mechanics agree that the most common problems are in the flow meter or EGR valve.

Precisely for these problems, it is necessary to check the correct operation of each of the three systems mentioned above.

In particular, experts recommend starting with the electrical system and continuing with the fuel system. An unbalanced air/fuel mixture could also be another reason.

b. Ignition Problems

When a 2011 Subaru Outback has problems with the electrical system, it might not start. This is one of the drawbacks that are often present in Subaru Outbacks of other years as well.

It should also be considered if the vehicle produces noises when the driver turns the key when trying to start it.

Battery problems could be the real reason when the driver turns the key to his vehicle and hears no noise. Another less common problem can be related to a faulty key cylinder.

When the battery is about to die or is low on charge, the car produces a noise when the key is turned.

In some vehicles with too high mileage, the flywheel could be the real problem. To solve this problem, it is advisable to check the entire electrical system of the vehicle.

In principle, the condition of the battery should be checked by analyzing the life of the unit. Too low temperatures can also cause problems in the ignition of the vehicle.

5. 2008 Subaru Outback problems

a. Excessive engine temperature

On different occasions, the driver of the Subaru Outback should be alert about possible too-high temperatures.

Different alerts should be working on the instrument panel when the temperature is too high. It is essential to remember that high temperatures are one of the main enemies of engines.

Excessively high temperatures allow the metal parts of the engine to begin to expand. The expansion of the metals inside the engine can cause different types of failures and more malfunctions.

Excessive temperatures inside the engine are often related to failures in the cooling system.

The cooling system is mainly in charge of decreasing the temperature inside the engine to avoid temporary or permanent damage.

Some apparent elements can present problems, such as the connection pipes, the antifreeze level, or the vehicle’s radiator. Some drivers forget to replace the antifreeze or purchase a low-quality product.

Adding water instead of antifreeze can be a temporary solution that many drivers use as a permanent solution. Another component that can be damaged is the water pump.

All these factors prevent the vehicle from lowering the temperature generated by the engine itself when running.

To avoid serious and costly problems, the entire cooling system should be checked immediately. The 2008 models can be a bit problematic with the cooling system.

This happens to a greater extent when the 2008 Subaru Outback is not maintained correctly.

b. Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors are the parts tasked to function in the task of mixing fuel and air. In the 2008 and Subaru Outback models, it is possible to find different cracks that damage the oxygen sensors.

This was one of the causes why the check engine lights were constantly coming on.

Some Subaru Outback models have also been recalled due to the constant presence of this drawback. Dealing with the front oxygen sensor problem can prevent different additional problems.

Crucial FAQs for the Subaru Outback Issues

1. Does the Subaru Outback have too many drawbacks?

There are different reports about the models of this Subaru vehicle about the typical problems it is possible to encounter.
Some Subaru Outbacks may present typical problems like failures in the cooling system, which leads to overheating the vehicle. However, this problem does not occur in all years of production.
When encountering a problem in the cooling system, the driver should check the thermostat for damage, the radiator and its failures, and various coolant leaks.
The head gasket can be considerably damaged when these problems are not checked. The Subaru Outback remains a safe and efficient vehicle despite common problems.

2. Is the Subaru Outback a safe and efficient vehicle?

The 2021 model year Subaru Outback has been rated as one of the safest and most efficient vehicles for drivers in general.
This vehicle achieved a score of 70 out of 100 when it comes to reliability. So drivers can rely on this vehicle, especially when it comes to large families.
It is essential to consider that the reliability score considered is the one developed by J.D. Power. The different vehicles are analyzed according to their score.
All those vehicles at an average level of reliability get a score that starts at 70 and can go up to 80. Those vehicles that are unreliable get a score of 69 or less.

3. What year of Subaru Outback is necessary to avoid?

The Subaru Outback has been touted as one of the most efficient and safest vehicles in recent years.
However, this has not always been the case as some years of production have not delivered the expected results.
Among all Subaru Outback models, the model manufactured in 2013 was notoriously inferior to the rest of the Subaru Outback.
One of the most common problems in the production year of this vehicle was the very high engine oil consumption.
However, it was also possible to find other secondary problems, such as excessive black smoke expulsion from the exhaust.
Most of the problems occurred with a mileage of 45800 miles, and the driver needed a repair estimate of $1590.

4. What are the most frequent Subaru problems?

When it comes to Subaru Outback or other Subaru models, some problems are more frequent than others.
They are unintended acceleration, fuel pump failures, brake light switch failures, oil consumption problems, or coolant system failures.
However, not all Subaru models have the same problems or a large number of faults.

5. What is Subaru’s worst engine?

Many people agree that the worst Subaru engine is the 2.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder. This vehicle can be found in various Subaru Impreza WRX STI and WRX models from 2009 to 2014.
Typical problems are overheating due to drawbacks in the positive crankcase ventilation system or pistons.

6. What mileage does Subaru Outback offer?

This vehicle is one of the most durable among those found in the Subaru ranks. There are actually different Subaru models that are categorized by the mileage they can provide overall.
Sometimes Subaru Outback models can get up to over 100,000 miles of engine life before problems begin to appear.
Many Subaru models have sometimes been named as part of the most reliable vehicles for several years.
This also means that many users of these vehicles use these models and have a long service life and very little maintenance costs during the first few years.
It is one of the most reliable vehicles in general.

While there are some vehicles with average functionality many users agree that there are excellent Subaru models. One of them is the Subaru forester in its 2021 model year.
This is a sport utility vehicle that provides users with an excellent driving experience at all times.
Additionally, the Subaru Crosstrek 2021 and the Subaru Outback of the same manufacturing year are taken into consideration.
Any of these vehicles can provide excellent features in their safety system. Moreover, these vehicles are also part of the most chosen models according to their lifespan.

8. What price is needed for repairs on a Subaru Outback?

When it comes to a sport utility vehicle the average for repairs or maintenance is $573. However, the Subaru Outback has higher repair and maintenance costs, reaching an average of $607 per year.
In any case, this vehicle manufactured in its 2021 version is among the most reliable in general.
There are some models that have presented different problems including the 2021 model.
Beyond that, the Subaru Outback has earned the tenth spot among the most reliable and efficient sport utility vehicles.


Beyond each of the Subaru outback problems we have mentioned, this vehicle model remains truly reliable overall.

Knowing these specific problems can allow you to better deal with all of them. Overall, this manufacturer’s vehicles remain genuinely reliable and highly safe.

Knowing the problems we have mentioned also allows you to get to know the Subaru Outback more closely.