Subaru Remote Start Install Instructions – 7 Simple and Easy Steps!

Undoubtedly, remote start is one of the most convenient and advanced upgrades that you get on a Subaru.

If you are looking for a Subaru remote start install instructions, you have come to the right place.

The remote control system is very convenient as it helps you to start your vehicle’s engine without stepping into it and adjust the car’s temperature as you like it.

It is helpful in various conditions and all weathers as it will enable you to cool down your car in the summers and preheat it in the winters.

All you have to do is press the button on the remote start key FOB and relax till your vehicle does all the preheating or cooling on its own.

Subaru Remote Start Install: Easy 7 Steps

As all of us are aware of the benefits that this advanced technology has to offer, you might be looking to install an OEM remote start to your Subaru.

Below are the step-by-step instructions on installing a remote start in Subaru that you can take help from;

Step1. Prepare your vehicle

The first step of vehicle preparation is disconnecting the negative battery cable.

Now, disengage all the remaining tabs from the inner box of the glove cover by pressing inwards on both of its sides. The glove box will come off once you disconnect the strut.

Remove all four pressure clips to remove the right side of the dashboard panel. Further, remove the passenger’s side ornament panel as well by disengaging all five pressure clips.

Now, remove the passenger’s side under the dashboard finisher panel by disengaging three pressure clips.

Now, remove all the screws to disconnect the glove box lamp connector so that you can disassemble the inner cover of the glove box.

Step 2. Mount the remote start engine ECU

Now that you have access to the glove box inner cover, you will also come across a remote engine start ECU.

Before doing any mounting, you should clean the backside of the inner cover of the glove box and the ECU with alcohol.

Once it is done, use supplied double-sided tape for removing the two small release liners and fix the tape to the inner cover of the glove box.

The tape should be positioned against the vertical character line while being flat against a multi-level inner surface.

You will have to keep this tape pressed firmly into this position for around thirty seconds.

Now, connect the remote engine to start ECU while disengaging one of the significant release liners attached to the tape. Press it there for thirty seconds.

Step3. Pre-arrange the jumper harness connections

The next step is to access and remove the vehicle’s 6-pin and 2-pin pre-fit connectors located on the car’s wire harness.

Now, unplug and disengage the 2-pin mating wire jumper. Insert the remote start jumper harness into the specific pre-fit connectors.

Secure the jumper harness connectors and the vehicle’s wire harness together. Connect the 12-pin jumper harness connector to the 12-pin white port located on the remote engine start ECU.

You will have to mount it before on the backside of the glove box inner cover.

Step 4. Reassemble the parts

This step involves the reassembly of the panel. Start by reconnecting the lamp present on the glove box’s inner cover to the lamp connector.

Now, install the glove box inner cover by connecting the pressure clips and screws. Reassemble and install the passenger’s side under the dashboard finisher panel and the ornament panel.

Also, reassemble the right-side dashboard panel and install the glove box and the strut you remove first. Make sure to insert the quick reference cards present in the owner’s information kit.

Step 5. Mount the underhood warning label

Now, clean the top of the air intake plenum using alcohol. It is located close to the radiator core support.

Make a direct connection between the release liner and the top of the air intake plenum. This is done by disconnecting the underhood warning label.

Step 6. Reconnect the battery and power up the system

After doing this, reconnect the negative battery cable of the vehicle. Before activating the remote engine start, make sure to start the vehicle one time using the access key.

Once the car is running, check that it turns off or not and if not, get your car inspected.

Step 7. Register the system

At last, register the system by following the manual’s instructions that come with the product.

Even though we have provided the above detailed Subaru remote start instructions and complete installation procedure.

If you cannot perform all these steps on your own, it is always better to consult a professional.

Subaru Remote Start: How does It Work?

A remote start is an advanced upgrade of the system that enables you to start your vehicle’s engine from an approximate distance of around 400 feet away.

This Subaru accessory is referred to as the genuine OEM accessory that comes with a variety of benefits.

Please provide your vehicle with more security to get you that optimum temperature in your car before you step into it.

The working of the remote start system is dependent on radiofrequency. There is a box attached to the car’s ignition switch and some of the other basic startup mechanisms.

With the button on the key FOB or remote, the signals are sent to the box whenever you press the button that automatically starts your car’s engine.

This small start system is extremely helpful in cooling down your vehicle during extreme summers or preheating it in winters before stepping into it.

Subaru Outback Remote Start: A to Z

Remote start systems have gained popularity over time, and almost all new models of cars have the system already installed or support the OEM parts.

Subaru Outback possesses a remote engine start featuring a prominent climate control feature.

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This system is easily accessible through the smartphone and makes sure that your vehicle is protected and comfortable at all times.

The installation cost of the Subaru Outback remote start system might vary depending upon the model.

Still, it usually lies between $193 – $427, but this is for the older models or the 2013 ones. The newer Subaru Outback might be a little more expensive, ranging between $650 – $899.

As mentioned earlier, this installation cost varies depending upon the models and the source of purchase.

Various OEM parts dealers might have different cost prices for the accessory because of the quality, the brand name, or the warranty.

Subaru Forester Remote Start: A to Z

Like other Subaru vehicles, Subaru Forester also comes with a remote engine start system that also has climate control.

With this advanced integrated system, you can conveniently start your vehicle with the help of a smartphone or a key FOB from a specific distance.

Subaru Forester also comes with STARLINK concierge services that provide you with personal assistance with various tasks, including scheduling, reservations, appointments, and navigations.

The average cost of installing a remote start system on a Subaru Forester might range from $350 to $800, depending on the model and the area you get the services from.

With the OEM remote start system, you will also have to pay for the installation cost if you go to a mechanic.

If you can perform the task yourself, you can get the accessory in the range of $409 to $264.

Subaru Crosstek Remote Start: A to Z

Almost all Subaru vehicles have a remote start system with a climate control system.

The only thing you have to do is install the MySubaru app on your smartphone, and you will be able to control this system without stepping into your vehicle.

By remotely adjusting the temperature of your car, it is ensured that you step into a very comfortable vehicle at all times.

The installation cost of a remote start system on Subaru Crosstek ranges from $193 – $427 in the models that do not have the system installed already.

In the newer models, the replacement might cost $650 -$899, depending on the model and relief brand.

Subaru Impreza Remote Start: A to Z

Subaru Impreza also has a remote start system with climate control like other Subaru vehicles.

It enables you to start your car’s engine from a distance using a remote or even your smartphone.

To access the system through your smartphone, you will have to download the MySubaru app on your phone and connect it to the design of your vehicle.

The installation cost of a remote start system in the Subaru Crosstek might vary depending upon the model.

Usually, in 2005 Subaru didn’t have the remote starter installed initially; this price ranges from $190 – $430. While in the latest models, the price range can go from $500 to $900.

How to Use Subaru Remote Start: With Easiest Way

The remote start system is a beneficial system introduced as it comes with various exceptional benefits.

It enables you to adjust the temperature of your vehicle from a distance so that you can maintain a comfortable temperature inside the car all the time.

In addition to this benefit, it can also be helpful for the security of your vehicle and help you find your vehicle in a crowded or congested parking lot.

One of the exceptional advantages of this system is that it is straightforward to use.

You can easily access the system through the start button on the key FOB; press this button twice within three seconds.

In most Subaru models, the system is supported by the MySubaru app that you have to install on your smartphone.

You can easily manage and operate the remote start system through this application as it is very convenient to use and is also efficient.

You can easily follow the Subaru Outback remote start instructions or instructions of any other model and get the system installed on your own.

Most Crucial FAQs about Subaru Remote Start Install

Does Subaru offer a remote start?

Almost all newer Subaru models offer a remote start system with climate control.

You can conveniently start your vehicle’s engine remotely and adjust the temperature through the MySubaru app installed on your phone.

With this temperature adjustment, you are ensured that you step into a comfortable vehicle every time.

How much do dealerships charge to install remote install?

The cost of installing the remote start system might vary depending upon the year, model, and make of your vehicle.

But usually, most of the retailers and installers offer a design plus installation in a price range of around $250 – $400.

Can you add a remote start to a Subaru Forester?

Yes, you can add a remote start system on a Subaru Forester. It will help maintain the temperature of your vehicle at all temperatures and also ensure ultimate security.

After installing the remote start system on your Subaru Forester, you can activate it by pressing the lock button located on the OEM remote at least three times.

Is remote start worth it?

The ultimate comfort that comes with using a remote start is what makes this feature worth it. It conveniently allows you to adjust the temperature of your vehicle.

You can cool your car down in extreme summers before stepping into it and preheat in winters. It offers convenience and comfort in all weathers.

On top of it, it also adds to the security of the vehicle and helps you find your car in crowded parking spaces.

How long does it take to install a remote start system?

As quoted by the mechanics and expert installers, installing a remote start system takes around three hours.

This time can vary for you if you do not have any experience or if it is your first time doing it.

Can you add a remote start to a car with a push-button start?

Push-to-start vehicle supports the remote start system and is excellent in it. Therefore, you can surely get a remote start system installed in a push-button start vehicle.

The powerful and propriety technology used by the compustar remote starters ensures a safe start for all the push-to-start drivers.

Final Verdict

We have provided enough information on Subaru remote start install and its costs. So, now it is your time to decide when to get this exceptional accessory that ensures your utter comfort.

If you have got one already, get the remote start system installed and benefit from the variety of advantages that it has to offer.

Enjoy the ultimate comfortable temperature inside your vehicle at all times without having to wait for it to adjust.

You can quickly cool down or heat your car from a distance and enter it when it is ready to provide you the comfort that you want.

Subaru remote start install is not a complicated procedure, but it is always better to go to a professional and get the task done if you doubt yourself.