Who Makes O’Reilly Oil? (Brief Information)

O’Reilly Oil is a versatile option for a variety of automotive parts and engines to keep them in superior condition ensuring strong protection. Since O’Reilly is a huge automotive brand, chances are they might not manufacture and package oil and be connected with third-party manufacturers like other leading corporations. If so, then who makes O’Reilly oil?

Omni Specialty Packaging LLC is the manufacturer of O’Reilly oil, maintaining the standard guidelines set by O’Reilly.

However, the process isn’t as simple as plenty of other brands also participate. Read on to learn the manufacturing cycle of O’Reilly oil, a short story about the brand, and some pros and cons of the motor oil.

Who Makes O’Reilly Oil?

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Omni Specialty Packaging LLC manufactures and packages O’Reilly oil. O’Reilly and Omni have had a long-time business relationship. Omni is based in Shreveport, Louisiana, and is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and lubricants for the automotive market in the US and internationally.

They also produce heavy and light automotive lubricants, hydraulic lubricants, greases, brake fluids, and oil. Several other names are also linked with the manufacturing and distribution process of O’Reilly oil.

Since Omni isn’t affiliated with any manufacturer, O’Reilly buys base oil from Mobil/Exxon and Shell. Omni collects base stock from Exxon and many other suppliers, and Lubrizol Corporation supplies additives to Omni. Lubrizol is one of the largest lubricant producers in the world.

History of the O’Reilly

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Charles H, Charles F, O’Reilly, and the other 11 members opened O’Reilly Automotive in Springfield, MO on December 2nd, 1957. The company’s volume reached $1.3 million in 1961, and they opened the 2nd store 4 years later. They got the first distribution center and corporate office in 1975 and developed a dual market strategy three years later to boost sales.

In 1992, O’Reilly turned into a trading company and offered around 2.4 million shares for sale at $17.50 per share. In 2008, O’Reilly became a family of 40K members and established a 3.2K store in 38 states. The O’Reilly Company went international in 2008, and its sales reached $10.15 billion in the same year.

And now O’Reilly has become a trusted name among professionals and do-it-yourselfers for caring for their vehicles and precious equipment. And all their products, including engine oils, motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and automotive chemicals, proved their quality and performance, making O’Reilly Automotive a dominant supplier.

Where to buy O’Reilly oil?

You can easily buy O’Reilly oil from their official website O’Reilly Auto Part.  You can even use their store locator tool to track the O’Reilly Auto Parts store near you for the most convenient shopping.  The company also has over 5000 stores across the US from which you can buy a wide variety of products, including filters, oil, and many other automotive products.

Some Benefits and Downsides of O’Reilly Oil

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Motor oil is a vital liquid to lubricate the engine’s part and prevent wear that may be low oil caused due to metal-to-metal friction. Though there are lots of alternatives out there, O’Reilly engine oils are superior due to their total protection for trucks, cars, and SUVs.

However, the motor oil has some potential errors that you should also be aware of. Let’s talk about the topside first:

Some Benefits of O’Reilly Oil

  • O’Reilly engine oils meet the specific needs of an engine, making it suitable for a high-performance vehicle or standard model.
  • The motor oil provides high-mileage motor oil that ensures better protection than conventional oil.
  • O’Reilly oil doesn’t cause degradation over time, even after driving in harsh conditions, resulting in a lower chance of engine sludge.
  • This engine oil lasts up to 6 months to eliminate the need for a frequent oil change, like the three-month longevity of conventional oil.
  • O’Reilly oil allows driving over 5,000 miles without the risk of oil loss thanks to less volatility.

Some Potential Downsides of O’Reilly Oil

  • The O’Reilly synthetic motor oil is quite difficult to dispose of, which increases the chance of environmental pollution.
  • O’Reilly oils are considerably more expensive than conventional oils.
  • The additives contained in O’Reilly synthetic motor oil can get stratified from the oil during cold weather.


1. What types of oil does O’Reilly produce?

O’Reilly is a giant in the motor oil industry, and they have a manufacturing plant for almost any kind of motor oil. Some of the top types of motor oil from the brand are synthetic oil, high mileage oil, conventional oil, heavy-duty oil, and oil for certain vehicles and engines, including ATVs and racing cars.

2. What is the Alternative to O’Reilly Oil?

Changing high-performance oils like O’Reilly oil frequently is fairly expensive. Hence, sometimes there is a need to try an alternative to retaining the performance while saving some money. In this case, Kirkland oil and Supertech oil will be good alternatives to O’Reilly oil as they are affordable and meet the major brands’ standards.

3. Is O’Reilly oil better than Lucas?

The answer depends on the vehicle owner’s specific needs. Lucas synthetic oil is perfect for high-end vehicles as it protects from wear while improving fuel economy. However, it can be costlier than O’Reilly oil.

Final Words

After understanding who makes O’Reilly Oil, hope you can now pour this motor oil into your vehicle’s engine confidently. All the brands associated with this oil, from manufacturing, packaging, and marketing, are trusted and top-class.

More specifically, Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC is one of the largest manufacturers in North America and gets customers worldwide. However, proper usage and maintenance of vehicle engines are crucial to keep them in optimum condition, along with being aware of what type and brand of oil you are using on it.