Who Makes Subaru Engine Oil? – Know About Lubricant Manufacturers

The Japanese vehicle manufacturer Subaru recommends its own brand of oil for its engines, and the use of this oil is mandatory for Subaru vehicle owners for warranty. This Subaru oil is produced by Idemitsu Kosan Company of Japan – a worldwide leading lubricant producer and a major Asian Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Idemitsu, established in 1911, is among the 10 topmost synthetic lubricant manufacturers in the world. Initially, it sold lubricant oil to Nippon Oil and fuel oil for fishing boats. Idemitsu is now headquartered in Tokyo.

Among lubricant manufacturers, it is the second largest in Japan and 8th largest globally. Its engine oils are highly popular and trusted among vehicle owners because of their high standards and efficiency of use.

Idemitsu can be credited for innovations, and at present, it specializes in low-viscosity and economic fuel lubrication formulations. Idemitsu has a number of oil production facilities and refineries located in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the USA.

Subaru oil advantages and values

subaru engine oil

The advantageous features of Subaru engine oil include more efficient fuel use, highly stable viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, smooth lubrication for cold engine start, corrosion safeguard for the engine, greater engine longevity, reduced wastage of oil, lower evaporation loss, and minimal oil sludge formation.

Furthermore, Subaru synthetic oil delivers increased power output, environment friendliness, the need for an oil change only after traveling up to 7,500 to 10,000 miles, and other desirable benefits. This engine oil is exclusively marketed to meet the highly advanced demanding standards of Subaru vehicles.

Their motor oils have all the required trade certifications alongside API and ILSAC GF-5. The API and ILSAC GF-5 certifications can be achieved only by proving the quality and efficiency of product performance through strict and rigorous standardized tests.

All these certifications prove that their products have top-notch quality. This demonstrates that Idemitsu truly cares for its customers and their vehicles. Thus, Subaru oil use has become quite popular for numerous vehicles of various types in many countries of the world.

In order to keep any vehicle operating smoothly, an excellent option is to use only the befitting oil for engine health. Subaru’s synthetic or semi-synthetic oils are created exclusively for Subaru vehicle engines.

However, when Subaru motor oil isn’t available, you may go for some alternatives like Mobil, Chevron, and Harvest brands. For this switchover, however, it is very important to first verify that the oil viscosity is the same.

Availability and cost of the oil

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Subaru oil is among the best synthetic motor oils readily available for purchase. For now, you can get 3 different grades or categories of Subaru engine oil: 0W-20, 5W-20, and 5W-30 in both conventional and synthetic forms among them, with specific formulations for different engines and operating temperature applications. The users need to ensure that they opt for the appropriate grade of oil by checking their vehicle user’s manual.

Subaru synthetic oil costs more than the regular or conventional version, but it has several benefits like better lubrication, higher power, and improved efficiency of fuel use. Its higher cost saves money on non-turbo vehicles in the long run, because all oil changes after the first one have to be done only after traveling 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

The 0W-20 grade is most suited for non-turbo engines since it functions exceptionally well with ensured clean running of the engine and long engine life as it breaks down deposits and counters oxidization and breakdown of oil. 0W-20 oil is ideal for use in cold conditions. 0W-20 is partly or totally a synthetic oil since purely natural oil cannot make the required viscosity available.

The synthetic 0W-20 is exclusively meant for the low-friction structures of Subaru non-turbo motors with higher efficiency of fuel use. Synthetic 0W-20 is highly recommended for ensuring peak-level engine performance and protection.

The 5W-20 motor oil is totally synthetic. It is intended for keeping pistons clean with minimum oil consumption, leading to lower emissions from the vehicle. This synthetic engine oil comes with friction-reduction constituents that improve lubrication, thereby ensuring greater fuel efficiency. Its viscosity works optimally in cold climates for low-pressure applications with secured start-up performance in cold conditions.

The 5W-30 grade synthetic oil is specifically manufactured for turbocharged engines that operate at higher temperatures, and it is well-suited for all seasons. Its low viscosity composition allows superb lubrication, especially during the start-up of the vehicle, which is the time when maximum damage can occur.

This low viscosity can also minimize friction due to more efficient fuel use. This oil can be suitably used in both SUVs and cars, whether they run on petrol or diesel. If synthetic oil isn’t available when it’s time to change the oil, then 5W-30 conventional oil may be used alternatively.

Subaru recommends that its conventional oil and filter should be changed after 3,000 to 5,000 miles of travel and synthetic oil is to be changed after traveling 7,500 to 10,000 miles. However, it’s best to check the user manual to ascertain the correct interval for your particular vehicle.

Subaru oil is costlier than most of the other oils found in the market. However, the use of Subaru oil at a higher cost can be justified mainly for its being superior in protecting and allowing a cleaner operation of the engine, leading to extended engine life.

Not only that, in comparison with other available oils, Subaru oil needs to be changed only after lengthier travel distances since its viscosity has high durability even with strenuous operations. The efficient fuel use and higher power obtained from Subaru oil validate the initial higher cost in the long term.

What is synthetic oil?

what is synthetic oil

Synthetic oil can be defined as any lubricant with chemicals that are synthesized, or artificially produced, by chemically modifying petroleum constituents, and not the crude oil itself. These oils were initially and exclusively made for jet engines because they can effectively lower friction and corrosion of engine parts.

This is due to the synthetic oil’s ability to perform reliably at extremes of temperatures and withstand long-duration engine operations while keeping its viscosity intact. Due to its slippery nature, synthetic oil ensures marginal engine corrosion, resulting in superior engine longevity.

It can keep on flowing with ease even when there is cold weather, heat, friction, and/or chemical impurities. So it can act as a low-cost insurance for any vehicle engine. Also, synthetic oil provides better outcomes than conventional ones.

Filters need to be used with synthetic oils since they can take out minute impurities. This can ensure fewer oil replacements and less repairs. Oil filter can protect engines for years. It traps impurities and undesirable particles that cause mutilation. Oil filters can get filled with dirty materials eventually that can reduce efficiency and force the engine to work more strenuously.

Synthetic oils have some superiority over conventional ones because they are more effective at countering oil breakdown with longer-lasting effects. Synthetics can also withstand higher temperatures compared to conventional oil, and this helps engines to keep running longer.

The disadvantages of synthetic oils are that they cost about two to four times that of conventional oils and they tend to precipitate their additives in cold conditions.

Questions and Answers

1. Can Subaru synthetic engine oil be mixed with conventional oil?

When there is any emergency or unavoidable situation, then the two types can be mixed. Keep in mind that, the use of this mixture needs to be avoided as much as possible. The appropriate oil has to be restored once the emergency is over because the Subaru synthetic oil gets degraded when mixed with the regular oil.

2. Is there any need for using a special oil filter with Subaru synthetic engine oil?

That isn’t necessary since the Subaru synthetic oil can function with the same Subaru filters that are used with conventional oils.

3. Can Subaru synthetic engine oil be considered to be environment-friendly?

Certainly! This oil is recyclable just like regular engine oil. Moreover, synthetic oils do not need to be changed very often. Thus, there is less wastage of oil. On top of this, synthetic motor oil enhances fuel use efficiency by more than 2%. This leads to the cut-down of carbon dioxide discharge into the atmosphere. So, that’s healthier for the environment!


When you make the right selection of Subaru engine oil for your vehicle (as indicated in your vehicle user manual), you can get assured peak performance. This oil is optimized for Subaru vehicle engines to ensure low-friction operations.

Since Idemitsu has been in the business steadily for more than 110 years now, it can be assured that they have reached the mark for maintaining the premium quality of their products. So, whenever the need arises, we can simply pick up Subaru oil without hesitation!

Idemitsu’s offer of a wide range of oils can match almost all requirements. They have cutting-edge technology and experienced manpower to manufacture their oils. So, when you seek a reliable brand of engine oil, then Idemitsu is right there!