6 Reasons Why The AUX Port In Car Not Working: Best DIY Soltions

An AUX port in a car not working should not scare you. Several people encounter this problem every day, and there is a way to fix it.

Correcting the problem as soon as you notice it can prevent permanent damage to the port.

Some of the causes of AUX port failure are easy to solve. Other issues require the attention of an expert.

We will define an AUX port, discuss its problems and solutions, and describe the fixing process.

Furthermore, we will offer more tips in the FAQ to help you repair and maintain your AUX port perfectly. Let’s begin this next.

AUX Port In Car Not Working: BTS & Solutions

An Aux port ensures that you listen to your favorite tunes when driving. If it stops working, you could have a problem with the phone, AUX cord, or AUX port.

Troubleshooting is necessary to identify the problem and its root cause. If your AUX system is not working, it could have any of the following problems:

01. Wires inside your Car’s AUX port are loose

A radio audio system can fail if there are loose wires inside it. But how can hidden wires become loose? One of the main reasons is mishandling the cables.

Perhaps the last time you removed and opened the stereo unit you forgot to plug in all inner wires.

Also, the frequent use of the car stereo system can result in a disconnected inner cable.

A loose wire can hardly harm your AUX system. But a disconnection can cause your AUX port to fail.

Even one detached wire can trigger such a problem with your car’s entertainment system.

As loose wires and springs within the AUX are common, it is necessary to open your audio for a thorough examination.

02. Water may have seeped into the AUX port

Water and electronics should never come into contact. When water seeps into the inner components of an electronic device, the odds of it failing are high.

Chances are that there is moisture inside your AUX port. Even if you do not recall pouring water near the radio system, there is a possibility the port is wet.

Exposure to moisture from water or beverages could slowly harm your AUX port.

If it has just started to misbehave, probably the port is succumbing to water damage. If no one discovers, dampness could render an AUX port useless in due time.

03. Maybe the AUX jack is broken

If your car’s AUX port won’t work, odds are that it is broken. A spoilt port will render your AUX cable useless.

Even if the AUX system looks new on the outer side, the inside could be broken.

Damage that occurs too soon may not be your fault but the manufacturer’s for using low-quality construction materials.

Regular touching and handling of an AUX port will result in normal wear and tear. Whether the system breaks apart outside or inside, that can affect its functioning.

Troubleshooting is vital to know if the broken area is the port itself or some internal components.

 04. AUX system has reached the end of its life

A car radio system works flawlessly when it is new. But after long-term usage, it begins to get old.

Some inner and outer components fail gradually and eventually stop working. Thus, an AUX port that is no longer working could have reached its end.

No amount of repair will bring it back to life. Even if you fix it until it begins to work, soon another part will fail and stop the stereo system from working.

If your AUX port has run its race, do not fix it anymore.

05. Perhaps you installed it incorrectly

Have you recently removed your AUX jack from the car? If it has stopped working after that, perhaps you messed somewhere.

Any small mistake could make your AUX jack fail to work. If you connected a wire or another component to the wrong place, your AUX could stop responding.

Also, there might be a small nut or piece of metal that you lost. There is also a chance that you left some loose cables in there.

 06. An AUX port is dirty

How often do you maintain your car radio system? If you have not done it for a long time, there could be dust and grime inside the device.

Most people think that the radio is fine just because it is working. Too much dirt could block the AUX port and stop it from connecting with the radio system. 

AUX Port: What & Why!

An AUX port or auxiliary port is a component of your car’s audio entertainment system.

One can describe it as the position where you insert an audio cable with two sides.

Its other end connects to your smartphone or another source of music. An AUX port came to replace the old cassette adapters.

Before its emergence, drivers could route the music from an external audio source via the stereo’s cassette player.

Then, they could make the stereo play the songs on the cassette. An AUX port solved this long process. Instead, the AUX jack routes the output directly into the car’s audio player.

A less complicated car component, an auxiliary port can connect to any modern mobile device.

All you need is a 1/8-inch audio cable. So, insert one of the ends of your cable into the headphone jack of your mobile phone or tablet.

Then, attach the other end to the AUX port of your car.

Next, press the AUX button on your stereo system. Alternatively, touch the input button to choose the AUX input.

Reduce the volume of your mobile gadget to about fifty percent. Start playing the music and use the stereo’s volume controller to alter the sound.

The Best Solutions For The AUX Port Problems

  • Loose inner components – Turn off your vehicle to stop the flow of electric current. Not only would an electric current cause a short circuit.

It may worsen your problem. Make sure you have your protective clothing and accessories on for safety purposes.

Remove your radio equipment and unfasten the bottom cover to access the inside area. Several springs appear in this area, and some could be loose or unplugged.

Push on them to see the loose one and then connect it firmly.

  • The water inside the Aux port – We noted that moisture can easily damage your electronics. So, shut down the vehicle to disconnect the electricity.

Remove the stereo and open it to view its interiors. If you see some vapor, wipe the entire port until it dries.

  • Broken AUX jack – One cannot do much to help a damaged or broken jack. If it is defective, find some money to buy a new one.

Then, carry out the replacement task by yourself or with the assistance of a professional mechanic. Identify the broken part and replace it individually.

  • An AUX port is old – When an AUX port reaches its shelf life, your only choice is to buy a new one. Once you select the best one, follow the easy steps to install it.
  • There is gunk in there – Remove your stereo and check if the port is clogged. Use a toothpick to remove debris and grime from the AUX port. Attach the stereo to test if it will start working.

How To Fix AUX Port In Car: With Easy 5 Steps

Fixing an AUX port that has failed is not easy, but you can try it. Using simple hand tools like your screwdriver, you can repair your stereo equipment in minutes. Do these steps:

Step 01: Shut down your car

Before you fix your audio system, turn off the car to prevent short-circuiting.

Step 02: Wear safety clothing

A pair of gloves will keep your hands safe, while the goggles will protect your vision.

Step 03: Detach the car stereo system from the bracket

Removing your audio system is straightforward. Once you do, inspect the interiors thoroughly.

See if there is moisture, clogs, or loose wires and plugs. Inspect every area of the AUX port to see if any component has spoilt beyond repair.

Have many parts failed or just a few? Try to answer this question in this step.

Step 04: Resolve the issues you have seen

If you find wetness in the AUX port, use a piece of cloth to dry the area. If the port is dirty, unclog it with your finger or a sharp object.

In case of some loose wires or springs, push them slightly to reconnect them. Any broken part will either need a repair or a replacement.

Step 05: Hire an expert or do-it-yourself

If you need to repair or replace any part of the AUX port, you can do it personally or hire someone.

It will depend on how much you trust your abilities. Sometimes the entire entertainment system needs a replacement. A professional can assist you.

AUX Port In Car Not Working: Fixing Tips With Visual Steps

Crucial FAQs About AUX Port In Car Not Working

Is it possible to replace an AUX jack in your car?

If you have tried to fix your AUX port in vain, your only solution is to replace it. Replacing an auxiliary port can be an easy DIY task if you want to try it.

Despite that, we encourage you to seek professional help if your car stereo has complicated connectors.

Also, an expert mechanic can recommend the best music system to purchase as a replacement.

If you cannot find a complete twin of your old auxiliary port, they will help you choose a closely related one.

What is the process of replacing my AUX port?

Assuming you have the best stereo system, locate the old port. No matter how sophisticated your AUX port is, it will have a removal knob.

Pushing this knob will let you remove it from the audio system. Use your Manual to know the position of this port.

Next, slide in the new auxiliary jack according to the instructions on the manual or common sense if you have no guidelines.

Any aftermarket head unit will offer a universal connection, meaning that the structure of your AUX port does not matter.

But if you bought an original stock AUX port, you must install it exactly like the older one.

Can you extend the life of your AUX port?

Yes, you can make your AUX port last longer by maintaining it regularly. Remove it and check if there are loose connections, debris, or moisture inside.

Pull cables softly to avoid disconnecting or loosening them. If you find dampness, dry your port well to prevent further damage.

Wipe away the dust to prevent it from accumulating and blocking the jack.

Can my audio cable make my AUX port fail?

A faulty cable will still connect your phone and radio system but it will not transmit anything. In some instances, it may work and then fail.

One of the best solutions is to get a new cable and maintain it well. Do not exert pressure on the cable by tugging at it because it will slowly develop problems.

If you take good care of your cable by handling it gently, it might finish its lifespan.

Instead of overstretching it, get an extension cord to cover the extra distance.

I keep having AUX port disconnection no matter what I do. What should I do?

Try using the advice we have shared in this article. If it does not help, take your car to a professional mechanic you can trust.

He will examine the car stereo system everywhere to identify any other defects.

Perhaps the auxiliary port is fine, but another component of your stereo has an issue.

Even though you will pay for the service, you will understand the depth of your problem and find solutions accordingly.

Where can I start tracking the problem with my AUX port?

Pay attention to only three items, including your AUX port, AUX cable, and external output source.


Most people like to drive while listening to music. In modern vehicles, an AUX port aids the process of playing music from an external source.

An output source can be a mobile phone or any portable gadget with saved music files or a music app.

The AUX port in car not working could indicate a problem with the stereo, port, or cable. Examine the three items to identify the problem.

Knowing the root of the problem can help you solve it and restore your car’s music system.