Entune App Suite Not Working: 6 Reasons With Best Solutions

Have you encountered an Entune App Suite not working problem yet? Entune App Suite™ is a multimedia system for modern Toyota vehicles.

Not only does the app provide entertainment but also information. An advanced system packed with features, Entune App can show your phone messages on its touch screen.

An item with multiple uses, Entune App Suite failure can stress you.

After failure, you cannot enjoy its 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, use its navigation system, or control the car from far.

Toyota owners should know how to diagnose and fix its issues. We will explain that here.

Entune App Suite Not Working: With Solutions

toyota entune app suite not working

If your car’s Entune App Ensuite does not respond, that indicates a problem.

A working system entails an external data source like your phone, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and the Toyota entertainment system.

If there is an error in this setup, your Entune App Ensuite may fail. So, what could be the problem? It might be the following:

1. Bluetooth has malfunctioned

If your phone’s Bluetooth fails to connect, it will automatically stop you from using your Entune App Ensuite system in the car.

So you cannot transmit data wirelessly from your smartphone to the car’s multimedia system.

On the other hand, the system’s Bluetooth may have malfunctioned. Again, it cannot receive anything you are relaying from your smartphone.

Bluetooth connection issues may happen due to viruses. Perhaps one or more of your Bluetooth devices has a virus or maybe your mobile gadget has a mechanical problem.

Bluetooth failure is among the worst App Suite issues you can deal with, but it has a solution.

2. There might be malware

People use their mobile devices to connect to the internet throughout the day. That alone exposes their portable devices to vulnerabilities like internet bugs.

A single malware attack can affect the functioning of your device. And if your phone has a virus, it might spread its venom to Bluetooth, Navigation, and other apps on your phone.

If you try to connect your phone to your car’s entertainment unit via Bluetooth, you might be surprised to see no response.

Viruses can reduce the performance and reliability of your phone and the gadgets it works with wirelessly.

If you think that malware only affects computer users, you need to protect your phone from now on.

3. Perhaps your Entune App download and installation were incomplete or had errors

Depending on the mobile gadget you use, you will get your Entune App Suite from the Google Play Store or Apple store.

If you downloaded the app successfully and it is not working, perhaps it requires an update.

Maybe you downloaded it but it did not finish installing. Errors from the download and installation process on your phone can result in the app failing to work.

4. A configuration mistake

People reset their phones to factory settings to resolve any issues. If you have recently reset your device, it means you lost all data.

If you had not backed up your data adequately, some of it got lost forever after a reset process.

Without the previous data, some of the Entune app areas might not run as before.

Chances are that you cannot see a full list of radio stations because you forgot to set up the Audio Source menu and FM.

Could it be that you forgot to set up AM, USB, Bluetooth, AUX, and other Audio sources?

Work the sound settings also after resetting your device to factory settings. If not, the sound of your multimedia system will be awful.

 5. One device may have malfunctioned

As we said earlier, you need an external output source, Bluetooth, and multimedia to enjoy the Entune App Suite.

Suppose one of the physical devices has stopped working. If you mishandle your phone until it stops working, you cannot use it as an external data source.

Sometimes phone problems are obvious, including a shattered screen.

When you have a virus you might not know until you explore some affected apps and discover they are not working.

A problem with your car’s AUX port or other internal features might not be obvious.

Getting assistance from a professional mechanic can help you identify the actual issues.

If the hardware features of your phone or entertainment system fail, the app will not work.

Moreover, your phone may be working well but you might have forgotten to reconnect it after a factory setting exercise.

So, Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone may be disabled and not appear on your Entune screen.

6. Did you forget your passwords?

Another cause of your Entune app not working could be wrong login details. When connecting your phone to the multimedia player, via Bluetooth, you might have used passwords.

If you have forgotten any of these passwords, you cannot use the Entune App Suite at all.

Entune App: What & Why

entune app suite

An Entune App Ensuite is an entertainment and information system in current Toyota vehicles.

Entune 3.0 is the latest version with Entune Audio, Entune Audio Plus, and Entune Premium Audio Plus.

If you need maximum features, the Entune Premium Audio Plus subscription can help.

Generally, the Entune 3.0 app provides 4G LTE WI-FI from Verizon, remote lock and unlock, and navigation tools like Scout GPS and Google maps.

Featuring a touchscreen display of up to 9 inches, the Toyota Entune App Suite offers Bluetooth to connect your phone and other mobile devices to your multimedia player.

A highly customizable app, Entune allows you to gather content from Pandora, iHeart Radio, Yelp, Slacker, etc.

Entune 3.0™ is so advanced that it contains real-time features from Toyota, including the Fuel app, Sports, Stocks, NPR One, and Remote lock and unlock.

One can alter how they view their home screen by turning it into a grid with up to four sections.

Also, you can fill the grid layout screen with various apps, and use any of the provided four themes.

Lastly, you can pick up calls, read messages, control call volume, etc. Entune is a very comprehensive car app for entertainment purposes.

Best Solutions For The Entune App Problems

why is my toyota entune not working

1. Bluetooth not working

Identify the device with a non-working Bluetooth feature.

Disable and enable Bluetooth devices to see if that will get them in order. If not, reset your device the way we discussed above.

2. Malware problem

Viruses can prevent your apps from running well. If there is a bug in your phone, find a way to get rid of it.

3. Download and installation error

entune app suite download

When you decide to download an app, ensure your internet data bundle can complete the process fully.

If it downloads incorrectly, it may install but carry over some errors. Besides, apps change daily and you need to update them.

4. A configuration error

After resetting your device successfully, you should restore the Bluetooth connection and other settings.

Before doing the reset process, save your data to ensure you add it all later. Also, go to settings and set up the Sound system, Audio sources, and other functions.

5. A damaged device

If you suspect that your phone has a software problem or a spoilt component, take it to a professional repairer.

Also, use another mobile phone to test if the system will work. If it works, your smartphone needs a checkup.

If it does not work, maybe your car’s entertainment system has a problem.

6. Forgotten passwords

Make sure you reset the passwords to pair your devices seamlessly. Always use passwords that are hard to guess but easy to remember.

How To Reset Toyota Entune: With Easiest Steps

If you want the easiest way possible, try the soft reset as shown below:

  • Step one: Press the Engine button two times without turning on the car
  • Step two: Stop and let the Toyota Entune system’s screen turn on
  • Step three: Hold down the PWR-VOL button for about twelve seconds
  • Step four: Test the system to see if the Entune is back to normal.

If the soft reset fails to make the app work again, try the hard reset technique by first backing up your data.

  • Step one:  Press the Engine button twice but do not trigger the engine.
  • Step two: Push down the physical Apps button on your entertainment system. Still holding it, switch the lights on and off thrice to activate the Diagnosis Check menu.
  • Step three: Press the INIT button on your screen until you see this: Personal data is initialized. OK? So, choose yes.
  • Step four: Now turn on your engine and find out if the process has removed all radio channels, Bluetooth devices, etc.

If the hard reset fails, try software reset:

  • Step one: Repeat step one in the previous methods and disable all active Bluetooth devices
  • Step two: Hold down the PWL-VOL button for twelve seconds and choose the Setup menu on the screen
  • Step three: Choose General and locate the Delete Personal Data button
  • Step four: Press this button and restart the car.

Entune App Suite Not Working: Steup & Functions

Important FAQs About Entune App Suite Not Working

1. What is the newest Entune App Suite version?

Current Toyota car models have Entune 3.0, which emerged between 2017 and 2018.
Entune is the most advanced entertainment and information system for Toyota users. Due to regular updates, Entune 3.0 works well unless there is a bug.

2. Does a person pay to have the Toyota Entune App Suite?

Yes, you will pay to use some Entune 3.0 features. These include Wi-Fi, Remote Connect, Safety Connect, and GPS features.
However, Toyota will give you a series of trial periods to familiarize you with the system. After that, you will pay monthly to access some features.

3. Can I know the Entune App in my Toyota car right now?

One can tell because the Entune 3.0 version has three variants. Thus, you have Entune Audio, Entune Audio Plus, or Entune Premium Audio.
Beneath your screen, you should see Sirius XM and HD Radio. If you cannot view this everywhere else, you are on Entune Audio.
Check if you have the MAP button. MAP indicates that you have Entune Audio Plus and Entune Premium Audio.

4. Is Entune Audio Standard in most Toyota models?

Yes, you will find it in most Toyotas, and it has handy features. First, the Entune Audio consists of a 6.1-inch or a 7-inch touch screen that displays things.
Entune Audio’s main feature is Siri® Eyes Free, and it provides high-quality voice controls.
Thus, the entertainment and information system can identify your voice and react to your commands.
Additionally, Entune Audio offers Bluetooth connectivity to ensure you continue using your phone without touching it as you drive your car.

5. What is Remote Connect all about when using Toyota Entune App Suite?

Remote Connect is a clever feature of your app that enables you to monitor and control your car from anywhere.
One can lock or unlock doors, track where the car is with GPS, and do much more.
However, you have to install the Entune App Suite on your mobile phone and run a valid subscription.

6. Can I reset my Toyota Entune multimedia system’s Bluetooth?

Yes, you can disable Toyota from your mobile phone’s Bluetooth devices. Then, restore the connection and watch what happens.
If it continues to misbehave, you can reset the system like how we explained it, as that will remove all saved data.

7. How comprehensive is Entune App Suite?

As earlier hinted, Entune App Suite provides three versions. If you subscribe to Entune Audio Plus and Premium Audio Plus, you will have more than voice recognition and Bluetooth connectivity features.
An HD Radio access will let you listen to high-definition tunes and receive some weather updates.
Also, you will have SiriusXM® Radio with a three-month trial period and a Scout GPS link.
If you have Entune Premium Audio, you will listen to Pandora or iHeartRadio, make dinner reservations, check gasoline prices, buy movie tickets, and navigate easily.


An Entune App Suite not working issue can happen at anytime. As the advanced multimedia system operates on the internet, it can grab some viruses and bugs.

These can interfere with Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and other aspects of your app.

If you have a defective app suite, you cannot listen to music, navigate with the Scout GPS Link, use Google Maps, or order services from various brands.

Once you notice that your app is not working, restore it immediately to enjoy its multiple functions.

We have described possible problems and solutions. So, reset your app to resolve complex issues.