Best 7 Intake for 2015 WRX – Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023!

Trying to get the best intake for 2015 WRX? You are certainly not lonesome, and that is why we create this guide for you.

The cold air intake is one of the most important parts of a car that enhances the functioning of its engine and lengthens its life span.

Also, it helps the engine to work effectively and not have adverse effects of working without a good air intake.

Furthermore, the system of cold air intake is the channel whereby oxygen flows into and through the engine for engine combustion.

The cold air intake allows a clean and new proportion of airflow into your engine which helps you get more power and mileage for your car.

What is the Best 2015 WRX Cold Air Intake?

The K&N Cold Air Intake is the best cold air intake for 2015 WRX. It is a high-quality performance kit made by a top company in the industry just for your 2015 WRX.

However, it has good compatibility and is guaranteed to improve your throttle power and enhance your engine performance.

Why K&N Air Intake is the best for Your 2015 WRX?

K&N Air Intake is produced with quality as well as lasting materials and built with the best technical design that is made to fit the engine bay of the 2015 WRX.

It is a well-tested and functional kit for your car.

Also, the model is designed by K&N which is one of the best companies in the development, design, and testing of the air intake system.

Top 07 Best Intake for 2015 WRX Review 2022: Best Aftermarket Air Intake

01. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit Fits 2015-2017 Subaru WRX

Highlighted Features

  • Increase Horsepower
  • Washable and Big-size High- flow Air Filter
  • Simple hand tools installation
  • Engine Protection
  • Perfect Growl at acceleration
  • Brilliant Engineering Design

Looking for the best WRX intake? We recommend the K&N Air Intake 69-8006TTK, which takes our number one spot.

It is designed to give your car the best airflow condition to work. Air passes through a high-flow air filter that gives up to 50% more air than the removable paper filter.

Thereafter, the air passes through an aerodynamic tube connection.

The cold air will give a  cooling effect to the engine and provide enough oxygen to improve the engine’s combustion.

Also, the high and coordinated airflow gives the engine the ability to produce more horsepower and torque.

Besides, the filter is oversized and washable. It has an interval of 100,000 miles for cleanings under highway use.

It is reusable and durable compare to the disposable paper filter of 20000 miles intervals. What’s more, the kit can be installed within an hour with hand tools.

The intake helps the process of the engine burning fuel effectively at combustion, which helps engine performance and fuel economy.


  • Guarantee to increase horsepower
  • Satisfying Engine Growl at acceleration
  • Clean, Enough, and Proportional airflow that gives 50% more filtered air to the engine
  • Saves the risk of the engine absorbing dirt and too much air.
  • Washable, Reuseable, large size Filter
  • Help fuel efficiency


  • There may be difficulty starting the car when there is dirt in the intake

02. AEM Heavy-duty Cold Air Intake for 2015 WRX

Highlighted Features

  • Builds Power and Torque
  • Migrates Air Filter Outer Engine Compartment
  • Guaranteed for the existence of your vehicle or truck
  • Accompanied by a lifetime DRYFLOW Synthetic air channel
  • Extraordinary filtration

The AEM 21-732C Cold Air Intake Systems are intended to deliver pull and force gains.

They supplant the prohibitive manufacturing plant airbox and air channel to give you better execution and better motor sound.

That is why they are reliable when used with your 2015 WRX.

Also, the AEM cold air admissions move the air channel outside the motor compartment to take cooler air into your motor.

Cooler air conveys more oxygen, which converts into a more extraordinary blast in the ignition chamber for more drive and force.

Moreover, they incorporate a curiously large AEM Dryflow engineered launderable air channel for extraordinary wind stream, filtration, and execution while permitting simple without oil cleaning.

They utilize a mandrel-bowed aluminum consumption cylinder and excellent equipment intended to decrease limitations and diminish admission temperature.

That is why they are your best bet when searching for a good WRX cold air intake.


  • Utilizes CAD configuration
  • On-street assessment, and race tracks to boost performance
  • Dynos utilization to assess power gains and test different lengths and breadths of the admission conduit
  • Dependable product since 1987


  • This Air Intake can’t be sold in California.

03. Mishimoto High-Performance Cold Air Intake Compatible With Subaru WRX 2015-2018

Highlighted Features

  • Protected with a stock tune
  • Capacities with the stock admission channel
  • Wire-supported silicone hose
  • Initiates in less than 60 minutes
  • Accessible with a clean, wrinkle dark or kink red line finish

Another product that made it into our 2015 WRX cold air intake review is the Mishimoto MMAI-WRX-15BP.

Mishimoto has fostered an exhibition air consumption designed explicitly for the 2015+ Subaru WRX.

The admission includes various imaginative parts, including a wire-built lower enlistment hose that won’t fall under pull and lift.

Dyno testing showed the most significant increases of up to 33 whp and 30 wtq and pinnacle gains of up to 28 whp and 21 wtq while keeping up with safe AFRs on the stock tune.

In addition, this admission has an exceptional and forceful tone under-speed increase and help, while the free-streaming plan enhances the turbocharger spool and BPV sounds.

The stock admission conduit is used to give a cool wind stream to the high-stream Mishimoto oiled air channel, which elements expanded the filtration surface region contrasted with the stock paper channel.

Besides, this channel can be cleaned and reused, giving a long period of administration.

The admission is alternatively accessible with an encased airbox for security against motor sound warmth drench. It gives a stock-like motor cove appearance that makes it unique.

Also, this unit is a finished screw that capacitates impeccably with the stock tune and can be introduced in one hour utilizing usual hand instruments.

It is made in the USA and accessible with either cleaned or Wrinkle Black aluminum admission channeling. That is why it is a cold air intake 2015 WRX that you can rely on.


  • Dyno-demonstrated additions of up to 33 whp and 30 wtq on a stock tune
  • Dyno-demonstrated increases of up to 70 whp and 70 wtq on a more forceful tune
  • Capacities with stock admission pipe
  • Introduces in less than 60 minutes
  • Straight fit for the 2015+ Subaru WRX


  • Utilization with other octane fills will require a reseller’s exchange tune.

04. Mishimoto MMAI-WRX-15RWRD Premium Quality Air Intake for Subaru WRX 2015-2018

Highlighted Features

  • Profoundly forceful admission tone
  • Fits with most front-mount intercooler units
  • Utilizations stock air consumption swim
  • Accessible with a cleaned, wrinkle dark, or flawed red line
  • Incorporates MAF augmentation

This other model from Mishimoto boasts plush features that will boost the efficiency of your car engine.

Its 3-inch mandrel-bowed tubing gives a smooth stream to gigantic measures of air, as this admission was planned with massive turbos and high lift pressures as a primary concern.

In addition, the powder-covered airbox shields from heat splash during extensive drives, and the stock admission swim gives calm, outside air to the airbox to assist with holding admission temperatures down.

Your car will need a tune to run this admission, giving you significantly more force to go mess around with.

Mishimoto, the world forerunner in execution cooling items, produced the  MMAI-WRX-15RWRD for car lovers and auto devotees.

The company was set up in 2005 with many years of involvement with pursuing the objective of giving a better cooling framework for vehicles.

The  MMAI-WRX-15RWRD is an ideal choice for those looking for WRX cold air intake.


  • Perfect fit for 2015+ Subaru WRX.
  • High-stream air channel
  • Wholly cleanable and reusable.
  • CNC-machined air diverter assists with keeping up with solid and reliable MAF readings
  • Tuning is a more straightforward assignment.
  • Powder-covered dark airbox holds undesirable hot air from entering the air channel
  • Uses stock air-consumption swim.


  • Your car will need a tune to run this admission

05. Perrin Performance PSP-INT-325RD Red Cold Air Intake for Subaru WRX

Highlighted Features

  • Fabricated in the United States
  • Produced from top-quality components
  • Superior performance

Perrin Performance fabricates a full line of elite Subaru and FR-S/BRZ items hitting each part of execution adjustment for your vehicle.

The company makes the items that will help your exhibition to a higher level, from suspension to motor execution.

Also, the Perrin Performance PSP-INT-325RD is a reliable cold air intake 2015 WRX that will not fail at the critical period.

It is made from components of top quality, making it easier for you to get value for your money.

It is produced with standard requirements considerations in mind making it a high caliber product to best suit your car needs.


  • Higher exhibition levels
  • Wide range application
  • Lightweight guarantees easy maneuver
  • Superior performance


  • May malfunction if not well installed

06. K&N Cold Premium Cold Air Intake Fits 2014-2015 SUBARU

Highlighted Features

  • Best towage
  • Further developed engine sound
  • A-list protection
  • Simple maintenance
  • Superior grade

The 69-8008TTK is another top-quality from K&N, rated the best WRX intake, manufacturer.

Its air admission frameworks are designed for expanded execution, remarkable solidness, and smooth style, and are accessible in an arrangement of completions and powder coatings.

Besides, K&N’s best-in-class High-Flow Air Filter assists with protecting your vehicle from foreign substances.

The air admission frameworks are intended to boost speed while giving top-notch assurance to your motor.

Furthermore, the admissions are dyno-tried and give up to half more wind stream contrasted with OEM consumption frameworks.

The admissions are not difficult to introduce and keep up with air channel cleaning required just every 100,000 miles and well for 2014-2015 SUBARU Impreza.


  • Top-notch execution cold air admission frameworks
  • More extensive than average washable High-Flow Air Filter
  • Biggest cone-like molded high-stream air channel
  • Utilizes processing plant openings and mounting focuses
  • Straightforward to introduce to your vehicle or truck
  • Easy to install


  • Only fits perfectly in similar engine layouts

07. HPS Performance Polish Shortram Best Quality Air Intake for WRX 2015

Highlighted Features

  • Adjusted to convey dyno demonstrated execution
  • Clean, lightweight mandrel-bowed aluminum amalgam channeling
  • Improves wind current
  • Hardcore powder-covered steel heat safeguard
  • Conveys the most extreme cooling impact
  • HPS signature race demonstrated supported silicone hoses
  • Mechanical grade 100% tempered steel t-bolt clips

This 2015 WRX cold air intake review is not complete without mentioning HPS Performance SRI 827-563P.

Worked for execution and show, the HPS Polish short smash air consumption with heat safeguard offers a free-streaming 2.75″ mandrel-bowed aluminum tube acceptance framework intended to create dyno-demonstrated execution.

It gains a +8.5 Whip drive, +8.3 ft/lbs. force and further develop a choke reaction while keeping up with safe air-fuel proportion.

Also, the substantial force-covered steel heat safeguard remembered for the unit shut out the warmth from the motor and amplifies the cooling impact.

Therefore, in contrast with the virus air admission, HPS short smash calm air admission is a helpful method to change your admission if an occurrence of stormy days arises where water may be drafted into your virus air framework.

What’s more, the included establishment guidance has clear pictures and depictions to direct the installer all through the entire interaction.

The unit doesn’t need tuning and doesn’t trigger the CEL light. Therefore, no change is needed during the establishment.

Furthermore, it is lightweight with a 2.75″ mandrel-bowed aluminum amalgam channeling, which supplants the prohibitive stock airbox and enhances the wind stream with dependable sturdiness.

Its short slam air consumption pack highlights HPS signature race, demonstrated built-up silicone hoses, and mechanical grade 100% hardened steel T-bolt cinches, which guarantee toughness and unwavering quality during the super driving condition.

In addition, the All-New HPS Performance Air Filter is planned considering execution, conveying superb filtration without forfeiting wind current.

It is launderable and reusable, hence, you can be sure of perfect lastingness.


  • Superb filtration without forfeiting wind current
  • Launderable and reusable
  • Compactly designed for ease of utilization


  • Restricted lifetime and only fits specific vehicles

What to Consider when Buying the Best Intake for 2015 WRX

The need for an intake for your car should be guided by what you are to look out for before buying your air intake.

Considering there are many types, brands, years, and what models of Subaru need to avoid, therefore, any kind of part can not work for every type of car.

See the following features or pointers you should look out for when buying an air intake:

Type or Model of Car

The parts that are made specifically for a type of model, type, or year, of a car, requires adequate consideration.

It is important to know that the type of air intake that you are buying and installing is the one that is designed for your car.

Manufacturer or Brand of Part

The manufacturer is important, some companies have done other parts of a type or model of car and know that model as well as its engineering due to other parts they have designed for the car.

Hence, you should choose a manufacturer or brand that produces parts that are for your car model.

Engineering design of the Intake

The design of the intake to fit the engine bay of your car is an engineering pattern you need to consider.

Choose the kit that is the best fit for your car type engineering. This may include the shape, construct, and beauty of the intake on the engine.

Materials used for Part

Air intakes are designed to cool the engine temperature by channeling cold air into the engine and removing the collected heat from the engine.

As a result of this, you will need an air intake built with heat-resistant materials.

Water Protection

Besides, you need an air intake that is built to avoid water intake into the airflow and into the engine with can cause disastrous engine failure problems.

Tube Flow Channel

There is a consideration of the channel that the intake passes and the shape it takes,  it is easy for air to flow on a straight line than on a curved path.

The shape or path of the tubes will determine the path of the airflow.

The Form of Air Intake System

There is a need to consider the style of air the intake is designed to have. We have two major systems; short ram and true cold air intake systems.

The short ram system makes the filter easy to reach and has less plumbing as well as fabrication.

Also, the truly cold air intake system is more extended to have the filter at a position to have cooler air intake.

Common FAQs for the Best WRX Cold Air Intake

Can a car work without an air intake?

A car can work or run without an air intake but will be at the risk of catastrophic fault that may occur as a result of poor or too much air that gets into the engine.

This may also cause dirt to get into the engine, which may cause the blockage of some channels and thereby a breakdown of the car.

A car without an air intake may even run faster because there will be unlimited air without proportion into the engine, this will have repercussions on the engine.

Can cold air intakes work on WRX?

A cold air intake system works on WRX. It boosts its horsepower so that acceleration and power can be enhanced without neglecting the protection of the engine.

How much HP can you get out of a 2015 WRX?

The 2015 WRX boasts 268 hp with a torque of 258 lb-ft. This is made possible by its new features including two latest transmissions – a 6-speed manual as well as a CVT.

Does cold air intake increase horsepower?

Yes, cold air intake can increase more power because they are designed to take a larger volume of air, it will replace the stock restrictive intake on the engine.

It is an improvement on the factory design that gives the car the advantage of more oxygen for combination and therefore more horsepower.

Does K&N cold air intake worth the money?

The K&N air intake is a functional and long-lasting kit that saves you from the expense of changing the disposable filter at short intervals.

The kit is at a minimal cost and easy to install, there is a guarantee of high performance and maximum lastingness.

The K&N company has gained a reputation for quality and high-performing engineering products provided at affordable costs.

How much horsepower does K&N cold air intake add to the car performance?

You can get about 10-15 more horsepower to add to your engine performance as a result of more airflow that allows more mixture of oxygen and air for more horsepower in your car.

The larger tubes of this K&N air intake it possible to increase the horsepower with more airflow.

Is air intake Good for a car?

Air intakes are good for sustaining engine life, improving performance, increase horsepower and acceleration. This will the engine from being affected by dirt or intake of water.

There is a filter that fits the air that comes into the engine to avoid the dirt that may come on the air.

Is K&N air intake reusable?

The K&N air intake is designed with an oversize filter that is washable and reusable. The interval between cleanings is 100000 miles.


When there is a need to sustain the life of your engine, improve Subaru’s performance and increase horsepower.

Moreover, you will need to repair or replace your car engine parts or change the type of parts you are using to achieve the kind of result you want.

This extends to other kinds of car issues and needs. It is therefore important to get the best intake for the 2015 WRX that will work perfectly with your car.

Having a good 2015 Subaru WRX cold air intake is a problem solved with the brilliant development of K&N air intake produced by engineers to work perfectly with your car features and design.

You are saving yourself from the trouble of engine problems as a result of poor or filthy airflow when there is no air intake and from the expenses of changing the disposable paper filter at a short interval.

Finally, you will have more horsepower and increased acceleration. There is nothing that satisfies a car user more than the high performance of the car, and sustained and protected engine life.