Top 10 Best Oil Drain Valve – Reviews & Best Buying Guide for 2023!

If you want the best oil drain valve for automobiles, then reading this guide will benefit you. Oil changing is crucial to improve the vehicle’s performance.

Unfortunately, people nowadays tend to take engine oil for granted and neglect to change it.

Also, changes using the correct drain valves are crucial for better services. The article will inform you about the fittest oil drain valves for your Subaru.

So, keep scrolling to grasp more information and change the oil of your Subaru’s engine right at your home.

What are the best engine oil drain valves?

Fumoto, EZ, and ValvoMAx are the best oil drain valve brands. There are thousands of oil drain valves in the market; however, these are the finest.

They serve quality and give positive outcomes, which make them ideal picks. In addition, plenty of extended benefits and perks make them a top choice for oil drain valves.

We recommend these brands after close consideration and checking reviews from clients.

Why “Fumoto, EZ, and ValvoMAx” are the best oil drain valve?

Several reasons make Fumoto, EZ, and ValvoMAx the finest picks for oil drain valves. First, these brands offer high-quality products with reliable results.

Also, they offer easy, hassle-free, and quick oil changes each time you replace your Subaru’s oil using their products.

Furthermore, EZ offers extended hose ends, a plastic lever cover, nickel-plated covering, and a Viton O-ring.

Along with this, ValvoMAx offers additional products like quick twist valves and oil bags to its clients. Lastly, Fumoto is known for its quality and closely crafted products.

These aspects make oil changing easy and convenient. Moreover, they are reliable brands that offer only genuine products and replace faulted products at no extra cost.

The 10 Best Oil Drain Valve for Subaru: Expert’s Review

01. Fumoto F106SX 14mm- Best Engine Oil Drain Valves

Highlighted Features

  • Simple, patent-pending design
  • 360-degree rotation
  • No need for adapters
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Simple Installing
  • Certified brand

Fumoto’s SX oil drain valve is a unique, trademarked, and stunning design that includes two primary parts in its construction.

First, a through bolt and an oil flow control covering. These two highlighting perks permit you to place the drain valve in the desired position for using it with ease.

The product can rotate up to 360 degrees, consuming little space and giving you maximum protection while performing the task.

Also, it is a highly versatile oil drain valve that permits easy installation without using adapters. The Fumoto F106Sx is a certified model that ensures compliance and quality.

However, the model may be expensive for some. But it is a very suitable product to change the engine oil without expert help.

It ensures that the changed oil is clean and comprises no toxic pollutants.

Getting used to using this oil drain valve might be difficult. Yet, over time with constant use, you will find it more convenient.

Fumoto has an advanced technology that permits you positive outcomes only. The durable covering and other properties make the product highly durable.

Moreover, using it will help you change the oil with ease and help your engine function smoothly.


  • Highly-durable built
  • No additional tools needed
  • Installing does not require adapters
  • Convenient 360-degree rotation


  • Expensive
  • Slow functioning

02. EZ-106 Removable Hose End- Top Oil Drain Valve Review

Highlighted Features

  • Resolves clearance issues
  • Convenient oil changes
  • Advanced technology
  • Needs no additional equipment
  • Saves time and expenses
  • It needs no stripped thread

EZ’s new and advanced oil drained valves have the most convenient ways to change your Subaru’s engine oil.

The primary feature of this product is its removable hose end that helps in resolving all clearance issues.

Therefore, it has a tough and durable nickel-plated body that prevents tarnishing and wearing out. Lastly, the O-ring is a perfect seal that ensures no leaks.

After installing the valve, you will easily be able to change the engine oil of your Subaru. The process is easy and does not require a lot of tools.

All a user must do is elevate the lever of the brass ball valve and further give it an easy quarter turn.

After this process when you return the lever to its original position, it will seal the hose end and ensure no leaks.

The Subaru engine oil drain valves must be solid and durable for favorable outcomes. Altogether, this EZ oil drain valve is suitable for all purposes.

And it has a corrosion-resistant structure to ensure better functioning. So, if you are looking for an easy-to-install and versatile oil drain valve, the EZ 106 is your most reliable choice.

The product is manageable and is built to deliver ease.


  • Corrosion-resistant covering
  • Easy to extract oil
  • Removable hose ends
  • Easy one-touch functioning


  • The lever may jam during snow
  • Might leak

03. ValvoMax M14 Stainless Oil Drain Valve

Highlighted Features

  • Improves vehicle’s life
  • A sturdy, tough product
  • Quick oil changing
  • Powered by wave spring technology
  • Time saver
  • Reduces chances of mishaps

ValvoMax M14 is popular for its sturdy built and stainless-steel construction. In addition, the company ensures that their oil drain valves give reliable performance for a great time.

Moreover, you do not require searching tools while removing oil from the Subaru using this oil filter. It is quick, not messy, and prevents drains.

The primary highlight is the wave spring technology that helps a user save time. This ensures oil is quicker and has a consistent flow.

M14 is an easy-to-install valve. After installing it, you do not need to keep a check on it. ValvoMax ensures no messy drainage and perfect outcomes only.

Additionally, the valve also ensures more stability, prevents spills, and reduces the chances of injuries. Surely, the valve can improve your Subaru’s performance.

ValvoMax has a variety of oil drain valves to suit your vehicle types and model.

However, before using it, ensure you remove the cap and prepare your Subaru for an oil change. The oil will not begin to flow till you do not attach the drain.

Furthermore, the company offers drainage bags and other accessories to add ease.


  • Easy usage and installing
  • Durable, long-lasting valve
  • No tools required
  • Quick drain


  • Difficult to screw fittings
  • Might leak

04. Fumoto F107N Lever Clip FN-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth performer
  • Quick and hassle-free oil changes
  • No need for extra tools
  • Offer maximum protection
  • Sturdy, robust design
  • Suitable for high-ground clearance trucks

Fumoto has built this stunning oil drain valve with a fine construction for easy fittings and smooth performance. The product is a crafter to cater to a user’s needs the best.

It has a sturdy build that assures the best results and convenience for first-time operators.

Installing this drain valve is very simple and does not require additional tools or adapters. The drain valve is most suitable for maximum ground clearance vehicles.

It offers protection and gives accurate results. Check all the aspects clearly to better understand what you want in an oil drain valve.

If you are looking for reliable auto drain valves, this is your ideal pick. Also, the product is highly compatible with Subaru’s and ensures cleaner oil changes.

It is quick and gives you faster oil changes with every use. Using the device initially may be difficult, but with time it becomes convenient.

Moreover, fitting it is essential so ensure you take expert assistance if you find difficulty. Wrong fittings can cause minor damages, which is not good for your Subaru’s engine.


  • Lasting results
  • Includes a washer
  • Cost-efficient
  • Sturdy valve


  • May have size defects
  • Screwing drain valves is tough

05. EZ-106 14mm-1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

Highlighted Features

  • Quick and smooth oil changes
  • Easy operation
  • Lightweight
  • Optional hose ends
  • Simple installation
  • Cost-efficient

EZ-106 is an excellent oil drain valve that replaces your drain plug and gives you quicker and smoother oil changes.

The valve is quite cost-efficient and can save a lot of time for you. To open the valve, all a user must do is lift the lever and move it to a quarter.

Closing it is quite simple. You need to shift the lever to its original position, and it will get automatically locked. Anybody can operate this valve without any expert knowledge.

However, the operator needs a little practice to use it with complete ease.

Thus, this oil drain valve also has optional hose ends. These hose ends can be quickly screwed into the valve to remove the oil from the Subaru quickly.

They can rotate 360-degrees to add to user convenience and give utmost ease while changing the oil.

The hose ends are interchangeable, making them the most reliable components of this drain valve.

Also, the product has a quick installation and durable material that makes it a suitable choice. Thus, using it will give you excellent outcomes only.

Finding your proper thread length is critical before purchasing this product. Checking this factor will ensure better accuracy and fit.

Wrong fittings may cause random delays and annoyance. So, to save time and pick reliable products, go for more reliable sizes and get precise measurements only.


  • Adjustable/changeable hose ends
  • Easy valve screwing
  • Positive outcomes
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Not applicable to all
  • Cheap material

06. Stahlbus M14x1.5x12mm Steel Oil Drain Valve Plug

Highlighted Features

  • Simple installing
  • High-quality, Sturdy product
  • Smooth and swift oil changes
  • Flexible drain tubes
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable

An easy and advanced replacement for your drain screw is the Stahlbus M14. Installing this device is very simple, and any user with basic knowledge can do it.

But, you must be cautious while fitting this device. Wrong fittings may cause a slowing down of oil drain flow. Yet, that will not affect your Subaru’s performance.

The high-quality steel structure of this product is the finest perk of them all. It makes the oil drain valve very durable and convenient for use.

M14 has an anodized aluminum safety cap with a flexible drain tube that is made using silicone. It is ideal for Subaru engine oil drain valves as it is entirely compatible with the vehicle.

In addition, the product has a complete user manual to cater to all your needs.

The Stahlbus valve delivers excellent performance and ensures smoother and quicker oil changes.

Oil drain valves are not just necessary for smooth performance and ease but also for better delivery.

And this product offers precision and high-quality outcomes. You will certainly not be disappointed using these oil drain valves.

However, you may have to invest a little high to get this drain valve. But, it is a lifetime product that will not wear out easily.


  • No equipment required
  • Easy to handle
  • Reduced damage risks
  • Protects against leaks


  • Too expensive
  • It does not fit all vehicles

07. Fumoto Original FS-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve

Highlighted Features

  • One-touch functioning
  • User-friendly and Easy to use
  • Improves vehicle life
  • It needs no extra tools
  • Quicker oil changes
  • Clean, less messy

Fumoto F103S provides cleaner and more convenient oil changes. Along with this, the device has an advanced one-touch operation that makes it a unique pick.

Fumoto products have unique technologies that deliver good results only. Moreover, the robust covering makes the product an ideal pick for most Subaru cars.

Using this device will improve vehicle life and give you better engine life.

F103S is a short nipple variant that requires an operator to adjust the knob to use it. The valve is ideal for hose connections and providing maximum protection.

Installing it is hassle-free and needs no additional tools. It is easy to fit the device with all the specs you need in a reliable oil drain valve.

Moreover, it ensures cleaner oil and no mess. Fumoto is a certified brand with guaranteed products that do not disappoint most users.

Therefore, you can easily change the drain valve if you suspect faults or errors. So, picking this reliable company also gives you better customer assistance and maximum convenience.


  • Easy installing
  • Maximum protection
  • It comes with optional hose ends
  • Sturdy, robust product


  • May leak
  • Quality issues

08. ValvoMax No Tools/No Mess/Fast Drain Stainless Oil Drain Valve for M12-1.75

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent performer
  • Easy fixing and operating
  • Faster oil changes
  • Time saver
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reduces chances of injuries

M12 oil drain valves ensure lifetime excellence and performance to their users. They have a robust stainless-steel body that assures the best outcomes.

You do not need to keep looking for tools every time you wish to drain the oil out of your Subaru’s engine.

The oil changing process using this valve becomes fast, convenient, and very handy. Its wave spring technology helps in saving a lot of time and assures results.

The wave spring also enables the user to change oil quickly and give consistent flow.

Once you place this oil drain valve, you no longer need to worry about it. ValvoMax ensures messy drains are not an issue for users anymore.

Further, the valve also reduces the chances of injuries, promotes stability, and gives you reliable performance. These auto drain valves are a perfect oil-changing companion for all users.

Yet, before utilizing the device, ensure that you remove and change the cap entirely. The oil will not begin to flow if you do not change the drain tube.

Drain tubes move the check ball upwards and drain the oil in a few minutes. A drain bag is provided to the users to reduce messiness and trouble for complete ease.


  • Durables and long-lasting
  • Single installation
  • Quick drain
  • Wave spring technology


  • Insufficient space for screwing
  • Washer not included

09. EZ-106RL Super Duty Oil Drain Valve

Highlighted Features

  • Certified product
  • Removable hose ends
  • Double-seal ensures no leaks
  • Cleaner oil changes
  • It does not require extra tools
  • Suitable for specific vehicles

EZ is a reliable company that has been manufacturing oil drain valves for a few years now. It includes a removable, L-shaped hose end with a specific size.

The device is very simple to install and does not need unnecessary tools for an ideal fit. Moreover, the oil drain valve is double-sealed, ensuring that it does not cause any leaks.

The product comes with a hose-end attachment and is a reliable device for changing the oil of your Subaru.

Therefore, the drain valve may not be quick as others but is surely cleaners and less messy.

Also, it is the finest drain valve that assures the oil does not flow everywhere and smoothly comes out from the valve.

Overall, EZ oil drain valves are ideal picks for your Subaru. They are the best partners if you are changing oil for the first time.

Moreover, a user does not require a lot of expertise to remove oil using this drain valve. Anybody can simply complete the process without using a lot of tools and equipment.


  • Cleaner oil changes
  • Minimal contact
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Double lock mechanism


  • Slow changing
  • May leak

10. DEF F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve 14mm-1.5 Thread for High Ground Clearance Truck or SUV

Highlighted Features

  • Brass covering
  • Easy operation and use
  • 90-degree rotation
  • Durable
  • Smooth and excellent performance
  • Reduces risks

The DEF oil drain valve is ideal for manual use as well. You can easily drain the oil using your hands and with total comfort.

It prevents exposure to warm oil and reduces risks. Installing this device is quite simple and does not need expert knowledge.

Oil drain valves may look complicated but are easy to fit. This oil drain valve has a simple lever technology that makes its fitting very easy.

You can rotate it to a 90-degrees for maximum convenience. And the oil drain valve also prevents leaking chances.

So, if you are using for simple to use and clean oil drain valve, this is your ideal pic. Also, the product lasts for a decent time before wearing out.

Most valves have good durability, and so does this one. It is not very pricey, which is a highlighting feature of this oil drain valve. So, pick wisely and invest incorrect tools to get good results.

Overall, using this drain valve for your Subaru will extend its life and give a smoother performance.

In addition, it is a reliable product that gives accurate results with each use. Thus, opt for this advanced device with perks to make your vehicle’s oil changes easy and hassle-free.

It will surely not disappoint you with its performance and exceptional outcomes that it shows with time.


  • Easy fitting and functioning
  • Prevents oil leaks
  • Cost-efficient
  • Sufficient space for screws


  • Quality issues
  • Not sturdy

Crucial Buying Consideration for the Best Oil Drain Valve for Subaru

People with good vehicle knowledge will tell you how small parts can affect a vehicle’s functioning and overall life. The oil drain valve is one such small but crucial part of a vehicle.

It is a must-have device for hassle-free and quick oil changes. The right device can help you improve your Subaru’s life and overall engine performance.

Picking an ideal oil drain valve is very critical. Some aspects you should consider before purchasing an oil drain valve are mentioned below.

Ensure you check all of these points closely to get your ideal product. Then, keep scrolling to know the aspects you must consider to avoid disappointments.

Leak Prevention

It is a crucial factor you must consider in oil drain valves. Leaking is a common oil drain issue. So, check if the drain valve has a seal or an O-ring to prevent any leaks.

Suitable oil drain valves promise no leaks and ensure your vehicle works smoothly without any interruptions. A seal may decide the working of your Subaru.

So, if you want to drive safely back home, then considering this factor is very crucial. If you notice a gradual oil drop, it could be a leaking valve or a plug issue.

Thus, check on it and accordingly select your product.

Easy Operation

Easy installation and use are other primary things to consider before purchasing a drain valve. If a valve offers less ease than the drain plug, it is smart not to opt for such products.

Some valves also offer simple one-touch technology. The finest way to pick your ideal product is by reading the Subaru oil drain valve review.


Today there are plenty of companies that manufacture oil drain valves. However, not all these companies promise durable and high-quality valves.

Reliable devices are made with stainless steel or any other durable material to promise excellent performance.

Consider the grind of the roads in your locality and smartly pick your device to prevent damage and loss. Some valves may be very durable and last a lifetime. So, pick accordingly.

Size and Specifications

Nobody likes returning their products and causing unnecessary delays. Thus, knowing the right size and specifications is essential to avoid random disappointments.

If you are not sure, you should refer to manuals and seek expert aid for accuracy. Choosing the wrong products can be disappointing so consider this factor closely.

Additional Accessories

Some companies offer extra accessories with their drain valves that others do not. These accessories include adapters, hosepipes, valves, etc.

So, instead of purchasing them, prefer going for a product that has all of them. By doing this, you will make a valuable purchase and save time and cash.


The most important aspect to consider is the price. Sometimes most people do not consider this factor but checking on it is also crucial.

Deciding on a budget helps in making your selection better and quicker. Ensure the product you are paying for is worth its cost.

Moreover, high prices do not always mean that the drain valve is safe and suitable. You can easily find cheaper and better options if you read the Subaru oil drain valve review closely.

An extra suggestion we recommend is that certain valves are not fit for vehicles that have low ground clearance. Thus, check this aspect before considering a drain valve.

Be sure about all your needs before making the primary selection.

Best Oil Drain Valve- Common FAQs

1. Are oil drain valves effective?

Surely, oil drain valves are excellent products. They improve the overall performance of a vehicle and give excellent results.

Moreover, using them is very manageable and secure. Oil drain valves are durable products that can last for a lifetime.

Investing in the correct device is crucial for perfect results.

2. Do I need to replace plug gaskets after every oil change?

Replacing Subaru head gaskets entirely depends on your use and the type of gasket you have in your Subaru.

If it is a copper gasket, then ensure you change it after every oil change as these gaskets are not suitable for reuse.

Subaru head gasket replacing the cost can vary according to different models, it’s a must-learn aspect.

3. Is draining oil by removing the oil filter possible?

Surely no. Most vehicles have oil filters like a cup and drip a small amount of oil. These filters are present at the bottom and above the pan of the engine.

This is the area where maximum oil rests after the engine is turned off. So, to drain the oil from the engine, you need to use a plug to remove its access oil from the bottom.

Thus, just removing the oil filter is not effective; this will help you drain a little oil only.

4. How to drain oil from a Subaru?

You will need a socket wrench to drain the oil from your Subaru. Start by unscrewing the bolts from the engine’s pan.

Then, extract the cap on the oil filler and further remove the oil filter by unscrewing it. For removing the oil, you will require an oil bag and an oil drain valve.

The bad is essential as it prevents messiness and cleaner changes. Today most vehicles have easy-to-use and convenient drain valves.

So, performing this task is not a big issue. All a user needs to do is turn the lever and wait for results.

5. How can you fit the Fumoto valve?

Installing a Fumoto valve is easy irrespective of its model number or the type of valve it is. The process is attainable in three easy steps.

First, prepare the drain plug to drain the oil and remove the oil from the engine pan.

Next, please insert it into the valve, but ensure you do not completely press it or apply extra pressure on the valve.

And lastly, hand-tight the assembled valve with your hand by gentle threading. The process may seem tough initially but will become simpler with time.

6. How can you fasten a Fumoto valve?

Fastening Fumoto valves is quite simple. You do not require additional tools but only need to use your hand. Begin by slowly wiring the valve in the drain component manually.

After the valve is entirely straight then fasten it with your hand. Perform the process slowly and do not use a lot of pressure. Thus, we advise using no devices and only hands.

Ensure that the thread does not have twists and turns and is completely straight before fastening it.

Finally, ensure you give the thread additional turns to complete the process smoothly and ensure the work is done with precision.

7. Can you put oil in the filter while changing it?

No, do not try to put the oil in the filter while changing it. Instead, ensure the filter is well in place before draining oil into it.

Underfills may be messy and lubricate the internal elements of your Subaru’s engine. So, ensure you do not try this.

Before changing the filter, ensure you grease the filter well. It will reduce the chances of leaking, cracking and give you a smooth fit.

Filters ensure that the oil is clean so ensure you change them every time you replace the oil.


Hopefully, by now, you must have a better knowledge about oil drain valves and their use. Also, you must have picked the best oil drain valve for Subaru.

Oil changes are not difficult and do not need to be complicated. All a person needs are the right tools and drain valves to complete the process with ease.

Today these valves are easily available everywhere. You can select your ideal valve and purchase it right from the comfort of your residence.

Consider all the points closely to get the best buy for your Subaru. Clean oil changes are essential for accurate results.

Thus, pick smartly and reduce chances of risks and disappointments.