Top 07 Best Performance Chip For Toyota Tundra for 2023!

Identifying the best performance chip for Toyota Tundra could be tough without the right guide.

So if you are seeking the finest performance chip for your vehicle, ensure you read to the end. We have all insights to assist you in locating the most suitable model for you.

A good quality performance chip ensures more horsepower & torque, which are the most reliable add-on for your truck.

Therefore, we have listed only the top-performance chips here for your requirements. You can entirely rely on these tuners for maximizing your horsepower.

These power-packed parts aid in increasing the drive experience of the Tundra and deliver an increased horsepower to it.

Also, finding products that aid in optimum performance for the best outcomes. Picking reliable performance chips aid your vehicle as well.

So, read on and locate the best performance chip for your automobile today.

Which is the best performance chip for Tundra?

Innovative Performance is the finest pick for your Toyota tundra. Varied aspects make it a suitable choice.

All of its users rely on it to boost the overall horsepower of the vehicle. Further, the company is well recognized and holds a renowned value in the market.

So, pick their manufactured chips only for efficient outcomes and fine performance.

Why “Innovative Performance” is the best tuner for Toyota Tundra?

Various aspects make the brand a reliable choice for your Toyota tundra. It is the finest and compatible with almost all Toyota Tundra vehicle models.

Further, it improves horsepower and offers the vehicle a suitable fuel economy.

Innovative Performance has been in the market for years now. And it surely has the most fantastic performance chips.

Several drivers rely on it for their vehicle’s benefit and prefer adding their products for optimum outcomes.

Moreover, their performance chips are budget-friendly and never compromise on their built quality.

Lastly, Innovative performance chips help save gas and improve the overall MPG of your truck.

Overall, the all-rounder product is the most reliable choice that perfectly matches all the tundra models.

Top 07 Best Performance Chip For Toyota Tundra Review In 2022

01. Innovative Performance Power Compatible with Toyota Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Boosts 35+ HP
  • Improves mileage
  • Offers air/furl optimization
  • High-quality finish
  • Enabled with Wifi connectivity
  • Comes with a complete kit

Innovative performance is one of the finest manufacturers of performance chips for Tundra vehicles.

They build reliable and compatible products to suit specific needs with care.

Further, it is a well-known brand that manufactures multiple products that aid in improving the complete performance of the vehicle.

Users rely on it for years and give accurate outcomes with precision. Installing their performance chips will surely cover your needs well and suit your Toyota tundra perfectly.

Further, this product also offers a striking boost in horsepower. Altering the air/fuel ratio also helps save a lot of cash by limiting the overall gas expenditure.

Also, they help in improving the automobile’s economy and come in a complete kit that is necessary for perfect installation.

You do not necessitate external add-on bolts or tools to fix this product.

The fitting procedure can be completed within a few minutes and does not consume hours.

Further, you can also complete it with utmost ease without expert assistance. All you must do is follow the guidelines in the manual correctly.

The improved power and torque further make the throttle response striking and enhance the vehicle’s performance.

The performance chip is also very user-friendly and simple to maintain.

By installing it, you need not worry about any issues. The performance chip offers stunning durability and is built using high-end materials only.


  • Simple Fitting
  • Improves mileage, money saver
  • Offers great horsepower
  • Improves overall durability



  • Doesn’t assist in error codes

02. Bully Dog 40417 GT Tuner for Gas Applications

Highlighted Features

  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Ideal for manual transmission vehicles
  • 10 customization options
  • 98 adjustable settings
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for harsh weather

Another high-end performance chip manufacturer is Bully dog.

Several users suggest that the performance chip is a high-end product that enhances fuel efficiency and driving experience, particularly smooth gear shifts and overall drives.

So, if you have a manual transmission model, you are in a complete win-win situation.

It will offer complete ease and give you ideal outcomes with each drive.

However, the devices do make loud noises for reporting any issue, warning, or sometimes for no reason at all. So, inspect this aspect well before making a final choice.

Further, another striking aspect of this device is its preloaded settings and 10 customization options.

It is undoubtedly an ideal product for users that use their tundra daily or need to drive no matter which season.

Thus, they have the durability to sustain harsh weather settings as well. It is undoubtedly the second-best tuner for Toyota Tundra.

Moreover, its 98 adjustable options, simple fitting procedure, and notable performance make it an ideal choice for many.

So, if you are looking for a performance chip with multiple features, you must select this product only.

Altogether it is an ideal product that is simple to fit. You do not necessitate much expertise to install this kit. It is an efficient product with all the assistance to serve you well.


  • Multiple adjustable settings
  • Can diagnose errors
  • Improves horsepower
  • Permits 10 customization


  • Loud noises
  • Not very efficient

03. Pedal Commander PC-27 Performance Platinum for Toyota Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 20%
  • Instant operation
  • Eight sensitivity levels
  • Varied speed controls
  • 4 varied modes
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity

If you want a performance chip for improved speed control, this model is ideal for your requirements.

The performance chip is an instant plug-and-play device that does not necessitate more than ten minutes of fixing.

The varied modes assist you in improving your automobile’s speed and overall experience as per your needs.

Three different modes are Sport+, City, Eco, and Sport+. You can utilize this machine for varied purposes and driving needs by altering these modes.

Further, the device has been highly compatible with every tundra model since 2007.

The performance chip is uniquely designed, ensuring the functioning of the Toyota Tundra.

And thus, it will not hamper the performance of the vehicle or its engine in any way.

It improves the overall performance, speeds the vehicle quicker, and helps to remove any delays that occur while using the accelerator pedal.

Further, the tuner directs a signal to ECU quicker than any usual truck. And this further improves the speed of your automobile and offers complete ease while driving.

Along with these aspects, the performance chip installation also saves 20% fuel and enhances the overall economy.


  • The very quick fitting process
  • Fuel and money saver
  • Quicker acceleration
  • Varied modes for different needs


  • Inefficient eco mode
  • Improper connectivity

04. Krazy On Highways 84130-3 Digital Gauge Compatible with Toyota Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Digital display
  • One-touch operation
  • Compatible with OBDII-equipped vehicles
  • Affordable
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Aids in vehicle protection

The Krazy On performance chip is certainly another highlighting device you must consider for your vehicle.

It notes and displays all aspects closely. Further, it offers apt outcomes only without any delays.

The digital screen is certainly the most striking highlight of the device. It offers multiple gauge layouts and has all the settings you need for perfect drives.

So, if you wish to cancel delays and experience a seamless drive, opt for this model only.

Further, the device claims to have the finest multi-gauge touch display. Also, it is an apt tool for individuals that wish to monitor their automobile’s performance.

The Krazy On performance chip is also very manageable. You can easily fit it using some tools and basic expertise.

One does not necessitate professional aid for fitting it. Read the manual carefully, and you’re all set to go.

Altogether it is an ideal device that will meet your requirements in a manageable way.

Also, it ensures you get desired outcomes on a convenient budget. Lastly, the digital device gets automatically configured.

So you do not have to perform any setting alterations manually.

Rely on your important upgrades and other aspects with this digital performance chip. It covers all your requirements and gives apt outcomes only.


  • Quick Fitting
  • Improves performance
  • Digital display
  • Boosts functionality


  • Quality issues
  • Doesn’t offer returns

05. Force Chip Programmer for Toyota Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Boosts 35+ horsepower
  • Improves mileage
  • Compatible with varied tundra models
  • Complete kit
  • Affordable
  • Smooth drives

If you have a tight fixed budget and wish to fix your delayed throttle response in that amount, then this Force Performance chip is an ideal match for you.

The product is very cost-efficient; however, it still offers exceptional performance and durability.

Further, it will assist in tuning the overall performance and help save fuel and improve the mileage of your Toyota.

Moreover, it also shields your vehicle against damage and gives a seamless drive at all times.

In comparison to other Tundra performance chips, this one is quite small. It does not acquire a digital screen or controller for its operation but can be used manually at any hour.

All you must do is plug in the device for optimum outcomes, and you are all set to drive well.

Users have appreciated the plug-and-play tuner for the exceptional air-fuel economy and stunning mileage it offers.

The product is entirely worth it and makes a perfect drive partner for most users. Another best tuner for Tundra is the FITs performance chip.

The best aspect of fixing this tuner is that you will benefit from a more efficient fuel economy and customizable options.

The mileage of your vehicle improves when you use the preset tuning of this device.

Fitting is quite manageable and can be completed by any individual without any expert assistance.

Also, it does not require cuttings, fixings, and other external tools to fit well.

Another perfect aspect of fixing this on your Toyota is that this performance chip will permanently alter the preset controls of your automobile.

So, you need not worry about other warranty issues. Thus, if you are seeking a simple and hassle-free way to drive, this force performance chip will offer ideal power and torque for all necessities.


  • Manageable and simple Fitting
  • Improves mileage and power
  • High durability parts
  • It does not damage the engine


  • Doesn’t fit 2014 tundra models
  • Doesn’t have a diagnostic scanner

06. Power Tune Fits B077DJ2R7H High-Performance Tuner Chip for Toyota Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent tune technology
  • Striking Air/fuel optimization
  • Boosts power by 35%
  • Improves 25% torque
  • Ensures no lags
  • Smooth ride experience

The tuner is specifically built for Toyota Tundra models. This company has been a well-recognized firm manufacturing performance chips for years.

Further, this specific model is most compatible with the Tundra and offers ideal outcomes in it.

The device is programmed to offer you the finest performance and seamless drives for your automobile.

Thus, this device is a stunning choice if you seek a hassle-free riding experience with excellent fuel economy.

Its performance chip is the finest Toyota tundra tuner that offers stunning performance for your automobile.

The setup is not complicated and very simple to fix further; you do not need to handle risky cables and wires while fixing this chip.

The variation between this tuner and the rest is its performance when driving your vehicle.

Its striking features certainly make it stand apart from the rest. Further, the performance chip is well-packed and has a suitable structure to support portability.

One can carry this machine with them at any hour they like without hesitation or issues.

Moreover, the chip fits the 2006 Tundra model at its finest and offers striking performance with a minimal and effortless fitting process.

So, if you are a newbie to tuners, you must opt for this device only. It is an all-rounder device that serves all your requirements.

The cost range is also quite reasonable and not very expensive. However, they cannot be labeled as cost-efficient performance chips.

Lastly, the built quality is also fine and durable. One need not worry a lot about damage while opting for this product.

Also, no wires permit maximum ease and no disappointments while using this product.


  • Striking throttle response
  • Improved MPG
  • Instant Fit
  • Simple to use


  • Somewhat slow

07. Hypertech 706001 Power Tuning Computer Programmer

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with 2007-2013 Toyota models
  • Supported by advanced technology
  • Superior built exterior
  • Plug and play Fitting
  • Offers smooth control
  • Boosts acceleration and performance

The performance chip is an advanced technology that re-estimates Toyota Tundra’s output.

After noting it, the device improves the horsepower and torque to suit needs.

Hypertech devices have a variety of user experiences. Some users praise the stunning product for its striking impact on speed and drive experience.

On the other hand, other users find it is fitting tricky and more complicated than the rest.

Further, the device offers a notable improvement in mileage after fitting it in their truck.

Another exceptional aspect is that it offers better control for the throttle response and cancels most vehicle delays.

The performance chip t offers high-end output and a smooth user experience while using the vehicle on any road.

The fixing process is simple and does not take more than twenty minutes. Rely on this best tuner for Toyota Tundra to get precise outcomes and fine drives.

Also, despite being a cost-efficient product, this tuner offers a striking boost to overall performance, torque, and power without disturbing your budget.

Moreover, the exclusive under-hood and gas-pedal inclusion modules ensure that the device checks and betters the most vital aspects of your vehicle.

So, if you wish for factory-like ride quality, then the device will certainly assist you. You also can install larger tires or any customization you need with it.

Hypertech is surely a trusted performance chip manufacturer. You could rely on their products for precise outcomes.

Purchasing this device for your tundra will certainly not disappoint you in any way. It assures maximum profits only.

So, opt for this product if you wish for effective and affordable performance boosters for your automobile to improve the complete drive experience.


  • Powered with advanced features
  • Durable parts
  • Seamless throttle response
  • Offers factory-like rides


  • Might alter the pedal response
  • Tricky fittings

Performance Chip VS Tuner: Face To Face Comparison

You must have come across this work in the guide and across several sites quite often. But are both of them similar?

Several people get clueless about these two commonly used terms. However, one must note their differences to pick the right.

The variation between the two is basic but notable. Performance chips predict the information of your automobile and make alterations to it.

They assist in boosting the overall power as required and give the vehicle seamless usage at all times.

The primary aspect of boosting power using performance chips depends on the model of the vehicle.

Each model necessitates varied power boosts. So, a basic single boost might not be complete at all times.

Performance chips assist well in these aspects because they analyze and change accordingly.

They are the finest options for your vehicle if you automatically configure it for fine usage.

On the other hand, Power tuners, also known as programmers, vary quite from these performance chips.

You can link these devices to the OB-II slot of the automobile. Further, these tuners are fine to use after customizing your vehicle or making changes to them.

They permit you to improve the power as desired and give ideal outcomes.

Overall, the basic difference is when and how to use the two devices well. Identify the variation well to ensure that the device you opt for is a reliable pick for your automobile.

The best tuner for Tundra can assist you in plenty of ways. So, always pick one with precision.

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Benefits Of Performance Chip and Tuner

All the performance chips mentioned here in the article have several various perks that assist in enticing customers and cover all requirements.

Certain most prominent perks of using the performance chip on the Toyota Tundra are:

01. Simple Installation

The topmost perk of using a performance chip is a manageable, simple installation.

In most scenarios, these chips need to be only plugged into the diagnostic board port situated right below the steering on the dashboard of the driver’s side.

02. Cost-efficiency

The cost of buying the device is not much. On average, it is around $300 to $600.

The performance chips are quite convenient compared to other devices in the market.

To boost power, adding other alternatives like turbochargers, air intakes, and other similar parts can be hefty on your pocket and steal over several dollars.

Further, their installation could take up another sum of money. So, fitting a performance chip is the most striking choice for all buyers.

03. Improved Fuel Economy

The shoot-up of fuel prices is certainly demanding more efficient vehicles. Further, considering this aspect, the all-new performance chips enable better fuel economy options.

Moreover, adding a tuner will impact your overall power performance and improve the fuel economy in surprising ways.

So, to save cash and fuel, opt for these power-packed devices.

04. Boosts Power

Vehicle manufacturers fail to tune an automobile well to offer its finest performance via the computer because of the restricted environmental and legal laws.

Using a chip in your Tundra can modify the complete air-to-fuel ratio. Further, it can also impact the ignition timing to offer your vehicle the finest torque and power.

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Buying Consideration For The Best Performance Chip For Toyota Tundra

When you have multiple alternates in the marketplace, it is difficult to make the right choice.

But there are a few directions by which you can determine the most superior performance chip for Tundra.

There are a few aspects to check on before buying a performance chip. The aspects areas are listed.

Considering them will ensure safe purchases and give you ideal outcomes only.

Selected Tuning Type

One must choose which kind of tuning they need since there are varied kinds of tuning. The chief types of tuning are:

  • Muscle and force expansion
  • Expanding Miles Per Gallon
  • Quicker response in the choke

Few chips only grow the Horsepower or the muscle, whereas a few of them increase not just the Horsepower of the vehicle but also the Miles per Gallon.

The truck’s performance becomes quicker and greater by expanding the Horsepower of the truck.

The automobile’s rate of acceleration also becomes quicker due to the increased horsepower.

It can be utilized when fixing bigger tires that spoil the original quality ride.

High horsepower performance chips hold on to this element and give a finer experience.

If a person might be exhausted by the hold-up in the response of their pedal when being pushed, it is recommended to purchase a chip that expands the throttle response.

These chips permit the signals to reach quicker, and therefore the performance of the truck becomes faster and better.

Chips with Diagnostic Scanner

Are you searching for an object that examines and studies mistakes in the Truck system? If yes, you need a performance chip that includes a complete diagnostic scanner.

Regular chips are not included with a scanner. Hence, it is vital to inspect if your required performance chip comes with a scanner to study all errors for your Tundra.

Automatic Configuration System

The procedure to fit a performance chip ought to be simple. Almost all chips come with an automatic configuration system, and these systems are quick and simple to install and use.

All a person needs to do is attach the chip to the OB-II slot of the truck.

It takes about ten to twenty minutes, and it does not need any help from a piece of professional or technical knowledge.

A complicated chip will only waste energy, money, and time. One might want the help of a professional to fix the performance chip.

At the same time, a simple performance chip will not give these issues when installing it.


Make it certain to inspect if the chip is well-suited with the automobile version or not.

Purchasing an unsuited chip will waste not just their time but also the cash of the user.

Checking on compatibility is a must to get ideal outcomes. Most times, users fail to note this factor and get upset.

Thus, to prevent any issues and get perfect outcomes, pick only the most compatible model.


Another vital aspect to consider before purchase is the value. If the cost of the device exceeds its worth, then it is best not to purchase it.

The device must fulfill the claims it makes. Also, do not purchase a very cheap product as it might have quality issues.

Use efficient devices to cover all your vehicle needs well. Further, we suggest not compromising on advanced features for a minute budget difference.

A restricted budget can surely help you list a few but ensure you check on all aspects before purchasing to get optimum outcomes.


Lastly, the most common factor to consider is quality. Check for a durable and high-end built device to get perfect outcomes.

Without the right construction, you will face several issues in the future.

So, prefer buying high-quality devices to secure your vehicle and purchase. Invest safely to avoid disappointments.

We suggest purchasing from reputed brands as they offer the finest quality with the product.

Also, you get assured outcomes with each use. Do not invest without noting these aspects to make a fine purchase.

How To Use The Best Performance Chip For Toyota Tundra

Most Vital FAQs For The Best Performance Chip For Toyota Tundra

What is the operating procedure of Performance Chips?

The working procedure of performance chips is quite effortless. The ECU, also called the Engine Control Unit, is the position in the truck that regulates all of its abilities.

These abilities include the usage of fuel, energy, supercharge pressure, and further such variables.

Using such a chip gives the automobile to use its idle abilities thoroughly.

But what is why cars are not tolerable to utilize these abilities without added fine-tuning? Here is the reason:

Alike versions of trucks contain similar engines. The producers keep the mechanical and technical possibilities as the previous versions to a certain level to preserve the quality.

Although, when things like performance chips and technical experts are utilized, the truck sets free added abilities.

As a result, this chip expands the HP or horsepower according to the version of the vehicle.

The latest versions will have more amplified horsepower when compared to an older version of the same vehicle.

How much time does one need to fix a Performance Chip?

Almost all chips need only ten to twenty minutes to be fixed in the vehicle.

These performance chips are included with tutoring manuals that can be helpful to a person before installing them.

The plug-and-play or automatically configured chips are the finest options.

All an individual must finish is plugging it into the OB-II slot of their automobile. Later, place in the essential info about the automobile.

The chip is launched after that, and the work is done with no further assistance.

What are the varied Kinds of Tuning?

There are varied types when it comes to tuning. The main kinds are:

  • Increase in Muscle and force.
  • Expansion in Miles per Gallon
  • Quicker response in throttle

By expanding HP and the force, the truck becomes quicker in its pace and use.

If a chip is being used to shoot up the Miles per Gallon, it will also put in some miles to the mileage, saving fuel. This way, one can save cash by limiting fuel bills.

Quicker response in throttle shows that the truck reacts quicker to the signal when sent to it.

The computer machine becomes more reactive and responds faster than usual.

Is it secure to use Performance Chips?

When a performance chip is used, it is an easy way to boost the torque and tune in the truck. Almost all chips are eco-friendly, which is generally stated in the product’s description section when purchasing.

While the form of the vehicle is not changed or any damaging radiation is not produced, these chips are secure to utilize.

What cons does fixing a Performance Chip incur?

When using a performance chip, are there any drawbacks of the chip? If a high-grade, eco-friendly chip is being used, the possibility of damaging the truck is extremely low.

Nevertheless, a few chips may cause damage to the pieces inside the engine.

As we advance, the limitations produced by the company can make the engine work more, which could lead to some damage.

It, in turn, could also damage other parts of the truck. If a performance chip is being utilized that fits best for the right version of the Tundra, it is less probable to face these concerns.

Can a Performance Chip harm the engine?

Most people think that fitting these chips causes harm to the vehicle’s structure and engine. Yet, it is not true.

Few chips hold on to the original ride quality when the harm occurs after bigger tires are fit.

While the chip does not make the engine’s quality better or stronger, it does not harm it in any manner. It only builds the HP and the force to a certain level.

Can you fix a performance chip in a Tundra?

You can add a performance chip to the Tundra version with ease.

At times it is finer than almost all other eco-friendly trucks, which increases the performance in fuel usage.

And the overall performance of the truck is boosted. Certain chips have to be installed by cutting and joining wires, making them hard to install, but the Tundra model includes the OBD II ports.

These ports are extremely flexible. Almost all programming chips seen on the market will have these ports available.

It helps with a lot of effort when installing, and programming becomes easier. The range in rate begins with fifty dollars, and there is no end to all the possibilities.


The chief purpose of selecting a reliable performance chip is to get smooth, promising performance on your Toyota Tundra.

By now, you must have identified the best performance chip for Toyota Tundra from the list.

All the products listed are mentioned after close consideration and reviewing user experience.

They offer cost-efficiency, stunning performance, high compatibility with varied Tundra vehicles, and a very manageable fitting structure.

Also, some of these performance chips have additional aspects of serving a user the finest.

Adding a performance chip will benefit your automobile in several ways. It helps in boosting torque, power, throttle response, and mileage to give optimum results on your Tundra.

So, freely pick your ideal performance chip here and fit it on your tundra for perfect outcomes.

All products are top-notch preferences, and even experts prefer adding these brands to their vehicles.

The renowned companies offer nothing less than promising outcomes. Thus, pick from the fine list to eliminate hurdles.