How Do I Connect Google Maps To Toyota Navigation: Toyota Navigation Hacks

Driving your Toyota with Google maps is a good way to travel. But have you ever asked yourself “how do I connect Google maps to Toyota navigation?”.

In this guide, you can learn the best way to get this Google application in your car. Also, we explain what the Toyota navigation system all is about.

Of course, we have considered the navigation app of your Toyota. We have found two ways to reset the navigation system of your Toyota.

Hence, you can learn this process that allows you to solve many problems. Finally, we answer and solve many common questions about this subject.

Thus, you can learn everything you need to drive your Toyota comfortably. Now, we just need to get down to work.

How Do I Connect Google Maps To Toyota Navigation: The Steps

While it is possible to directly connect the Google Maps application to Toyota navigation, several alternative ways get the same result.

This is because many people rely on the information or instructions provided by this Google application. To obtain the desired results, a few simple steps must be followed.

Step 1: Pairing the vehicle with the phone

A smartphone with the Google Maps application is required to perform this procedure. It is impossible to connect this application directly to the Toyota navigation system.

The user needs to pair his smartphone with his Toyota vehicle using the Bluetooth connection to avoid this inconvenience.

Some people can also use Android Auto or Apple Carplay mode, offering the same result.

Of course, not all Toyota models include Apple or Android features or functions.

Anyway, the Bluetooth feature or connection is more than enough to count on Google Maps in Toyota navigation.

Step 2: Connecting both devices

The Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the vehicle is made from the phone itself. Therefore, it is required to access the menu of the phone.

The Bluetooth function is usually built into the settings section of most smartphones. The smartphone’s Bluetooth must be turned on to connect to the vehicle.

This should allow the vehicle to be displayed as one of the available Bluetooth devices to connect to.

Once the vehicle is selected within the phone’s Bluetooth menu, both devices should connect.

If the connection is made via Android Auto or Apple Carplay, the application must be downloaded and installed on the smartphone.

In turn, it is necessary to have a USB cable to connect both devices.

Step 3: Get directions from Google Maps

Making the connection between a smartphone and the Toyota in-vehicle system should be simple up to this point.

In this case, it is quite easy to use the loudspeakers of the Toyota vehicle.

So, the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the vehicle allows you to use the speakers in the vehicle itself. This result is also obtained with Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

So, here the user only needs to activate the Google Maps instructions on his phone.

If the connection has been made correctly, the audio instructions of this application on the phone should be heard from the vehicle’s speakers.

Although, you can still use Toyota’s navigation system, including the GPS service.

Toyota has also developed the Toyota Entune application, which provides various functions that make it easier to drive anywhere. Therefore, there are a few alternatives to using Google maps.

Toyota Navigation System: Why & How Does It Work?

When traveling around a city or to any destination, one of the most useful tools for any driver is GPS.

Most of the models marketed by Toyota today have an integrated navigation system, which is usually included in the stereo system of the Toyota car or truck.

This system combines a vehicle speed sensor with a satellite connection for GPS and a navigation CD.

In this way, the user can access many maps while checking the location where he/she is and the speed at which he/she is moving.

While Toyota’s navigation system has its specifications, it is a GPS service that works much like other GPS services today.

Users also have an app to use on mobile devices. The principal advantages of the Toyota system are as follows:

  • The driver can make hands-free calls
  • The driver can drive safely with voice navigation
  • In its system that integrates various functions to facilitate driving
  • It is a system integrated into most Toyota models

Toyota Navigation App: Installation, Settings and Uses

Toyota’s application is another way to make driving easier by having a GPS with great features. In this case, it is the Toyota Entune application.

Using this application on any compatible mobile device makes it possible to access a wide variety of advantages or benefits, such as the following.

  • GPS: the GPS of this application is one of the most complete and provides information on all types of known or unknown roads. It is a system providing a great precision level in real time.
  • Wifi hotspot: among the benefits of this application is the possibility of getting the right configuration to obtain a wifi hotspot. Therefore, this is relevant when traveling long distances.
  • Remote operation: the application also allows you to open or close the doors or start the engine remotely. They also monitor some vehicle functions when another user uses the Toyota.

How To Reset Toyota Navigation System

Here, you can consider this Toyota navigation system’s simple reset or factory reset. To start with the reset, the following steps should be followed.

Step 1: Remove the Bluetooth connection

It is important to disconnect any smartphone connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, and the connection must be removed from the phone and from the vehicle itself.

Once this step is done, the power button should be held down, allowing the audio system to restart automatically.

Step 2: Configuration

When the automatic restart process has finished, the user must enter the configuration and then the General section.

Here the user must click on Delete personal data. It is possible to perform a new pairing between the vehicle and any smart device.

Step 3: Complete a general factory reset

Within applications, you must enter settings and then choose the option. After deleting personal data, choose the yes option when confirming the Toyota Entune rest.

This will complete the factory reset of the system. It is advisable to perform this procedure from time to time or if several smartphones are connected via Bluetooth connection.

How Do I Connect Google Maps To Toyota Navigation: A to Z

FAQs About How Do I Connect Google Maps To Toyota Navigation

Can I pair a car with Google Maps using Bluetooth?

Using a Bluetooth connection is one of the simplest methods to use Google Maps in the car.

In this case, a smartphone must be connected to the Toyota vehicle, and this exactly allows you to use the vehicle’s speakers to listen to Google Maps voice instructions from the phone.

It is also possible to use Android Auto or Apple Carplay and a USB cable to obtain the same result. For that, the user needs to download the app on his phone.

Which app to use for Toyota navigation?

Toyota Entune is one of the applications that allow the driver of a Toyota to have all kinds of relevant information.

There is also the possibility of using Android Auto and Apple Carplay to enhance Toyota navigation. Either of these apps provides a wide variety of entertainment or driver assistance functions.

How to update Toyota navigation system maps?

It is important to update Toyota navigation system maps from time to time. For this purpose, you should use Map Updates Toolbox.

This application makes it possible to save each of the maps and relevant information about different geographical areas.

Simply choose the available updates and the option to install for a complete navigation system.

Why can’t I connect my Toyota and phone via Bluetooth?

Using Bluetooth to listen to Google apps voice instructions from a phone through the vehicle’s speakers is the best way to drive.

However, a bad Bluetooth connection may be enough to not use Google Maps.

The Google maps cache should be checked, and any interference that may impair the Bluetooth connection should be removed.

Why can’t I hear Google maps voice instructions on my Toyota?

In principle, it is recommended to clear the Google Maps application cache before starting the trip.

At the same time, the voice instructions must be activated in the same application as the smartphone.

Finally, it is important to check the volume of Toyota’s speakers and the volume of the mobile device itself. All this should be enough to hear the voice instructions.

Does Toyota’s navigation cost anything?

Most of the Toyota Entune application functions do not require an additional cost. However, these functions are free for a period.

After that, people who use the Toyota application require a subscription. This allows them to continue to use the application’s functions.


Anyone can drive easier if they know how do I connect google maps to Toyota navigation.

Although it is not possible to use Google Maps directly in the Toyota navigation system, a Bluetooth connection is the best alternative.

You only need to connect your phone to your Toyota to use this Google application.

It is also possible to use other alternatives such as Android Auto and Apple Carplay together with a USB cable.

Either way, Toyota’s navigation app also incorporates excellent features that enhance driving or entertainment for the driver and passengers.

Connecting Bluetooth and using Google maps from your phone to your Toyota’s speakers may be the best way to avoid spending money on a Toyota Entune subscription.