12 Best Stubby Antenna – Reviews & Updated Buying Guide for 2023!

Having the best stubby antenna can make a big difference to your vehicle. An antenna is essential to complement a vehicle.

Among the most recommended options, we have analyzed the short antennas that are an excellent replacement for the classic antennas over 30 inches long.

To prevent you from making a bad decision by choosing the wrong antenna, we describe the best features of 12 excellent antennas.

You can also find more information to make a final decision about your next antenna.

What is the Best Short Antenna for F150/Ram 1500/Silverado/Jeep?

The best choice to get such antennas is undoubtedly Rydonair, AntennaMastsRus, and Ronin Factory.

These manufacturers can develop every aspect that users expect for high-quality antennas, and many other options on the market can offer appropriate performance.

In any case, these brands that we have mentioned and analyzed below offer everything you need.

So, we have considered both the reception and the durability that is possible to obtain with these manufacturers.

Why “Rydonair, AntennaMastsRus, Ronin Factory” are the best short antenna?

These brands are among the most recommended because of the necessary details built into each antenna.

Specifically, we have considered these antennas’ lifetime, design, ruggedness, and functionality in different situations.

Also, the cost-benefit ratio is another positive aspect of these brands. That’s why these are a set of brands that can be very reliable replacements for your current antenna.

Many of these options can even provide you with more efficient performance than any other antenna of today.

12 Best Stubby Antenna for Ford/Chevrolet/Ram/Jeep Review 2022

01. Rydonair ‎RD-RMRNF- Best Stubby Antenna for F150

Highlighted Features

  • 13 inches long
  • 2 ounces
  • For F150 2009-2022
  • Copper and carbon fiber
  • Bolt-on installation

When it comes time to replace the antenna of the 2009 to 2022 Ford F 150, this flexible rubber antenna may be one of the most appropriate choices.

According to its main features, many users claim that it is the best short antenna. Specifically, it is an excellent antenna that is compatible from 2009 onwards.

The manufacturer has conducted various tests to verify that it is an antenna with excellent reception.

In this case, an antenna with a size of 13″ provides a reception like an OEM antenna.

Thus, the user will be able to obtain an adequate reception for both FM bands and AM bands in different areas.

For the manufacture of this unit, premium quality rubber has been used. Thus, not only is this an excellent antenna that can provide good durability and long service life.

Also, it is an option that provides excellent resistance against all types of weather conditions, including extreme ones.

All this means that this is a perfectly adaptable antenna for your next long-distance trip. Without a doubt, this may be the ultimate antenna for your endurance.

Another positive aspect when choosing this antenna is the installation process. In this case, it is an antenna that does not require any unique tool to be installed.

Anyone only needs a few seconds to screw this antenna on their vehicle and start enjoying the results.


  • Excellent reception
  • High durability and resistance
  • Tool-free installation


  • Incompatible with F150 2008 or earlier

02. AntennaMastsRus ‎A010-FD2-15- Best Short Stubby Antenna for F150

Highlighted Features

  • 13 inches long
  • 2 ounces
  • For F150 2009-2022
  • Copper and carbon fiber
  • Bolt-on installation

Among the most efficient options for choosing the best short antenna, a manufacturer knows how to create a great option.

In this case, it is an antenna with the same compatibility as the one mentioned above.

So, if you have a Ford F150 manufactured between 2009 and 2022, you can use this antenna for excellent reception.

On different occasions, we encounter reception problems during long-distance trips.

Thanks to the German engineering implemented in this antenna, all these situations will not be a problem.

Its design includes a 6 3/4″ length and specific materials to obtain maximum reception without risking performance in the process.

Many users consider that this antenna can be as efficient with the FM bands as with the AM bands simultaneously.

However, reception is only one of the good features as this antenna also stands out for its materials.

To manufacture this antenna, high-quality rubber provides a long service life and high resistance against different factors.

Moreover, the strength of this antenna also withstands up to 257 °F.

Additionally, the stainless-steel threading together with the copper coil provides this antenna with excellent performance and strength at the same time.

All this indicates a much more conductive antenna that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

It is a straightforward mounting process that only requires minimal effort. Of course, screwing is very easy, as no particular tools are needed.

So, after a few seconds, the user can be ready to start their journey and enjoy their favorite FM or AM band.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • High-quality rubber and steel
  • Optimal reception


  • Incompatible with F150 2008 or earlier

03. Rydonair ‎RD-D7- Best Short Antenna for Dodge Ram 1500

Highlighted Features

  • For RAM 1500 2012-2022
  • Copper and rubber
  • 27 oz.
  • Bolt-on installation
  • 7 inches long

All those who own a Dodge RAM 1500 can find the best short antenna for RAM 1500. Specifically, this antenna is specially designed for models from 2012 up to and including 2022.

When compatibility is assured, you will get a 7-in antenna that offers excellent performance.

Both the performance and reception of the canteen are more than appropriate according to the experience of different users.

Its 7″ size is more than enough and manages to offer great reception in different geographical areas.

Their appearance also enhances the look of many Dodge RAM 1500 models. This situation occurs because they are shorter than the 31″ metal axle antenna.

Here, we can also consider durability one of the most suitable thanks to the premium quality rubber.

Both the resistance against different factors and the flexibility of this antenna allow it to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Also, the inner column is made of carbon fiber and is fitted to offer a genuinely extended service life.

In this case, it is a perfectly designed antenna for both FM and AM bands.

So, the person who wants to use this antenna only needs a few seconds for the mounting process, and no particular tool is required since the installation is screwed.

After a few seconds, the vehicle will be ready to enjoy the best radios.


  • Premium quality materials
  • Bolt-in installation
  • Excellent reception


  • 2012 to 2022 RAM 1500 only

04. Votex B07VWS9V5S Short Stubby Antenna for Ram 1500

Highlighted Features

  • 6 ¾ inches long
  • 304 stainless steel and rubber
  • Bolted installation
  • Copper interior
  • 39 oz.

Another way to get a discreet antenna that can be the best short stubby antenna for RAM 1500 is by choosing this model.

In fact, not only is it an excellent antenna for RAM 1500, but the compatibility also considers many other vehicles.

Moreover, the features of this unit are more than efficient on different occasions.

When it comes to the reception of this antenna, it is possible to enjoy the best radios in AM or FM bands.

This is all thanks to the design of this antenna which has a length of 6 3/4 in.

In this case, it is also an antenna that incorporates German engineering and carefully selected materials, ensuring 85% more conductivity than other antennas.

To achieve the highest strength and durability in an antenna, materials are essential aspects.

This antenna is made of high-quality rubber on the outside, and on the inside, a copper coil is combined with 304 stainless steel threading.

In this way, high resistance against all kinds of climatic factors and all types of weather is achieved.

Once the user considers the compatibility of this antenna with his vehicle, he will notice that the installation is a straightforward process.

In particular, it only takes a few minutes to complete this process and start enjoying the best AM or FM radios.

So, anyone will be able to install this antenna without any inconvenience.


  • Good reception level
  • Durable materials
  • German engineering


  • Regular reception on AM bands

05. AntennaMastsRus A081-CH-1 Suitable for Chevy Silverado

Highlighted Features

  • 6 ¾ inches long
  • For Silverado 1500 2006-2022
  • Copper interior
  • Bolt-in installation
  • 04 oz.

For those who have a Chevrolet Silverado 1500, you can find the best short antenna for Silverado. The compatibility of this antenna must be considered.

Compared to other options, the compatibility is broad and covers a Silverado 1500 from 2006 to 2022, which is a positive aspect for many users.

Both the performance and reception obtained when using this antenna are equally appropriate.

It is still one of the most reliable manufacturers developing antennas with German technology and designs.

This is how you can get excellent coverage of many radios in FM and AM bands.

Moreover, this antenna can be one of the most suitable choices for subtle and elegant styling in your vehicle.

Of course, the durability and lifespan of an antenna are just as important as the rest of its features.

For this reason, high-quality rubber has been incorporated on the outside of this antenna.

Also, copper has been chosen for the coil, and steel for the threading.

All this increases the effectiveness of this antenna while providing excellent resistance to all kinds of factors.

Here the installation procedure is very similar to what happens with the better-quality options available these days.

It only takes a few seconds to screw this antenna onto the compatible vehicle, and no specific tool is required to complete the installation procedure and enjoy the best radios.


  • High level of reception
  • Excellent design and style
  • Reliable operation


  • Somewhat small for some sites

06. RONIN FACTORY B071PCQQNL Antenna for Ford/Ram

Highlighted Features

  • 50-caliber bullet design
  • Tools included
  • For RAM and F Series
  • 84 oz.
  • Installation in minutes

To get a unique style and a great personality for a Ford or Dodge truck, this antenna is considered by many users as the best short stubby antenna for F150.

Just note the great 50-caliber bullet design. Beyond that, it is also a perfectly adaptable antenna for different people’s needs.

Incorporating this antenna allows obtaining a great reception of different radios in AM and FM bands.

So, it is one of the most suitable options to make a long-distance trip without problems.

Many people who have a compatible vehicle, such as Ford F150 and others, will add this antenna as one of the complete options.

This is another option that offers long and useful life and is suitable for all types of travel. It is an option made of stainless steel and solid 6061 aluminum.

In this way, it is possible to obtain a short high resistant antenna to keep working in any weather condition.

The black anodized finish is also highly durable, as it will not fade or chip.

To perform and complete the installation procedure, anyone will have everything needed to be included along with this antenna.

So, each of the Allen wrenches necessary to complete the mounting procedure has been included.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most efficient vehicle antennas that can withstand even car washes.


  • Unique and exclusive design
  • Reliable operation
  • High durability


  • Regular quality reception

07. CravenSpeed 4332950148 Short Antenna for Ford F150

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA
  • For F150 2009-2022
  • 2 inches long
  • Rubber and aluminum
  • 83 ounces

People often do not want to get an antenna with an extravagant design, and that is why many people consider this antenna to be the best short antenna for F150.

When we take a closer look at the features of this option, we can see that it is a simple antenna that can be very reliable.

One of the notable aspects that this antenna can demonstrate is the reception in different locations.

Anyone will get the reception they need for different AM and FM band radios.

Anyway, it should be considered that the compatibility of this antenna takes into consideration the F 150 from 2009 to 2022.

On the outside, we can find a black powder coating that gives great subtlety to the design of this antenna.

So, it is a piece with stainless steel hardware to put aside the problem of corrosion.

Mainly, it is an antenna with machined aluminum to offer incredible strength and durability to any weather condition or harmful situation.

As if that were not enough, the mounting procedure of this antenna does not require any kind of tool at all.

You only need to screw this antenna in place on the vehicle if it is a compatible model.

So, you can save a lot of time in installing this antenna to start your next trip, enjoying excellent radios.


  • Excellent reception
  • Good overall ruggedness
  • Subtle design


  • Fair car wash resistance

08. RONIN FACTORY B079KTX66M Antenna for Silverado

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-theft system
  • Ford F Series and RAM
  • 4 inches long
  • Tools included
  • 76 oz.

Among the suitable options that can prove to be the best short antenna for Silverado, this antenna is available for Ford F150 among many other Ford and Dodge models.

Primarily, this antenna with a length of 4 in length can prove to be very beneficial in getting an excellent level of reception when the user needs it.

In this case, this is an antenna that can prove to be more than enough to have sufficient coverage for AM and FM bands.

In addition, this antenna has a security design to prevent the theft of the unit at any time.

For this purpose, a component has been incorporated that blocks the thread and provides excellent resistance to a theft situation.

The outside of the unit is finished in black, while the inside is made of high-strength metal. It is military-grade aluminum with an anodizing process to optimize durability.

All this is combined with high corrosion resistance, and all this can be more than enough for car wash or harsh weather conditions.

The tools were incorporated together with this antenna to perform the installation procedure. So, the user does not need any tools to enjoy the great benefits.

After a few minutes, it is possible to enjoy this antenna that provides Bluetooth AND XM compatibility.


  • Great performance
  • Excellent quality resistance
  • Staraightforword installation


  • Occasionally average reception

09. AntennaMastsRus ‎A010-JP-1 Short Antenna for Jeep

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel and rubber
  • 6 ¾ inches long
  • Bolt-on installation
  • For Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, Gladiator 2007-2022
  • 58 oz.

Once again, we can consider this manufacturer to have some of the best choices in car antennas.

This model may be the best short truck antenna for the 2007 to 2022 Jeep Wrangler. In addition, this antenna which has a size of 6 3/4 in is also compatible with many other Jeep models.

Compared to the classic 30+ antennas, this antenna can be more than enough to enjoy excellent reception.

Inside is a high-quality design that also comes from German engineering, and all this means that it is possible to enjoy a great AM and FM band reception with a more subtle and appropriate design.

Both the durability and service life are among the most suitable. This is all due to the high-quality rubber incorporated in the outer part that offers good flexibility.

A copper coil has also been complemented with 304 stainless steel threading. As a result, we can count on high strength and efficiency simultaneously.

To start using these antennas, only a bolt-on installation is required. Here the procedure is the same as the best options mentioned above.

This is also an antenna that can enhance the look of a wide variety of vehicles. As if that wasn’t enough, this antenna manages to withstand even car washing.


  • Good Jeep compatibility
  • Nice subtle design
  • Good overall reception


  • Reception problems in remote areas

10. RONIN FACTORY B079KTX66M Suitable for Ford

Highlighted Features

  • For Ford F Series
  • 4 inches long
  • Anti-theft system
  • Military-grade anodized aluminum
  • 76 oz.

Improving the next trip in your truck can be very easy when you incorporate this antenna. At times, it has been considered that this antenna can be the best short-track antenna.

Moreover, the compatibility of this antenna takes into consideration different models of the Ford F series and many models of Dodge RAM trucks.

To notice the performance of this short antenna, it is necessary to note that the reception level is adequate for both FM and AM bands.

Many users will notice that this antenna can not only offer good reception in cities or remote areas.

It is also an antenna that can enhance the personality of a compatible vehicle.

To obtain an excellent result for a long time, the complementation of materials is essential.

So military-grade aluminum has been used together with an anodization process. In this way, corrosion is not a problem.

An anti-theft design has also been included to prevent this antenna from falling into the wrong hands.

Performing the installation procedure of this antenna is as simple as the previous options.

In any case, people do not need any special tools to start using this antenna in their vehicles.

Also, it should be considered that this option is compatible with auxiliary audio inputs or for users who want to use Bluetooth.


  • Excellent replacement option
  • Good reception
  • Long service life


  • Incompatible with some Ford models

11. Mega Racer ‎Af-An-Lo-Black-1Pc-rd Fits F150

Highlighted Features

  • Carbon fiber and copper
  • Tool-free installation
  • 5 inches long
  • Universal compatibility
  • 88 oz.

To complement our list of options looking for excellent car antennas, this model is one of the most recommended.

It is an antenna with an almost universal design that can be compatible with Ford F150.

It has also been considered excellent compatibility with different manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Audi, Toyota, and Honda, among many others.

This antenna has been specially designed to enjoy all types of FM and AM band radios.

Specifically, it is an antenna that can offer a tremendous cost-benefit ratio according to the features it offers. Here we can count on a nearly 5 in antenna that offers a good result and a subtle and elegant design for different vehicles.

To extend the life and durability of this antenna, the materials are essential. In this case, it is an antenna made of high-strength carbon fiber.

On the inside, there is an aluminum twill and a copper coil. It is this whole combination of materials that can optimize performance and strength.

The user has everything needed for the installation process to use this antenna.

In addition, there is no need to make any kind of modification to the vehicle to start using this antenna.

It is also a safe option that can adequately withstand any type of car wash. Thus, it is an antenna for cars, trucks, and SUVs.


  • Works well and reliably
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy installation with everything included


  • AM reception problems at times

12. CravenSpeed CS-AA241 For Silverado & Sierra

Highlighted Features

  • For Silverado and Sierra 1999-2014
  • Made in the USA
  • Aluminum and rubber
  • 3 inches long
  • 76 oz.

To complete our list and get the best stubby antenna, this model is one of those which cannot miss.

In this case, it is an antenna compatible with different models of Silverado and Sierra from 1999 to 2014.

Many people claim that this model is one of the best replacements for the classic 30+ antennas used until a few years ago.

One of the positive aspects of this antenna is undoubtedly the excellent reception obtained. This antenna has in consideration excellent reception for AM or FM band radios.

Even its small and subtle design can provide a more excellent look to all compatible vehicles. Moreover, reception is not the only positive aspect we can consider.

To complement the excellent performance of this antenna, durability and service life are some of the most critical aspects.

Here again, machined aluminum has been complemented with stainless steel hardware to avoid the problem of corrosion.

All of this is possible to find along with a black powder-coated finish.

Here we can find an antenna with excellent durability and car wash resistance. It is also an antenna that is very easy to install by anyone.

In this case, the antenna is installed in the right place next to the windshield. Only one screwing is needed to install this antenna, so no special tools are required.


  • Good cost-benefit ratio
  • Excellent compatibility with Silverado
  • Reliable reception and performance


  • Inadequate reception in remote áreas

Buying Considerations for the Best Stubby Antenna For Car/Jeep/Truck

Here, we have discussed the best short antenna options for different vehicles.

However, it is also essential to consider each of the basics of choosing a suitable short antenna.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of options on the market, and it is straightforward to get confused. That is why the following analysis can be of great help.

Reception level

The reception level is one of the most important aspects for those who want to enjoy FM or AM radios.

Many of the options we have considered above can provide excellent reception for either of these radio bands.

However, not all of them can offer the same reception level or performance in any geographic area.

There are even some crucial aspects, such as the length of each antenna.

All those who use their vehicle near a city area can use a short antenna with a short length, and this means that there are options of 3 to 5 in length that can be efficient to pick up radios in a city.

Those who travel in remote areas must have short antennas of longer length, which is why there are also short 7″ antennas.

This length can be more than enough to enjoy good radio reception in general. However, the length of an antenna is not the only important aspect for good performance.

Design of each antenna

Choosing the most suitable antennas is essential for each option according to its design and manufacture.

Not all of them are manufactured with the same materials, which can significantly impact the performance obtained during the use of each antenna.

Among the best options are all antennas with a copper coil inside.

According to many manufacturers, copper provides excellent conductivity, which increases reception efficiency.

Other antennas are manufactured using other metals, such as anodized military-grade aluminum.

There is even an option made of carbon fiber, although experts recommend copper for the best reception.


Here we should also mention that the materials used to manufacture each antenna are essential for durability.

A vehicle’s antenna is one of the few parts fully exposed to outdoor conditions—so having an antenna that is resistant to extreme weather conditions can be handy.

It is often possible to find vehicle antennas made of rubber on the outside, and this can be excellent protection against water and other weather factors.

Of course, the front underside is the key to great strength and durability.

Many manufacturers use copper or stainless steel for durability. In addition, stainless steel on the threaded part can be very efficient in preventing corrosion or rust.

Avoiding rust can make it easier to replace the antenna. However, choosing an antenna with a long service life is more than enough for the durability of any vehicle.

Installation Process

As with most vehicle parts, the installation procedure is one of the most important aspects to consider.

A part that is difficult to install by anyone increases overall costs immediately. Most short vehicle antennas should be very easy to install on most occasions.

An antenna that is easy to install is an antenna that does not require professional labor. In our list, we have only considered antennas that are easy and quick to install.

Occasionally, some tools may be required for installation, and many manufacturers of such antennas include these essential tools from the start.


In addition to the above, compatibility is another aspect that anyone should consider.

When dealing with an antenna that is incompatible with a vehicle, it means that installation may not be possible.

At best, an incompatible vehicle means that the user must have additional parts to install the antenna.

In some cases, installing an antenna on an incompatible vehicle could be much more expensive due to the user’s modifications.

That is why it is always recommended to check the compatibility of an antenna for a trouble-free installation.

Even a bolt-on installation on a compatible vehicle means a few seconds of work.

Design and style

Finally, many users consider that each antenna’s style is another aspect to analyze. Most options offer a design with a black paint coating for a simple look.

However, there are also some extravagant designs. One such design is an antenna with a 50-caliber bullet appearance. Undoubtedly, a very particular design.

Crucial FAQs

Is a stubby car antenna efficient?

Compared to the classic 30+ inch long antennas located on the roof of the vehicle, this type of antenna can be more than enough to obtain a good performance in different circumstances.

In general, a stubby car antenna or a short antenna is a part that can provide a good signal level.

Among the positive aspects of this type of antenna is its shorter length than other antennas. This allows wind to be less of a severe or considerable problem.

Therefore, many antennas of this type are often installed next to the windshield. It is also a much less expensive antenna than other longer antennas.

Do I need a short radio antenna?

On many occasions, users decide to choose this type of antenna to get good results in AM or FM band reception.

Each type of antenna design usually considers some highly conductive materials such as copper to improve the efficiency level. So, this avoids the need for an amplifier.

Especially when it comes to FM band radio, short antennas are usually efficient.

Specifically, this is the case when the short antennas have a high-quality coil, such as the copper coil incorporated by many manufacturers.

In addition, a short radio antenna can provide many other benefits, such as long life and subtle design.

Is it possible to install a short antenna on any truck?

Today there are a wide variety of options for choosing a short new antenna for your vehicle.

In our list, we have considered a wide variety of compatible options with today’s most popular light trucks.

Some of the top manufacturers and compatible models are Ford and Dodge.

A short antenna may also be appropriate for other vehicles, such as cars or sport utility vehicles.

Either way, a person should consider the compatibility of the short antenna they wish to install with their vehicle.

An antenna that is incompatible with a vehicle means that it is an antenna that cannot be fitted, or at least is very difficult to fit.

Is a short or long antenna more appropriate?

There are different options for vehicle antennas, and the two main ones are short and long antennas.

Many people consider a short antenna to be a genuinely efficient choice, mainly because it is an antenna that usually offers a good reception level.

However, there are also many other characteristics to consider.

When it comes to a series antenna, it can be a somewhat vulnerable part when driving near power lines.

Also, the durability and strength of a short antenna are usually more appropriate than a long antenna over 30 in length.

A short antenna of 6 or 7 in bends with more incredible difficulty due to its shorter length.

Why avoid long antennas?

Avoiding a long or stock antenna can be very efficient to get better results in a vehicle.

Of course, the reception or distance range increases as the antenna are more prolonged or taller.

However, this can be a real problem when the antenna is too long, as the lifetime is usually shorter than a short antenna.

A long antenna offers incredible difficulty for large vehicles that must pass through a tunnel with a height limit.

Moreover, a short antenna offers more convenience in such situations. Even the reception of a short antenna is still very adequate, as in most cases, this aspect is efficient.

A short antenna is more than sufficient regardless of whether it is an AM or FM band radio.

Why is the length of an antenna significant?

A genuinely long antenna could provide more excellent reception and signal range until a few years ago.

That is why many antennas used on large vehicles making long-distance trips have antennas over 30 inches long.

However, vehicle antennas have changed thanks to technology. Today, there are short antennas that can provide excellent reception.

There are 5″ or 7″ short antennas, among many other options. The difference in length is minor, so they can be efficient in certain situations.

Does the F150 need an antenna?

Many pickup trucks are used in areas far from a city, such as rural areas. This creates the need for an antenna to pick up FM or AM band radios.

That is why short, high-performance antennas provide excellent reception, among other benefits.


Once you analyze each of the above options, it will be much easier to decide the best stubby antenna.

The right choice should not only offer a high level of reception over a large geographic area.

Also, it is essential to have a short antenna that is strong enough to offer a long service life.

Even a poor-quality antenna can be ruined by something as simple as a car wash.

When choosing the correct antenna for your vehicle, you will avoid wasting money on today’s other destructive options.

Also, the best options are those that can improve the look of your vehicle.