Why My Subaru Security Light Flashing: Real Problem & Solutions

For new users, Subaru security light flashing can be a problem. After all, it’s about the safety of your Subaru.

Anyway, this situation is easy to understand. It all relates to the safety of your vehicle, and you can understand it here.

We have prepared the following guide to have a sound security system in your vehicle.

As with many vehicles, Subaru models include this safety system to enhance every user’s experience. To learn more about this safety system, we recommend you continue reading.

Subaru Security Light Flashing: Behind the Reasons and Solutions

Different car manufacturers incorporate safety systems to optimize each driver’s experience.

Among all of them, Subaru also has a safety system that works together with a safety alarm light. This safety light is responsible for always keeping the driver and passengers safe.

In such a way, this light can start flashing steadily when there is any inconvenience.

For anyone to be aware of what is happening outside or inside their vehicle, the following are the most common reasons for the security light to flash.

01. Security activated

In principle, the user can tell that his or her security system is working and armed when the security indicator light is flashing.

This indicator light may blink steadily once the vehicle is completely turned off and all its doors are closed, and this light will continue to flash until the driver enters the vehicle.

When it is a Subaru model, this light continues to blink from the time the ignition switch is in the off position.

This is usually the case with Subaru vehicles with a push-button start and keyless entry system. The security light may continue to flash at times when it should not.

When the security light continues to flash, the user may encounter a problem. If the security light is flashing, the vehicle cannot be used.

This security system prevents the car from being used by anyone. In this case, one of the fuses of this security system could be failing.

It could also happen that one of the vehicle’s sensors continues to operate when it should not.

In many instances, there could be a defect in the cabling or in the internal switches.

Of course, this security system can be very efficient in preventing anyone else from trying to start your vehicle.

02. Non-flashing security light

As we have mentioned, the security light indicates when the vehicle is protected because it is an anti-theft system.

For this reason, it is essential to identify when this safety light is not flashing.

If the vehicle is turned off, the flashing security light indicates that the system is active and working.

Conversely, when this security light is not flashing and is off, it may mean that the anti-theft security system is also disabled.

This may be a consequence of a dead or depleted battery. It is also possible to find a problem in the security system’s wiring that prevents the activation of the anti-theft system.

03. Safety light on

On certain occasions, the safety light may remain on without flashing. When this safety light is on and steady, it is a signal that the user needs to consider.

In this type of situation, the vehicle will also not move or even start. Hence, this situation indicates that a person has attempted to operate the car illegally.

Someone may have a duplicate key that the user has not authorized.

You can also consider that the security light on and fixed may result from the misuse of the system.

You may have made the wrong step in using your Subaru on certain occasions.

Therefore, it is recommended to read the Subaru vehicle owner’s manual to understand the complete operation of this anti-theft security system.

Subaru Security Lights: Whats & Why

Just like the best features of Subaru vehicles, safety is one of the most critical aspects.

That is why a set of safety lights have been implemented to protect the use of any Subaru vehicle.

To better understand how the lights work, we have to describe their principal characteristics.

  • Primary purpose: the main purpose of these security lights is to provide an anti-theft system. These security lights indicate to the driver and any other person that the system is armed and operational. That is why these security lights can be on and flashing or steady on. Each of these modes indicates something different.
  • Operation: the Subaru security lights work in conjunction with the vehicle’s ignition, in addition to the door lock. Primarily, these security lights indicate that the vehicle is immobilized. Immobilizing the vehicle is one of the most critical aspects of this light security system to prevent theft of the vehicle itself.
  • Flashing light or steady light: when the Subaru security light is flashing, it means that the security system is armed and in operation. When the security light is steady, someone has likely tried to start the vehicle without success. Some people unsuccessfully use unauthorized duplicate keys that are detected by the system.

Solutions for the Subaru Security Light Flashing

Once the user understands how the Subaru safety lights work, they can count on an additional layer of protection for their vehicle.

However, this safety system could malfunction. That is why the following solutions will allow the user to continue using the vehicle.

Security activated: At certain times, the security indicator light starts flashing if the anti-theft system is armed and working.

Some people may encounter a problem when trying to deactivate that anti-theft system.

The solution may be found by checking the wiring or fuse of this security system.

This means that there may be a miscommunication that allows this security system to continue to function.

Non-flashing security light: Contrary to the previous problem, when these security lights go out, it means that the battery may be about to die.

Maybe, it is useful to refill the car battery or replace the unit with a new one.

On certain occasions, the alternator may present problems preventing the correct operation of some electronic parts.

A blown fuse may also be the problem, and the solution is simple to replace this part.

Safety light on The safety light may remain on at certain times, preventing the user from using the vehicle.

This may require resetting the safety system or simply disconnecting the vehicle’s battery, which can quickly allow the vehicle to be used again.

Subaru Security System Reset: Simple 3 Steps Process

When a Subaru security system malfunction occurs, there is a simple way to reset it. Many Subaru models incorporate a reset button along with the vehicle’s electronic key.

However, this reset button does not always work correctly, and that is why performing the following steps can be straightforward and efficient.

Step 1: Replace the fuses

When it comes to a Subaru model with a few years of use, the fuses may present a malfunction that anyone should consider.

Usually, it is simply two 20-amp fuses in the keyless entry box.

Acquiring these fuses is usually not very expensive, although it is necessary to know the location of these parts in the fuse box.

To know the precise location of these fuses in the fuse box, the user should carefully read the owner’s manual for their vehicle.

In this situation, it is vital to change the correct fuses. Disconnecting the wrong fuses could cause problems in the vehicle, disabling essential functions.

Step 2: Disconnecting the battery

Another critical step is disconnecting the vehicle’s battery to reset the Subaru security system properly.

So, the battery should be removed from the car for a minimum time of half an hour.

This is because the alternator still has power, which prevents a correct restart of the security system.

To disconnect the battery, the user only must unplug the + and – ends of the battery. The battery contacts are placed on the upper part of the unit.

In turn, the battery is located under the vehicle’s hood and next to the engine.

Step 3: Connecting the battery

To complete the security system reset procedure, the vehicle’s battery must be reconnected after a minimum of half an hour.

Once the battery has been connected, the user must turn the key.

In turn, the reset button should be pressed for a few 2 or 3 seconds. All that turns out to be far more than sufficient to be able to reset the Subaru’s safety system.

FAQs about the Subaru Security Light Flashing

How to reset the security system without disconnecting the battery?

It is not necessary to disconnect the battery to reset the security system, although this is an efficient method.

The user must sit in the main seat or driver’s seat and close all the doors to start the reset.

In turn, the driver’s door must be opened and closed within 45 seconds. Once the 45 seconds have elapsed, this door must be opened and closed again.

Finally, the user must turn the ignition key from the log position to the ON position. This last step should be performed about ten times in only 15 seconds.

What should I do if the safety light is flashing?

When the Subaru’s security light is flashing, it means that the anti-theft security system is armed and operational.

When this security light is steady and not flashing, it should be turned off to use the vehicle.

For this safety indicator light to go out, the user must wait twenty seconds after turning off the engine ignition before attempting to restart the motor.

If all these steps do not work, Subaru’s anti-theft security system could be malfunctioning for different reasons.

Can I reinitialize the security device by unplugging the power supply?

Disconnecting the Subaru’s battery is one of the quick and easy ways to reset the security system.

The vehicle’s anti-theft system may remain activated on certain occasions even though the user wants to start the vehicle.

For a few minutes, the user must disconnect the + end of the car’s battery. This procedure resets the vehicle’s security system and the onboard computer.

Once the battery is reconnected, the vehicle should be ready for use.

Does the security system have a fuse?

Like many other parts of the vehicle, Subaru’s security system also has a fuse in the fuse box.

The replacement of this fuse is usually essential when the car’s safety equipment fails to function properly.

It is necessary to find near the driver’s door on the dashboard to do this.

To find out exactly which fuse needs to be replaced, it is helpful to check the manual for the Subaru model.

Does the security system use a lot of battery power?

The anti-theft light and the Subaru security system require battery power to operate continuously.

However, the amount of energy used is minimal, and this means that this security system or the anti-theft light is not enough to drain the battery.

However, this system may malfunction if the battery is old or about to die.

Therefore, it is advisable to replace the battery before the anti-theft system fails at the most critical moment.

Should the safety system light flash?

The safety system includes a safety indicator light that can flash or stay steady.

When this safety indicator light flashes, the security light indicates that the unit is operational and running.

In addition, this light comes on and starts flashing steadily once the user turns off the engine and removes the key from the ignition.


Once the user learns the reasons for finding Subaru security light flashing, he will be able to deal in a better way with the security system of his vehicle.

Many users have found this security system to be efficient and provide great confidence.

Also, improper functioning of this system can be a symptom of other vehicle problems. The user could have a vulnerable vehicle due to a battery about to die.

There are also different problems with the vehicle’s electrical system that can damage this safety system.

Being aware of these issues will allow you to take better care of your vehicle.