Top 10 Best Subaru Forester Lift Kit Review In 2023 with Best Reviews!

Getting the best Subaru Forester lift kit requires a little research and guidance.

The article will entirely brief you and give you every bit of information you will need to get a reliable drive partner.

Some critical points to check-in lift kits are durability and elevation. If a lift kit gives exceptional clearance and is robust, it is the best pick for your Subaru Forester.

Thus, know more about these exclusive car parts and keep scrolling till the end.

Which is the best Subaru lift kit?

Tema 4×4 is the finest lift kit for your Subaru Forester. There are plenty of aspects that make this brand a top choice.

First, Subaru owners prefer installing it in their car as it fits perfectly and promises exceptional performance with every drive.

Moreover, with the advanced technologies and exceptional services, Tema ensures to give its clients fine performance only.

So, look no more and pick a lift kit of this brand to get value for your money.

Why “Tema 4×4” is the best Subaru Forester lifted kit?

Several prospects and features make Tema 4×4 an ideal lift kit for the Subaru Forester.

Their products have exceptional ground clearance, durability, are robustly built, and more to give ideal experiences.

Further, it has an easy bolt-on feature that makes installing manageable and easy to perform. Also, the lift kit promises the best for its clients and ensures quality for smooth drives.

Lastly, it is very compatible with the Subaru Forester and perfectly fits without needing extra accessories.

So, if you are looking for a reliable lift kit for rough roads, then surely Tema 4×4 is your top pick.

Top 10 Best Subaru Forester Lift Kit Review- Expert’s Choice

01. Tema4x4 2 inch (50mm)- Best Lift Kits for Subaru Forester

Highlighted Features

  • Impressive 2-inch lift
  • Looks great
  • Easy installation
  • 50 mm depth
  • Compatible with various vehicles
  • lifts both the front and rear of the Subaru

The Tema 4×4 2-inch lift kit is an ideal partner for your Subaru Forester. It has a 50 mm depth and perfect material quality to serve rough road needs.

Also, it is a tough and durable lift kit that looks great once installed. Tema is an excellent brand that assures you find quality and nothing less.

Further, this lift kit will perfectly fit your Subaru Forester. It has an ideal build that is specifically designed to fit the vehicle well.

So, if you want a reliable Subaru Forester 2-inch lift kit, then this can be your ideal pick.

Moreover, the finest aspect of this lift kit is easy installation. That means fitting this kit does not require a lot of expertise or additional accessories.

Anybody with little knowledge about the mechanics of a Subaru can install it with ease. Overall, it is a suitable partner for fairly rough roads.


  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Simple to install
  • Great customer service
  • Cost-efficient


  • May not fit all vehicles
  • Might not be highly protective

02. Tema4x4 40 mm- Best Subaru Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • 40mm lift kit
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Effortless parks at high curbs
  • Very compatible with the Subaru Forester
  • Affordable
  • Extra-durable material

Another exceptional Tema product for your Subaru Forester is this 40mm lift kit. It is very easy to fit and usable on multiple terrains.

You can smoothly maneuver in the dirt, snow, and rough country roads without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Moreover, it offers an impressive clearance to help you fit larger tires with ease.

Further, you do not need additional struts and can save your coil replacement costs. Rough terrains can cause severe damage to your Subaru.

Thus, getting your lifted Subaru Forester to an ideal height is important. So, conquer all your country roads and harsh weather drive issues by simply installing these lift kits.

Also, this Tema 4×4 looks great and helps you give your Subaru Forester a bold look. You can attach larger rims, tires, and other accessories to make your truck look stunning.

Moreover, larger tires provide additional safety and prevent scraping. Thus, to avoid random expenses, it is necessary to have this lift kit in your Subaru Forester.


  • Exceptional outcomes
  • Cost-efficient
  • 40mm efficient lift
  • Robust material


  • Needs expert fittings
  • Complicated mechanism

03. Dealparts 1.2 inch- Best Subaru Forester Lifted Kits

Highlighted Features

  • Simple installing
  • Offers 1.25-inch ground clearance
  • Compatible with multiple vehicles
  • High-quality, robust built
  • Affordable
  • Highly-durable

Dealparts is another leading company that manufactures leveling kits for trucks. This lift kit is an ideal partner for rough terrains.

It is a complete kit that comprises all the essential tools and bolts needed for an essential fit. So, if you want a slightly lifted Subaru Forester, this kit is ideal for you.

Apart from this, the lift kit gives an impressive 1.25-inch lift to your Subaru Forester. Ground clearance is ideal for rough country roads and harsh conditions.

Moreover, it has a high-quality build that serves all your needs with perfection. You will not have to worry about damage to your vehicle once you install this lift kit.

Further, it offers an easy off-road driving experience you will not get elsewhere.

Overall, the lift kit is a durable product with exceptional quality to serve your needs for a decent period.

However, ensure you do not use it on very rough terrains as it may not be suitable for the same.


  • Ultra-high density material
  • Offers easy and smooth drives
  • 30mm lift
  • Easy installing


  • May not fit all vehicles
  • Not suitable for all terrains

04. Protune Suspension 2-inch & 1.5-inch Steel Front & Rear Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality, powder-coated material
  • Offers stunning looks
  • Ideal for rough terrains
  • 2-inch front, 1.5-inch rear lift
  • Comes with accessories
  • Ideal for 225/75-15 Tires

Protune has impressive front and rear lift kits for your Subaru Forester.

The company manufactures high-quality products to serve all your rough terrain needs. Also, it gives your vehicle an ideal lift for maximum protection with stunning looks.

Further, it is a heavy-duty alloy steel product that is powder-coated to last for a long.

So, if you want a durable 2015 Subaru Forester lift kit, this is your most reliable pick. Also, it has a 2-inch front and 1.5-inch rear lift to give you a perfect driving experience.

Installing this lift kit in your Forester can be simple; however, expert help is sometimes needed.

The lift kit needs to be perfectly aligned to give accurate results. Without fixing it well, you will not get adequate outcomes and damage your truck even further.

Thus, we strongly recommend taking expert assistance if you do not have the apt knowledge.


  • Great quality
  • Robust construction
  • Looks great
  • Maximum protection


  • Needs expert installation
  • It might not fit all trucks

05. WSays 3-inch Suspension Extension Spacers Shock Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Robust aluminum body
  • 3-inch lift
  • Easy installation
  • Complete package
  • Suitable for all harsh conditions
  • Maximum safety

Wsays is another terrific brand that manufactures high-quality aluminum lift kits for vehicles.

Their lift kits offer maximum protection and impressive ground clearance to meet necessary needs.

Also, installing one is not very difficult and can be completed within some time.

This Wsays product is a 3-inch lift kit that is ideal for all your rough terrain needs. It has sufficient ground clearance to give you perfect outcomes with each drive.

Also, the risk of damage is reduced once you install these lift kits in your Subaru Forester. It is an ideal 2015 Subaru Forester lift kit that will serve all your needs.

Installing this lift kit is quite simple with adequate knowledge. The kit comes along with the necessary instructions and details to give you accurate results.

Also, it has all tools and accessories to assist you well. But, if you lack precise knowledge, it is better to seek expert aid.

Overall, this Sways product is a tough and durable lift kit that will be a perfect partner for your Subaru Forester.


  • Simple installing
  • Durable construction
  • Impressive lift
  • Stunning looks


  • Does not fit all trucks
  • May have quality issues

06. Dealparts 1.6 inch 40mm Leveling Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Material with ultra-density
  • 40mm depth
  • Suitable for multiple trucks
  • Durable, long-lasting
  • Smooth performance
  • Simple Installing

Dealparts ensures quality and durability with their product. Their lift kits do not just have impressive ground clearances but can sustain well even in harsh climates.

You can easily install these and drive your Subaru Forester in snow, rains, and rough terrain. The kit includes front struts and rear strut spacers with an ideal fitting kit to serve your needs.

This lift kit offers 1.6-inch clearance to your Subaru Forester. The Subaru Forester lift kit’s off-road needs are well taken care of by this lift kit.

It is an ideal match to cover all basic rough terrain safety needs. However, it may not be suitable for extremely harsh situations as the clearance is insufficient.

Further, this kit has extreme durability to give users an easy and smooth off-road driving experience.

So, if you want a long-lasting lift kit to solve your Subaru Forester’s basic issues, this is an ideal pick for you.


  • 1.6-inch lift
  • Decent looks
  • Durable
  • Easy installing


  • Not suitable for all terrains
  • May have quality issues

07. Tema4x4 1.6 inch-40mm Front and Rear Leveling Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • 1.6-inch super-lift
  • Cover basic harsh climate needs
  • Protects against damage
  • Compatible with larger tires
  • Stunning looks
  • High-quality, robust lift kit

Another fantastic lift kit to cover your basic rough terrain needs is the Tema 4×4 front and rear lift kit.

This product ensures quality, performance, and the best outcomes with each drive. Tema 4×4 is a leading company that ensures all your needs are covered well in its products.

Installing Tema 4×4 is the most reliable option for your Subaru Forester. The product makes your Subaru Forester lifted by 1.6-inches and gives maximum protection from damage.

However, it may not be a reliable option for very rough terrain.

Further, the kit effectively increases the ground clearance to fit in larger tires with excellence.

Moreover, it improves the overall look of your Subaru Forester and gives it a classic appearance.

Thus, install this basic lift kit today if you want to add these impressive perks to your truck. Installing it is easy, but alignment is needed.

So, we suggest getting expert help if you are a fresher.



  • Requires expert assistance
  • Does not fit all trucks

08. Tema4x4 Front & Rear Complete Lift Kit 40mm

Highlighted Features

  • 40mm lift
  • Perfectly aligns front and rear
  • Maximum protection
  • Offers smooth drivers
  • Simple installing
  • Robust, durable material

For an ideal 40 mm lift, you can consider installing this leveling kit in your Subaru Forester.

It is an ideal 2018 Forester lift kit needed for maximum protection against damage.

The ground clearance this lift kit provides gives easy snow drives, country roads, and dirt. Also, one can effortlessly park their Subaru Forester on higher curbs without an issue.

The primary aim is to deliver excellence with each product. Thus, to give the best outcomes, Tema 4×4 curates the best leveling kits for users today.

This product is an ideal match that ensures 40mm depth and no damage to your vehicle.

However, you may have to check on compatibility before purchasing. The lift kit is not compatible with all vehicles and fits only a few.

Also, installing the lift kit in your Subaru Forester is quite simple. Either follow the instructions correctly or seek help if you do not understand any of them.

Get accurate fittings only for lesser regrets and perfect outcomes.


  • Impressive lift
  • Offers great protection
  • Reliable, high-quality product
  • Simple installation


  • Not compatible with all vehicles
  • Not suitable for highly rough-roads

09. Tema4x4 2X Complete Lift kit 40mm

Highlighted Features

  • Improves overall look
  • Assured Quality
  • Maximum protection
  • Easy and smooth drives
  • 40mm ideal lift
  • Suitable for all basic needs

It is another exceptional 40mm Subaru Forester lift. The lift helps in improving your Subaru Forester’s look and gives it a sporty appearance.

Further, it has a tough, tough build that endures harsh conditions. Thus, if you want a long-lasting and reliable lift kit, opt for this one only.

Tema 4×4 is a leading manufacturer that promises quality and the best outcomes with each product.

Further, it has the finest performance amongst the rest and assures maximum protection against damage.

This lift kit offers a 40 mm lift for your Subaru to cover all basic rough road needs. It ensures better performance on rough terrains.

And it also gives smooth drives on dirt-ridden, snowy, and countryside roads.

Installing this product is quite simple. The manual and assistance are available in the kit. However, you must take expert assistance if it is your first time to ensure the best outcomes.

Also, do not experiment as the wrong fit will not get your Subaru Forester lifted correctly.


  • Best for harsh conditions
  • Smooth drives
  • Robust material
  • 40mm lift


  • Fit only specific models
  • Needs expert fit

10. WSays 3-inch Suspension Extension Spacers Shock Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch lift
  • Protects against all damage
  • Offers stunning looks
  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Durable, lasting product
  • Smooth drives

Sways manufacture high-quality, durable lift kits to serve all your needs. This lift kit ensures a 3-inch lift for your Subaru Forester.

The ground clearance is sufficient enough to serve all your needs and give exceptional results with each drive.

Further, installing it may not be simple. Leveling and aligning the front and rear is necessary for accurate results.

Thus, use expert assistance for the best outcomes. Also, if you have prior knowledge, you can freely install this lift kit without any issue.

The ideal lift for very rough roads must be above 2 inches to cover all needs. Sways precisely understand this and thus, offers this exceptional range.

Also, if you are looking for a perfect Subaru Forester lift, this kit might work well for you.

It has a good range of perfect outcomes and minimum damage risk. Overall, this ideal kit will serve all your rough roads, harsh climates, and country road needs with maximum ease.


  • Maximum safety
  • Robust, aluminum body
  • Impressive ground clearance
  • Ensures minimum damage


  • No simple installing
  • Costly

Buying Consideration for the Best Subaru Forester Lift Kit

Purchasing a product is a critical decision. Thus, every buyer must ensure proper care and note all essentials before buying any product.

Likewise, with lift kits, you must look into a few aspects before taking a final call. Considering these aspects will assist you well and give you perfect outcomes.

Also, they will eliminate regrets and add value to your purchase.

So certain aspects you must check on before selecting an ideal forester lift kit are:

Construct and Design

Checking on the design of the lift kit is very crucial. If the elements and components are not placed correctly, your vehicle will not accurately balance and risk.

Thus, also check on the design and construction quality of your lift kit to understand the outcomes.

Also, ensure the material is long-lasting and robust enough to sustain jerks or other shocks.

Quality and Performance

The primary purpose of installing a 4-inch Subaru Forester lift kit is to ensure performance and maximum quality.

So, if you do not get that, your investment is in vain. Likewise, leveling kits must ensure better performance along with smooth drives.

These add-ons must positively affect your drive and cause no damage.

Easy Installation

Another critical point to consider is installation. Always pick a product that is manageable to fit and takes lesser time.

Also, if you cannot install it, always hire an expert to complete the task for your vehicle. Many lift kits offer simple installation techniques.

However, do not prioritize this feature over quality. If a product is difficult to install but offers exceptional performance, do not refrain from purchasing it.

Use all the guidelines and fit the lift kit correctly in your Subaru Forester.

Ground Clearance

The most vital feature to check on for a Subaru Forester lift off-road is exceptional clearance.

Pick a larger elevation to prevent all issues and eliminate worry. The elevation needs also depend on your wants.

If you drive on rough roads often, then go for a leveling kit with exceptional ground clearance. Thus, to serve your needs correctly, pick a perfect size that aligns well with your needs.

Durable Material

Lift kits are critical parts of your vehicle. Thus, compromising on quality can cause severe damage to your Subaru Forester.

Pick a robust and tough material to give your Subaru ideal outcomes. Do not opt for incapable products as they may not serve your needs well and cause further damage to your vehicle.

Driving Style

For smooth and hassle-free off-road drives, you need to install lift kits that offer more ground clearance.

However, in the case of on-road traveling, you do not require much ground clearance or elevation. Thus, before buying a lift kit, ensure that you consider your driving style and needs.

Lastly, if you are concerned about your performance on muddy terrains, opt for a 4-inch Subaru Forester lift kit only.


It is another critical aspect to consider before purchasing a lift kit. Compatibility is essential to note as that will result in positive outcomes.

If your Subaru Forester is not compatible, you will waste your money. Further, all lift kits do not fit into any vehicles. Thus, ensure you check on compatibility to get accurate results. u

Affordable Price

Lastly, the most crucial factor to consider is cost. Fix an ideal budget and shortlist your lift kit choices accordingly.

Further, do not hesitate to invest a little more if you get better features, as cost-efficient products may not have everything you want to serve your needs.

Most Common but Important FAQs

1. Is an elevated Subaru Forester safe?

Lifting the all-new 2020 Subaru Forester lift kit is entirely safe. Moreover, elevating the height a little can give you stunning looks and exceptional performance.

More ground clearance ensures better off-road drives and eliminates the risk of damage.

Altogether, increasing the ground clearance of your Subaru does not just ensure the vehicle’s safety but also the traveler’s.

2. Is increasing the ground clearance of your Subaru worthy?

Yes, undoubtedly, lifting the Subaru by 1 or two inches can be worth it.

A slight variation can give you accurate outcomes and protect your vehicle from maximum damage.

Further, installing a lift kit ensures better drives during harsh climates and on country roads.

Thus, installing this valuable add-on will benefit you in every way and give precise results only.

3. How much is the value of a Subaru lift kit?

The ideal price range of a Subaru lift kit can vary as per your needs and preferences.

Usually, the price of a lift kit is between $11000 to $13000. However, it can vary according to your needs, features required to serve your driving needs.

Thus, we suggest purchasing the 2020 Subaru Forester lift kit for the best purchase and ideal fit.

4. What does a subframe lift mean?

A subframe lift elevates the entire body/chassis and increases the overall ground clearance by 2 to 6 inches, ensuring safety.

The frame helps drop all differences and ensures the vehicle functions as the factory intended it to work.

Many drivers prefer installing it for accurate results and perfect outcomes for your Subaru Forester.

5. Is the Subaru Forester more spacious than the Outback?

The Subaru outback is wider, whereas the Subaru Forester is slightly taller than it.

So, overall, they have different dimensions. However, the Subaru Forester is taller and offers excellent visibility and 35.4 cubes.

Thus, being the bigger model.

6. Are the 2-inch lift kits enough?

A 2-inch lift kit may be sufficient for your basic needs.

However, they do not serve their best on very rough terrains. So, if you install a Subaru Forester 2 inch lift kit, ensure that you consider your driving needs well before buying one.

Further, if you are looking for maximum protection, we recommend installing a lift kit with better ground clearance.

7. Is a Subaru Forester worth buying?

The Subaru Forester is a reliable compact SUV that you will surely love.

It has advanced features and technologies that assist in keeping the engine cool and other parts in an alliance.

Hence, purchasing the Subaru Forester will certainly not upset you. It is an ideal automobile that serves all your needs.

8. What are the must-have aspects of an ideal lift kit?

Lift kits must serve specific needs to give accurate results.

If they do not, then you certainly are buying the wrong product. There are some must-have factors that every lift kit must-have for exceptional performance.

These aspects are:

  • Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Perfect elevation
  • High-quality material
  • Compatibility

9. How long can a lift kit last?

Lift kits are very durable and lasting products that can last for quite a lot of time. Further, these products have the extra sturdiness to provide essential duration.

Ideally, a lift kit lasts for about ten years or more. However, some reliable companies claim that their products last for a longer duration than others.

So, check on the specifications and pick wisely.


Picking the right lift kit for your Subaru Forester is essential. Thus, scheme through the guide properly and pick the best Subaru Forester lift kit for your vehicle.

We suggest going for top brands only as they offer exceptional results and performance.

However, if you have additional needs pick a lift kit that offers more elevation for your Subaru Forester.

A good lift kit offers durability, stability, and the right balance to give you accurate results only. Thus, pick well and give your Subaru Forester the protection that it needs for maximum protection.