Subaru Check Engine Light Reset: Simple 5 Steps to Do It Right!

Subaru check engine light reset is a common query of people these days. The engine light of your Subaru can be a source of suspense or mystery for some people.

The other term used for ‘engine light’ is malfunction indicator lamp.

As the name suggests, it refers to the automated engine service technology used to indicate whether there is any dysfunctionality in the engine or not.

In a smooth-running Subaru, there must not be an illuminated engine lamp. It is a depiction of a malfunction in the vehicle’s engine, which can be fixed.

Subaru Check Engine Light Reset: Simple 05 Steps Method

Car owners often find check engine lights a warning indication.

It acts as an automated alert tool that warns the driver to solve the problem of a car before it causes a severe issue.

At first, you need to know that if the light is flashing continuously, the situation should be solved immediately. And if it is ignored, it can harm everybody sitting in the vehicle.

But sometimes, this sign becomes annoying if the driver has already solved the problem. To reset the check engine light of Subaru is a mandatory process.

Here’s a list of different methods to reset check engine lights and a complete step-by-step guide for the procedure.

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Step 1: Utilize a code scanner

The code scanner technique is one of the valuable ways for Subaru to check engine light reset. The scanners used for this purpose are typically OBD.

OBD stands for ‘On-Board diagnostic scanner’. As the name suggests, this digital tool can diagnose and disclose.

Present-day on-board diagnostic scanners can give time data and regulate the sequence of diagnostic trouble codes.

To use the scanner, use the following guide and perform each step keenly.

Step 2: Get an On-Board Diagnostic Scanner

The first step is to get an OBD scanner. Automobile toolset shops have a variety of digital scanners.

Typically, it is an expensive tool to borrow from someone else, or if you face the issue repeatedly, you can buy one. Tool shops often lend them to the buyers.

So, it can easily be borrowed. However, keep in mind that if your automobile was manufactured before 1990.

It may not have a port where an Onboard diagnostic scanner is connected. Later, the method is written to reset the check engine light if there is no port for the OBD scanner.

Step 3: Make the connection of the scanner to the steering column

In a modern vehicle, there is a pre-designed port for the OBD scanner. It must be present under the steering column of the car.

After the port is found, attach the port designed for the scanner to the cord attached.

The cable connects the scanner to the vehicle providing a pathway for digital signals to send information. The OBD scanner will join soon.

If there is no port, try to look into the user guide of your car, typically refers as the ‘vehicle’s manual’.

Step 4: Turn on the scanner

When the vehicle is successfully connected with the scanner, the other thing to do is turn it on. Press the key indicating ‘ON’ and on the car too.

Avoid driving the vehicle. Trying to do a Subaru check engine light reset can put you and other passengers in trouble. Set agitation of the key after turning on the car.

After switching ‘ON’ the vehicle, shut the accessories of the car. The radio, music, and other accessories must be turned off.

The turn-on accessories can cause problems afterward.

Step 5. Read the problem and clear it

When the secure connection is built, look for the ‘READ’ button on the scanner.

Hold the red button, and the scanner will give you access to validate the specific codes of the engine light. The codes are special digital characters.

Each of them has a particular meaning. To recognize the problem, record all the emerging codes.

If you dare to read those instructions, you can figure out the problem yourself. Otherwise, visit a car mechanic.

Digital scanners display the meaning of the codes as well. So, the process is relatively easy. You can check the importance of the code online as well.

Once the problem is recognized, press the erase or clear button. The light will be switched off eventually. Remove the scanner after the completion of the process.

Disconnecting Battery Method

You can adapt this method to get rid of the annoying check engine light temporarily. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Spot the battery of the vehicle.
  • Locate the negative cable.
  • The negative cable must be with a negative sign and a black skull cap.
  • Use any tool to remove the cable.
  • Pressing the horn and turning on and off the light will utilize the stored battery.
  • Rest for 15 minutes and try to restart the battery.

After restarting the battery, the check engine light will turn off automatically. Cutting the power off will not supply enough energy for the light to glow. This video might be helpful for you.

Subaru Check Engine Light Reset: What & Why

The automobiles designed by the Subaru corporation has pre-installed engine light.

To check the Subaru engine light means to validate whether the engine light is illuminated or not. The glow of the engine light represents any bug in the engine.

If the engine light glows, the driver should check the engine light to fix the problem as soon as possible.

It has disastrous effects if you don’t match the engine light before starting a journey. Serious accidents can be caused if you do not check the engine light before you ride.

The trouble in the engine can be low fuel, malfunction of any part of the automobile, etc.

How to Clear Check Engine Light Subaru: Simple Steps

If you are looking to clear check the engine light on your Subaru, you can easily perform the task on your own without putting in a lot of effort.

This clear check of your engine light will not require a lot of your time and you can perform the task easily by following the below-mentioned instructions if you want to

Perform the task without a scanner.

Clear Checking Engine Light without Scanner

  • Step 1

In the first step, you will have to open the hood of your vehicle. After doing this, check for the nut that is holding the cable clamp to the negative battery terminal.

  • Step 2

The next step involves the sliding-off cable from the negative battery terminal.

  • Step 3

This step is the easiest one as it requires your patience only and no effort.

After you have removed the cable from the negative terminal, you will have to wait for approximately four to five minutes before reconnecting the cable and tightening the nut.

  • Step 4

After reconnecting the cable and retightening the nut, start your vehicle and your vehicle’s computer will reset or clear check the engine light.

Clear Check Engine Light by Turning the Ignitions On and Off

Another way to clear checking or reset the engine light of your Subaru can be by turning the ignition on and off.

In this method, you don’t have to disconnect your battery.

In this method, you will have to turn the ignition of your vehicle on and off several times consecutively by taking a break for a second after each step.

Your engine light will go off after doing this. In case it doesn’t go off, you will have to check for the scanner codes.

You can reset the engine light on your Subaru with the help of this video.

How to Check Engine Light Codes Without Scanner Subaru: the Proper Way

Getting engine light codes without a scanner is not an easy task. But following these steps carefully helps you to accomplish it.

The necessary apparatus for this process is a recording camera and a car battery.

Turning on the car battery

A car battery is a necessity in this process. It may need to be powered on at any time. The battery will turn on the dashboard lights after the car key is switched in place.

Preparing the recording device

Prepare the recording device so that you can record the codes. The recording device can be a camera, digital camera, or smartphone.

In the case of smartphones, open the camera and do not close the tab until the whole process is completed.

It would help if you fixed the camera with the help of a tripod or a stand at a fixed angle so that there is no chance to miss the information.

Turning on crucial ON/OFF

To get the codes, this step is mandatory. Set the camera or hold it in a way that it can easily record the engine error light.

After that, turn the key on and off continuously. The turning on and off of the key should be done rapidly.

This will be done by first turning on the key, then turning off the turn on, then turn off, then turn, and then turn off within a period of five to six seconds.

Go for the solution

Wait for a while, and then the engine light will start displaying the two-digit error codes. Record the regulations with the help of the camera or your smartphone.

Record all this carefully so that the exact solution can be found. If you don’t know the precise resolution, look for the user’s guide or search on any search engine.

For instance, after completing the process, the two-digit code that appeared is “30”. It means the vehicle has a malfunction in the catalytic converter.

Replacing or repairing the catalytic convertor will eventually solve the problem, and the Subaru engine light will be turned off.

Common FAQs About Subaru Check Engine Light Reset

How much time is required for the check engine light to reset?

The car’s automated system reset after some particular time. If you want to know what time it takes to reset, estimate as the reset happens on its own after every ten to twenty cycles.

The manual process can take about ten to fifteen minutes if you are doing the procedures keenly.

Any slight mistake must require to restart of the process from the beginning. The restart can be irritating as it consumes time if you are rushing or in a hurry.

Can check engine light can reset itself?

Check engine light can reset itself if the problem is resolved. Sometimes, the driver is aware of existing problems in the vehicle.

Once it gets done. The check engine light restarts on its own, and you don’t have to reset it manually or with the help of the On-Board diagnostic scanner.

What are Subaru engine codes?

Engine light codes represent the issue that is being generated inside the engine.

There is a list of these digital codes, each having a separate meaning. Diagnostic trouble codes are the other name for this.

The specific code does not exactly tell you where is the malfunction in your car. But a professional, after reading it, can quickly get to know the problem.

How to read Subaru engine codes?

The codes can be read using the user’s vehicle guide or simple knowledge of automobile engine codes.

There are several alphabetical letters written with each of the regulations. Each upper case letter represents the part of the automobile having malfunctioned.

For Instance, ‘B’ stands for the body, ‘P’ stands for power train, ‘C’ for chassis, and ‘U’ for the network.

How to read Subaru check engine codes without any scanner?

Without a digital scanner, digital codes can be read, but it is a tricky process. However, a simple guide to the process is to turn on and off the ignition key until the two-digit code appears.

There is a complete list of the engine codes is also available on search engines. The detailed process with step by step guide is listed above.

Follow the complicated procedure.

What happens if the check engine light is not reset?

Go on driving. This is suitable if you have zero knowledge about how to do a Subaru check engine light reset.

It might be helpful in the situation if you don’t have time for it. After checking the malfunction, you need to show patience and ignore the blinking light.

The engine light uses automated digital commands. So, it may take a while to recognize whether the problem is solved or not.

When it diagnoses it as the solved issue, the light stops blinking, and your worries will disappear. Act normal until two to three days.

But if the light does not get turned off, see a mechanic or try to recognize the problem yourself.

Its devastating effects can risk everybody’s life; if you have surety of a solved issue, you can use either of the ways listed above to reset the Subaru check engine light.


Hence, the how to check engine light codes without a scanner Subaru can be done quickly by going through this.

All you need is a keen observation and a basic knowledge of automobiles.

Remember, a reputable car repairing shop will never do a Subaru check engine light reset without solving the exact problem.

Consult a mechanic if you think the pain is severe. Always take precautionary measures while adopting the procedure.

Handle the connection and disconnection of the battery carefully. And do not drive your car at high speed after the Subaru checks engine light reset.

Also, professionals do not recommend the disconnecting battery often.