How To Disable Subaru Alarm System: 4 Easiest Ways!

If you want to know how to disable Subaru alarm system, you are at the proper hangout. Automotive alarm systems are indispensable because they help in preventing car thefts.

However, if they are not working properly, they tend to produce irritating, untimely noise that can make driving difficult.

Hence,  disabling the alarm is a great way to get a respite till you can fix the actual problem. The process is not rocket science, and it can be carried out with or without a remote.

This piece reveals the details of the process so that it can be seamless for you.

How to Disable Subaru Alarm System: Simple 04 Step Method

Disabling the alarm system of your Subaru is a stroll in the park. You should follow the steps below;

Step 1: Make yourself comfortable in the driver’s seat, and close every single door.

Step 2: Engage the ignition switch to the ‘ON’ spot.

Step 3: Press the REAR (UNLOCK) power door locking switch on the driver’s side, and hold it down.

Step 4: Not beyond the following one second, open the door at the driver’s side and hold on for 10 seconds without letting the switch go.

Thereafter, your trip meter screen will change from “AL on” to “AL off”.

Alternate Way: the Ignition Method with only 4 Steps

If the alarm system of your vehicle is linked to the engine immobilizer, the system may lock up so that you won’t be able to turn the key in the ignition.

In a situation like this, you should get the ignition to reposition the system.

Besides, you can try to manually open your trunk through the insertion of the key into the lock of the trunk.

If the wiring system of your car supports the deactivation of the alarm by the trunk area, the problem is solved.

Step 1: Turning off a Car Alarm Without a Remote

If the remote of your car can’t help in turning off the alarm, you can remove the fuse box.

A fuse box is used to transmit electricity from one part of your vehicle to another.

You can check the user manual to discover the fuse culpable for warning sounds. As soon as you discover the fuse,  remove it using the method below.

Step 2: Removing The Fuse Box of a Car Alarm

Ideally, the fuse box should be in the cabin beneath the steering wheel or the engine bay.

Thereafter, get rid of the trim to get access to it, if it is in the cabin. You can use a safety glove for this process.

Don’t forget to handle the trim with care because it is fragile.

Get pliers or plastic tweezers to cut the circuit of the alarm. As soon as you pull out the fuse, the noise will cease instantly.

If you don’t know the definite fuse to pull out, pull them out one by one until the noise stops.

Step 3: Disabling a Car Alarm For Good

It is possible to permanently disable the alarm system of your vehicle. The processes are very simple if you follow the instructions.

You should get rid of the fuse or battery, and you are good to go.

Step 4: Protect Yourself

It is important to protect yourself against harm before carrying out any of the processes mentioned above. Get your safety glasses and gloves so that you will be adequately protected.

You should park your car on dry, solid, and level ground before operations.

Your user manual should not be left behind in these tasks so that you can achieve your set goals. It will be a viable guide for the effective application of the methods you have learned.

Subaru Immobilizer/Alarm System: What & Why?

A Subaru car alarm system helps in protecting the vehicle or its contents against theft. It functions by discharging sound of high volume when it is intercepted.

There are various types of alarm systems in the market presently. As a result of this, you need to be well informed so that you can conveniently make the right choice.

  • Loud Alarm Systems

These are the most popular alarm systems among vehicle owners. They are usually pre-installed on new vehicles, and you can also find them in used cars.

They have witnessed the widest acceptability over the years with both pros and cons.

One of their advantages is that they are very convenient to use and install. They make a loud noise when there is an intruder in your car, and this is coupled with the flashing lights.

This helps in scaring away thieves attempting to burgle your car. On the other hand, a disadvantage with them is that they can be ignored by passersby when sounding.

This is because a lot of people are used to the false alarms raised by these devices over the years. Secondly, they can be a source of headache for you if you have issues.

  • Soundless Alarm Systems

Another type is the soundless system. It will not make any sound that will scare away the thief but will inform you that there is a hitch.

This will allow you to call the police for the effective arrest of the thief.

This type is good for you if you are interested in catching the thief red-handed. However, you should not attempt to catch the thief on your own but inform law enforcement agents.

The disadvantage of this type of alarm is that the intruder may get away with it if law enforcement agents do not arrive at the scene in good time

. Also, it will not let passersby know that somebody is trying to get away with your car.

  • Immobilizers

Immobilizers are another system for securing your vehicle. They work by making sure that the car does not start except the keys are at a close range.

This will make it difficult for an intruder to start the vehicle and get away with it.

The disadvantage of an immobilizer is that a thief can clone the keys to play a fast one.

This will make the car believe that the keys are at a close range, giving the intruder a free day. However, it is not every thief that is as sophisticated as cloning car keys.

  • Passive and Active Alarm Systems

Passive and active alarm systems refer to the activation and deactivation methods of the alarm. They are usually associated with both loud and soundless alarms.

A passive alarm system will engage the alarm instantly when you turn off the ignition and lock the doors.

Hence, it will be difficult for you to forget to activate it. To activate it, you only need to unlock the doors, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, an active alarm requires you to press a button for activation. In most cases, the button is on the key fob, and it functions as both an activator and a deactivator of the system.

With this type of system, you should not forget to set the alarm before leaving your car.

Failure to do so can expose it to intruders who will not waste time in taking its full advantage.

Subaru Immobilizer Bypass: the Easiest & Safest Way

Do you want to know how to disable Subaru immobilizer? This section is created to give you every detail about the process.

However, before digging in, you need to know how an immobilizer functions so that you can easily grab the disabling tactics to be discussed.

How does An Immobilizer work?

An immobilizer is a security device, which helps in preventing your vehicle from being stolen. It comprises an antenna and a transponder combined in the key.

There is also an immobilization control box in the ECU, as well as an antenna that helps in coordinating the process.

Anytime you put your key into the ignition, the immobilization system tries to confirm that the code emanating from your key is the right one.

Once the code is confirmed, you will be able to turn on the vehicle. This process is enhanced by RFID technology.

  • Bypassing The Immobilizer

Now that you know how the immobilizing system works, let’s take a look at how to disable an immobilizer. There are various methods you can follow, and we will discuss them one by one.

  • Enter The Code Manually

If you don’t have a spare key, you should have a code card,  which comes with the start code. Enter the code manually, and you will be able to hit the road.

With the aid of a centralized button, enter the digits of the code one by one. Make sure that you enter the code perfectly so that you can get the expected outcome.

  • Repair The Key

If you have tried entering the immobilizer code but there is no headway, the key may probably be the problem.

Its transponder may be faulty or have fallen off. The solution to this type of problem is to see a key specialist that will repair the key.

There are many key specialists online, and you can get one at your car dealership. You will spend more if you cannot provide your code card. A new functional key will be developed for you.

  • Remove The Immobilizer Box Manually

You can remove the immobilizer box in the ECU manually to deactivate it. This process should be carried out by an expert, and it should be as a last resort or a temporary measure.

It is not in your best interest to remove the immobilizer completely. You would be exposing your Subaru to theft because with a little maneuver, an intruder can easily take full control.

Besides, if your insurance company knows that you have disabled your immobilizer, there is no way you can get your claim from the company.

This can lead to a big loss when your vehicle is stolen.

FAQs about How To Disable Subaru Alarm Systems

Why does my Subaru alarm keeps going off?

Your Subaru alarm can go off randomly if the car remote or key fob is defective. This is due to the fact the remote or key fob is directly linked to the alarm system.

To be sure of what is the cause of the issues, reset the fob or get a new battery for it.

How can I stop my car alarm from going off randomly?

You can get the alarm deactivated, and reactivate it. You can deactivate it by unlocking the doors, starting the car, disconnecting the fuse, or disconnecting the battery.

Once you are sure that it is deactivated successfully, you can then reactivate it.

Is it possible to disable my car alarm?

You can disable your car alarm perfectly. To disable the alarm, start the car, unlock the car door, disconnect the alarm fuse, or disconnect the battery.

You need to manage your key fob properly so that you can easily call off future alarms.

Will removing the fuse disable my car alarm?

Yes! If you remove the fuse conveying electricity to the alarm, it will stop working. Fuse removal is one of the ways to disable a car alarm if it is malfunctioning.

Is there a fuse for the vehicle alarm?

The fuse box of a factory-installed alarm will have a fuse. If you want to shut down the alarm, you only need to pull the fuse, and the circuit will be disrupted.

The fuse box is typically situated on the steering column’s left-hand side.

Where can I find the fuse for the alarm system of my car?

You will find the fuse for the alarm system of your car in the fuse box. The fuse box is usually situated beneath your dashboard or under your car’s hood.

It will help you if you check your user’s manual to know the precise spot of the fuse and its box.

How can I disable my Subaru immobilizer?

To disable Subaru immobilizer, you can use two methods. the first method is to enter the code manually while the second method is to repair the key.


Getting the basic information on how to disable Subaru alarm system will help you to get the best from your car.

Alarms could be disturbing at times, especially when they are faulty. That is why you need to be on top of your game when there are issues.

This piece has revealed many ways of disabling your alarm so that you can be at peace before seeing your mechanic.

We also included the best methods of bypassing your Subaru immobilizer to avoid getting stuck at important periods.

We hope you will be able to make good use of it, and your comments are welcome.