10 Best Subaru Outback Upgrades – Best Modifications Ever!

Those who are looking for the best Subaru Outback upgrades have reached the right place. Owners of a Subaru Outback know very well that it is built for toughness and dependability in all aspects.

Having a Subaru Outback is similar to having a portable vacation machine.

The owner would have got the perfect combination of off-road clearance, engine power, and, yes, an all-wheel-drive to get them to some of the most beautiful and scenic locations in the world.

However, one might ask themselves have they got all of the Subaru Outback performance upgrades they’ll need to make their trip unforgettable?

Here is our review of those top performance upgrade tools to help the readers understand which one is right for them.

What are the best Subaru Outback modifications?

We have voted for Rove Dash Cam, Mophorn top-rated head Gasket, Detroit Axle Subaru Brake Pads, and Rotors as the key upgrades for the Subaru Outback.

All these performances have their unique utilities, making the trip with a Subaru Outback much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Why “Dash Cam, Gasket Kit & the Brake Pads and Rotors” are the best upgrades for Subaru outback?

We recommend the Rove Dash Cam, Mophorn Gasket, and Detroit Axle Brake Pads and Rotors as the best accessories for Subaru Outback. Each of these accessories has a great set of features.

With the Rove Dash Cam, a user will get great clarity in video recording, in-built WIFI, and some other advanced technology like emergency video lock, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, and so on.

The mophorn Gasket kit is another high-performance upgrade since it can deliver more power to the engine due to its high-flow design.

Besides ensuring excellent engine performance, it also helps in improving the exhaust system dramatically.

With Detroit Axle Brake Pads and Rotors, an engine will also have a long life as these accessories ensure fast cooling and heat dissipation.

Besides, these rotors do not allow excess moisture to be retained so that the engine does not suffer any wear and tear in the long run.

Top 10 Best Subaru Outback Upgrades: Best Modifications

subaru outback accessories

1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Car

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra 4K HD, loop cycle recording
  • In-built WIFI
  • GPS feature included
  • G-sensor
  • Emergency video lock
  • Wide-angle lens (150 degrees A+)
  • In-built micro-SD slot

With its 150° field of vision and 4K resolution, the Rove R2-4k captures great daytime footage.

While its user interface can be difficult to browse, it isn’t a deal-breaker if quality material is a user’s top priority.

Such a device has excellent recording reliability, as it retains everything it captures automatically in three-minute segments, unlike several other dashcams that exist in the market.

Although it appears to be a bit huge when mounted to the mirror, the larger LCD screen is easy to read.

As a result, the Rove is a terrific option for those who want to capture their beautiful road excursions for social media and have the peace of mind that any accidents they can encounter will be caught on camera.

Such a camera can also capture 3-Axis impact data on an X-Y-Z axis graph, allowing a driver to see any potholes that lie on the road and where precisely the impact occurred on Google Maps at the same time.

If a vehicle is hit and its impact exceeds the G-Sensor Level, the camera will turn on and record a 1-minute video before locking it and saving it.

“The Parking Mode Got Activated While You Were Away” – is the stupendous Voice Guidance feature in the camera that makes it easy to explore and comprehend the road situation.


  • Takes a great video
  • User-friendly
  • Enables instant recording
  • Works great a night
  • Rotatable


  • Not a big enough display
  • A few customers complained that it’s not a real 4K, but 2K

2. Mophorn Catalytic Converter Direct Fit Front Exhaust Manifold

Highlighted Features

  • OEM flow design
  • Boosts exhaust flow
  • Stainless steel-made
  • Compliant with OBD IV
  • Compatible with most Subaru Outbacks

Without any doubt, the Mophorn Gasket Kit is a great value addition to the Subaru Outback modifications in the market.

In the vehicle exhaust system, such a catalytic converter is an essential external cleaning device.

Oxidation and reduction may transform hazardous gases, including CO, HC, and NOx, from vehicular exhaust gas into carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen.

When high-temperature vehicle exhaust passes through the purification device, the purifier’s catalytic converter boosts CO, HC, and NOx activity, promoting the chemical process of oxidation-reduction.

Such a Subaru exhaust header, which has a stainless steel body, can withstand high-temperature exhaust fumes.

Moreover, its interior ceramic substrates incorporate high-load precious metal catalysts such as Pt, Rh, and Pd to improve purification efficiency and intensity.

As it has standard specification flanges on the high-flow catalytic converter, installation becomes a simple process. In addition, such an exhaust system has direct bolts that do not require any additional modifications.

Moreover, the kit also includes a gasket and the necessary tools so that the installation can be completed easily.

However, professional installation is strongly advised if a user wants to get the most out of it.


  • Great fit
  • All new gaskets and nuts included in the package
  • Works great for a 09 Subaru Outback
  • Passes smog check


  • Can break down after 6 months of usage
  • Not ideal for a ’12 forester

3. Detroit Axle – Front and Rear Disc Rotors + Brake Pads

Highlighted Features

  • Highly durable
  • Enhances braking power
  • High-quality brake pads
  • Anti-rust
  • Reduces heat

Such brake rotors and pads from Detroit Axle are made to OEM specifications.

They will provide a car with the optimum fit, performance, reliability, and longevity without the need for any changes.

Replacement brake rotors have passed stringent noise-free tests and have operated flawlessly in reducing noise.

Such zinc-plated disc brake rotors provide excellent vehicle braking performance, as well as effective corrosion and dust-proof properties.

Quick, Clean, and Quiet Detroit Axle brake kits provide the best brake-system solution with supreme quality.

When a user opens the package of perfectly matched brakes and rotors, they will receive the finest combination of quality, value, and assurance and receive the company’s trust.

As a result, when one needs the best upgrades for their Subaru Outback to boost the engine life, these rotors and brake pads are the ones to look for.

Since they play a crucial role in boosting the power of a vehicle’s engine, they are one of the very best in the market and highly recommended to all Subaru Outback owners.


  • Great quality product
  • Ideal braking kit for Subaru Outbacks
  • Break cleaner included
  • 10-piece set


  • Rotors warped after 30 miles of usage as complained by a few customers

4. K&N Engine Air Filter ‎33-2304 High Performance

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures 50% more airflow than disposable filters
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Enhances engine life

K&N filters are extensively tested to ensure that they satisfy OEM filtering standards.

The company claims that they have stacked several cotton gauge layers between sheets of wire mesh (made of aluminum) in a K&N air filter.

To generate a robust filtering medium, several microscopic strands of cotton gauzes naturally retain specially tailored oil in suspension.

As a result, the filtering media can trap and hold dust particles much smaller than the aperture in the fiber itself.

In regards to such a K&N Subaru oil filter, many layers of fiber contain dust particles, whereas a stock paper-based filter fills its surface with dust in the course of driving.

As a result, the capacity of holding dirt for each square inch is more in the K&N filter as compared to normal paper filters.

A  K&N filter is designed to last the vehicle’s life, and the cleaning kit is made of recyclable cardboard and plastic bottles.

Finally, this filter is very easy to install, which is why most vehicle owners prefer this system for their vehicles.

The mixture of a trustworthy brand, user-friendliness, and eco-friendliness makes this item one of the top Subaru Outback mods.


  • Tried and tested product
  • Reusable
  • Fits into most vehicles
  • Good looking
  • Can boost throttle response


  • No noticeable change in fuel economy

5. Husky Liners 99671 Fits 2015-19 Subaru Legacy

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents the carpeted areas from stains and soil marks
  • Thermoplastic material resists most chemicals
  • Custom-fit for most vehicles
  • Offers a finished look
  • Easily washable

Mother Nature, unfortunately, is beyond our control. Snow, rain slush, and muck always seem to find their way into our ride’s cabin, despite our best attempts.

And if someone lives in a harsher area where the temperature swings from one extreme to the other regularly.

However, they’d undoubtedly have a set of floor liners that will truly hold up while providing unrivaled carpet protection.

As a result, Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners are essential. The robust structure of these liners ensures that they will endure everything regarding climatic conditions.

So, how durable are these mats? The WeatherBeaters, unlike a regular rubber mat, are made of Duragrip, an elastomeric polymer.

Sure, whatever users’ shoes bring in won’t stand a chance against their hardness, but these liners take it a step further.

They’ve been tested and shown to withstand gasoline and battery acid without harm, so there’s no need to be concerned about anything for a driver, or their passengers might spill while driving.

They also have a proprietary FormFit edge that goes up against the door jamb, ensuring that nothing gets through the carpets. Any spills shall be contained safely.

After all, isn’t that why you’re looking for floor liners in the first place? These liners are vehicle-specific and laser-measured to provide a perfect fit for the floorboards of a truck, van, car, or SUV.

Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners are available in various shapes and sizes for the front, second, third, and center hump areas of the car.

In addition, one can get these mats in black, grey, or tan to match their home’s decor. Such liners are proudly developed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States of America.


  • All-weather resistant
  • Available in various colors
  • Available for front, second, third, and center hump areas


  • Can distort, deform and warp quickly

6. Powerty Compatible with Cargo Cover Subaru Forester

Highlighted Features

  • Retractable
  • Doesn’t use a lot of space
  • Aluminum alloy-made
  • Offers a clean and tide look to the vehicle
  • Waterproof

Such a product is considered one of the top Subaru Outback off-road mods because it’s just the item a user will need while traveling on long trips.

On long trips, we need to have a durable trunk to hold all our belongings. Hence, this retractable trunk cover is the solution one would need.

Because this product is very strong and durable, it keeps the cargo inside the truck in place and safeguards it from harsh UV rays.

Besides, this product is very flexible and doesn’t take up a lot of space inside the vehicle. As a result, they can be fitted easily in the rear of the vehicle, which is possibly the best rear-fit trunk.

Moreover, they are waterproof material which also enhances their longevity.

Because of their waterproofing feature, they are pretty easy to clean also. As it’s an upgraded version, one will not find any gap between the trunk cover and the back seats.

All in all, this is an ideal product that will offer the assurance of safety for the cargo that a truck owner will need while traveling long distances.


  • Fits with Subaru Outback
  • Good quality material
  • No drilling is required for the installation
  • Offers the vehicle a clean and tidy look


  • Removing the product can be difficult

7. Gold Shrine Outback Baja Headlight

subaru outback upgrades

Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced night vision
  • Powerful output
  • Socket and bulb included in the assembly
  • Ideal OEM replacement
  • Waterproof wiring

One of the top Subaru Outback mods is this Baja Designs’ most powerful lights. Such lights are far larger pods – the LP9 – and light bars that considerably outperform the XL80 in terms of output.

For example, a single XL80 unit produces 9,500 lumens when powered by four 20W LEDs each.

It’s also not a lightweight or a smaller unit; each pod is 4.3″ in diameter and is just less than one kilogram in weight. They’re all there at Baja Designs.

Each lamp has an IP69 rating, which means it may be pressure washed if necessary.

All of the wirings are watertight, and each LED emits light at a sun-yellow 5000K temperature rather than the somewhat bluer temperatures preferred by other manufacturers.

All the lights have a lens-like pattern. A user can also buy new lenses and modify lens patterns to fit any user’s light requirements even more.

So what exactly is a driving combination?

The units have a couple of LED lights at the bottom to create a broad light range near the car/truck, while the other two at the top focus on a further distance.

According to Baja Designs, the throw is vital for speed in the dark, while the spread provides reference and context and eliminates the sense of “driving in a tunnel.”

Such lights also come with a built-in dimmer that lets users choose between running the light at 20% power (approximately 4,000 lumens) or full power (about 8,000 lumens).


  • In-built dimmer
  • Fits most vehicles
  • High-quality product


  • This can lead to minor electrical issues

8. JI Loncky Black Genuine Leather Auto Custom steering wheel covers

Highlighted Features

  • All weather resistant
  • Does not generate odor
  • Made with high-quality genuine leather
  • Breathable
  • Highly durable

One other item amongst the Subaru Outback modifications that we will talk about here is the genuine leather-made steering wheel covers from JI.

Such leathers are a very high-quality item, and they fit into most steering wheels.

One other astounding feature of these wheel covers is that they can ensure any weather. As a result, the possibility of them wearing is very less.

Not only that, but these covers look quite elegant on the steering wheel, which is why they enhance the look of the interior of a vehicle.

Apart from being all-weather proof, they are breathable and don’t generate a bad leather odor which means one won’t feel uncomfortable with them even after long hours of driving.

Moreover, such a “customized” wheel cover comes in a wide range of colors: black, yellow, red, blue, brown, grey, white, etc.

Therefore, all one needs is to pick the color they prefer for their wheel while placing their order.

One other question that people might ask is, what about its installation? There is no need to worry as installation tools, and paper manuals for installation are available with this product.

Besides, a YouTube video link is also provided so that one can understand the process of installation clearly and easily.


  • Adds class to the vehicle interior
  • Offers a great feel
  • Nice stitching
  • Classy leather


  • Installation takes a long time

9. SUBARU 2010 Outback Side Mirrors

Highlighted Features

  • OEM mirror
  • Offers great visibility
  • Highly durable
  • Good replacement
  • Foldable

While talking about the Subaru Outback off-road mods, these side mirrors must be definitely be considered. Such mirrors offer not only safety as a well clear vision while on the road.

One significant aspect of these mirrors is that they are foldable; as a result, a driver can adjust their vision according to their needs.

Hence, this will keep them safe on the road as they can clearly see the other vehicles passing by and avoid potential accidents.

Also, these mirrors are sturdy enough and won’t get affected even when a user drives in rough weather. Therefore, this makes them the ideal product irrespective of the weather conditions.

Such mirrors what rs assure safety while driving and also require low maintenance. These mirrors won’t need heavy cleaning or washing due to the quality of the material being used.

As a result, these are some of the perfect Subaru Outback performance upgrades that every user wants to install in their vehicle.

Overall, one must have such upgrades installed to make their Subaru outback trip a pleasant one without any hassles and complete peace of mind.


  • Good fit
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly safe


  • Installation can take time

10. EKR Custom Fit Full Set Car Seat Covers for Select Subaru Outback

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality leather made
  • Custom-fit
  • Prevents the car’s seats from stains and soil
  • High-quality buckles included
  • Stylish looking

Car seat covers are made of pure leather are durable, and many car owners prefer to use them on their seats.

But, if a user wants to install leather seat coverings in their automobile, they’ll need to find the appropriate fit.

As a result, the EKR car seat covers made with the Leatherette layer offer high durability, excellent breathability, water resistance, and ease of cleaning.

Such a seat cover has 4-layer construction with foam cushioning and a protective polyester shell.

The stitching quality is like “made from factory”, as well as the strong zippers and buckles, ensure that they fit securely.

Such covers protect the seats from spills, stains, and damage by being custom-made to the precise requirements of the vehicle’s seats.

Front and rear seat coverings, headrest covers, armrest covers, and airbag cutouts are all included in the whole set of custom seat covers for Subaru.

Such covers are one of the best Subaru Outback upgrades because they are a hundred percent new.

In addition, front and rear seat coverings, headrest covers, and airbag cutouts are all included in the whole set of custom seat covers.

Exact-fit leather seat coverings are designed to fit snugly in the vehicle’s seat. However, it all depends upon the car’s size and the sort of car seat cover a user chooses.

However, one can select the exact fit of leather seat covers based on the car model. However, some car seat covers come with adjustable straps that can ensure a proper fit on a car seat.


  • Looks like genuine new car seats
  • Good finishing
  • 4-layer construction
  • Durable


  • Installation takes a long time

Important FAQs

1. How can my Subaru Outback performance be improved?

As discussed here in this review, installing the best accessories for the Subaru outback can help a great deal in boosting the Outback’s performance.

2. How can I address the overheating problems in Subaru Outback?

Installation of the K& N engine filter will ensure the hat reduction and thus will boost the engine life.

3. Why are there gasket issues with Subaru?

The fact that they have a 2.5-liter SOHC engine is the leading cause of their problems.
Although every internal combustion engine can have issues with the head gasket, Subaru’s are particularly prone to it. They are noted for having it frequently happen in several of their models.

4. Is there the best way for improving the gas mileage of Subaru Outback?

Changing the oil filter can help improve the gas mileage in an Outback.


Thus, we conclude the review for the best Subaru Outback upgrades. We hope this review will be helpful for those searching for a perfect upgrade for their vehicle model.

Something like vehicle compatibility should be given the utmost importance before buying any upgrade.

Remember, a wise decision can save one from a lot of hassles in the future.