Top 10 Best Subaru Timing Belt Kit – Reviews & Best Buying Guide for 2023!

Not everyone is gifted with being able to fix things or manipulate vehicle parts. But anyone can be in a situation where they have to purchase some parts for their vehicle.

Knowing how to spot the best Subaru timing belt kit is crucial to that effect.

Timing belts are nothing near the averagely obvious parts of a vehicle. Hence, they are easy to overlook. However, they are highly important.

Being part of your vehicle’s engine, it needs to be in optimal condition. Without a functioning timing belt, the engine wouldn’t even work at all.

This piece brings you a review of ten of the best timing belt brands for Subaru in the market, factors to consider when buying, and frequently asked questions.

What is the best Subaru timing belt kit brand in the market?

‘Gates’ is the best brand for Subaru timing belts. Precisely, this particular brand manufactures the most durable and well-fitted timing belt kits.

Moreover, Gates pays attention to the most significant aspects of high performance and makes original equipment timing belts with impressive mileage.

Why is “Gates” the best brand for the Subaru timing belt kit?

Apparently, the brand pays attention to the important details and tops all other brands in those departments.

Some of the aspects of the Gates brand which make it a top choice are a performance, quality materials, and the overall feedback from customers who have put it to the test.

The Gates brand also always comes with full timing kits and is easy to install timing belts.

10 Best Subaru Timing Belt Kit Review 2022

01. Gates TCK304 PowerGrip Premium Timing Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Complete solution for faulty belts
  • Full-timing kit system components
  • rivals the original manufacturer’s equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Includes 5 components

The products listed here are in no particular order.

However, we have chosen this to be the first on the list because it is a very strong timing belt that can stand the test of long mileage.

If you happen to have a faulty timing belt on your engine, then this particular brand and model is a perfect replacement. It comes with a full timing belt kit system so that you have all you need.

Now, this timing belt easily rivals the ones used by the original equipment manufacturer of the vehicle and it’s pretty easy to install.


  • The wiring fits perfectly
  • You can install it yourself
  • The instructions to fit the devices are clear


  • Might lack quality control

02. Subaru Genuine NEW OEM Timing Belt Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Genuine Subaru OEM Part
  • Complete timing belt parts
  • The parts are

This Subaru timing belt kit is made by Subaru itself and its original equipment by the manufacturer.

It features a complete set of the timing belt kit. So, if there is any component of the timing belt you need it’s going to be in the package.

Although depending on the extent of replacement you need to do, you might not need all the parts included.

Regardless, it is better to be fully prepared than require this or that.


  • Works as expected
  • Quality Subaru OEM parts
  • Good value for money


  • Strictly manufactured by Subaru

03. AISIN TKF-001 Engine Timing Belt Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle specific parts
  • Easily Matches original parts
  • Weight reduction with aluminum die-cast technology
  • Improved strength
  • Leak prevention with carbon-ceramic

AISIN TFK-001 is one of the best Subaru timing belt kits and from a top brand and it offers your vehicle a chance at high-grade performance.

Regretting that you made this choice of your vehicle part is not even in the options.

Also, durability is not an issue when you purchase this timing belt for your Subaru since it is made out of aluminum die-cast.

Still, on the use of material, extra measures have been taken to prevent leaks in the kit with the use of carbon-ceramic.


  • It is easy to verify initial timing marks
  • Quality parts
  • Good value for money


  • Might not fit a DOHC engine

04. Gates TCKWP304A Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Component kit with water pump
  • Fits specific vehicles
  • Made for Subarus and Impreza vehicles
  • Thermostats for regulating the engine temperature
  • Suitable for self-repair

Without any good timing belt, your engine can’t run optimally.

But with this Gates TCKWP304A, you can put your mind at rest. This is a  belt kit that ensures your engine is running well and without any hiccups in the nearest future.

There might not be a need to change any components regularly.


  • Good value for money
  • Works well on a 2008 Impreza
  • Complete kit — comes all you need


05. AISIN TKF-005 Engine Timing Belt Kit with New Water Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Features a new water pump
  • OEM timing belt by Mitsubishi
  • Made to fit particular vehicles
  • Executes water pressure specific to engine
  • Lightweight and has leak prevention

Mitsubishi meets AISIN in manufacturing this important part of your vehicle’s engine.

The timing belt in this kit is thanks to Mitsubishi.  The device is well crafted to execute just enough pressure for your particular vehicle’s engine.

If you don’t go wrong with the vehicle that fits this kit, you can’t go below excellent performance from your engine.

Why? Well in addition to all the quality aspects of this piece, it is lightweight and built to prevent leakages.


  • Works perfectly on ej25 turbo
  • Correct and matching parts
  • Perfect fit


  • Might feature parts made in different countries

06. Gates TCKWP328 Engine Timing Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Tested to meet industry standards
  • Matches the original tensioner and idler bearings
  • Uses aluminum die-cast technology for maximum strength
  • Optimized for fitting perfectly
  • Complete engine timing kit

Gates  TCKWP328  is tested to meet industry standards. So you can be sure that this piece will work unhindered for a long time.

Since it uses aluminum die-cast material for its parts, this timing belt kit won’t buckle easily under the pressure of its duties to your Subaru engine.

To make it a great fit for your vehicle, its components are made to original equipment standards. Fitting into your engine is not also going to be a problem.

Major considerations have been taken to ensure that the kit works fine with Subaru vehicles.


  • Great replacement for OEM parts
  • You can install it yourself
  • Works as good as the original


  • Not all parts might be made in Japan

07. AISIN TKF-010 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Complete installation that saves time and money
  • Kit marches original components
  • Durable design using Carbon ceramic
  • Aluminum die-cast housing
  • Vehicle specific components

There’s nothing like having a replacement for your original Subaru parts that fit and work like the original.

In fact, this product goes the extra mile, since it is easy to install and within a short period. Durability is not out of the considerations for this timing belt kit.

Using carbon ceramic and aluminum die-cast, this product is ready for any challenge of strength. Leakages are also unlikely to occur.

Made for the Subaru brand you can’t go astray with this one


  • You get good value for your money
  • Aluminum diecast provide a solid structure
  • Components fit perfectly


  • Might not work with all engine types

08. DNJ TBK719WP Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Includes tensioner bearings and water pump
  • Designed to fit SOHC engines
  • A complete set of components
  • Designed to fit specific vehicle types
  • Original manufacturer’s level of quality and performance

Although this is the first of the DNJ products on this list, the product is indeed worthy of a spot.

All the necessary components of the belt are present in this one including tensioner bearings and a water pump.

However, you want to be sure that you’re running a SOHC engine type before you purchase this one. It is also designed with your Subaru vehicle in the big picture.

An original manufacturer’s level of expertise has also been put into the construction of this timing belt for your engine.


  • Functions optimally
  • Good value for money
  • Great fit for a specific vehicle engine


  • Might have to transfer marks from the old belt

09. ECCPP 052716-5211-1747372 Timing Belt Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Made to perfectly replace original equipment by the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • The components are designed to appropriate specifications
  • Works perfectly on specific vehicle models
  • The rubber materials within the components create minimum friction
  • Complete timing belt kit

Many vehicle types will benefit from having this timing belt as a replacement including the Subaru Forester.

The components of this kit are deliberately made to meet the standards of the original parts.

For the smooth running of your  engine, the design tries to eliminate the occurrence of friction as much as possible


  • Complete component package
  • Considered a valuable purchase
  • It fits perfectly on the vehicle


  • Might not be satisfied with the quality of the tensioner

10. CCIYU Timing Belt Water Pump Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Perfectly fits the specified engine
  • Complete timing belt kit
  • Works well with DOHC-type engines
  • High efficiency and low noise levels
  • Made for specific vehicle types.

Engine types are crucial when you consider buying a set of timing belt kits.

So to make the search easier on you, we have a  CCIYU belt that features all the best characteristics of a timing belt for the Subaru engine.

There have been considerations concerning high efficiency and low noise in the product. The timing belt component kit also works best with DOHC-type engines.

The kit is a comprehensive set so that any parts you need for replacements are available.

This timing belt CCIYU is considered a good bargain and you can be sure that there won’t be any problems after getting one.


  • Considered a good deal
  • Fits and works as expected
  • Good value for money


  • Concern over the quality of some parts of the kit

Buying Considerations

It’s never a bad idea to note buying consideration mentally, on a piece of paper, or whatsoever.

But you probably don’t even have the slightest idea of what you need to know before setting out to purchase a timing belt kit in the first place. This piece will help you become informed of the necessary things to consider.

Getting to know what you need to consider before getting a timing belt kit will Save you lots of trouble.

If you don’t consider this you can get into situations like buying a complete kit that doesn’t fit your type of vehicle. And even if it does you probably didn’t think your engine type through.

Here are some of the things that you must consider before you acquire a timing belt kit:

1. Materials

Quality of material in the timing belt components goes a long way in so many aspects—improving its performance and durability.

There would be little to no value in purchasing a timing belt that doesn’t hold for a considerable number of miles run by the vehicle.

In fact, the chances are high that poor quality material in a timing belt would pack up before the engine starts.

2. Original Equipment Parts

If you go to equipment that is being manufactured according to the original manufactured specifications, you’re likely to enjoy your purchase.

Original equipment parts are kind of timing belts manufactured to the highest standards possible.

Also, If you purchase less than the original equipment quality, chances are high that you’ll replace many components of your timing belt over a short period.

To ensure the quality of the products runs smoothly and according to primal equipment standards, many manufactures like to conduct periodic inspections throughout the prices of production.

One can’t always tell when the manufacturer is being sincere or not. However, branding a timing belt as original equipment is a good sign

3. Manufacturer

Having an idea of how the manufacturers go about their production is important. But it is not the knowledge of the detailed process per se that is important.

Rather, it is whether they are experts at what ether do. For instance, it is much better to purchase timing belts from a manufacturer that specializes in making them for your vehicle type.

A particular example is purchasing a Subaru-specific timing belt for a Subaru vehicle. With a decision like this, you’re likely to get products that work efficiently and smoothly with your vehicle.

4. Consider your expectations

If your car is running almost every hour then you should be more considerate about what you’re expecting from the timing belt you’ll be buying.

High mileage means the timing belt won’t last very long. Timing belts usually have a lifespan. But instead of being based on time, it’s based on mileage.

So say your vehicle manufacturer recommends that you change the timing belt after 60,000 miles, then that’s its lifespan.

5. Vehicle and Engine type.

Before you purchase a timing belt try to make sure you know your engine type.

While it’s a brainer to know your vehicle brand and specs you should keep them in mind before carting away any timing belt. Many of the timing belts are made for specific vehicle types.

You can go to the descriptions on the online stores or ask any attendant about the specification for the timing belt you’re about to purchase.

Even if you’ve got a good bargain on your timing belt. Trying to install for an inappropriate vehicle or engine might spell doom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a timing belt kit work?

To ensure the proper running of your engine, certain criteria have to be met. And the timing belt kit makes sure of this.

By synchronizing the movements of the camshaft, crankshaft, and the closing of the valves in the cylinder. Without, the timing belt, the engines cannot function properly.

Also, some engines do not require time in belts rather they use timing chains or gears that are more durable.

Meanwhile, it is not likely that you can replace a timing belt with the timing chain if that’s what your vehicle was made to run with.

Why is my timing belt making noise?

A considerable amount of noise might be normal at the start-up of the engine where oil level and pressure are low.

However, if that is not the case then it could be a result of friction and an inadequate amount of greasing to the components of your timing belt kit.

Additionally, slack builds clunking or rattling noise in the engine. If the wear on the belt is great, the noise will continue even after the engine has long started.

Why can’t I find my timing belt?

It can be frustrating not to know where your timing belt is, especially when it needs to be replaced.

However, you do not have to worry about our incompetence as could be a result of the engine design.

Some vehicle engines have the timing belts well hidden and you might have to open up the engine for better or easier access to initiate any repairs.

Because of this, you might find it hard to figure out what is wrong with your timing belt and its components precisely.

What are the dangers of a failed timing belt?

Timing belt allow the entire engine components in your vehicle to work in a synchronized manner

Hence if any,  the defects of a faulty timing belt are obvious. The valves in your cylinders are likely to open and close out of sync and in an untimely manner.

The consequence of the inappropriate working system is an engine misfire.

If the timing belt is broken, you might experience an engine that doesn’t ignite. You could hear the starter engage but the engine won’t come to life.

Do I need to Grease my Trailer Hitches?

Deciding to grease your trailer hitch should be at your discretion. Unless you have purchased subpar ones or have aging hitches, you don’t need to grease them.

They are usually double-coated and coated inside out. Yet you should apply grease to your trailer hitch if you want to optimally minimize wear and tear.

Also, the trailer can retain its integrity for longer if you apply grease to it

How can I detect a bad trailer hitch?

A bad trailer hitch can spell doom especially if it comes apart when engaged and your vehicle is in motion.

To detect a failing hitch, you need to look out for rust. If there are visible signs of rust on your trailer hitch then it is a pointer that its end time is very close.

Another aspect of your hitch to examine for a smooth and safe ride to your destination is whether there are any cracks.

Cracks are not very easy to find. So make sure that you clean your trailer hitch regularly and look out carefully for any sign of cracks on them

Missing parts of your trailer hitch can also spell doom. These are also not easy to detect if you don’t pay precise attention to them.

So make sure that you are checking the trailer hitch regularly and carefully for missing parts.


Now, the word engine has come to be synonymous with what makes anything thick.  For instance, the heart can be considered the engine.

And if the heart fails it spells doom for the human body concerned.

The same goes for your vehicle, despite not being a living thing the engine is its heart and the timing belt kit is one of the most important elements of that engine.

To keep your engine running smoothly and appropriately, you need the best Subaru timing belt kit especially when it seems that the old one is coming to the end of its days.

Overemphasizing the importance of a functional and complete timing belt set in your engine is not a matter to debate. Every vehicle needs one.

But when you acquire it, make sure that it is quality and will deliver top performance to your vehicle’s engine.

Hopefully, this guide would help you streamline your options to the best timing belts available for your Subaru vehicle. Also, don’t forget to go through all the necessary