Subaru Key Stuck in Ignition Fixing – 6 Easy Steps to Solve It Today!

Is your Subaru key stuck in Ignition? There are quite a few hacks that can help you fix this issue.

First, it is quite easy to remove the key. So, do not panic and read on to effortlessly remove the key from the Ignition system.

Removing the key with the right knowledge is essential. Or else this may cause damage to the vehicle.

So, always ensure you take out the key with ease and minimum pressure. This article will assist you in resolving all these issues.

Keep reading further to understand how to unlock the key without damage.

How to Remove a Subaru Key Stuck in Ignition: the Steps

Below are a few ways to get the key unstuck in minutes. These steps work well for all Subaru cars.

So, follow them without hesitation to remove the key swiftly.

Step 1. Ensure voltage is accessible

Before starting, make sure your Subaru’s battery is charged. So, if it is charged and your car starts, it is not a big issue.

Check this part first, as it is one of the easiest ways to suspect the actual problem. Low voltage can be a major issue for stuck keys.

Thus, charge the battery if the car is running low on it.

Step 2. Try to jiggle the steering wheel.

Every vehicle has a steering lock today. Steering locks can be a major cause of stuck keys.

It can bind the key to the ignition switch triggering a lock. Use this easy hack to remove your key. Try to wiggle the steering while you try to remove the stuck key.

If the steering lock is the cause, this trick will help loosen the lock and get the key out. This issue usually occurs when you park your car on hills/slopes.

Also, if the Subaru is parked with wheels turned in one direction, your key can get stuck. So, ensure you give your steering a slight jerk to get your key smoothly out.

Step 3. Check the Shifter

Vehicles with automatic transmissions have locks that cause issues while removing keys. So, if the vehicle is in gear, the key will probably get stuck in the Ignition.

This can prevent your car from rolling off.

When the car is on some other gear, the vehicle’s parking brake will remain off. Thus, if your key gets stuck in the Ignition, check if your vehicle is in parking mode.

First, ensure your vehicle is not moving and properly parked. Now slowly move the shifter upwards to the park and gradually try to remove the key.

All you are doing here is checking if your park mechanism is in place and has not failed. So, if it is not the issue, your key will come out or use the technique to remove it.

Step 4. Grease the Key

It is time to grease it if all these hacks fail to remove the stuck key. Here you may require a little vigorous action to separate the key from the Ignition.

Start with a little amount of oiling and then slowly increase it. Usually, this is not the first step you try. So, ensure you try the previous steps before greasing the key.

If you notice movement after a little greasing, continue slowly by increasing the pace.

However, ensure you do not force the key to come out as it may get stuck in the cylinder. Patience and gentleness are very vital while removing the key.

So, work accordingly to get the best results.

Step 5. Trouble Codes

If none of the above steps work, use a scanner to remove the key. It will help you check if code errors are a cause of this issue.

Again, connecting a scanner will easily read the issue and help you solve it instantly. Also, ensure you use good-quality scanners to get the best outcome.

Step 6. Check the push and safety key.

Many cars have an extra lock in their Ignition. Here you have to press the key with a button to rotate and remove the key.

This trick can be complicated, so check your car’s manual well before you try it.

Some very prominent issues may get your Subaru key stuck in Ignition. Avoid silly mistakes to prevent the key from getting stuck.

You can also take assistance from this video to get a clear idea of the tricks you need to perform.

Subaru Ignition Coils: What is It & Why do You Need It

Ignition coils are crucial parts as they are the primary components that send voltage to ignite fuel.

If these coils do not function well, the car will not ignite. It is because the coils assist in converting 12 volts’ direct current to a higher voltage current.

Most ignition coils produce over 30000 volts of current. This high voltage current is sent to the spark plugs, further used to ignite the fuel inside the cylinder.

Below are mainly three varieties of Ignitions coils you should know about. They will help you work better and precisely on your vehicle.

  • Coil-On-Plug
  • Coil-Per-Cylinder
  • Coil-Near-Plug

Coil-On-Plug is the most popular system with various coils. The system has one ignition coil per cylinder, and this is further attached to the spark plug.

If the spark plugs project from the cylinder head and there is lesser space for COP, then you most likely have a CNP setup. Here the coils are connected to the plugs with shorter wires.

You will have to check the issues depending on the system you have. However, it will help you solve all your issues smoothly and with precision.

Subaru Ignition Coil Problems: 05 Problems with their Solution

Ignition coils can affect your Subaru’s engine efficiency. Here we have some problems and their most suitable solution.

The most common ignition coil problems your car will suffer from are as follows:

1. Difficulty in starting the engine

If you are facing difficulty in starting your car, it is an ignition coil issue. Most modern vehicles have ignition coils.

If your car has many poor ignition coils, you will find difficulty in starting the vehicle. However, this is only one issue. There can be several other problems that may affect starting your car.

So, check if the ignition coil is the issue before proceeding.

2. Less fuel efficiency

If your vehicle is giving lesser mileage, then the ignition coil of your car is ruined.

It happens because the spark plugs fail to get enough power and compensate by consuming more fuel. So, even fuel leaks can occur because of ignition coils.

However, consider other potential reasons also before concluding.

3. Engine misfiring

If the engine of your Subaru misfires when you stop or accelerate, then it could be an ignition coil issue.

A misfire causes a coughing sound and feels like a jerk. Misfires occur when the engine has a strain. Further, bad ignition coils can also cause stalling.

4. Engine light on

The engine light helps you understand that there is some fault in your engine. So, if there is an issue with your ignition coil, your engine light will instantly notify you.

So, keep an eye on it to know your car’s functioning better before you drive.

5. No Engine Power

If you press the gas and there is no power, your ignition coil has hit off. Ignition coils are crucial parts of engines.

So, if the combustion process fails, it is a bad ignition coil. Here your engine will fail to produce power and work inefficiently.

Solving Subaru Ignition Coil Issues

  • After cooling the engine, disconnect the negative battery cables under the vehicle’s hood.
  • Next, look for the old ignition coils, disconnect the plastic electric connector, and remove all nuts that retain the coils.
  • Carefully pull out the ignition coils. Please do not be harsh as it can damage spark plugs.
  • Test the coils using a multimeter. Low resistance indicates that the coil is bad.
  • Use the right coils and replace the old ones with them. Next, apply dielectric grease to the ignition coil and slowly push it into the engine block.
  • Fix the bolts again and reconnect all connectors.
  • A final test drive is essential. If everything is working well, your issue is solved. If not, the problem is not with the ignition coils.

Take a quick look at this outstanding video to get better insights!

FAQs about Subaru Key Stuck in Ignition Fixing

Why is my key getting stuck in the Subaru ignition?

The most common issue of a stuck key is locked steering. Today most cars have steering locks.

And so, when a vehicle is parked and the wheels are not aligned well, the key gets stuck. However, in some vehicles, the cause could be a damaged ignition.

Several factors can lead to stuck keys. You need to figure it out well before looking for solutions.

What to do if the key does not come out of Ignition?

Suppose the key is not coming out of your Subaru ignition start by wiggling the steering. A slight jerk can help you extract the key.

Also, if you have an automatic transmission car, ensure it is in parked mode. However, do not forcefully remove the key as it can cause severe damage.

What is the cause of ignition locking?

The most common reason why your Ignition won’t turn is using the wrong key. However, another cause could be locked steering.

If locked steering is the issue, you can unlock it by moving it slowly and turning on the Ignition.

What indicated a bad ignition coil?

Many factors can indicate ignition coil failures. However, a few prominent factors that indicate a bad indication coil are:

  • Rough idle
  • Exhaust misfire
  • Engine fails to start
  • Engine light has turned on
  • Decrease in engine power
  • Less mileage
  • More emissions

If your vehicle is undergoing any of these issues, it is essential to check ignition coils and replace them. In addition, for smooth and safe drives, it is essential to check on these factors.

What can happen if the ignition coil fails?

Fault in ignition coils can result in engine power fails, rough idle, misfires, and other issues. Also, it can drop fuel economy and cause severe performance issues for your car.

So, if you want your vehicle’s engine to function properly, keep a check on the ignition coil.

What is the sound of a bad ignition coil?

Engine misfires can sound quite terrible. The sound is like a cough and is quite similar to sputtering.

If you notice any unusual noise on applying sudden brakes or accelerating, then it is a misfire. A bad ignition coil is a chief reason for misfires.

What happens when the ignition coil turns hot?

Damage coils can have short windings and can cause a high current as the ignition coil gets hotter, energy drops, and decrease the spark till the engine stops making noise.

So, if ignition coils turn warm, they can reduce engine power and lead to low energy.

What can burn the ignition coil?

When the insulating material ages, it burns up the ignition coil.

For instance, when the high voltage cannot output easily, current turbulence occurs, and this causes a temperature rise. Thus, the material starts aging and eventually burns out.

What is the ideal resistance of ignition coils?

The ideal resistance of an ignition coil is between 0.4 to 2 ohms. However, this may vary, so refer to the manual.

If the resistance reads zero, then your ignition coil is damaged internally and needs to be replaced.

Final Verdict

By now, you must have fit knowledge about the ignition of your car. The Subaru key stuck in ignition can be easily removed with the assistance of this article.

Follow all steps closely and complete your work gently for beneficial results.

Removing a stuck key is not difficult. Understand the basic tactics and solve all these issues yourself. So, do not worry and remove your stuck key easily with the help of these steps.