Dodge Ram Emblem Replacement – A Complete Detail Explained!

Dodge Ram emblem replacement could be easy but might require caution and patience. Anyone can do the task at home if they can be thorough.

Dodge Ram emblems can get old and warrant immediate removal. Also, some people dislike OEM emblems because they look standard.

Hence, they opt to substitute their OEM badges for more unique and visually attractive logos.

No matter the reason for removing your truck emblems, the task is achievable at home with simple tools.

One can detach a badge and put a new one in the same area or a different one. Learn how to do this next.

Dodge Ram Emblem Replacement: The 5 Steps Method

dodge ram emblem

Before replacing your badge, you will first remove the old one. While detaching an emblem from your new Dodge Ram may seem easy, it is not.

A quick view of the steps:

  • Step 01: Remove the top plastic emblem
  • Step 02: Get rid of the double-sided tape
  • Step 03: Clean the residue glue
  • Step 04: Polish the site
  • Step 5: Wax the site

Some people think they only need to pull off the badge, and that is it. In reality, the initial removal of the top layers is easy and quick.

Beyond that step, you better be sure you can finish the work. If you make mistakes, you might cause permanent damage to the truck’s paintwork.

Use the following steps when removing an emblem from your Ram.

Step 1: Remove the top plastic emblem

A Dodge Ram emblem has a top plastic layer that you can lift with any sharp tool in your house. Ensure that your preferred item cannot scratch the paint.

Increasingly, people choose their long fingernails, dental floss, razor blade, plastic scraper, fishing line, etc.

Step 2: Get rid of the double-sided tape

After scratching the top layer, remove the double-sided tape that attaches the badge to the truck body.

Most people get stuck in this step because of lacking the required removal tools. In most situations, rubbing alcohol, adhesive remover, or acetone can remove this tape.

Step 3: Clean the residue glue

Once you remove all the double-sided tape, it will leave behind some adhesive.

Again, the step will be harder without the correct cleaning tools. We recommend the same cleaning options shown in step two.

Step 4: Polish the site

If you successfully eliminate residue glue from the area, now get ready to polish it. Whether you use your hands or a machine, the vital thing is to do an error-free polishing job.

Although you will require abrasive polishes, only choose good quality products online.

Step 5: Wax the site

Do not leave the polished area exposed to elements. Instead, apply wax to the work area to maximize protection and aesthetics.

Dodge Ram Emblem Installation Steps

After removing an old emblem from your Dodge Ram, you may want to add something new. Whether you put it in the same spot or another area is up to you. Here are the installation steps to follow:

Step 1: Clean the installation site

Use rubbing alcohol to remove any residual adhesive from where the old emblem was. Do this only if you want to add the new one to that area. Clean the area until it is sparkling clean. Leave it alone to dry.

Step 2: Create a straight line

Next, make a straight line to identify the emblem’s top or bottom using painter’s tape. Be careful because you can easily ruin the progress at this point.

Step 3: Make the emblem ready for attachment

Choose to remove the tape off the back to expose the glue or to add the adhesive to the back area personally.

If you choose the latter, clean the back of the emblem first. Cleaning will ensure that you do not trap any dirt particles between the car body and the badge.

Step 4: Attach the new emblem

After cleaning and adding adhesive to the back of the emblem, stick it onto the truck.

Follow the straight line mark you made for the bottom or top. Press the badge into place for a while to improve bonding.

Important Tips:

  • Wrap your scraper with a polythene bag to ensure it does not remove the car paint.
  • Always use an adhesive remover for sale or a grease remover when cleaning any leftover dirt and glue. Sprinkle it on a microfiber towel and remove the residue in light, circular motions.

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Dodge Ram Emblem: What & Why

dodge ram truck emblems

An emblem is just an item that symbolizes something about your Dodge Ram. Firstly, the front grill emblem shows your car’s identification numbers.

If someone steals this emblem or if you ruin it in a car crash, you can get a new one.

Emblems can indicate the name of the dealership that sold the truck to you. They can also show the car brand and related matters.

A dodge ram has OEM emblems, including a wheel cap, steering wheel, metal skin overlay badges, tailgate, etc.

If you do not need your OEM badges for whatever reason, you can remove and replace them with new ones.

They seem standard, and some people like fashionable logos that match their tastes and preferences.

Choosing new emblems online is easy, as they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Besides, car emblems are cheap to buy and install if you do the job personally.

Dodge Ram Emblem Replacement Cost: Know The Price Before Install

If you need to replace your OEM emblems because they look old or you need something new, focus on the price.

Search the cost of purchasing car emblems and the cost of installing them.

Whether you own a Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500, fresh and stylish car emblems exist. But how much will you pay to replace them?

  • Dodge Ram 1500 – Based on the Amazon price and badge type, you can likely spend $38 without the shipping cost. That is the expected price if you need a 4X4 flat emblem nameplate.
  • Dodge Ram 2500 – A perfect American flag emblem for a used or new Dodge Ram 2500 truck might cost $39.99 on Amazon. 
  • Dodge Ram 3500 – If you want to replace a tailgate emblem for your Ram 3500, a 4×4 letter option costs around $16.99 on Amazon.

First, decide the emblem type you want to purchase. Each item’s price depends on the brand, size, and other factors.

Your total replacement price can remain the same or increase depending on if you will do a DIY project or hire someone.

Hiring costs will depend on where you live and the general price of auto services.

How To Remove The Ram Emblem From The Grille: The Easiest Process

how to remove ram emblem from grill

Our steps show what you should generally do to remove an emblem. But suppose you want to get rid of the front grille emblem. Do the following steps:

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

Removing a grille emblem requires some work. So you need to use the correct tool, including a screwdriver.

If you will also remove the rear emblem, get your plastic paint scraper or fishing line and heat gun ready.

Step 2: Remove the plastic cover hood

Pull on each push pin to remove the plastic cover hood that protects the grille and the lights.

Step 3: Unfasten the screws

Using your screwdriver, unfasten the screws above the grille. Now pull on the bottom to release the clips.

Step 4: Pull off the emblem

Next, push the four clips at the same time, remove the tape, and pull off the emblem.

Step 5: Decide what to do next

After removing the grille emblem, will you attach a new one immediately? Perhaps you might also want to remove a rear emblem. We will feature the process in our FAQ section.

If you do not have the confidence or the time to finish the task patiently, hire someone to assist you.

If you need to purchase a new OEM grill emblem, ensure that you know the unique part number.

If not, enter the make, model, and year of your Dodge Ram in the online catalog you prefer. Then, search for the correct item to buy.

Dodge Ram Emblem Replacement: The Practical Way

Common But Crucial FAQs About Dodge Ram Emblem Replacement

1. How can you remove the rear emblem of your Dodge Ram?

Do the following steps:
– Use a heat gun to heat and loosen the sticker adhesive for easier removal.
– Use your plastic scraper to push the emblem and force the prongs to come out.
– Once the emblem comes out, remove the residue adhesive before it gets cold.

2. Must I choose OEM replacement emblems for my Dodge Ram?

No, there are several aftermarket choices for you online. If you fancy something unique and stylish, aftermarket emblems can offer that.
Make sure the emblems consist of high-quality construction materials to avoid shopping again soon. If you like simplicity and originality, choose OEM parts still.

3. Can I buy OEM emblems from a dealership?

Yes, this will be easier for you because the dealership already knows how to find the unique part number of your truck.
They can save a lot of time for you. However, their item might be more expensive than those sold online.

4. What home-based emblem removal tools can I use?

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and taking much longer to finish an emblem replacement task, homemade removers are the best choice.
Some people prefer to use a hairdryer if they do not have a heat gun.
Others use some hot water in a bowl instead of a harsh chemical remover that could damage the car paint.
Also, you need a microfiber towel or a piece of cotton cloth to get rid of the residue.

5. What do I need to be sure of before doing a DIY emblem replacement task?

Ensure that you have the correct tools for the job first. Then, gather all the patience you can get from within you because the task ahead is not that easy.
Lastly, make sure you can follow the clear instructions we have shared.

6. What do I need to know about heating old OEM badges?

First, check the material underneath the emblem. Mostly, it will be ABS plastic, SHEETMETAL, or carbon fiber.
If you have ABS plastic or carbon fiber, these materials are more sensitive to heat while SHEET METAL is not.
If using a heat gun, you only need about one to one-and-a-half minutes to loosen the backside adhesive.
A hairdryer might take one more minute. Keep your heating tool about six to ten inches away when using the high mode.

7. Can I power-wash my new emblem?

No, do not use a gadget to clean your emblem. We recommend using your bare hands to wash and polish the emblems.
A microfiber towel can do a thorough job without scratching the chrome-plated logo.

8. What do I need to know about installation temperatures?

If you live in a cold region, keep the truck in a warm area for one to two days.
Before applying the emblem on the preferred site, heat it to twenty degrees Celsius to boost the durability of the adhesive bond. Cover the car to protect the new badge.

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We have now reached the end of our Dodge Ram emblem replacement guide. If you are determined, you can do this task at home.

As you have seen, you should first remove the old badge. We have explained the steps to follow.

After that, use our easy installation steps to add a new emblem. We have also attached two videos to help you understand this process.

If you cannot do this at home, let your local mechanic help you.