Dodge Ram 1500 Dashboard Replacement – 7 Easy Steps to Do It Right!

The Dodge Ram 1500 dashboard replacement job is easier than you think. If your current Dodge Ram dashboard has cracks, you can buy a new one instantly.

Dodge Ram’s dashboards are slightly different. If you have a newer Ram 1500, 2003 to 2005 model, your dashboard appears in a two-piece design.

An older 1994 to 1997 or 1998 to 2001 model has a one-piece design. Dashboards appear in all colors to ensure you choose a product that looks like the original one.

Moreover, you can get a thick ABS plastic dash cover as it will not crack like your stock Dodge Ram dashboard does.

An ABS dashboard can resist damage even if the weather gets too hot or cold. Learn more tips on Dodge Ram dashboard replacement below.

Dodge Ram 1500 Dashboard Replacement: The Complete Installation Procedure

dodge ram 1500 dash replacement

Installing a new dashboard is a task you can do at home. Follow the Youtube link above to learn how to replace your Dodge Ram 1500 dash cover and bezel without hiring someone.

You will understand how to remove the old dashboard and fix the custom-fit option.

On a difficulty level of 5, four would be the score for someone who is not a professional. So, you should be cautious and confident to do a thorough job.

Below is a summary of the steps you should do when removing a Dodge Ram dashboard and installing a new one.

Step 1: Choose a Dodge Ram cover pad and dash bezel

A quality cover pad will be all-in-one equipment with all fitment slots, seals, and a perfect material that can resist UV light damage and cracks.

Ensure the cover has the color of the original dashboard or choose another matching shade.

A dash bezel should match the original equipment’s color, gloss, and texture. A bezel should also have vents and a steering column in place.

Step 2: Gather your tools

They will include simple hand tools like a ratchet wrench set, screwdrivers, socket sets, headlights, etc. There is probably no need to purchase anything if you have a toolbox at home.

Step 3: Disconnect the negative battery terminal

Open the hood and disconnect the negative terminal from your battery. Keep it out of contact with any metal components to prevent sparks that could scare you and ruin your project.

Step 4: Remove the glovebox

With suitable tools, unfasten the screws in the glove box. Take it out of the dashboard and remove any clips holding its door in place.

Move to the lower area of your dashboard and remove all the screws. Once the lower dashboard loosens and drops to the floorboard, go to the next step.

Step 5: Unplug the car radio’s faceplate

Remove the radio’s faceplate and its bracket with a screwdriver. Undo the electrical wiring starting from the rear of the car radio. Next, slide the car radio out of the dashboard. Disconnect the ECU too.

Step 6: Remove the steering and upper dashboard section

Use your screwdriver to remove all the screws at the top area of your dashboard. Some screws will be on the sides and under the dash.

Make sure you remove all of them to make the dashboard loosens. Move the dashboard forward to have access to the rear side.

Beneath the dashboard, use the proper tool to detach the electrical wiring and other components. Use a headlight to illuminate the area. Pull out the upper dashboard.

Step 7: Install the new replacement dashboard

An installation task is quite complicated and requires you to be sure of what you are doing.

If you got your equipment from the best provider, you might have an instruction manual and some installation hardware.

Without instructions from the dash bezel and cover pad manufacturer, you can watch a Youtube video like the one we have added above.

Watch every step the man in the video does when removing and installing the new components.

There is a lot to do in each step, and a high degree of caution is necessary not to ruin expensive attachments.

While it may appear like a long, complicated process, you can attempt it at home if you are passionate about car repairs.

Dodge Ram 1500 Dashboard: What & Why

Every vehicle comes with a dashboard. As the control panel of your Dodge Ram 1500, the dashboard has crucial information for running your truck.

As the dashboard contains indicator light symbols and other critical vehicle control features, it is a mandatory component.

A dashboard has features that could alert you to an engine problem or another piece of crucial information.

Moreover, the dashboard hosts the steering wheel for the driver to control the vehicle’s movements. Before driverless cars become common, we will all need our steering wheels.

Additionally, the check engine light is a yellow light that lets you know when the engine has a problem. Other red, white, blue, and green lights appear in the same area.

For instance, a red indicator light can indicate an issue with your braking system, electronic throttle control, engine temperatures, or oil pressure.

Most of all, a dashboard enhances cars’ interior designs.

Dodge Ram Dashboard Replacement Cost: Know The Price Before Install

dodge ram replacement dashboard

Whether you own a Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500, your truck has a unique dashboard. However, all Dodge Ram dashboards are prone to cracking.

As a result, you will soon research the Dodge Ram dashboard replacement cost if you have not already. A dashboard replacement cost will have two components.

First, it will have the new dashboard buying price. Then, it will have the cost of installation. You can avoid the cost of installation by doing the job at home.

As each Dodge Ram series has unique models that came in different years, it is hard to choose a single price for all.

We will summarize the replacement cost using data:

  • Dodge Ram 1500 – A dash instrument bezel may cost $50 to $80 and a cover pad may cost around $25.
  • Dodge Ram 2500 – A dash bezel and mat for Dodge Ram 1500 will also suit a 2500 ram
  • Dodge Ram 3500- A dash bezel and cover pad for Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 will also fit the Ram 3500.

Visit your local mechanic shop and ask about the price of installing a new dashboard. Prices in different cities are unique.

Advantages Of The Car Dashboard

Here they are:

Makes steering possible

Any vehicle’s steering wheel is on the dashboard. Without the steering wheel, you cannot control the car. Instead, it would steer to the left or right uncontrollably.

Hosts the vehicle computer

Modern cars use an ECU as they are no longer manual. An ECU stays on the dashboard, and it is the car’s brain. A car computer displays data from different sensors.

Offers indicator light symbols

All Dodge Rams have various light symbols on the dashboard. If a light symbol illuminates, the driver should interpret it correctly.

Mostly, the red and yellow indicator lights point to a problem. A red indicator light may signify failing things like ETC, airbags, or braking components.

Yellow light symbols may indicate issues with your engine, anti-locking braking system, or transmission temperatures.

Contains measuring instruments 

A car dashboard has different gauges, including a tachometer, an odometer, and a speedometer. Drivers can boost their safety by reading these gauging devices often.

Improves the car interiors

A dashboard is on the front of the car interior near the driver. Besides providing crucial safety information, the dashboard makes the car interiors stylish and beautiful.

Most Vital FAQs About Dodge Ram 1500 Dashboard Replacement

1. Do I have a tire pressure light on my dashboard, and what does it mean?

Yes, there is a tire pressure light on the dashboard. If it comes on, you should know that your tires might need more air or pressure.
While the light symbol does not show the exact wheel requiring more inflation, it points out the problem for your safety.

2. Can I check my dashboard to know when my brakes are not working well?

Yes, a red indicator light featuring the word BRAKE may appear if your braking system has failed.
Good brakes save many lives, and bad brakes take away lives. Do not ignore this red light if you notice it on your dash.

3. What does a standard dashboard kit contain?

If you are out looking for a new dashboard, you should know the elements of a standard kit. A kit has many things, but here are the crucial ones:

– A speedometer for measuring the velocity when the car is running
– An odometer for displaying overall and current car mileage
– A fuel indicator to show the amount of gas or diesel remaining in the tank
– A tachometer to reveal your car’s crankshaft revolutions per minute
– An oil pressure indicator to show you when the pressure is dangerously low
– A temperature indicator shows how hot the engine coolant is at any given time.

4. What kinds of dashboards do we have online?

We have two dashboard kinds, analog and electronic. Also known as an arrow, an analog dashboard has manual parts.
Thus, different gauges indicate values using arrows with lights. You will find these in older car generations.
An electronic or virtual dashboard is an advanced panel. Using one screen, it displays all data a driver ever needs to know.

5. What does the term optronic mean?

Analog dashboards come in a wide range. One of these is the optronic analog model, which is a Toyota trademark.
An optronic analog dash does not show all instruments and indicator lights at once. It will materialize each instrument at a time.
Additionally, it will keep the main indicators visible and the less crucial ones invisible.

6. Are electronic dashboards the best choice?

Yes or no. A younger person might prefer an electronic dashboard as it has an onboard computer display and other technology features.
An older driver may prefer the simple, old analog dashboard. All in all, a virtual dash can offer you the following benefits:
– Reliable pieces of data
– A stylish and beautiful interior
– Direct communication with the driver
– Offers settings that a driver can manipulate.

7. Can I restore the original Dodge Ram dashboard?

No, we recommend getting a different dashboard. Dodge Ram dashboards crack easily, so it is better to get an aftermarket dash cover to avoid spending another $900.

8. Can I replace individual dashboard parts?

Yes, you can purchase individual dashboard components on Amazon. You can even buy a user dashboard.


Can you try a Dodge Ram 1500 dashboard replacement project at home?

After reading this guide, we hope you can confidently change your existing Dodge Ram dashboard and install a new one.

If you cannot do this work properly, call a local professional for assistance. Hiring means spending more money and getting guaranteed good results if you choose the right professional.

As there are different dashboards, choose the type that suits your car’s interiors.

Dashboards appear in different sizes, shapes, and colors to help you select the most attractive and durable product.

Also, you will realize that some Dodge Ram dashboards can fit 1500, 2500, and 3500 models.

These are the best as you do not have to feel confused about fitment when shopping online.

Custom-fitting dashboards are the easiest to install. There will be installation hardware and instructions if you get them from the right place.