Duralast Gold VS Elite Brake Pads – Details Explained for 2023!

Duralast Gold VS Elite brake pads, what is your best option? Most of you do not have an answer to this question.

Knowing the best brake pads for your car can save you time and money. Duralast is ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads that resemble the factory options.

Duralast Elite brake pads are high-end products reserved for luxury vehicles like Sedans. As Elite brake pads fit luxury vehicles more, they are not your best for towing or off-the-road driving.

Nevertheless, if you choose them for a luxury car, they will offer advanced stopping power, last longer, and give value for money.

On the other hand, Duralast Gold brake pads are ideal for ordinary cars. Gold brake pads consist of 3-layer shims like factory brake pads.

Even if they can minimize noise, they are not as efficient as Elite brake pads. Do you want to discover other differences? Learn more below.

Top 6 Duralast Gold VS Elite Brake Pads Review In 2023

duralast elite brake pads vs gold

1. Bosch BC1210 Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Front
  • Multilayer shim
  • 2025 Copper Free-compliant
  • Slots and chamfers

Bosch has been delivering high-quality brake pads for the past eighty-six years. After introducing their antilock braking technology and later the electronic stability control, Bosch became an industry giant.

Bosch BC1210 disc brake pads are ideal for all Asian, Domestic, and European automobiles.

Ceramic and semi-metallic copper-free brakes reinforced with aerospace engineering aluminum alloy, these brake pads offer reliable braking power.

Also, they run quietly since the rubber core multilayer shim provides insulation against vibrations. Besides, the OE-fit shims are long-lasting, clean, quiet, and rust-resistant.

Included slots and chamfers promote the quality of the brake pads and ensure that they fit well in any car make or model.

Lastly, Bosch BC1210 disc pads can last longer due to the protective layer that forms on them and the rotor.


  • Durable brake pads
  • Bosch BC1210 product fits all vehicles
  • Powerful and silent brake pads
  • Dust-free experience
  • Easiest to install


  • Some were unlucky to receive brake pads that chipped too soon

2. ACDelco 14D1367CH Brake Pad Set with Hardware

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic, Semi-metallic
  • Front
  • OE-fit
  • For GM vehicles
  • Easy installation

Do you need new brake pads for your Chevrolet model? If yes, you might want to explore ACDelco brake pads.

As one of the best Duralax options on the market, the ACDelco 14D1367CH is ideal for many Chevrolet models made after 2008 and not after 2020.

Owners of Chevy Avalanche, Express, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL, or GMC Savana should check them out.

Like the Bosch BC1210 Brake Pads set, ACDelco brakes consist of ceramic and semi-metallic material.

In addition, they include organic formulas that provide optimum security and reliability for various car applications.

ACDelco brake pads are noise-free because they have good-quality shims. They also offer slots and chamfers to reduce dust and heat.

Above all, once you get your delivery box, you can install them immediately. ACDelco has a good reputation for making the best brake pads for GM vehicles.

So, you can trust the brand based on the customer loyalty it already has in this context.


  • Affordable brake pads with superior quality
  • Ideal for several Chevrolet models
  • Silent operation
  • ACDelco pads are functional and durable


  • Not a USA-made product
  • Some people received the substandard product

3. Power Stop Z26-1718 Carbon-Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Set

Highlighted Features

  • Low–dust pads
  • Carbon fiber ceramic
  • Noiseless operation
  • High braking power
  • Stainless steel pads

Ideal for the modern muscle car with high power and speed, the Power Stop Z26-1718 is functional and durable.

If you have to apply the brakes under the most extreme conditions, the Z26 brake pads might be a good choice for you.

As a high-performance street driver, you need brakes that can stop your car instantly.  With the Power Stop Z26 brake pads model, you can halt your car without a single screeching sound.

Thanks to their stainless steel shims, these pads operate without vibrations. Simultaneously, they do not splash the wheels with dust due to the carbon fiber ceramic material.

Besides high stopping power, the product improves heat dissipation to ensure excellent braking even if you are speeding.

Ultimately, you might want these brake pads because their powder-coated backplate is rust-free and durable.

Suitable for front, rear, and front and rear axle positions, Power Stop brake pads are more versatile.


  • Low-dust ceramic brake pads
  • Heavy-duty pads for extreme stopping power
  • Best brake pads for street drivers
  • Installation hardware included


  • Oxidation was a problem for some users
  • Returning an item was difficult for some users

4. Max Advanced Brakes Elite XDS Rotors with Carbon Ceramic Pads

Highlighted Features

  • Front and rear
  • Carbon ceramic pads
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Chamfered cross drills
  • Circular slots

Our top Elite brake pads are the Max Advanced Brakes KT031783. We have good reasons for making it our best product, the first one being that Max KT031783 brake pads fit pretty well.

Make sure you buy them for a supported car model, nevertheless. Another feature that makes these brakes perfect is their Anti-Rust coating.

MAX Advanced Brakes notes that the rust-resistant coating covers all non-frictional surfaces of the component. Thus, this is a corrosion-resistant product that will last longer.

As for the circular slots and chamfered cross drills, they play three prime roles. First, the circular slots increase braking power and remove dust from the brake pad surfaces to ensure they remain clean.

Next, chamfered cross drills scatter the heat away from the brake pads to ensure they do not warp and wear down quickly.

Everyone wants noise-free brakes, and these are perfect because they entail an anti-noise shim and an organic ceramic formula.

Once you place an order, you will receive two elite XDS brake rotors and a set of carbon-ceramic brake pads.


  • High-quality carbon-ceramic brake pads
  • Dust-free braking experience
  • High-performance brakes


  • No installation hardware
  • Do not stay black in the long run

5. Max Advanced Brakes KT084583 Elite XDS Rotors with Ceramic Pads

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Carbon ceramic
  • Position: Front and rear
  • Fitment: Vehicle-specific
  • Anti-noise shim
  • Free gloves

Another set of Elite brake pads we want to bring to your attention is Max Advanced Brakes KTO84583. Perfect for front and rear installation, these pads fit well.

Therefore, check the list of specified vehicles before buying to ensure that you can use these pads.

Once you get your two rotors and a set of brake pads, the installation work will be easy and quick.

First, wear your free latex-coated polyester gloves and mount the brakes. If you know how to fix brakes and other components in your car, these Max brakes will be easier to install.

Like other Elite brake pads from Max Advanced Brakes, the KTO84583 product has an Anti-Rust finish.

Hence, all areas not exposed to friction will stay rust-free. Rounded slots should boost the braking speed and ensure that the experience leaves the pads dust-free.

Chamfered cross drills scatter the heat to keep the brakes cool, which increases their longevity.

Similar to other brakes we have discussed, this pair offers a noise-free braking experience.


  • Runs without any squeaking
  • Heavy-duty, durable brake pads
  • Fits perfectly in permitted vehicles
  • Dust-free braking experience


  • Few purchases mean fewer testimonials and a high rating

6. Max Advanced Brakes Rotors with Carbon Ceramic Pads

Highlighted Features

  • Front and Rear
  • Carbon Ceramic brake pads
  • XDS Rotors
  • Free work gloves
  • Vehicle-specific brake pads

When shopping for Duralast Elite brake pads, take the time to inspect Max Advanced Brakes options well.

One of their best-selling brake pads is the Max Advanced Brakes KT181783. While it is a unique item, nothing makes it so different from our first two items.

Similar to them, the KT181783 product features an Anti-Rust coat that keeps it rust-free. All areas free from friction have this coating and will not corrode.

Concerning fitment, call the vendor to confirm whether your car model can use these brake pads.

If you choose them for the right model, one hundred percent fitment is a must. As a result of having rounded slots, these brake pads can ensure instant braking without getting dusty.

Also, they remain cool because the chamfered cross drills scatter the heat. Furthermore, they produce silent braking using their anti-noise shim.


  • Superior brake pads
  • High-performance brake pads
  • You get latex-coated polyester gloves at no cost


  • No hardware to ease installation

Differences Between Duralast Gold And Elite Brake Pads: Features & Specifications

duralast gold vs elite


Duralast Gold brake pads could fit many car models as they are more like stock pads. For instance, our Bosch BC1210 product is ideal for Asian, European, and Domestic cars.

In contrast, Elite brake pads are vehicle-specific and ideal for luxury models.

Construction materials

Duralast Gold brake pads mostly feature ceramic and semi-metallic construction materials with aerospace engineering aluminum alloy.

Thus, they can produce robust braking power and last longer. In contrast, Elite brake pads consist of copper-free materials, which are the best for friction formulation.

Hence, they offer more stopping power, less braking time, and a more dust-free experience.

Similarity to factory brake pads

Offering ceramic and semi-metallic friction materials, Duralast Gold brake pads are more identical to your factory options.

Thus, you can choose them for a direct replacement because the construction materials, shims, and slots match perfectly.

On the contrary, Elite brake pads are more advanced, and their design fits only a few high-class models.


Duralast Gold brake pads seem to have considerable braking power due to having 3- layer shims with a rubber core.

Although labeled noiseless, they still produce some squeak after installation. Elite brake pads use Anti-Noise Shim technology consisting of vulcanized rubber multilayer shims that eliminate all noise.


Duralast Gold brake pads do not have the best friction formulation as the Elite ones. Since Elite brake pads feature a transfer layer for dissipating heat, they can last three times longer.

They prevent the brake pads from warping and immediate wear and tear.


1. What kind of brake pad is Duralast Gold?

Duralast Gold is a line of brake pads consisting of two friction materials: ceramic and semi-metallic. The duralast Gold series is a direct replacement for factory brake pads.
As a result, many people find it easier to buy and install them at home. As they use OE-style slots, shims, and hardware, these brake pads offer the best user experience.
The duralast Gold series consists of a mixture of brake pad formulations to ensure everyone finds a suitable item.

2. I want to achieve the same braking power that my stock brake pads produce. What are my options?

If you want to change your brake pads and feel no difference in braking power, explore our Duralast Gold options above.
Their OE-like formulations will help restore the factory pad braking experience instantly.
Since they feature powder coating on the backing plate, they can resist premature corrosion and last longer. Additionally, you will receive installation hardware that is specific to your application.

3. I want brake pads that can achieve heavy-duty braking. Can I choose Elite products?

Yes, you should purchase Elite brake products from Max Advanced Brakes. These offer advanced braking action in extreme conditions, including street driving.
One step on the brake pedal is enough to produce robust braking force to prevent accidents.

4. If you want to change my brake pads, do I need to replace every brake component as well?

We advise you to inspect the entire braking system for cracks, leaks, chips, and other defects before you buy the best brake pads.
If you cannot do this confidently, let a professional assist you. If they find damaged components, change those parts along with your brake pads.

5. What factors should I consider when buying brake pads?

When you are buying brake pads, consider their construction materials. In our product reviews above, you noticed that Duralast Gold products feature semi-metallic and ceramic materials just like your stock options.
On the other hand, Elites are mostly carbon-ceramic brakes. Both items can last longer, but you should also reflect on their ability to offer noiseless braking.
Elite brake pads are good options when looking for heavy-duty braking without noise.
Apart from the durability of the materials, a coated surface can resist rust and last longer. Still, read the product description well to know if a brake pad set is for front use, rear use, or front and rear use.

6. What are some of the best brands for brake pads?

We highly recommend choosing brake pads from Bosch, ACDelco, Power Stop, and Max Advanced Brakes.
Apart from choosing the best source of construction materials, these brands opt only for the most durable and functional materials.
Additionally, they focus on producing the best brake pads to ensure your stay safe regardless of your driving style.
Above all, their items are easy to install and return in case you won’t get the wrong item.

7. How can I maintain and inspect my brakes?

If you want your brakes to last longer, inspect and maintain them well. First, always check the brake fluid level when doing an oil change.
Replace the fluid correctly by reading the Owner’s manual. Next, check your brake calipers and wheel cylinders each time you inspect your brakes.
If you find that they have problems, replace them as soon as possible. Note that brake lines are prone to corrosion, punctures, and leaks.
If you notice these issues, take your car to a professional mechanic for immediate repair. They will also do parking brake adjustments and ensure that the wheel bearings are fine.


Duralast Gold vs Elite Brake Pads, which product should you purchase? Well, the answer is that your choice depends on your goals.

Do you want the same braking power your factory brakes produce? If so, the best choice for you is the Duralast Gold option.

We provided three top products, and it is upon you to select the one that suits your car model. Do you need instant braking power in extreme conditions?

If yes, Elite brake pads can offer heavy-duty braking right on time to avoid an accident. All of these brake pads offer longevity, but you have to pay attention to the quality of the coating.

The low-quality coating will peel too soon and expose the heavy-duty construction metal to oxidation, which will speed up the rusting process.

Our top 3 products under the Duralast and Elite sections do not corrode. One of these might be the best product.