Who Makes Kawasaki Oil Filters? The Truth Will Blow Your Mind!

The label of some Kawasaki oil filters states they are made in the USA, while some mention they are made in China. But originally, who make Kawasaki oil filters?

Kawasaki itself made all their parts and accessories, so it doesn’t matter what the label suggests. If you are concerned about the production area, Kawasaki has huge holdings across the world where they manufacture and supply their products.

Read on to briefly learn about who and where Kawasaki oil filters are made and where to buy them.

Who Makes Kawasaki Oil Filters?

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Kawasaki oil filters may be available in any automotive accessories store, but all of them are collected from the Kawasaki brand. So, undoubtedly, Kawasaki produced their oil filter and most of the other accessories and equipment.

Their innovation and technology span heavy industries, engines, and robotics, as well as marine and gas turbines.

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Where Kawasaki Oil Filter Made?

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Kawasaki oil filters are made in either China or the USA, according to the label of the specific product. But it’s worth remembering that American Kawasaki Motorcycle Crop is a multinational corporation and was established in March of 1966 in Chicago.

In addition, they have more than 15 manufacturing plants, marketing headquarters, and distribution centers across the world, including Asia, Canada, Africa, the EU, the Middle East, and America.

So it’s hard to say exactly where the Kawasaki oil filter is made. Possibly, the company outsources the raw materials from one country, manufactured and supplied to other regions of the world.

No matter where Kawasaki oil filters are made, the quality of the product is ensured by the company, and reputed manufacturers like Kawasaki Heavy Industries strictly maintain their quality.

Another fact is that some factories make products following the client’s specifications. So, all the products won’t be the same even if manufactured in a sane place. In this case, Kawasaki is a proven brand in terms of quality and satisfaction.

Why Kawasaki Oil Filters Are So Reliable?

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Kawasaki oil filters have some unique benefits, making them ahead of other aftermarket products. If you consider the quality of their oil filters, they undergo strict verification of the Kawasaki standard. The key benefits of Kawasaki oil filters are:

  • The filter can continue oil flow even if the filter gets blocked, preventing potential cold start wear thanks to its pressure-activated bypass valve.
  • Its filter media can trap pollutants effectively to ensure improved protection.
  • It is suitable for use in high temperatures and can withstand any harsh treatment.
  • Ensure optimum flow and pressure.

Where to Buy Kawasaki Oil Filters

Luckily, you can buy Kawasaki oil filters from any automotive or motorbike accessories store as well as online. If you prefer the latter, you can either buy directly from the Kawasaki Store or other related platforms like Amazon. Walmart, eBay, Home Depot, and more.

Video Of Kawasaki Oil Filter

Below is a visual presentation of the Kawasaki oil filter if you are interested in knowing the details of the product along with the manufacturer information.


1. Are Kawasaki oil filters made in China?

Along with china, Kawasaki oil filters are made in various countries in Asia, the EU, and Latin America. In fact, the company has plenty of holdings across the world where they manufacture, assemble, and launch their products.

2. What to look for in an oil filter?

While searching for the best oil filter, opt for the one that can capture tiny particles efficiently and has dirt-holding capacity. The oil filter should also have improved pressure flow capacity and fabrication integrity.

Final Words

In the end, Kawasaki makes a separate fan base and they don’t care who makes Kawasaki oil filters and where it was made. They only care about the functionality of the parts and how well the parts help retain the longevity of the engine and performance. In this case, Kawasaki is a proven brand and gets customers all over the world.