Who Makes Kohler Oil Filters? Best Oil Filter Manufactures in 2023!

Kohler is a multinational company connected with subsidiaries and also outsources products from plenty of sources, even if it is an oil filter. Hence, the question is, who makes Kohler oil filters?

Kohler collects oil filters from Champion Lab and Fam and distributes them, attaching their label. Even they do the same with their many products and supplies across the world.

Read on to briefly understand who makes Kohler oil filters, where they are made, as well as why and where to buy them.

Who Makes Kohler Oil Filters?

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Kohler Co. was founded on December 3, 1873, by John Michael Kohler in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Initially, the company’s name was Kohler & Silberzahn, and they made plows and other farm equipment.

But now they are one of the largest companies in the USA, with 40,000 associates worldwide. Though this brand is mostly known for plumbing products, they also provide engines and other accessories. There are 9 different sectors under Kohler Co, such as spring, sterling, and Kallista. They sold automotive products under Kohler’s power by outsourcing to other third parties.

In terms of Kohler oil filters, Champion Lab manufactures oil filters for Kohler, which are then labeled and distributed as Kohler oil filters. Fam Filtration is another subsidiary of Kohler from where they outsource automotive parts. So you can say Champion Lab INC and Fram manufacture the Kohler oil filter maintaining Kohler’s standard guidelines.

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Where Are Kohler Oil Filters Made?

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It won’t be wrong if you say Kohler oil filters are produced in the USA. The first product Kohler sold was a bathtub made in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the USA. and now they have numerous manufacturing plants across the USA, the EU, Africa, and Asia. But you can’t collect Kohler oil filters from those factories as they outsourced oil filters from Champion Lab.

During the research, we found that Champion Lab mainly operates in South California and Illinois, as well as Shanghai, China. Though Champion Lab initially supplied products to China, they have now started collecting from there. However, they mostly manufacture products in the USA. So, most likely, Kohler oil filters are manufactured in the USA.

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Why are Kohler Oil Filters So Reliable?

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An oil filter can enhance the effectiveness of oil to ensure smooth lubrication of the vehicle’s engine. In this case, the Kohler oil filter performs the best thanks to the Campion Lab, (One of the leading oil filter brands in the United States).

The key benefits that make the Kohler oil filter reliable are:

  • Maximize wear protection under harsh use.
  • Ensures 99 percent efficiency at 20 microns.
  • Boost the filter’s dirt-holding capacity.
  • Protect the engine against wear.
  • Ensure smooth oil flow even during cold temperatures starts.
  • It keeps dirt and debris out of engines.
  • Eliminate the need for frequent oil changes.
  • Save a large number of annual oil changes.

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Alternatives of Kohler Oil Filters

It’s hard to suggest a worthy alternative to the Kohler oil filters as the options are fairly limited. In this case, you should first check the KOHLER oil filter cross reference to pick the perfect replacement.

Some of the effective and reliable filters that cross between Kohler engines and oil filters are:


1. Where to Buy Kohler Oil Filter?

You can buy Kohler oil filters from any nearby automotive parts store or online directly from Kohler or Champion Lab. You can even buy Kohler oil filters from any reputed third-party e-commerce store.

2. What’s the best oil filter for the Kohler engine?

The Kohler 52 050 02-C Premium Oil Filter is the right choice for replacing the damaged or worn oil filter on the Kohler engine. This OEM Kohler oil filter brings lots of benefits to the Kohler engine, including maximizing wear protection and lengthening the interval between an oil change and overall engine optimum performance.

3. Are oil filters universal for the Kohler engine?

Kohler engines vary in internal capacity, though designed with the same technology. Hence, the oil filter for the Kohler engine needs to be chosen based on its capacity.

Final Words

Hope now you know who makes Kohler oil filters and where these manufacturers are. An oil filter manufactured by Champion Lab and disturbed by Kohler should be your safe choice to get peak performance out of the vehicle’s engine. In short, Kohler oil filters are high-end, reliable, and worthwhile to invest in.