4 Differrent Methods On How To Connect Phone To Car Without Bluetooth

Travel and music are like inseparable twins. The two go hand-in-hand.

Using Bluetooth or an auxiliary port to connect your phone to the car’s speakers is one of the easiest approaches to getting the job done.

Some people are, however, faced with the problem of how to connect phone to car without Bluetooth. Imagine this scenario.

You are planning a road trip and all is set for the journey. Just a few minutes into the journey, you realize that the Bluetooth of your car has stopped functioning.

You’re probably worried cause music would make the journey interesting.

You begin to make calls to your friends, asking how you can connect your phone to your car without Bluetooth. You don’t have to worry at all. Try the steps below for your fun ride.

How To Connect Phone To Car Without Bluetooth: 04 Methods

01. Through an FM Radio Transmitter

An FM radio and a cigarette lighter are standard features in most old-fashioned automobiles.

With the radio, connecting your phone to your old car is now a possibility – at least with the use of a radio transmitter.

An FM radio transmitter, also known as a Bluetooth transmitter, is a tool that helps you link your Android or iPhone to your preinstalled car radio.

You can get this FM transmitter from stores and supermarkets around at a very cheap price. After getting the transmitter, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, you need to put on your car radio.

Step 2: Ensure you set the car radio to the frequency of the FM Transmitter. Choose an FM radio frequency that is not common in your locality.

Step 4: Connect the FM radio transmitter to your phone’s headphone slot or go to Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and pair it with the radio transmitter.

Step 5: Start playing any music of your choice on your mobile phone through the speakers in your car.

This method is almost perfect with just one issue.  The audio quality is frequently affected by interference and adaptor quality.

The number of FM stations in your area and the brand of your phone are some other factors that can have an influence on audio quality.

02. Through a Cassette Tape Adapter

If you can’t use the FM Transmitter due to low signal, the cassette adapter is one very good alternative.

The audio systems of old cars have a cassette tape player.

If your car has this feature, you don’t have to get worked up over how to connect your phone to your car without Bluetooth. Follow these steps to have everything fixed.

Step 1: Connect the cord from the cassette tape adapter to the phone’s headphone jack.

Step 2: In the cassette slot, insert the adaptor.

Step 3: Look through the menu on the audio system to locate the “tape” button and push play.

Step 4: Start playing any music of your choice on your mobile phone through the speakers in your car. Adjust the volume to the level you are okay with.

03. Through a USB Connection

Some modern cars come with a USB port that can be used as a charging outlet, data connection, or, in this case, a music player.

So, how do you use the USB connection to play music? Just follow the following steps:

Step 1: Find your car audio system’s USB port (you can find it anywhere between the audio system head unit, the dashboard, the armrest, or the glove compartment).

Step 2: Connect the USB cord to the port and to your phone.

Step 3: If the cord is functioning, your phone will indicate a connection. Then you will be expected to choose from a list of options. Select the play music option.

Step 4: If your car has a screen, you can control your music from it.

04. Through an Audio Cable

The audio cable is one of the simplest ways of playing music from your phone through your car’s speakers. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Purchase a 1/8 to 1/8 auxiliary cable.

Step 2: Connect one end to your car stereo’s aux and the other to your mobile phone’s headphone jack.

Step 3: Now, enjoy your music.

One downside to this method of connection is that you have to constantly interact with your phone.

Why Not Bluetooth?

We have examined various means of connecting phones to cars without Bluetooth.

While these options are not as fascinating as the Bluetooth connection, you may really want to try one of them sometimes.

This is because Bluetooth connection poses security risks. Connecting your phone to your car through Bluetooth stores your personal information in your car.

A hacker can have access to this information by simply connecting their phone’s Bluetooth to that of your car when you are not there.

It may seem that the information that may be stored may not be important, but this is not true.

To put this into perspective, some of the information a hacker can access via a synced car include your garage door opener code, list of contacts on your phone, GPS logs (including that of your home address), and your recent emails.

To safeguard your privacy and avoid any danger happening in case of hacks, delete any personal information already stored in your vehicle.

Also, avoid syncing your phone with a rental vehicle or a ride-share car.

How To Connect Phone To Car Without Bluetooth: A to Z

FAQs About How To Connect Phone To Car Without Bluetooth

What Can I Do If I Do Not Have Bluetooth in My Car?

In recent times, there have emerged ways by which devices can be connected with a vehicle given that some cars do not have inbuilt Bluetooth.

The most common in the absence of an auxiliary input is to make use of an FM transmitter.

The difference here is that the auxiliary cable broadcasts over an FM radio frequency that is open. This would be more effective if the car is relatively old.

What To Do When My Android Device Is Not Connecting with Bluetooth?

The first thing is to initiate fix Bluetooth problems protocol for android devices.

This involves restarting the device and turning off and on the Bluetooth connection before proceeding to repair the two Bluetooth.

Moreover, if all of this fails there are other methods to connect an android device with other technologies.

Are There Drawbacks from Not Using the Usual Phone To Bluetooth Connecting Method?

The major goal for people trying to connect their device with a car is to gain ease of access to the information embedded in the device storage.

The question that persists is that is this task seemingly possible through other methods? To which the answer is yes.

Therefore, attention should be posed to acquiring other possible methods of connecting the device in the absence of a Bluetooth connector.

In fact, the Bluetooth could be left unused without any consequence.

Can I Make Use of Multiple Methods Of Device Connection?

The list of available methods for connecting a mobile device to a car is endless.

This includes using an FM Radio transmitter, USB connection, Apple CarPlay, Audio Cassette Adapter, Android Auto, Sound Routing App, or even Bluetooth.

Not to include new methods that are periodically on the rise. One is of the volution to make use of diverse methods as required.

No law prevents users from switching to whichever method they deem necessary.

How Do I Get My USB To Function with My Car?

The first thing you might want to confirm is that the USB port of the car is in good condition and functions properly as a faulty port could prevent the USB from functioning as a similar-function replacement to Bluetooth.

The next thing is to plug the USB into the port of the vehicle. However, sometimes it is necessary to put the USB device in specific modes like Mass Storage Class or Player Mode.

How Can I Connect My iPhone To a Car Without Bluetooth?

This is extremely simple when making use of a USB port.

Once it is connected, the IOS device should automatically switch to the CarPlay method. You need a  USB connection for CarPlay to function.

Can I Make Use of Android Auto Without Bluetooth?

Amidst the misconceptions, it should be noted that using Android Auto to connect an Android device to a car still requires the use of Bluetooth despite being a wireless method.


Just as we mentioned earlier, the audio quality and convenience of the listed options vary. Learning how to connect phone to car without Bluetooth would be beneficial undoubtfully.

You can get the highest audio quality via USB and auxiliary cords, but these features aren’t accessible in earlier automobile models.

On the other hand, Cassette converters and FM transmitters provide the lowest quality but are quite compatible with a lot of vehicles.

It is important to also note that there are a number of other factors that may affect the quality of the sound produced through any of the options discussed.

For example, the speakers of your car will have an influence on the sound quality. A bad speaker makes it difficult to differentiate between an auxiliary cable and an FM transmitter.

With that said, if you are to connect your phone to a car without Bluetooth and you have got good speakers, you should consider the USB option or the use of auxiliary cords.