10 Best Subaru Cargo Tray – Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023!

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You do completely fine without a cargo tray unless you plan a vacation or want to carry something bigger from one place to another.

If you are planning a vacation on your Subaru, you need to get the best Subaru cargo tray as soon as possible.

Cargo trays are mounted into the vehicle, in the trunk, behind the seats, or even on the crossbar roof rack to carry various items without causing any damage.

However, the cargo trays also ensure that your vehicle’s resale value is not affected, as it effectively protects the car’s interior from daily wear and tears.

Besides, the cargo tray Subaru Outback provides enough space to store all your items securely and save them in extreme weather conditions.

What is the best Subaru cargo tray brand?

You can find a wide variety of Subaru cargo trays available in the market, but not all are as efficient and high-quality.

While determining the best one in the market, Genuine Subaru undoubtedly offers the best one with the highest quality.

Some other good-quality cargo tray brands include Subaru Impreza, Husky liners, SMARTLINERS, and many more.

You will have to choose the one that is not only of high quality but has all the features that would efficiently fulfill your requirements.

Why is “Genuine Subaru” the best brand for the Subaru cargo tray?

Genuine Subaru is considered the best brand for Subaru cargo trays because of its high-quality construction that lasts for decades.

Also, it has optimum features that will fulfill all your requirements and satisfy your cargo tray needs.

Below we have listed and reviewed. Some of the best cargo trays for your Subaru that you can choose from according to your requirements and budget.

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Top 10 Best Subaru Cargo Tray Review 2022

cargo tray subaru

1.  Genuine Subaru J501SSG000 Durable Cargo Tray

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions (40 x 30 x 5 inches)
  • Weighs one pound
  • OEM part number; J501SSG000
  • Black color

Genuine Subaru has been providing high-quality cargo trays that are the exact OEM replacement for quite a time.

This Subaru cargo tray is the best Subaru Forester cargo tray you will get in the market with its rugged construction and flexibility.

It is constructed from high-quality and rigid materials, and it ensures to carry various items for you efficiently.

Moreover, it is the type of cargo tray that will help protect the cargo area carpeting of your vehicle.

If you are looking for an efficient OEM replacement that ensures high quality that will last a long time, you should consider this product.

It is of the highest quality expected by an OEM replacement and promises that it fits your vehicle ideally. You don’t have to worry whether it will work in your vehicle’s sequence or not.

Moreover, it is a very cost-effective replacement that will fulfill all your rebuild, maintenance, and repair needs effectively.

With this genuine OEM part, you will indeed be investing in a good product that promises to fulfill your requirements.

Therefore, if you want a high-quality cargo tray for your Subaru Forester, this one fits 2014, 2015, and 2016 Subaru Forester efficiently.

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  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Perfect OEM replacement
  • Inexpensive and high quality


  • Flattens eventually

2. Husky Liners Trunk Liner Cargo Tray for Subaru Forester

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 6.25 pounds
  • OEM part number; 49881
  • Front position
  • Black exterior

If you are looking for high-quality cargo liners, this Husky Liners cargo liner is a viable option. This Subaru Forester cargo tray is specifically built with a material blend that is both sporty and rugged.

Such a material construction provides ultimate protection to your trunk and ensures that it can bear whatever you throw at them.

Along with giving efficient protection, it also promises a perfect fit for your vehicle that matches the contour of your ride.

Therefore, if this is what you were looking for in your new cargo liners, this might be the one for you.

In addition to the durable construction ensuring ultimate protection, it also provides a highly functional product that will fulfill all your requirements.

Moreover, one of the most prominent features of this highly available cargo liner is extremely easy to install and maintain.

With easy installation, you will not face any inconvenience as you will install the tray independently without putting in a lot of effort.

Also, you can easily remove these cargo liners whenever you want for maintenance and cleaning. These cargo liners can be cleaned and removed very quickly, thus providing convenient care.


  • Provides sturdy protection
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost-effective


  • A little flimsy

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3. WeatherTech 40994 (Black) Custom Fit Cargo Tray for Crosstrek/Impreza

Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Black color
  • Inside position
  • The coverage area is behind second-row seating

This WeatherTech cargo tray provides high protection that can easily bear daily wear and tear efficiently.

Therefore, it ensures that your vehicle’s interior is protected in all types of conditions of different kinds of damage.

Moreover, this cargo tray Subaru Impreza helps the cargo to avoid slipping or sliding in various circumstances.

Also, it features a non-slip surface that is perfect for placing your items that might slip in the car otherwise, like groceries. To add up to the stability, you can also add a CargoTech.

If all these features intrigue you, you should get this cargo tray without wasting any more time.

Along with the excellent construction features, it comes with certain other enhanced features as well. One of the most notable and enhanced features of this cargo tray is its raised lip.

This raised outside lip catches all the snow and water, ensuring that all the spills are contained to avoid further damage.

It also effectively helps prevent any kind of damage while unloading gear. Also, it features convenient installation and maintenance.

Easy maintenance ensures that you can conveniently clean the cargo tray independently without such effort.


  • Perfect fit for Impreza and Crosstek
  • Protection against daily wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain
  • It contains all the spills


  • Requires a little flattening

4. MAXLINER All Weather Cargo Floor Mat Subaru Impreza & Crosstrek

subaru impreza floor mats

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions (9 x 48 x 9 inches)
  • Weighs 5.49 pounds
  • Item model number; D0358
  • For passenger cars, trucks, cars, vans, SUV

If you are looking for the best cargo tray Subaru Impreza, MAXLINER has something exciting to offer you.

It is constructed with a low-density precisely molded material that ensures that you are provided with full floorboard coverage along with providing protection to your vehicle’s carpet.

Along with this, it promises to provide an all-weather along with stain-resistant and odorless protection at all times.

It provides the security that your vehicle’s interior needs and makes sure that it looks classy enough. With this cargo liner, you can also protect the resale value of your car as it protects the interior at its best.

In addition to these material and durability features, it possesses certain other superior quality and high-performance features.

As it is a custom-fit liner, it ensures that your vehicle’s carpet floor is protected from all kinds of damage and spills. All the spills are contained by the strengthened lip and raised liners.

Moreover, it also features a textured skid-resistant surface that makes the cleaning process a lot more convenient.

You can easily wipe off any dirt to tough stains just by using some soap and water. Also, it fits ideally on all Subaru Impreza and Crosstek models.


  • Perfect fit for Impreza and Crosstek
  • Durable and provides all-weather stainless protection
  • Contains spills
  • Easy to clean


  • Flattens eventually

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5. Subaru High-quality Black J501SFL301 5D Cargo Tray

Highlighted Features

  • Package dimensions (34.57 x 33.23 x 1.73 inches)
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds
  • Item model number; J501SFL301
  • Smooth exterior

Looking for a genuine replacement for the Subaru Crosstek cargo tray? You should surely consider this one.

With its rugged and flexible construction, it can easily fulfill all your requirements. It allows you to carry various items without causing any damage to either the items or the vehicle.

Moreover, it is a genuine OEM replacement which means that it will fit perfectly into your car without any fabrications or inconvenience.

It is made out of durable materials that promise a long life of the cargo tray with a lot of damage resistance at all times.

This Subaru cargo tray is not only durable and protects your vehicle but can also contain spills efficiently.

Such a practical feature helps protect your vehicle’s interior from any liquids or rain and snow.

Also, it has a skid-resistant surface that can quickly secure various items in place and provides easy maintenance.

A skid-resistant surface can be easily cleaned with the help of some soap and water which adds to convenient care overall.

All these features build up an ideal product that many drivers want. Moreover, it fits the 2017-2018 Subaru Impreza 4D and 5D and the 2018 Subaru Crosstek as well.


  • Perfect OEM replacement
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Durable and provides high protection
  • Flexible and easy installation


  • Limited fittings

6. Auto Mall Custom Fit Cargo Trunk Tray Liners for Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 5.06 pounds
  • Manufacturer part number; FTM265-1
  • Textured exterior
  • Black color

If you want a custom-fit replacement for the cargo tray Subaru Outback, this one might suit you the best.

Due to its high-quality build and optimum features, it is one of the best options in the market.

It is specifically designed to meet the harsh climate conditions, even if it is an everyday drive or a rough, gritty work site.

Moreover, it is specifically designed to provide an absolutely perfect fit to the carpet area of the vehicle. The auto mall also offers a custom cut of the cargo tray according to the size of your car, either car, van, truck, or SUV.

In addition to the optimum features mentioned above, this Auto mall cargo tray also features a non-skid backing.

When this non-skid backing is combined with the weightiness of the matt, the matt fits and stays efficiently on any carpet surface or fabric.

One of the most prominent and enhanced features of this cargo tray is its three-layer structure for protection.

Along with providing security to the interior of your vehicle, it also ensures a unique style, safety, and comfortable ride every day.

Moreover, it is straightforward to clean, and cleaning can be done by using a wet cloth.


  • Convenient installation
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Excellent protection against daily wear and tear
  • Custom cut option


  • Limited fitment

7. MAXLINER Custom Fit Cargo Liner Tray Subaru Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions (9 x 48 x 9 inches)
  • Weighs 7.58 pounds
  • OEM part number; ‎D0170
  • Vehicle specific fit

Among the variety of fine cargo trays in the Subaru Outback, you will indeed find this one.

With its durable and rugged construction, it is considered one of the best ones in the market and can fulfill all your requirements.

It provides all-weather, and stain-resistant protection providing your vehicle with ultimate protection that maintains its resale value.

Moreover, it also offers a classy look for your vehicle’s interior. These protection features intrigue most drivers as they want to keep their cars as protected as possible.

Along with the protection features, various other prominent features of this cargo tray make it stand out in the market.

It comes with a raised lip that provides protection to your vehicle from spills.

Also, it has a custom design made with innovative technology, that ensures a perfect fit and protection of your car in all weather conditions.

It has a textured skid-resistant surface made out of 100% recycled materials that provide ultimate odorless protection and easy maintenance.

You can easily clean the cargo tray without putting in a lot of effort.


  • Excellent fit
  • Ultimate protection and a classy look
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • All-weather and stain resistant


  • Limited fitment

8. SMARTLINER All Weather Custom Cargo Tray for Subaru WRX/WRX STI

subaru wrx cargo tray

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions (8 x 9 x 9 inches)
  • Weighs 6.69 pounds
  • Item model number; ‎SD0339
  • Vehicle specific fit

Are you looking for the best Subaru WRX cargo tray? SMARTLINER might be a considerable option for you.

With its superior quality construction, it provides weather and stain-resistant products that offer exceptional protection for the interior of your vehicle.

Along with the weather and stain-resistant, it ensures an odorless product that is visually appealing and classy.

Moreover, it also features a custom fit precision that protects your vehicle from any daily wear and tear. The lip is also raised and strengthened, which ensures that all the spill is contained.

Moreover, the textured skid-resistant surface of these liners promises easy cleanup. You can conveniently clean the cargo liners by using a wet cloth or some soap.

Usually, all the mess and dirt can be cleaned with just water, but if there are some tough stains, that is also not something you can’t wash with soap.

Indeed, it is a quality all-in-one package with modern style, a perfect fit, and durability.

If these are all the features that you want in your new cargo tray, don’t waste any more time and get your hands on this one as soon as possible.


  • Perfect fit
  • Ultimate protection of the interior
  • Classy visual appearance
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Requires flattening

9. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Cargo Floor Mats for Subaru WRX

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions (32 x 22 x 4 inches)
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • OEM part number; L1SB02001509
  • Rear position

3D MAXpider also offers some of the best Subaru WRX cargo trays that you should indeed consider while making a purchase.

It provides all-weather protection and is specifically designed to provide complete automotive interior protection from all kinds of dirt, salt, rain, mud, and snow.

The goal is to keep your vehicle’s interior clean at all times and in all seasons.

Moreover, this cargo tray ensures a 100% odorless and non-toxic product that is environmentally friendly and a pleasant experience for you.

With this 3D MAXpider cargo tray, you will get the ultimate protection you have been looking for. In addition, it possesses a multi-layer construction.

As this cargo tray is made out of thermoplastic rubber, it promises to provide waterproof protection.

Not only that, but it also features a sleek texture with a lightweight XPE foam that absorbs all the vibrations and reduces road noise.

Along with these efficient features, it also has an anti-skid backing that firmly holds the floor. Another prominent part of this cargo tray is that it can be cleaned very easily.

As mentioned earlier, it possesses a stain-resistant and waterproof surface; you can easily clean it with the help of a wet towel.

It features a vehicle-specific fit specifically designed for Subaru WRX/ Subaru WRX STI 2015-2021.


  • Perfect fit and easy installation
  • Nice finish look and durable
  • All-weather-resistant, waterproof, and stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Flattens eventually

10. MAXLINER Cargo Liner Floor Mat Black for Subaru WRX/WRX STI

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions (9 x 48 x 9 inches)
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Item model number; D0339
  • Black color

While browsing through the reviews of the most delicate cargo mats available in the market, you will come across this one.

Although it is to be kept in mind that this cargo mat doesn’t fit in with the optional factory trunk mounted 10in the subwoofer.

Still, it provides ultimate protection to the vehicle’s carpet area as it is built with a low-density precisely molded material. This material ensures that you are provided with floorboard coverage.

Moreover, it gives your vehicle’s interior a very classy look along with adequate protection. It provides security that is all-weather and stain-resistant to ensure that your car is protected at all times.

Also, it is made out of a 100% odorless material so that you don’t have to deal with a rubbery smell.

Along with the features mentioned above, there are certain other features possessed by this mat as well that makes it stand out in the market.

One of the most prominent features of this product is its textured skid-resistant surface that is very easy to clean. You can conveniently clean this cargo mat by using water and some soap.

Moreover, it features a custom fit precision that ensures that all the spills of your carpet are contained and your vehicle’s interior is protected.

This is done through the raised liners and strengthened lip.

Therefore, if these are all the features that you have been looking for in your new cargo mat, do not waste any more time and get your hands on this one as soon as possible.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Durable and odorless material
  • Full floorboard coverage
  • Great protection


  • Requires flattening

Buying Facts for the Best Subaru Cargo Tray for Outback/Crosstrek/Impreza/Forester

subaru forester cargo tray

If you are looking for an efficient Subaru Ascent cargo tray or any other Subaru model cargo tray, we have given you a wide range of options above that are not only efficient but also functional.

Still, it is necessary to look for certain factors in your cargo liners or tray before purchasing to ensure that it fulfills all your requirements.

These factors and considerations are critical to consider before purchasing to make your investment worthy.

We have listed below some specific factors that you should consider before buying a cargo tray or liner for your vehicle.

Now, let’s not waste any more time and get into the ideal cargo liners buying guide.

Tough material

As cargo liners are responsible for protecting your vehicle from the wear and tear of daily life, they are constructed explicitly out of rigid material.

This rugged material ensures that your vehicle’s interior looks classy and is protected at all times.

Usually, these liners are made out of materials like plastic vinyl and rubber that are durable and provide ultimate protection.

Moreover, some of these liners are made out of all-weather and stain-resistant fabrics capable of bearing extreme weather conditions and harsh daily use.

Therefore, look for the material that possesses all these features and efficiently fulfills all your requirements.

Lipped sides

Lipped or raised sides of the cargo liners ensure that all the spills and liquids are contained.

And do not reach your vehicle’s carpet as we all are aware that spilling fluids inside the car is a part of everyday routine and happens quite often.

If these spills somehow reach the carpet that frequently, your vehicle’s carpet will be ruined in no time.

Therefore, while looking for a Subaru Crosstek cargo tray or any other Subaru tray, look for those with ripped or raised sides.

This will help ensure that your vehicle’s original carpet is not affected at any cost, and thereby the resale value of your car is also not affected.

Trimmable or perfect fit

A significant factor to consider is ensuring that the cargo tray or liner you are planning to purchase fits ideally into your vehicle.

If not, they should be trimmable so that you can easily trim them according to the shape of your car.

However, if you do not want to cut and shape the generic cargo liners, make sure that you choose the one that features a vehicle-specific fit so that you don’t have to put in any effort.

For your convenience, all the products we have listed above are somehow vehicle-specific fit.

Ultimate protection

The primary purpose of cargo liners is to protect your vehicle’s interior from any kind of damage.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a cargo liner that features high protection features to get the protection you want.

Various products mentioned above possess high protection features and promise to keep your vehicle’s interior protected and sound at all costs and at all times and seasons.

Easy to clean

It is also essential to choose a material for your cargo liners that is easy to clean and maintain.

As we know that these liners are subjected to dust, dirt, debris, and stains daily, you will have to clean them regularly. Usually, the textured skid-resistant surface offers easy cleanup.

Therefore, look for cargo liners that can be easily cleaned up using water and some soap.

You might not want to put in a lot of effort to clean the liners every other day, so it is a critical consideration.

Must-Know FAQs about the Best Subaru Cargo Tray

1. What is a cargo tray in a Subaru?

Cargo tray is present in various vehicles, including different Subaru models, vans, and trucks.
The primary function of these cargo trays is to protect the cargo area of your car from all kinds of dirt and spills. These cargo trays can be cleaned or washed once they get dirty.

2. What is a cargo tray folding?

Cargo tray folding contains all the spills that might happen while taking sharp turns or sudden breaks.
With the help of this folding, you can easily protect the floor in the rear storage area of your vehicle.
It is an essential feature of the cargo trays as it is equally responsible for protecting the vehicle’s interior from all liquid spills.

3. What is a cargo tray in Subaru Forester?

A cargo tray in any vehicle, including the Subaru Forester, is responsible for protecting the car’s trunk area from any stains and dirt.
Along with the protection, it also serves as a surface that prevents cargo shifting while driving.
Indeed, it is a protection upgrade that is considered necessary by most vehicle owners because of the wide variety of benefits that it offers.
You can also find Subaru Ascent cargo trays and cargo trays on other models.

4. How big is the trunk of a Subaru Forester?

The base forester provides you with a cargo space of around 31.1 cubic feet behind the rear seats, while if these seats are folded down, the room rises to about 76.1 cubic feet.
In the case of other Subaru models, this total space drops to approximately 28.9 cubic feet and 70.9 cubic feet, respectively.

5. Which year Subaru has the most cargo space?

The 2021 Subaru Forester has the greatest cargo space of all the Subaru models. It has a cargo space of around 36.5 civic feet.

6. How do you open the trunk on a 2021 Subaru Crosstek?

To open the trunk of the 2021 Subaru Crosstek, you will have to find a latch under the vehicle box by yourself.
Now, you will see a button present on the central console dash on the left side of the steering wheel.
Apart from that, you can also find a latch inside the trunk, and you can also open the box from there if you want.

7. Which Subaru SUV has the most cargo space?

The 2020 Subaru Ascent is the largest vehicle of Subaru with 86.5 cubic feet of cargo space.
While the 2019 Subaru Forester has a cargo space of around 76.1 cubic feet, the 2020 Subaru Outback has approximately 75.7 cubic feet.

8. What vehicles have seats that fold into the floor?

Some of the cars that have seats that can be folded into the floor include:
a). 2020 Kia Telluride
b). 2020 Subaru Outback
c). 2020 BMW W7
d). 2020 Honda CRV
e). 2021 Chevrolet Suburban
f). 2020 Ford Explorer
g). 2020 Toyota Sequoia
h). 2020 Mazda CX-5

9. Do Subaru Forester rear seats fold flat?

Subaru Forester features extended cargo space with the help of an advanced seat folding feature. It assists in loading and unloading items efficiently into and out of the vehicle.
Therefore, you can easily fold down the rear seats to extend the cargo space and maximize it.

10. Can you sleep in a Forester?

Subaru vehicles are specifically designed to provide an improved cargo space, especially Subaru Forester.
You can take this large space vehicle while camping, and you won’t need any camping trailer or tent as the seats of this vehicle can be folded, providing ample space for sleeping.
Subaru Forester, Outback, and Crosstek are excellent for this purpose as they are big enough to accommodate a sleeping bag easily.

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We have listed above some of the best Subaru cargo trays for various models that you can choose from.

A cargo tray provides exceptional protection to the interior of your vehicle, enabling it to bear daily wear and tear efficiently.

Therefore, it is considered necessary by most drivers to get a cargo tray installed in their vehicle if they don’t already have one.

Moreover, it serves certain other benefits and makes carrying various items easier without any slipping.

All you have to do is clean your cargo tray regularly, and you will have a clean car to step into without any permanent damage or effect on the carpet of the vehicle.

So, we have done our job, now it is your turn to make the ideal and worthy purchase that is capable of fulfilling all your requirements.

Make sure that you buy the cargo tray for your Subaru that will fit your vehicle perfectly.