Top 07 Best Throttle Body Spacers – Best Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023!

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Do you need the best throttle body spacers? Although these are small metal rings, they can effectively elongate the intake manifold.

Lengthening of the intake manifold should boost the engine performance. After installing a throttle body spacer, the engine requires no extra energy to burn fuel.

Hence, you can raise your truck’s horsepower and torque with such a tiny performance part. If you select the best spacer, you can receive all its benefits.

Throttle body spacers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. While they all aim to achieve the same things, their design and working mechanisms are different.

We have handpicked seven of the best spacers and created a detailed review section for them.

Ensure that you read the reviews to know how each product works and what is unique about it.

Further, our guide offers a FAQ section and other topics that might help inform your purchase decision. So, shall we begin this review?

What are the best throttle body spacers available in the market?

If you want the best throttle body spacer, choose the “Airaid 200-543”. However, if this item does not fit your situation, you can alternatively choose the GreatUs 200-617 spacer.

Why “Airaid 200-543” is the best throttle body spacer?

Most people, including us, favor the “Airaid 200-543” more. One thing that makes it stand out is its superior Helix Bore technology.

When you install this spacer in your engine, the technology will allow it to swirl the incoming air at a high velocity.

When the swift gush of air reaches the combustion chamber, the engine reacts by producing more torque and power.

We also chose the Airaid 200-534 because of its sturdy billet aluminum construction. If you purchase it today, it could serve you for many years.

Additionally, this performance part is easy to install because you get installation hardware.

According to the manufacturer, you only need an hour or less to complete the process.

As a relatively lightweight throttle body spacer, the Airaid 200-543 is the best choice for moderately high horsepower.

Above all, the spacer has an attractive design and color and it fulfills the manufacturer’s promise after installation.

Top 10 Best Throttle Body Spacers Review In 2022

01. Airaid AIR200-543 Aluminum PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • Aircraft billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Enhances throttle response
  • Improves torque
  • Quick installation
  • Excellent for power
  • Precision brackets, gaskets, and hardware

As you can see, the Airaid 200-543 is the best throttle body spacer on our list. We have ranked it this high for a few good reasons.

First, the Airaid 200-543 boasts durable craftsmanship with aircraft-grade billet 6061-T6 aluminum. Thus, it will last longer no matter the abuse your vehicle endures.

Secondly, the Airaid 200-543 built-in Helix Bore technology allows it to increase engine torque. But how does it do that?

With its HB technology, the Airaid 200-543 uses whirls the gust of air entering the throttle body.

Due to the powerful whirling action, the airflow travels at a faster speed via the throttle body spacer.

As the swift jet of air enters the combustion system, it improves the conversion of the air and fuel mixture into atoms.

As a result, the spacer triggers the release of some torque, horsepower, and whistling.

Another reason why this Airaid spacer leads in this throttle body spacers review is the ease of use.

When you order it, you will find gaskets, precision brackets, and other installation hardware. If you are a confident person, you can install the throttle body spacer yourself.

An exercise that takes less than an hour, any motorist can try it. If you install the Airaid 200-543 well, it will do its job efficiently.

One more thing to note is that the spacer is ideal for GM Trucks or SUVs (2014 to 2020) with a 5.3-liter engine.

Ensure that you buy it only for these car models to be sure that it will fit well. Lastly, many users were as happy as we were using the Airaid 200-543 spacer.


  • Installation hardware included
  • Enhanced mileage
  • Produces more torque, power, and throttle response
  • Durable construction and design.


  • It is a little pricey.

02. GreatUs 200-617 Maximize Fuel Efficiency Body Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • Increases torque
  • Enhances throttle response
  • Increases horsepower
  • Idiot-proof installation
  • Boosts fuel consumption
  • No drilling or cutting needed

One thing we like about the GreatUs 200-617 throttle body spacer is its compatibility with different vehicle models.

From Chevrando Silverado 1500 to Tahoe/Avalanche to Chevrolet Suburban/Cadillac/Escalade/ESV/EXT, the GreatUs is a versatile product.

With such a wide range of supported vehicle models, the GreatUs meets the needs of thousands of drivers.

Another reason why we like this throttle body spacer is how it works. Like the Airaid 200-543 spacer, it can achieve up to three thousand RPM from eight hundred RPM.

We found that the working mechanism of the two spacers is the same.

Also, with the same Helix Bore technology, the GreatUs spacer whirls the air flowing into the throttle body at a high speed.

As the gush of air enters the combustion compartment, it triggers the conversion of air and fuel into small atoms. Hence, the spacer leads to more torque and power.

No matter the vehicle model you have, the GreatUs throttle body spacer is simple to install.

Without cutting or drilling anything, you can install it in less than an hour and drive away. We love the convenience and the versatility of this device.

Although there is no information about its construction material, this throttle body spacer seems durable.

Its craftsmanship and the ease of use in several vehicle models put it at an advantage.


  • Installation takes less than an hour
  • Compatible with many models
  • Improves torque and power
  • Makes a great Airaid replica.


  • Lacks a mark for airflow direction and one can mistakingly install it backward
  • It is not a factory part.

03. Airaid AIR-300-631-1 Maximize Fuel Efficiency PowerAid Body Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • A USA product
  • Boosts torque
  • Adds throttle response
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Quick installation

Here is another original throttle body spacer by Airaid. Being a locally-made product, American motorists can trust it more.

If you need a throttle body spacer for enhancing torque and throttle response, explore the Airaid AIR300-63.

We also love it for enhancing fuel mileage and saving your money. However the fuel mileage it can give you depends on your driving style, weather conditions, and other factors.

Regarding the installation process, it is the easiest. With hand tools, you can install your spacer fast and accurately.

Concerning how it works, the mechanism is the same. Using its Helix Bore configuration, the Airaid Air300-631-1 rotates the airflow.

As the spinning increases, the speed of the air increases as it moves via the throttle body.

Once it enters the combustion chamber, the spiraling gust of air causes a highly atomized blend of air and fuel.

After this process, you will notice more torque when you accelerate.

Unlike the other two options above, this Airaid version can raise torque up to 2500RPM from 800RPM.

Depending on where or how you drive, you might potentially attain this amount of torque.

If you drive a 2012 RAM 1500 5.7-liter V8 F1 or a 2012 RAM 3500 5.7-liter V8 F/1, select this throttle response spacer.

People who have these models have had great success with this Airaid spacer version.

Do not choose it for any other vehicle model than those shown above, or you will think it does not work.

Lastly, you might need to cut your engine cover to fit this item as some users did.


  • It is quick to install
  • Improves throttle response
  • Boosts fuel efficiency
  • Adds slight torque.


  • You need to trim the engine cover to improve the fit
  • Cannot improve horsepower.

04. aFe Power 46-34008 Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Installation hardware
  • Serrated and Helix design
  • Raises horsepower
  • Boosts torque

What differentiates this throttle body spacer from our first three products above is its design.

While the rest have a Helix Bore structure, the aFe Power 46-34008 features a Serrated and a Helix design.

As a result, the advanced design ensures maximum air enters the combustion chamber.

If there is adequate airflow, the engine does not have to overwork to generate acceleration power. For this quality alone, the aFe Power 46-34008 is one of our favorite products.

If a throttle body spacer features the 6061-T6 billet aluminum, it will last longer.

So we expect the aFe Power product to be more durable than similar items.

Besides, the hardwearing aluminum weighs only two pounds. So it is sturdy and lightweight.

If your goal is to boost throttle response, handling, and performance on a Chevy/GMC V8 gas engine, the aFe Power spacer might help.

Ensuring that your truck is fit for this spacer before purchasing it is vital. If you are not sure, call the vehicle manufacturer first.

Installation is quick and easy since the spacer is a factory component rather than a replica. For that reason, it will fit in the throttle body snugly.

Besides, you will get a gasket to improve the seal and other installation hardware.

And if you want your truck to whistle, the aFe Power throttle body spacer will ensure it.

While it will not be a loud whistle, it will happen for sure. Several people, including us, feel it is worth your time and money.


  • Enhances throttle performance
  • It is quick and easy to install
  • Along with a cold air intake, it is perfect
  • It is durable.


  • Some users did not like the noise it produced.
  • Can fit only the Chevy/GMC V8 gas engines.

05. Airaid AIR-450-638 Premium Quality Throttle Body Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • A USA product
  • Quick installation
  • Adds throttle response
  • Billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Includes gaskets, precision brackets
  • Installation hardware
  • No cutting or drilling
  • Ensures middle-range HP

Like other throttle body spacers, the Airaid AIR-450-638 has the 6061-T6 billet aluminum construction.

As a result, it is one of the sturdiest and most long-lasting throttle body spacers you can buy.  

In addition, it is strictly a USA-made product. Many people have faith in USA-made performance parts. If you do too, this Airaid spacer might be your best choice.

When you receive the delivery box, it will consist of the spacer, gaskets, precision brackets, and hardware. 

As you can expect, the installation process will end in less than sixty minutes.

With installation hardware included without the need to assemble anything, you can finish this work fast.

Some spacers are hard to fit in without first trimming or drilling the installation area.

Luckily, the Airaid AIR-450-638 calls for no drilling or cutting. And like other Airaid products, this one features a Helix Bore configuration.

So the spacer uses it to turn the air passing inside the throttle body into a spiral tornado that breaks down the fuel and air molecules.

In return, the spacer generates torque and middle-range horsepower.

According to the manufacturer, it can improve torque to 2500RPM from 800RPM. Based on how you drive, this spacer can boost fuel efficiency.


  • Will eradicate 5.0L noise
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Boosts torque
  • Robust construction material.


  • Some people disliked its high-pitched noise.
  • A few noticed no difference in Ford F-150.

06. Airaid AIR310-510 Red Throttle Body Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • Speedy installation
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Increased torque
  • Boosts throttle response

If you need a throttle body spacer for increasing torque, the Airaid 310-510 might be a good choice.

Like other items from the same brand, it can potentially boost torque in lower gears.

Moreover, its Helix Bore craftsmanship helps to swirl a stream of air as it travels through the spacer.

As the swift jet of air enters the engine, it generates a fusion of air and fuel in the form of atoms. In return, the super action produces slightly high horsepower.

As a result, users of this Airaid 310-510 might notice an increase in fuel mileage.

But, such an increase may not happen as you expect because of some factors.

One’s driving technique and the terrain one choose can affect fuel mileage. If you use your truck for towing, the performance boost from this spacer may seem negligible.

We love the easy installation part. As the manufacturer provides installation hardware, your work is simple.

If you do a great job, you will notice more torque and get value for your money.

Unfortunately, the Airaid 310-510 is too small for some throttle bodies.

For that reason, we can advise you to avoid it if you have a larger throttle body.

If you are unsure, seek help from the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. If you install it where it fits snugly, this throttle body spacer works perfectly.


  • Very easy to install
  • Causes tremendous power gains
  • Increases torque on highway
  • Airaid 310-510 improves mileage


  • Not ideal for a larger throttle body
  • Some users disliked the color of the item.

07. Jet Performance 62100 Simple to install Powr-Flo TBI Spacer

Highlighted Features

  • Increase airflow speed
  • Billet aluminum material
  • Boosts fuel efficiency
  • Simple installation
  • Better Throttle response

Although we have picked more throttle body spacers from the Airaid collection, we could not resist the Jet Performance 62100.

We chose it as one of the best throttle body spacers because of its functioning mechanism.

According to the manufacturer, the spacer should increase the speed of the air entering the throttle body.

As a result, it could be all you need to increase the throttle response of your truck.

Additionally, the Jet Performance spacer could cause impressive middle-range power gains.

All you need to do is to install it properly. Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can install this body spacer with the installation hardware in your delivery box.

Even with basic tools only, you can install the spacer as required.

Furthermore, it can boost fuel consumption by improving the burning of fuel.

Also, the Jet Performance throttle body spacer is durable because of the billet aluminum construction material.

Such a hardwearing material will resist damage no matter your driving style.

While it is such a great product, it is not for every car model. If you own a Tahoe 2004 4.8 L, and K&N cold air intake, the spacer may be too small.

Most Tahoe owners found that they did not have enough room between the fan shrouds and throttle bodies.

So, we can advise you to ask if it can fit your car model before purchasing it.


  • Increased airflow
  • Improved throttle response
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Could work better with a cold air intake.


Throttle Body Spacer Pros And Cons

Should you buy throttle body spacers? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide:

What we need

  • Inexpensive – Although a throttle body spacer is just an enhancement, most people can afford it.

For just a few dollars, you can attempt to use it to beef up the performance of your auto.

  • Delivers results– As tiny as it is, a throttle body spacer can boost both horsepower and torque.

And when these two improve, there is potential to boost fuel efficiency. Regardless, pay attention to your vehicle model.

Some throttle body spacers will only work if you install them in the correct engine. Besides, items that work perfectly use the Helix Bore configuration.

  • Durable – A throttle body spacer is likely to last longer if made from the 6061 billet aluminum.

Most items on our product list feature this construction material. Check items from Airaid as they all feature this material.

  • Easy to find and install – Several brands make good quality throttle body spacers. If you need one today, read our throttle body spacers review list once again.

All of these are simple to install. The top brands are Airaid, aFe Power, Jet Performance, GreatUs.

What we should avoid

  • Low-quality spacers – Many throttle body spacer models work as anticipated. Those on our list work perfectly.

Sadly, some spacers have poor quality and do not work. In other words, they do not deliver their promises.

  • Too small –If you have a large throttle body, some throttle body spacers may not work. 

Sometimes, you have to cut or drill something to make it fit. If you have to do complex modifications, return the spacer and get another.

What Does A Throttle Body Spacer Do?

A throttle body spacer is a metal ring that alters the speed of the air as it enters the throttle body.

Where it rests on the back of the throttle body, the throttle body spacer is right in the path of the air.

Drivers do not have to install a throttle body spacer because it is an aftermarket enhancement.

People only install it to increase torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. There is a cable that attaches the accelerator to the throttle.

If you press the accelerator, the throttle opens to allow the air to flow into the air intake.

Notice that the throttle body spacer permits more air to enter the engine. Thus, it reduces the engine workload by forcing sufficient air to enter the chamber.

How To Install Throttle Body Spacer: 5 Steps Process

Step 1: Get a new throttle body spacer

As earlier hinted, the best throttle body spacer is the one that can fit your car model. Ask before you purchase a new product to avoid returning it later.

A better idea is to ask a mechanic or a dealer to help you pick the best item.

Step 2: Disconnect the negative battery cable

For your safety, when installing the best spacer, detach the negative battery cable first. After that, no electricity will follow to your work area.

Step 3: Detach the air intake system

Simply unscrew the screws that attach the air intake system to the motor with a screwdriver.

Place the screws on a safe surface for later use. As air intake systems have different designs, yours might have clamps that require a screwdriver and pliers.

Step 4: Install the throttle body spacer

Next, remove the factory torque bolts and start installing the spacer. Depending on your best selection, you may or may not have installation instructions.

Luckily, most spacers have a mark showing the throttle body side.

If yours lacks this mark, consult your instruction booklet or manufacturer. Insert the gasket between the spacer and the throttle body.

With your slider screwdriver and a ten-millimeters socket, fasten the bolts to secure the spacer.

Step 5: Finish the process

In the beginning, you removed the air intake system. So you need to restore it by screwing back all the screws and clamps.

Fasten these well to prevent air from escaping and affecting engine performance.

Next, plug the negative battery cable back on. Doing so will allow the electricity of your car to flow again.

Then, turn your ignition key to start the engine. Listen carefully to detect any noise leaks. If you notice nothing, you have completed the installation process.

How To Choose The Best Throttle Body Spacers: The Complete Guide

Most Crucial FAQs For The Best Throttle Body Spacers

Airaid produces some of the best and most reliable throttle body spacers. We could not resist placing some of them on our best product list.

Regardless, we can advise you to choose the Airaid spacer that suits your vehicle model. Airaid usually states the models that can use each product it sells.

Is it a must that a throttle body spacer will boost engine performance?

Still, we insist on selecting the correct throttle body spacer for your model. After that, install the spacer correctly to see if it lives to deliver the promise.

One thing to note is that several factors can affect the spacer’s output.

These are the condition of your engine, terrains you select, weather conditions, and status of your tires.

On average, most users have noticed an increase of one to three MPG.

I drive a Hemi with a modern engine. Could adding a throttle body spacer improve its power and mileage?

If your car runs a 5.7-liter Hemi engine, you are likely to notice a difference. Several other users like you have seen a fuel mileage gain of about 0.5 to 2 MPG.

We want to insist that your driving style can affect fuel mileage. All in all, you might get an increase of about five for torque and horsepower.

What could be the best throttle body spacer for my 2014 Ford Mustang 3.7-L?

Knowing the best spacer to buy requires effort on your part. Take the time to read what other motorists use on their Mustang 3.7-liter model.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that Airaid spacers are ideal for many vehicle models. Perhaps you should give them a call to ask.

How does a throttle body spacer impact the idle of my car?

According to experts, a throttle body spacer installation should not majorly affect the idle of your vehicle.

After installation, ensure you listen to the sounds of your car. If you notice a change, perhaps you should repeat the installation process to seal the leaks.

If the spacer is the correct fit and the installation is fine, it will not alter the vehicle idle that much.

Which is the most common throttle body spacer design?

If you read our product reviews section shown above, you will notice that the Helix Bore style is more prevalent.

Thus, it is the most efficient and reliable design. Once the airflow enters the intake manifold, the HB design helps the spacer to spin it around in a spiral pattern.

Due to increased velocity, more airflow reaches the combustion chamber.

As a result, the spacer’s design helps improve torque and horsepower. The Airaid signature spacer design is the Helix Bore.

Will my engine light act up after installing the throttle body spacer?

We would say yes if you make mistakes during throttle body spacer installation. Also, the light may turn on if there are leaks.

Thus, check how you installed the gasket. Is the seal tight enough? If not, repeat the process and plug everything you left loose.

Would a throttle body spacer enhance fuel efficiency when towing?

Many manufacturers of performance parts do not measure mileage improvements. One reason they give is that many factors can influence fuel mileage.

When towing, you should not expect the installation of only a throttle body spacer to boost mileage.

Do I need to drill or cut anything when installing a throttle body spacer?

Yes, you might have to do that if you choose some spacer models. If you want to avoid engine modifications, get a spacer that fits your engine model.

Most products in our review above are the easiest to install. As you can see, you can finish installing them in about an hour or less.

If you have to drill or cut something, it will complicate the installation process. Avoid it if you can.

Is installing a throttle body spacer beneficial or worth it?

First, the installation of a spacer is not a requirement. But if you want more torque, power, and fuel efficiency, a spacer can help.

How good or bad a spacer turns out depends on your ability to pick the best. Check our seven products above first. Then, choose the best item for your car model and needs.


Sometimes the benefit of installing the spacer outweighs the need not to have it. A throttle body spacer offers optimal engine performance.

Whether you want extra torque and horsepower for towing or highway, a reliable spacer can offer that. We chose Airaid 200-543 as our top throttle body spacer.

In no way do we mean that the other six products are inferior. The Airaid 200-543 just happens to offer more advantages.

A way to make the right choice is to explore all products and select the best for your engine model.

Also, our guide has a detailed FAQ to help answer some of the queries you might have. Read the entire guide properly before ordering your best throttle body spacers.